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A More than 18 day trip to Italy 
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Intrigue and excitement will guide you through your customizable Italy family tour that will immerse you in the majesty of the ancient world and marvels of the Renaissance. Traverse the grandeur of Venice on the canals and explore the distinctive ambiance of Rome. Uncover the fascinating flavors of handmade pasta in Bologna, and then learn the art of crafting homemade pizza in Naples. Family comes first in Italy, and your kid-friendly tour will embrace the fun of discovery with custom-tailored scavenger hunts and picturesque views, the thrill of climbing a leaning tower and the magic of bringing rich history and tangible heritage to life.

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Venice, Murano, Burano, Torcello, Padua, Verona, Bologna, Parma, Modena, Ferrara, Perugia, Assisi, Orvieto, Florence, Pisa, Siena, Montalcino, San Gimignano, Lucca, Rome, Vatican City, Tivoli, Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Positano, Ravello, Praiano

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1 - 4: Venice – Discover Venice and the Greater Region of Veneto

Venice is enticing for the entire family both visually and historically with marble palaces rising out of the canals and classic gondolas gliding along the water beneath the more than 400 bridges connecting the maze-like walkways. Your flight will arrive at Marco Polo International Airport, and your private transfer will greet your family at customs. Venice quickly molds to its striking image along the two-mile winding waterway of the Grand Canal lined with fabulous displays of the Republic’s former wealth with views to the soaring tower of the St. Mark’s Campanile standing 323 feet tall with a gilded weathervane depicting the archangel Gabriel crowning top.

Exploring the city with your private guide will turn the hidden backstreets into a familiar home while immersing your family in the secret history of the former grand Republic. In St. Mark’s Square, the eponymous basilica soars above cobblestones with five bulbous domes standing 141 feet tall. The kids will love learning about the history of the basilica, which dates back to the 9th century after merchants stole the remains of St. Mark from his tomb in Alexandria, Egypt. Your guide will turn the tour into a fun-filled scavenger hunt that offers remarkable details on the indelible mark the history has had on the contemporary life of the city while you search for the famous lions that are scattered around the city. The icon represents the patron of Venice and decorates corners, piazzas, and building facades including on the Porta della Carta, the main entrance to the Doge’s Palace.

The Venetian Gothic design captures the dramatic aesthetic of the 15th century and boasts an image of Doge Francesco Foscari kneeling before the Lion, reflecting how the power and wellbeing of the state supersede that of the individual. The kids will continue to search for lions and can count the number of winged vs. non-winged, or those holding an open or closed book. Inside the Great Council, the children do not find any lions but can wander beneath the impressive frescoes that drape across the walls and cover the ceiling including the image of Doge Ponte Paying Homage to Venice by Tintoretto.

Exploring the surrounding beauty of Veneto and the Venetian lagoon will take your family to the islands of Murano, Burano, and Torcello, as well as the cities of Padua and Verona. You will all succumb to the charms of Verona thanks to its history and literary mythology. The kids will marvel at the introduction to the incredible crenulated defensive walls of Castelvecchio towering over the banks of the Adige River. The 14th-century stronghold reflects the power of the della Scala family who once presided over the city. Hidden near the edge of Piazza delle Erbe at the center of the city stands the House of Juliet Capulet, made famous as the heroine in Shakespeare’s star-crossed love story of Romeo and Juliet. Walking through the covered entryway into the courtyard brings the letters of appreciation, support, love, and hope sent to the legendary lovelorn protagonist from fans across the world.

What’s Included: airport transfer, accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 5 - 7: Bologna – Enjoy the Fascinating History and Food of Emilia Romagna

Your arrival in Bologna brings you to a medieval city with charming cafes hidden inside the fascinating colonnades and celebrated restaurants looking out over the cobbled alleyways near captivating list of the two leaning towers. Discovering the history of the city with your private guide brings the remarkable past to life amid the remaining 20 towers of the original 100 that once dominated the 12th-century skyline.

Torre Garisenda stands nearly 158 feet tall with a noticeable list creating a distance of more than 42 feet between the base and the top. Exactly 498 steps lead to the lookout atop the neighboring Torre degli Asinelli, offering a sensational view over Bologna’s blend of contemporary and historical rooftops. Your entire family will be captivated by the stories your guide shares in the Anatomical Theater connected to the University of Bologna, the oldest continuously operated university in the world dating back to 1088. A life-sized wood carving depicting a man’s musculature and skeletal structures crafted with intricate detail captivates you amid the polished wood-clad interior of the hall.

Exploring Italy’s “Food Valley” brings the renowned flavors of Emilia-Romagna around the city of Parma to the forefront. The center of the city brims with elegant palaces and sophisticated piazzas that reflect the former prominence of the Farnese dukes that led to the 19th-century musical allure of Giuseppe Verdi and Toscanini. The sheer magnitude of the 12th-century Cathedral will enchant your kids with a design reminiscent of a storybook castle with the impressive vaulted ceilings and a magnificent fresco depicting Correggio’s Assumption of the Virginwrapping around the dome’s interior. Your guide will introduce you to the welcoming city through the preserved beauty of the architecture, as well as fabled cuisine.

Move next to visit a local cheese-maker that produces Parmigiano Reggiano. Touring the takes you through the process of making the cheese as you watch the team heat specific types of milk, separate the curds from whey, and shape the product into large wheels. The warehouse holds immaculate long rows of various wheel sizes each made with the same specifications of the Protected Designation of Origin stamp meant to protect the quality and traditions of the product. Your guide might knock on a fresh wheel and search for signs of air pockets before opening the wheel and offering you samples of the aged parmigiana known for a mixture of sharp, nutty, and fruity flavors. You will then continue your immersion into the culture of Italian cuisine with private cooking class teaching you all how to craft perfect tagliatelle noodles, one of the best bases for standing up to the hardiness of a proper Bolognese sauce known as ragù.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 8 - 11: Florence – Traverse Tuscany’s Historic Towns and Entrancing Art

The city of Florence is famous for its preserved historical city center alongside captivating Renaissance artwork that highlights the beauty and prestige of master artists, as well as a humanistic return to different inspiring aesthetics. The marvelous dome of the celebrated Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore crowns the city standing 376 feet tall remaining the largest unreinforced brick dome in the world since its completion in 1420. The radiant works of artists such as Fabriano and Botticelli adorn the walls of the Uffizi Gallery. Touring the city with your private guide will bring you through the halls of the artistic havens to see the works of Michelangelo and da Vinci while also diving deep into the medieval history of Florence at the Palazzo Vecchio in Piazza Signoria.

The old castle once acted as the home of the Medici Family and has loomed over the heart of the city since the end of the 13th century. Traversing the halls has you following in the footsteps of the wealthy family with an ornate coffered ceiling 69 feet tall with 38 panels depicting allegorical scenes of the city’s rich history with the Medici family at its core. Michelangelo’s sculpture Genius of Victoryshines in the gallery as a representation of natural movement captured in marble. The kids will find treasures in the hidden passageways while dressing in traditional costumes that highlight the life in the former Florentine court and allows you to combine learning and fun for an unforgettable excursion into the captivating past.

Spend time learning how to make gelato in Florence and see the remarkable list of the Leaning Tower in Pisa before finishing with your visit to Lucca. The majestic historical city center is located within the preserved Renaissance walls standing nearly 40 feet tall and reaching over two and a half miles long. Following the paths on a bicycle takes you around the former defensive structures that have acted as a public park since the late 19th century by decree of Elisa Baciocchi, sister of Napoleon Bonaparte. Trees shade the ramparts and the trails leading to spectacular views of the old town center with its shimmering churches, lavish palaces, and unique image of the twin holm oak trees growing atop the 145-foot tall Guinigi Tower symbolizing prosperity and peace in the city.

Inside the walls, your kids will find that the cobbled lanes of Lucca follow the design dictated by the Roman engineers over 2,000 years ago. Cafes and restaurants fill the air with the aromas of pizza, gelato, and freshly brewed espresso. For an impressive and inspiring deep dive into the mythical medieval history of the city, enjoy a tour that will capture the elaborate symbols and mystical creatures that decorate the famous churches, towers, and shops around the city before culminating in a fantastic work of art telling a story of Lucca, your distinct tour, and fantastical expression.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 12 – 14: Perugia – Wander Hidden Cities and Charms of Umbria

The city of Perugia looms large over the history of Umbria and will capture the attention of both parents and children alike with the preserved antique structures built over the Roman foundations that protect sections of the ancient Etruscan walls that still extend for 9,186 feet around town. 15th and 16th-century masters practiced their craft in the Umbrian school of painting that has adorned a collection of churches and public buildings with sensational frescoes, such as The Trinity in the church of San Severo, painted by Raphael in 1505.

Your private tour guide will introduce your family to spectacular art while exploring the immense collection of antiquity and artistry on display in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale dell’Umbria. You will then find true charm in the power of Perugina confections in the Casa del Cioccolato Perugina. Savor the caramel and rich coffee aromas that drift through the doors of the sophisticated factory enchanting the family as if you have stepped into a world shaped by Wonka.

Your guide will lead you over the sky bridge where you can look down on the workers dressed in white coats shaping, inspecting, and crafting the delicious chocolate treats. After visiting the factory, you can enter the kitchen to try your hands at crafting the complex flavors of traditional Perugina chocolate turning confections into art. You can dip your fingers into the warm, resting chocolate and sneak a taste of before the family starts crafting little edible souvenirs.

Outside of the sophisticated cobbled lanes and hilltop castles of the medieval towns scattered across the Umbrian landscape stands the captivating scenery of Marmore Waterfall. Five hiking trails wind around the breathtaking water feature that unleashes boundless energy in trundling over 541 feet over three tiers. The Romans constructed the falls in the 3rd century BC as a way to drain the surrounding swamps from the Nera River. The sound of crashing water echoes through the trees and the trails lead to different viewpoints from around the misty lower pools and from the upper-level providing a unique panorama of the Umbrian countryside.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 15 - 17: Rome – Explore the Eternal City and Vibrant Lazio Countryside

Rome enchants every visitor with an elaborate history that includes ancient ruins and impressively preserved medieval architecture that rise out of the banks of the Tiber River. The Colosseum retains its alluring drama with elaborate walls that stand 157 feet tall and inspire vivid images of battling gladiators. Before delving into the marvelous ancient lives of Roman citizens on a private tour of the Colosseum and Roman Forum, you will begin the day with gladiator training where the kids learn how to wield their shield and sword in the ring.

Your instructors will get everyone involved with the typical techniques the Roman warriors used, as well as provide the foam weapons with which your kids will practice. You can watch as they test their skills on the obstacle courses before receiving a certificate of completion and a photo on the victory podium. Inside the exceptional remains of the Colosseum, your guide points out the Hypogeum, a labyrinth of walls below the former stage at the heart of the amphitheater where gladiators trained or rested before a match.

Your visit to the Vatican City will turn the spectacular display of religious opulence and prestige into a treasure hunt as your private guide leads your family through St. Peter’s Basilica and the renowned Vatican Museum. As your children look for symbols, signs, and creatures, you can absorb the grandeur of the artistic merits that are etched into the architecture and displayed in the mosaics, frescoes, and statues decorating the galleries. Inside St. Peter’s Basilica, your guide will lead you into the huge nave that reaches nearly 607 feet long and 150 feet tall to view the enchanting Pietà sculpted by Michelangelo in 1499. The marvelous statue crafted from a single block of marble depicts a youthful Mary cradling Jesus after the Crucifixion.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 18 - 20: Sorrento – Uncover Pompeii and the Marvels of the Amalfi Coast

The beauty of Naples rests beneath the chaotic streets that fill the vibrant contemporary life of the coastal city. Castles crown the central hilltop and the shoreline overlooks the bustling harbor as the scent of pizza fills the air. Amid the sounds of opera singers projecting their strong voices amid the colonnades of the historic neighborhoods, elaborate history is on display in the marvelous archeological museum with artifacts dating back to the Greek settlements of the eighth century BC.

Your arrival in Naples will bring your family into the kitchen once more for a private cooking class focused on the art of making traditional Neapolitan pizza. The customary craft in the region embodies the heritage of the Kingdom of Italy and the importance of utilizing local, seasonal ingredients. Your kids will delight in the hands-on experience of digging their fingers into the flour, mixing the dough, and flattening the mixture into a round shape on which you put a homemade tomato sauce and chunks of deliciously creamy buffalo mozzarella.

Your kids marvel at their surroundings when walking along the remaining cobbled lanes and preserved homes of Pompeii. The past comes alive with your guide as you stop at the Roman Forum where 48 magnificent Ionic columns from the former Temple of Apollo remain standing. The open plaza acted as the commercial and spiritual heart of the former Roman port. The Large Theater nearby could seat up to 5,000 audience members eager to view a comedy or tragedy sitting along the 20 rows of stone seats built into the natural grade of the hill. Marble steps near the orchestra represents the seating area reserved for elite members of the community.

From the stadium seating, your guide can point to the commanding peak of Mount Vesuvius standing 4203 feet above sea level and looming its notorious 79 AD eruption over the excavated streets. After exploring the exceptional city and its uncovered treasures, you can continue to the Amalfi Coast and traverse the narrow 25-mile road that is wedged between the steep cliffs and the shimmering turquoise waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea to visit charismatic towns like Positano, Ravello, and Amalfi.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 21: Sorrento – Depart for Home

In the morning the aroma of fresh espresso mixes with the scent of lemons thanks to the thriving orchards that grow along the Sorrento Peninsula. Colorful fishing boats wade in the waters of Marina Grande and Marina Piccola reflecting their vibrant blue, red, green, and yellow shades in the sea. At breakfast, the kids might share their favorite moments from your vacation, ranging from learning how to make proper gelato to the watching the glassblowers mold vases when touring the island of Murano. Your private transfer will meet your family in your hotel lobby and escort you to Naples and the international airport to board your flight home.

What’s Included: airport transfer, breakfast


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