Casablanca, Marrakech & Essaouira Tour

A 8 day trip to Morocco 
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Castle ruins sink into the sand as high-tide wraps around the historic ramparts. The whitewashed walls of a coastal city shine brightly against azure water and the surrounding golden sands. Legendary storytellers spin tales enchanting tales of princesses and flying carpets. Experience Old World ambiance in contemporary luxury. Discover snake charmers and camel trains, lavish palaces, and mouth-watering cuisine. Your custom tailored Moroccan tour through Casablanca, Marrakech, and Essaouira shows you the swirling colors of the marketplace and enthusiastic life along the coast. The country’s mystique is endless and always fascinating.

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Detailed Itinerary

Places Visited 

Casablanca, Marrakech, Essaouira

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Cosmopolitan Welcome 

Casablanca is a city set on the Atlantic Ocean. Contemporary culture abounds, thriving along the wide, palm-lined boulevards. The ocean spray mists into the air around La Corniche. The aromas of fresh seafood and indulgent spices emanate from restaurants around the esplanade. Locals stroll along the coastal walkway dressed up and ready to be seen. Men play pétanque in Parc La Ligue Arabe, a game similar to bocce ball. Small cafes fill with locals sipping strong, fresh brewed coffee and engaging in passionate conversation.

Large trees provide shady walkways and the slightly spiced aroma of natural flora floats all around you. Casablanca is a thriving and energetic city, filled with remnants of Morocco’s French colonial past, and a penchant to fit into the contemporary world. The Rialto Theater retains its Art Deco façade. The building was constructed in 1930 and has become a landmark filled with subtle detail present on the façade and around the interior. Edith Piaf, of “La Vie en Rose” fame, sang inside the Rialto.

It is easy to imagine the gilded walls and conical light fixture fading behind the beauty of Piaf’s voice as she filled the house with eager listeners. Casablanca maintains a contemporary momentum deeply in touch with its historic roots. Hassan II Mosque sits on the coastline and boasts the largest minaret in the world, standing 690 feet tall. The mosque was built in the 1990s but is decorated with the traditional, opulent Islamic and Moorish styling that has enchanted visitors from across the globe for centuries. Basking in the splendor of Casablanca and Morocco continues on the next day.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation

Day 2: Withstanding Walls

The morning light washes over Casablanca. You can hear the calm sounds of the Atlantic Ocean brushing against the shores. Hassan II Mosque emits the clear and soothing rhythm of the call to prayer resonating out of the minaret. The city comes alive with vigor. The aromas of breakfast are new and tempting, filled with sweet honey and melted butter over a semolina pancake. Fresh fruit accompanies fresh brewed mint tea. You can watch the steam rise and fill the table with the scent of orange zest.

After breakfast, your private transfer meets you at the hotel and escorts you out of Casablanca and on to the fabled city of Marrakech. The minaret of the 12th century Koutoubia Mosque dominates the skyline. You find an immediate difference between Casablanca and Marrakech, the latter looking like an image from a storybook or movie. An old gate standing 19 feet tall surrounds the city and shimmers red in the sunlight. Bab Agnou, one of the city’s numerous gates, was constructed in the 12th century.

A shell-like image wraps around the arched entryway beneath a square border. Inside the medina, the historic culture of Morocco comes to enthusiastic animation. Hand woven carpets lean against the old city’s narrow walls. Exotic spices shine from their conical displays. The aroma of nutmeg and cardamom linger in the air. Babouche slippers are arranged next to glistening brass and silver jewelry winding around the labyrinthine streets. It is as if history and legend combined to create the cultural life of Marrakech.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, tour, accommodation

Day 3: Legendary Wonder

The morning sounds of the city are filled with the graceful and melodic Call to Prayer. The palm trees flutter in the small breeze. Breakfast is imbued with the enticing aromas of mint and freshly baked bread. Fig jam adds a touch of sweetness to your meal. After breakfast, your guide meets you at the hotel and takes you on a private tour of the most visited city in Morocco. The Koranic School Medersa Ben Youssef was founded in the 14th century. It is the largest theological college in all of Morocco. Mosaic tiles decorate the lower layers of the courtyard walls. The patio contains a small pool meant for bathing, to cleanse the body before prayer. The pool also adds a cooling layer to the courtyard in the heat of a summer afternoon.

Cedar and marble adorn the stucco walls. The geometric patterns create an ethereal image across the square. Your guide escorts you to the Bahia Palace, constructed in the 19th century and meant to be the most powerful and opulent palace of its time. The structure contains elements of Islamic and Moroccan styles, such as swirling mosaics and trickling, central fountains. The interior halls have multiple doors that layer a single doorway to ensure privacy at all times. An area of the palace contains rooms surrounding a two-acre garden. The trees provide shade and the collection of fountains filters cool air around the tiled walking paths.

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 4: Swaying Palms

Outside of Marrakech the marvels of Morocco spread across the Atlas Mountains and to the ridges of the Sahara Desert. A large expanse of trees spreads across the landscape outside of the city. An estimated 30,000 palm trees creates a virtual forest against the backdrop of sand and rising mountains. The day is at your leisure to enjoy the wonders of the city and outside the city. Camel treks wander through the oasis. Djemaa el Fna Square fills with fortunetellers and jugglers. Your guide meets you at the hotel early in the morning and takes you out into an open plain where your private hot air balloon waits.

The balloon begins to inflate as the sun starts to rise over the horizon. You climb into the basket and the balloon carries you over the remarkable desert landscape edging the Western High Atlas Mountains. Berber villages climb up into the foothills. Fields terrace hillsides and are irrigated with melted snow and monsoon rains around Oueds Tinsift plain. The sunrise layers the horizon with pink, purple, orange, and blue. You spot camels trudging beneath the sunlight making their way under the palm trees’ shade. The morning is unique in its unrestricted panorama and the people unaware below you.   

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 5: Coastal Ramparts

Mint tea contains hints of saffron that emanates from the steaming cup. Snake charmers fill in Djemaa el Fna Square. Their high-pitched humming instruments enchant cobras and passersby with legendary composure. After breakfast your private transfer escorst you to the seaside city of Essaouira. The city was once a Phoenician trading post and prospered under Roman rule. The Portuguese constructed walls in the 16th century that continue to encircle the city today. The pristine white color of the city reflects the sunlight and glints against the azure Atlantic.

The city streets wind and twist like a maze. The ramparts contain 18th and 19th century brass canons pointed outward to ward off attackers. Blue doors decorate the whitewashed city. Seagulls caw and glide on the prevalent breeze. The aroma of the sea mixes with the bohemian fragrance of sandalwood and rich, fresh brewed Arabian coffee. The alleyways are narrow and filed with spiced aromas. Local women stroll through the streets wearing thin white veils. Palm trees cast shade over the city walls as quiet drums emanate from boutique shops and houses.

The local fishing port is located outside the walls. Fishermen venture out into the ocean early in the morning and find their way back among the calm coastline and nearby glistening walls. The fish market is liveliest in the morning, just after the boats return. Men and women vie for their preferred fish, driving up the prices and verbally battling one another during auction. The lively energy is palpable in the marketplace and the relaxed pace is enjoyable inside the medina.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, tour, accommodation

Day 6: Castles of Sand

The breeze is always present around Essaouira. Seagulls fly and caw around the fish market in the morning. The medina streets open up for business around the souq. The day is yours to explore and experience the life in and around Essaouira at your leisure. Take a horseback ride along the coast and listen to the tide sweep across the sand. Woodcarving workshops provide insight into the ancient practice and the specific cultural correlations to the city. Venture down the coastline for a piece of mythology blending Moroccan history with American stardom.

The cool breeze rushes over the sea foam and brings the aroma of the Atlantic to you; the sand crunches beneath your feet. Pass a small estuary and find a cowherd lingering in the sunshine near the stream’s banks. You look out over the sand and find the castle ruins and what looks like the upper half an old tower sticking out of the landscape. The stone battlements are divided into sections and the sand ripples around the ramparts. During high tide, the shallow water surrounds the ruins. Rumor says that the ruins inspired Jimi Hendrix’s song, “Castles Made of Sand.” Whether the rumor is true or not, the beautiful landscape is enrapturing.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 7: Treasuring the Day

Another day in Essaouira offers you a chance to explore the city and its surroundings once more. Windsurfers glide through the air and practically pirouette on the water. Sailboats weigh anchor and set out onto the Atlantic to catch the breeze. The day is yours to enjoy Essaouira as you desire. Located between Essaouira and Marrakech is the charming winery of Val d’Argan. From the restaurant, you can see the sprawling vineyard reaching towards the nearby town. A camel strolls up and down the pathways turning the soil. The aroma of fertile earth drifts from underneath the vines.

You can tour the facilities and venture into the cellar where the wine barrels are kept. The room is cool and constructed with stone. A French expat moved to Morocco in the mid 1990s and started the winery, creating wines he knew with the unique flavors offered by a different landscape. The winery yields over 100,000 bottles a year and offers you a stunning panorama of the countryside. At the end of the tour you can taste the distinctive wines and the subtle but apparent textures and flavors that Moroccan soil provides.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 8: Following the Breeze

The waves rush against the city walls and splash into the air. The sweet and fresh aroma of mint tea mixes with the ocean air. The relaxed ambiance of Essaouira has enchanted you, between the radiant marketplace and historic city walls. After breakfast, your private transfer meets you at the hotel and escorts you to Agadir for your flight home. The beachside city of Agadir is known for its luxurious beach resorts and wide, cosmopolitan allure. The slow, charming pace of Essaouira fades into the sandy horizon as you follow the coastline. The graceful ocean scent soon disappears as you board your flight and make your way home.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer

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