Moroccan Food Tour: An Epicurean Delight

A 9 day trip to Morocco 
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Aromatic spices swirl around old cities and create conical shaped rainbows filled with paprika and saffron. Grapevines spread across the valley into the horizon as camels turn the soil. Rooftop cafes offer views of the city and the tremendous life below. Morocco is a country of gourmet majesty embracing the best of its contemporary and historic culture. Your handmade Moroccan food tour takes you on an herbaceous and delectable trail from the coastline to the desert plain. Every day is a delightful epicurean discovery showing you the country’s various delicacies that go beyond the kitchen.

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Valley D’Argon, Casablanca, Fez, Marrakech, Meknes, Volubilis

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: True Taste

Welcome to the cosmopolitan city of Casablanca. Your private transfer, arranged by one of Zicasso's Morocco tour operators, meets you at the airport. As the Atlantic Ocean brushes up against the coastline, it brings in the fresh fragrance of the sea. The minaret of Hassan II Mosque stands almost 670 feet and is the tallest in the world. It is towards the water and can be seen from a distance when wandering the coastline. Casablanca moves with the energy and ambiance of a European city blending with the fascinating flavors and history of Morocco. Wide boulevards are lined with palm trees and stunning colonial architecture. The Préfécture and Palais de Justice on Place Mohammed V are examples of the 1930s Art Deco movement that brought a touch of what locals felt was modern style to the city.

Listen to the sounds of the city sweep across the neighborhoods, from the Jewish quarter to the plush La Corniche, the seaside neighborhood where people often parade down the esplanade in colorful clothing. The ambiance at Le Sphinx captures a particular timelessness. Located across the street from the Art Deco Rialto cinema you find the café. Waiters dress in black waistcoats and bowties. Local businessmen sip on a beverage known as nus nus, a mixture of half rich black coffee and half milk. The depths of flavor that emanate from the drink is enticing and brings rambunctious energy to the café.

What’s Included: dinner, transfer, accommodation

Day 2: A Brief History of Cuisine

In the morning, you find an array of breakfast offerings that range from traditional Moroccan fare to European delicacies. The aroma of Moroccan tea drifts out of a small glass with decorative etchings. Zatar, an herb known as wild thyme, steeps with green tea and brings pleasurable aromatics to accompany breakfast. Beghrir is a pancake made of semolina and is often topped with melted butter and honey. The savory grain blends perfectly with the sweet, creaminess of the syrup mixture.

After breakfast, your private guide escorts you away from Casablanca and towards the imperial city of Fez. Near Meknes, en route to Fez, you arrive at Volubilis. The site houses the largest and best-preserved Roman ruins in the entire country. You come face to face with 2nd and 3rd century edifices that housed up to 20,000 people at their zenith, in a land once settled by the Carthaginians. The lush plains roll to the foothills. The main street running northeast is lined with remnants of pillars and the occasional archway, hints at what was once a colonnade.

The Tingis Gate, a tripartite arched entryway stands at the end of the pathway. The aroma of ancient stone blends with surrounding grassland. A 250-foot stretch of mud brick and stone wall stands near the tumulus, a reminder of the pre-Roman city that once stood. Continue onward to Fez and indulge in the succulent flavor of chicken pastille with a pear poached in wine. The courtyard of the restaurant is decorated in imitation precious stones and jewel-toned tiles. The fountain trickles and adds subtle charm to the decadent meal.

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, transfer, accommodation

Day 3: Imperial Cultural Tastes

Wake up and let the sensational fragrance of rich, fresh pressed coffee help ready you for the day. Breakfast is a collection of dates and grapes; accompanied by the enticing aroma of msemen, square fried dough with a crispy exterior and chewy interior.  After breakfast, you venture into the city with your guide to discover the imperial depths of Fez’s medieval history. The medina contains narrow streets that twist and wind in a maze of activity. The marketplace is alive with people, both vendors and buyers alike. Carts are stacked with lemons and oranges. Spices litter the air with powerful perfumes, from nutmeg to cayenne. Kairaouine Mosque is one of the largest mosques. The university was established in the 9th century and expanded in the 12th century.

The surrounding homes are tightly packed against the mosque and obscure the structure’s true size and shape. As you pass by you can glimpse the interior beauty through the main courtyard. The mosque is adorned with a large pyramid roof and graceful minaret. The courtyard is paved with colorful tiles leading past the spritzing fountain to the entryway. As you stroll through the old city, the once faint scent of leather presents itself in full. The famous tannery hides behind a collection of leather workshops. The open space allows you to watch the ancient activity to see the craftsmanship that goes into dying and shaping the fabric.

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 4: Tradition in Your Hands

The city rises with the soothing song of the Call to Prayer. Breakfast has a sweet and tangy flavor emanating from the mixture of yogurt and honey. A nice crunch comes from crushed walnuts swirled into the yogurt. After breakfast, you meet your guide who will take you on a culinary discovery tour of Fez and Morocco as a whole. You meet your chef and are greeted with traditional Moroccan mint tea. The fragrance of spearmint wafts out of the cup along with the steam.

The glass is warm in your hands. You follow your chef through the medina for an experience only a local could provide. Your chef guides you around the marketplace in search of the day’s ingredients, from grains to produce, and an array of spices. When you arrive in the kitchen the chef explains each ingredient’s importance in the dish. The cultural streets around you have made their way into the dishes that you prepare, evolving with time and local preference.

Chef guides you along each stride and cut, explaining the reason for simple things that create large pleasures. The herbaceous aroma of allspice and coriander become prevalent. You realize that through Chef’s guidance you have created three separate dishes with three distinct and delicious flavor profiles, but all uniquely Moroccan. For desert you have made a mille-feuille, also known as a Napoleon. The sweet, delicate flavor accompanies the gentle sweetness of vanilla and custard, with the slight bitterness of dark chocolate.

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, tour, accommodation

Day 5: Panorama with a Meal Topper

Relax in the quiet courtyard of your Riad, an antique mansion once home to wealthy and noble families. Indulge the mint and citrus fragrance of your morning tea. After breakfast, your private transfer meets you at your hotel for your journey to Marrakech. Traverse the landscape and arrive at Beni Mella, a city located at the foot of Mount Tassemit. The mountain rises close to 7,400 feet and casts a shadow over the nearby plains.

The city walls were constructed in the 17th century and the Kasbah is set on a bluff overlooking the scenery. The fortress shimmers gold against the surrounding lush trees. The rectangular towers have uniquely crowned corners. The delicious fragrance of figs and oranges drifts from the marketplace. Enjoy a delectable lunch with a view of the central plaza. The city has a slower pace than Fez, which allows you to indulge in your meal and the landscape all around you. You continue to Marrakech and find a city brimming with renowned Moroccan culture.  

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, transfer, accommodation

Day 6: Historic Vibrancy

Marrakech embodies the famous culture of Morocco from past to present. Some locals mix their green tea with Sheba, also known as absinthium for a pungent, aromatic flavor. Sense of direction doesn’t matter and Djemaa el-Fna brims with life. The euphoric sound of the pungi emanates from snake charmers. Fortunetellers predict people’s futures. Storytellers spin tales of treasures and wily princesses. Rooftop cafes look down on the square and provide ample views of life in action. Street theater takes place in all directions and never stops, from the water sellers getting your attention by banging brass cups together, to the mass of chefs that arrive at sundown to grill until the music fades.

Your guide meets you after breakfast and escorts you through the winding streets of the medina where you can allow yourself to get lost in its charm. The Saadian Tombs were constructed in the 17th century and uncovered in 1917. The splendor of the tombs is apparent from before you enter the building. Decorative plasterwork is arranged in honeycomb formations and gilded. Carrara marble supports the Chamber of the 12 Pillars and adds to its shimmering beauty. The mausoleum of the sultan’s mother is located in the courtyard and embellished with poetic carvings of delicate blessings. The flavors of Marrakech differ in how the city’s cultural enchantment is embodied in the food and aromas themselves.  

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 7: Picturing the Mountains

The morning is made savory with amlou , a Moroccan spread made with almonds served with bread and cheese or jam at breakfast. After breakfast, your private transfer escorts you into the Atlas Mountains to a Kasbah turned luxury escape. Lavish and lush gardens surround a shimmering pool. The foothills rise and fall, stretching to the horizon. The once imposing and defensive walls of the fortress now look elegant and welcoming. The aroma of cedar drifts along the mountainside. Upon your arrival, your private chef meets you and guides you to your own cooking station. You will once again follow the chef in creating three unique and tempting dishes that range from soups to tagines.

Your lesson takes place on the rooftop terrace with a view of the surrounding Atlas Mountains. The calm breeze returns the scent of cedar. The chef has all the spices and ingredients ready and you quickly follow her lead in creating each flavorful dish. The colors of the spices are vibrant. Each ingredient contains its own texture and aroma. Soon the each course is created and you are ready to indulge in your delightful meal accompanied by the exquisite scenery. You simmer beef in a fruity date broth mixed with honey to create a slightly sweet and completely succulent tagine.

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, tour, accommodation

Day 8: Visiting the Valley

Breakfast continues to introduce you to new and exciting dishes that help awaken the taste buds. After your meal, you venture out of Marrakech and come to an area between Marrakech and the coastal city of Essaouira. Valley D’Argan is home to a selection of Morocco’s renowned wine. Morocco is the second largest producer of wines in North Africa, standing only behind Algeria. A Frenchman established a vineyard in 1995 to create a French wine established and produced in Morocco. When you arrive, the fertile valley is plush with grape vines. The warm sun hits the vines and starts the winemaking process. You meet your guide and tour through the property.

The aroma of sweet fondant pears and chocolate pastille emanates from the restaurant. The architecture blends Spanish and Moorish elements to create an exotic ambiance alongside the stretch of vines. Camels help turn the soil. The barrels are kept in a cellar and stacked in the controlled, cool climate. At the end of the tour, you taste the wine and find the Heure Bleue Palais has a golden straw hue with rose and lime flower aromas. The spiced honey flavor matches well with the fragrant cuisine to provide a perfect example of how wine and food should be paired.  

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, tour, accommodation

Day 9: Ever-present Aromas

The fountain in the courtyard trickles in the morning air. The misting water helps cool the early sky. The wealth of mint and honey scents emanate from the simmering tea. Relax with the mosaic colors of the courtyard around you and indulge in your final breakfast in Morocco. The brilliant blends of spices create unique and enviable flavors throughout the country. Your private transfer meets you at your hotel. You make your way to the airport and carry traditional and flavorful recipes home with you. Soon you will be able to emulate the captivating aromas of Morocco in your own kitchen, reminding you of the importance of exceptional taste.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer

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