Romantic Getaway Vacation to Lake Como & Venice

A 10 day trip to Italy 
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Stroll hand-in-hand with your loved one alongside serene canals and elegant lakeshores as the romance of northern Italy will wash over you. Only the beauty of the landscape in the Lakes District matches the celebrated art and architecture of Venice. The aroma of rhododendrons sweeps across the water in the Alps, and cafes line the canals to offer views of the passing gondolas. From the opulent mosaics of St. Mark’s Square to the secluded villas of Bellagio, your custom tailored tour exudes amorousness. Bask in the beauty, embrace the enchantment and sip a glass of Prosecco in the treasured company of your partner. 

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General Information

Moutain Bike over Lake Como. Photo Credit: Hotel Europa
Lake Como Sunset at Hotel Europa. Photo Credit: Hotel Europa
Snow Ski over Lake Como. Photo Credit: Hotel Europa
View from Hotel Europa. Photo Credit: Hotel Europa
Outside Hotel Europa. Photo Credit: Hotel Europa
Suite at Hotel Europa. Photo Credit: Hotel Europa
Detailed Itinerary

Places Visited 

Milan, Venice, Lake Como, Murano, Bellagio, Varenna

Departure Dates 

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Milan – Arrive in the Bustling City of Milan with an Introductory Tour

Milan is a city of sophistication, and it emanates from its fashion, profound historical roots, and remarkable medieval city center. Your flight will land at Malpensa Airport where your private transfer will await your arrival. At the heart of the city rises an impressive Gothic cathedral that harkens back to the power and beauty of the city’s past. The structure was erected in the 14th-century and includes 135 spires adorned with 3,400 marble statues. The display of wealth and prestige glows from the stained-glass windows, the largest of any church in the world.

The aroma of fresh espresso drifts from the cafes that border the piazza. You and your partner will have a chance to indulge in the romance of the city tucked into the tranquil pockets that are decorated with celebrated art and architecture. In the evening, you will take a romantic stroll in the Navigli, a neighborhood shaped by two of the three remaining canals that helped Milan grow to greatness. The two canals converge at the old basin, which was once the port of Milan.

The tranquil ambiance will give way to music that spills out of the twinkling cafes. Artists have decorated the facades that overlook the waterways and locals fill the bars and enjoy the refreshing evening air. You and your partner can walk along the former towpaths, on which horses and oxen once pulled barges along the canals. Umbrellas hover over the café tables that line the walkways, and you will take your seat at a chic restaurant that combines a festive atmosphere with delectable cuisine and a reputation for pampering its patrons.

What’s Included: accommodation, airport transfer, tour, dinner

Day 2: Lake Como – Venture to the Northern Lakes Crowned by Lake Como

In the morning, the light filters through the glass dome at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a luxury mall that overflows with gorgeous shops and elegant cafes. The building was erected in the 17th-century as the largest shopping arcade in Europe. The opulent dome soars above the gallery and mosaic-tiled floor at more than 155 feet. Before you leave Milan for the remarkable Italian Alps, you and your partner will venture to the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie with its rosy brick exterior dating back to the 15th-century.

The structure was originally known for its large six-sided dome designed by famous Renaissance architect Bramante. The church is now most notable as the home for Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, and the church nave contains faint traces of frankincense and myrrh as you step back into the gallery that holds the magnificent painting. The spectacle of it all will take your breath away as the fresco was created in the late 15th-century and depicts Jesus with the Twelve Disciples.

After viewing the painting, your private transfer will escort you north and into the Alps on the border of Italy and Switzerland for you to bask in the marvels of Lake Como. The stone paved streets give way to a relaxed ambiance a world away from the bustling atmosphere of Milan. The Roman gate of Porta Pretoria continues to mark the entrance into the heart of town, and the Tower Gate rises over Piazza Vittoria with an imposing allure. Lush mountains border the narrow lake, which reaches a length of more than 30 miles.

What’s Included: accommodation at Hotel Europa, transfer, tour, breakfast

Day 3: Lake Como – Delight in the Charms of Italy’s Lakes Region and a Spectacular Cooking Class

In the morning, boats will begin their ferry routes across the lake to crisscross the water from Como to the small towns that populate the lakeshore. The cafes set out their tables beneath graceful parasols that shade patrons from the spreading sunlight. After breakfast, your guide will take you to your very special cooking class at Amy’s Cucina. Your private chef will demonstrate the artistic process of crafting some of your favorite Italian meals from scratch. With Amy’s Cucina, you will have a much better understanding between the differences of Northern and Southern Italian cuisines. After your class, indulge in your fantastic creation while enjoying a nice glass of wine.

Next, you can venture to the marina to step aboard your ferry to the island of Bellagio. The boat ride will provide a gorgeous view of the hills and towns, and you will fully enjoy being overwhelmed by the scenery. At Bellagio’s harbor, you will find boats bobbing in the gentle wake as a maze of steep stone staircases meander beneath the red-roofed buildings.

Rhododendrons blossom in the gardens and contrast with the verdant edges of the cypress groves. The beauty of Bellagio will instantly charm you, and for a marvelous view you and your partner can follow the cobbled path out of the historical center and upwards to Punta Spartivento. A small park provides a view towards the snow-capped peaks of the Alps, and then back in Como, you can continue your romantic strolls at Villa Serbelloni, an estate with terraced gardens located above the meandering streets of the town. The 19th-century Italianate gardens provide a perfect setting in which to indulge in the views of the scenery as you relax and spend time together.

What’s Included: accommodation at Hotel Europa, tour, breakfast, cooking class with Amy's Cucina

Day 4: Lake Como – Enjoy Dramatic Scenery and Elegant Ambiance around Como

The Gothic and Romanesque architecture of Como’s cathedral highlight the Renaissance and Baroque embellishments of the marble façade. The structure was erected between the 14th and 18th-centuries and is adorned with an octagonal dome that overlooks the piazza. Statues of Pliny the Elder and Roman statesmen decorate the main door and pay homage to the town’s illustrious pre-Christian residents. You will have the day at your leisure to enjoy the splendor of the mountains, the beauty of the lake, and the intimacy of the small towns that border the lakeshores. A funicular leads from the east edge of town upwards to the town of Brunate, located nearly 2,350 feet above sea level.

The funicular follows a gradient steeper than 50 percent and the town is located almost directly above Como, situated on the limestone ridge that offers panoramas of the lake and mountains. Nuns continue to walk through the streets dressed in their full habits and iron gates decorate the small gardens and flower boxes adorn the windowsills. The red-tiled roofs of the towns below contrast the verdant hills rolling into the horizon. The clear day will allow you a view to the white summits in the distance. You will enjoy a lovely stroll along the trails that lead to the surrounding greenery to the viewpoint, which highlights the Roman castrum and the Brianza plain.

What’s Included: accommodation at Hotel Europa, breakfast

Day 5: Venice – Transfer the Celebrated Lagoon City and Relish a Gondola Ride

In the morning, you will rise to the aroma of rhododendrons and cypress trees that fill the gentle mountain breeze. Boats once again ferry people across the waters from village to village. The funicular ascends the hillside to Brunate and the villas around the lake shimmer with lavish décor. You and your partner have found a relaxing slice of paradise nestled in the Italian Alps. After breakfast, your private transfer will meet you in your hotel lobby ready to escort you southeast towards the romantic city of Venice. You will arrive on the shores of the lagoon to find gondolas and vaporettos traversing the Grand Canal.

The city is more spectacular than you could have imagined, with the towering figure of St. Mark’s Campanile drawing your eye over the water, accompanied by the bulbous domes of the cathedral itself. You will board a private vaporetto to reach the dock of your luxurious hotel situated inside a refurbished historical palace. The refinement of the marble floor and gilding coffered ceilings in the lobby embody the grace and opulence of your time in Venice. After you settle in, your private gondola will await you on the hotel dock.

You will once again step into the boat for another quintessential romantic moment on the renowned canals of the city as the sun begins to drift behind the regal structures. The former power of the Venetian Republic shines alongside the narrow waterways and wide berths of the canal embodied in the Palazzo Corner della Ca’Grande, a High Renaissance structure erected in the 16th-century. The pearled façade shimmers in the waterside as the lights wash over the building to highlight the Ionic and Corinthian columns.

What’s Included: accommodation, transfer, tour, breakfast

Day 6: Venice – Explore the Splendor of Venice on a Private Guided Tour

In the morning, the sunlight will return to the marbled city on the water and showcase its timeless splendor. The aroma of freshly baked brioche will highlight the relaxed charm of the morning as you bask in the simple joy of the sweet scent. After breakfast, your private guide will meet you in the hotel lobby ready to show you the wonders of Venice, beginning at St. Mark’s Square. The gilded façade glints in the drifting sunlight to accentuate the Byzantine domes and marvelous mosaics along the archways that overlook the piazza. The mosaics continue to cover the interior with opulent devotion encompassing more than 45,638 square feet. After visiting the basilica, your guide will lead you into the remarkable Venetian Gothic structure of the Doge’s Palace.

Your introduction to the 12th-century structure comes in the form of the Giant’s Staircase. The 15th-century marble stairs lead to the monumental statues that depict Mars and Neptune. Legend states that the figures were erected to remind the Doge that he was mortal—a man like any other. The Bridge of Sighs has a Romantic connotation deriving from literature. The path corridors were erected in the 17th-century to connect the Old Prisons, the palace, and the New Prisons, located across the Palazzo River. The thin openings allowed prisoners to look upon Venice one last time before their imprisonment. Literature romanticized the notion and stated that one could hear the sighs of prisoners as they passed along the bridge to take one final look at their beloved city.  

What’s Included:  accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 7: Venice – Indulge in a Prosecco Tasting and Visit the Island of Murano

The unique clock tower in Piazza San Marco was erected in the late 15th-century highlighted by the gold stars that frame the Venetian lion on the top tier. Two bronze Moors strike the bell upon the hour as the clock follows the phases of the moon and includes the signs of the zodiac, which provided the tower’s name of Torre dell’Orologio. After breakfast, you will meet your private transfer on the dock of the hotel ready to take you to the shores of the lagoon. Venture next into the Veneto countryside near Valdobbiadene. The vineyards encompass more than 49,000 acres stretching to the Dolomite foothills.

Medieval villages rise out of the stretching vines, which hold golden grapes and emerald leaves. Your guide will introduce you to the historical landscape and take you along the lanes framed by the majestic foliage. The scent of rich soil fills the air, and you will feel as though you have traveled worlds away from Venice and to a fairy tale landscape. In the tasting room, your guide will pour you a sample of the select Prosecco with a pale hue that will remind you of hay. The light and refreshing sparkling wine have a delicate aroma of Asian pear, and you will enjoy the crisp, effervescent texture on your palate.

What’s Included: accommodation, transfer, tour, breakfast

Day 8: Venice – Depart for Home

In the morning you can wander along the meandering cobblestone paths of Venice to delight once more in the labyrinthine design of the city. Take your seat next to the water at one of the many cafes that offer a view of the canal. Gondolas pass you by and add a gentle trickle to the air as they dip their paddles back into the water. The frothy texture of a cappuccino revitalizes the morning, accompanied by the beauty of your surroundings.

Before your depart, you may want to travel over to the fashionable resort of the early 20th-century, Lido, as it runs along the eight-mile strip of sand that separates the lagoon from the Adriatic Sea. Lavish mosaics decorate the resort exteriors harkening back to the heyday of the beaches.

When you are ready, your private transfer will meet you at the dock of your hotel and escort you back to the mainland and on to Marco Polo Airport. The romance that emanates from the scenery and history of Lake Como and Venice have given you unforgettable memories for you and your partner to share. 

What’s Included: breakfast, airport transfer


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