Fijian Luxury Vacation on Malolo Island: Overwater Bungalows & Adventure

A 9 day trip to Fiji 
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Wake up in the morning with a view of aquatic life swirling beneath the glass floor of your suite’s living room. The breeze glides through your secluded accommodation situated at the edge of a wooden walkway over the calm sea. The surrounding bay keeps the current gentle. The sweet aroma of the water blends with the scent of the coconut palms on the nearby beach where birds chirp in waning light. This dream is a reality on your custom tailored tour of Fiji, giving you an unencumbered luxury vacation on Malolo Island.

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Viti Levu, Nadi, Mamanuca Islands, Malolo Island

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Island Pleasures

Palm trees rise over the abundant tree line upwards of 80 feet tall. The smell of coconut emanates from the canopy. The sea sparkles with azure water against the golden sands lining the beach. You’ll arrive at the Nadi International Airport on the large Fijian island of Viti Levu. Our Fiji tour agents will arrange a private transfer. You will be met at the airport and taken to Port Denarau where you board a luxurious catamaran. The great island paradise escape begins on the boat with the sails catching the ocean breeze. You see Mount Tomanivi standing 4,344 feet above sea level, draped jade color of the tropical forest.

The sea mist splashes into the air settling on your cheeks. The breeze feels refreshing. Small islands decorate the South Pacific. You arrive at your island resort on Malolo Island, the largest of the Mamanuca Islands. The boat anchors at your resort’s private jetty. Torches line the walkway to the beach. The aromas of coconut and hibiscus overtake the sweet scent of the South Pacific. Before entering the lobby, you take a moment to dig your toes into the golden sand and watch the leaves on the palm trees rustle against one another in paradise.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation

Day 2: Tranquil Waters

On the first morning of your Fiji vacation, you wake up to the gentle sounds of the waves brushing against the beach. Collared lorry chirp in the jungle canopy. Uluisolo, the highest point on the island stands 697 feet above sea level, proudly overlooking the surrounding ocean. At breakfast, you have an unadulterated view of the beach where you can soak in the panorama and sensational flavors of the food at the same time. Fresh, local produce accompanies your warm meal. You watch as a man uses a machete to cut open a large green coconut. The luscious scent immediately drifts from open fruit with enticing creaminess.

After breakfast, the day is yours to enjoy the resort and the encompassing island as you wish. People play volleyball on the beach, basking in the warm tropical sun and kick up the golden powdery sand. Windsurfers reach beyond the reef and use the sail connected to the board to propel them forwards. The sand is perfectly warm, and the water maintains a refreshing cool in the early afternoon heat. You can sit under a cabana, shaded from the sun, and dip your toes into the gentle ocean, absorbing your surroundings. The crisp water in the pool is just as refreshing and offers a charming view of the ocean. 

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 3: Searching the Sea

By now, you have settled into the magnificence of the island and its relaxed pace. In the morning, you adore the soft soundtrack of the water sweeping back and forth against the coast. At breakfast, you once again find the delicious scent of tropical fruit filling the dining room. Rose apples have a wide round shape with a fluffy interior and a sweet floral quality, indulging you deeper in the exotic paradise all around you.

After breakfast, grab a snorkel and fins from the resort and set out into the water off the resort’s beach. The clear, temperate sea highlights the colors of the coral climbing out of the ocean floor. Soft coral waves in the water like an elegant tree in a constant breeze. Your body moves effortlessly with the current, wading back and forth over the staggering colors. Butterflyfish grow to almost nine inches in length and are known for their bright colors and striking patterns. In the transparent water, you can see the various shades of blue, red, orange, and yellows adding radiance to the reef. When you return to the shore, you can feel the salt from the water sticking to your skin, a subtle reminder of the wondrous marine life you witnessed.  

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 4: Experiencing Dolphins

Each day in Fiji takes you into the soothing comforts of tropical islands, and today is no different. After breakfast, you meet your guide at a nearby jetty around Musket Cove and journey out onto the water in search of dolphins. When the boat anchors, the sea begins to ripple and mist. The greenery along the island distances itself behind an expanse of azure water.

After a brief distance, your guide points to the water while the boat is still in motion. You look over the side and find a pod of dolphins swimming alongside the boat and keeping pace. The dolphins flip their tails urging themselves forward in a race. Spinner dolphins grow to an average of six feet long. When the boat begins to slow, the dolphins drift behind the vessel jumping against the wake. They perform majestic acrobatics, bursting from the water and twisting in the mid-air before splashing back down like an Olympic diver. The grace and playfulness of the dolphins are indescribable, showing you another brilliant slice of paradise.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 5: Over the Breathtaking Bay

In the morning, you listen to the collared lorry twitter in the trees once again. Their bright red plumage stands out against the emerald jungle leaves. At breakfast, you find the simple pleasures of the fresh fruit growing around the island, each maintaining a specific succulent flavor exotic to you and unique from one another. You open up the soft bristly outer layer of a rambutan and bite into the luscious fruit finding a juicy, sweet and sour deliciousness. After your meal, your private transfer meets you at the hotel and escorts you around the outcrop to the adjacent bay to your new, opulent resort.

The staff meets you in the lobby wearing pearled smiles, eager to welcome you to the resort. You walk along a pristine jetty encircled by crystal clear indigo water to your over-water bure, a comfortable modern suite in the traditional Fijian style. The remainder of the day is yours to luxuriate in the lavishing resort. Under the coffee table near the balcony is a glass floor for you to look into the transparent blue water and see the stunning aquatic life. A stairway leads from your balcony into the ocean where you can dip your feet into the temperate water and relax with the fish.

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, transfer, accommodation

Day 6: Life on Malolo

The wonders of the island go beyond the waters and trees. There are deep roots of heritage in the villages, where people have passed down the culture for generations. Today, your guide will lead you around the island to experience the essence of life on Malolo. You traverse the island roads, meandering alongside the exquisite coastline to reach the village of Solevu. The village children are boisterous during the day, dangling from low hanging jungle vines near the beach and chasing one another around the elevated homes situated inland from the shoreline.

The traditional bure has been replaced by modern wooden structures. Local villagers are all eager to greet you, saying Bula with bright, wide smiles. The aroma of lolo, coconut milk, emanates from the kitchens. Lolo is used as a sauce or cooking oil to flavor food. Verdant grass encompasses the village around the homes, opening up the landscape before the bordering forest trees. The beauty of the village is not just in its location, but with its gregarious people, each inviting you to join in a Kava ceremony.

The eldest man enters the house first. Everyone sits and remains seated in a circle near the chief. Villagers grind the kava root, strain it through a large cloth into a large wooden bowl at the room’s center. The chief takes a drink first before passing the bowl for everyone to enjoy. You clap once with a cupped hand to make a hollow sound, yell “Bula,” a word you feel familiar with after days on the island. After drinking from the cup, you clap three times. The traditions bring you into the family, welcoming you as an equal to the village.

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation

Day 7: Natural Splendor

Wake up to the quiet sounds of the water brushing against the bure’s columns in the gentle current. You can see the tropical fish careening through the sea through the glass floor near the balcony. Enjoy a delicious breakfast on your private deck, bathing in the soft light. The day is yours to enjoy the island and the resort as you please.

After breakfast, you may want to wander into the hills of Malolo. The emerald grass grows tall and brushes at your legs. Emerald trees tower over the walkway shading the pathway and opening up to momentary views of the sweeping ocean. The hills roll upwards of 640 feet above sea level. When you reach the lookout, you can see some of the Mamanuca Islands against the horizon. To the right is Honeymoon Island, where romancing couples can enjoy a private picnic on a secluded beach.

The fertile scent of the soil filters through the air carried in the uplifting breeze. You can stroll through the underbrush and feel like the only person on the entire island. Take in the view, bask in your private slice of paradise without anyone knowing the treasure you’ve found.

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation

Day 8: Elegant Rejuvenation

The sound of the water echoes through your room with a tranquil call, making you feel like any worries wash away with the tide. Before breakfast, you take in the view of the fish once more, each meandering near the pillars of the bure with iridescent color in the clear water below.

After breakfast, make your way to the spa to embrace the relaxation that has blanketed you since your arrival on Malolo. The spa is nestled against the foothills of the island’s mountains with open views out to the lagoon. The breeze rustles through the spa creating an invigorating cool to any treatment. The mixture of the breeze and the lapping water has a natural soothing quality. You take a deep breath and find the scent of palm oil filling the room. Your masseuse drapes your upper body in cool, aromatic palm leaves. Hot stones rest atop the leaves letting you embrace the relaxing warmth of the stones.

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation

Day 9: Drifting Morning

In the daylight, the torches around the resort continue to flicker, reflected in the indigo surface of the sea. The sunrise layers the horizon in purple and pink washing the island in the light.

On your final morning in your over-water bure, you can linger over breakfast once more, indulging in the unparalleled view of the sea, the fish, and the bay. You bite into a pineapple tasting the fresh juiciness and letting the exquisite scent of the coconut fill the room.

After breakfast, your catamaran awaits to take you back to the main island of Viti Levu. The brief journey soon has you at the Nadi International Airport where you board your flight home. Charm and beauty are indelible to Fiji, but the luxuries embraced while on Malolo were truly majestic.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation


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