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About South Africa Honeymoons

Like all great romances, South Africa offers harmonious blends and connections. Untamed wilderness blurs into luxurious comfort, indelible cities merge into breathtaking natural backdrops, while diverse experiences create a complete package. The country’s renowned diversity delivers stunning choices for your romantic getaway.

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The South African experience is framed by nature’s spell, the myriad of competing landscapes and ecosystems helping to create its dramatic mélange of shared experiences. It’s a place that offers you choice. Classic honeymoon dreams are easily realized; white sand beaches, luxuriant city dining, boutique five star hotels that will always live on in the memory; yet South Africa excels in its role as romantic matchmaker, serving up a delectable feast of fresh experiences that exude originality and charm. It’s not just a sun kissed Indian Ocean beach; it’s a stunning sheltered bay with dolphins swimming past and a private dinner of fresh lobster beneath the stars. Likewise, the thrilling safari experiences don’t require you to stay in the vehicle, you can walk hand in hand through an evocative landscape of rhinos and elephants.

Like any good relationship, South Africa has a compelling ability to share and bring the best out of different components and people. This is a country of 11 national languages, and a national anthem that’s shared between four mother tongues. The topography also blends with harmonious ease, helping to frame a stunning visual adventure. Indigenous rainforest adoringly drops into the ocean, cities are dominated by infamous mountain chains, deserts mix with African savannah, and then tropical wetlands deliver private boat cruises past wallowing hippos. Nothing seems out of place and the juxtapositions make for a journey that comes in cinematic high definition. Our South Africa page provides rich detail on how the country’s remarkable landscapes create idiosyncratic experiences.

South Africa undeniably ensures a private experience; the country’s epic scale delivers new definitions of seclusion and serenity. Whether it’s big game safari, mountain views, or getting lost in the desert, South Africa exudes intimacy and elevates the romance factor. This is very much a shared vacation, each day made more complete with your partner. Memories are savored together, everything from moonlit dinners beside elephants to honeymoon suites with astonishing views of Table Mountain.

South Africa offers the unrivaled opportunity to deliver diverse once in a lifetime experiences and fulfill travel dreams. This amazing country serves up an array of choices that enable both you and your partner to live out the inimitable experiences that have always swirled in the imagination. There’s no need for compromise when choosing the ultimate romantic getaway. Come to South Africa and you can satisfy all of your wishes and desires.

South Africa’s effortless blend of classic romance and novel adventures has long been enticing honeymooners and getaway seekers. A sophisticated tourism industry rewards the discerning couple and a local focus on luxury helps satisfy the most demanding tastes. South Africa is a lot more than a classic honeymoon destination, yet it has all the attributes to deliver a wonderland and whirlwind of romantic bliss.

Diverse Experiences to Suit all Tastes

South African experiences don’t follow a single paradigm; it’s not just about beaches, cities, safari, or a pristine getaway. South Africa offers the complete package, allowing every couple to indulge in the vacation of a lifetime. In many ways, South Africa epitomizes the Zicasso approach, taking your shared travel dreams and handcrafting itineraries that excite and inspire. Whatever you’re searching for in a romantic vacation, South Africa can invariably provide.

Spectacular Private Big Five Safari

Discover some of Africa’s ultimate safari destinations, each immense stretch of wilderness exuding authenticity and always delivering intimacy. You’re alone with nature’s great mammals, whether it’s the rhinos and leopards of Kruger National Park, the pachyderms of Addo Elephant National Park, the lions of the Southern Kalahari, or a compact offering of the Big Five at over a dozen game reserves. South Africa provides untold wonders to the first time safari couple, yet the sheer diversity of impressions and ecosystems bring untamed delights to the most experienced African safari aficionados.

Unique Five Star Luxury with a View

South Africa’s sophisticated tourism industry is tailor made to live long in the memory. The five star luxury hotels and lodges are always complimented with an iconic view. Floor to ceiling windows gaze out onto waterholes and wild rhinos, honeymoon suites soak up the best panoramas of Table Mountain, sunsets flicker over shimmering oceans, and lazy evenings on the verandah are always supplemented by cinematic vistas. The sumptuous interiors are equally unique, with every accommodation choice exuding originality and boutique class.

Wonderfully Warm Welcomes

The “Rainbow Nation” always has a smile on its face as the indelible locals delight in the happiness of others. This isn’t a country where the locals are tired of watching honeymooning couples walk hand in hand; it’s a place where the pleasure seen in others rubs off on everyone else. Expect a warm welcome everywhere with the local South Africans endearingly eager to ensure that romance can be elevated and celebrated. Hotels and guides go more than the extra mile and it’s not surprising that all the local languages have many ways to say hello.

Endless Miles of Deserted Beaches

With 2,000 miles of coastline there’s no need to share the sand with anyone else. Not only can South Africa satisfy all demands for a quintessential beach escape, it adds an inimitable twist that compliments the sun kissed bliss. So how do you two like your beaches? Perhaps sheltered bays beneath lush green cliffs and cute fishing villages, like the Wild Coast or Plettenberg Bay? Maybe seemingly perennial stretches of sand that roll on past the horizon? Watching dolphins from the shore or swimming with penguins at Boulders Beach? How about walking through Tsitsikamma’s indigenous rainforest until the trees roll onto the sand and whales can be spotted just off shore?

Soak up Luxuriant City Experiences

In a nation of superlatives, the cities fulfill their role bringing their sumptuous blend of beauty and charm. Cities are framed by dramatic landscapes. As one of the world’s seven wonders, Table Mountain towers over Cape Town, and the glorious Indian Ocean skirts alongside Durban. All of this offers ingenuity and style to the discerning couple, serving up an assortment of luxury experiences, fine dining restaurants, and opportunities to be alone in nearby nature. Also, there’s an evocative cultural history that delivers shocks of poignancy to the experience.

A Sensual Feast of Wine Estates and Gourmet Restaurants

South Africa has been providing farm fresh and organic cuisine since way before the terms became culinary buzzwords. The sumptuous cuisine always comes straight from the farms, and a wonderful myriad of restaurants serve up sensual dining feasts. They range from award winning city delights to barbecuing game meat on fragrant outdoor fires. Elevating the experience further is the nation’s ancient wine heritage. The historic wine estates around Stellenbosch and Paarl bring tranquil luxury and delightful tasting sessions, while a vineyard tour can be chosen from over 500 unique boutiques and farms.

Now let’s add some magic, an adorable sprinkling of wonder, and originality, and you will see how South Africa is always fresh and exciting. This isn’t a country of tired clichés or monotonous experiences. It’s a place where your imagination is given freedom to wander, and where a handcrafted collection of luxury travel agents are able to fulfill all the wild revelry that your romantic trip deserves. Here’s just a sample of what could be included on your itinerary, but remember to check out the honeymoon itineraries below for further ideas.

Walk Hand in Hand on the Trail of Rhinos

Holding each other’s hand for a romantic stroll is always integral to a luxury getaway. Of course South Africa can offer the classic backdrops, like mystical forests or deserted beaches at sunset. Yet in this big game country you’re not always walking alone. The private concessions around Kruger National Park offer walking safaris that track wild white rhinos. Hold each other tight as you approach the majestic mammals; step, step, step, until all other thoughts disappear and it’s just you two and these endangered two ton beauties.

Take a Private Whale Watching Safari

South Africa’s southern coastline is a famed whale migration route and three different species can be found frolicking and breaching in the sheltered waters around Hermanus. Take a private luxury boat cruise and enjoy unfathomable proximity as the whales’ playful antics bring hours of wonder and serene excitement. Clink the champagne glasses as humpbacks make huge splashes, then feast on gourmet nibbles as the southern right whales bring their 15-meter frames out of the water.

Camp beside Hippos in the St. Lucia Wetlands

Camping might not be the first thing on every honeymoon list, but South Africa puts an inimitable twist on this type of accommodation. Take the St. Lucia Wetlands, a World Heritage Site, that swarms with hippo pods and wonderfully clear lagoons. Deep in this wilderness you couldn’t be any further from the rest of the world. The continual grunts from hippos are indicative of your escape into an alternative reality. Camping here brings new definitions to “glamping,” exuding tranquility and offering outdoor en-suite showers and wooden balconies that gaze onto the wetland wildlife.

Helicopter Ride over Cape Town

Iconic Cape Town is framed by nature and the evocative Table Mountain Chain towers over the glistening ocean. Few world destinations have such an impressive cityscape, and a private helicopter ride ensures you have the best seat in the house. Gaze down on the rugged mountains and admire the luxuriant juxtaposition of colors, then cruise along the Cape Peninsula to the very southwestern tip of Africa where a stunning collection of sandy bays and wild landscapes bring new panoramas to this unforgettable ride.

A Private Dinner for Two in Elephant Country

Luxury dining experiences are integral to your romantic getaway and South Africa knows how to imbue them with unforgettable intimacy. Sit down at a secluded table in rugged African bushland; the only other diners are of the four-legged variety. Antelope herds graze nearby, giraffe silhouettes are illuminated by moonlight, and elephants wander past in the distance. You’re dining beneath the stars, yet also admiring the wildlife that approaches a floodlit waterhole nearby. And while this sounds like a once in a lifetime meal, when you choose a romantic safari in South Africa, this is the sort of experience you can expect every night.

Horse Ride across Limpopo Province

In a country of adventure and exhilaration, there are hundreds of thrilling experiences to choose from. Head into the Limpopo wilderness on horseback; two horses galloping across springbok covered plains and then ascending up deserted mountain trails. You’re riding across unadulterated Africa, the abundant wildlife complimented by circular traditional huts and the waving hellos from local villagers. Then sumptuous lodges insert a rich element of regal class, ensuring that no matter how wild the adventure you’re always treated to an aristocratic experience.

Every romantic vacation should be unique, and nowhere exudes this more than South Africa. With so much diversity, it’s rare that any two couples will have the same itinerary. Feast your eyes on the itineraries below to get further insight about what can be possible for your dream honeymoon. Or let us inspire you with a choice of individualized itineraries that deliver a non-stop concoction of wonders and new experiences.

Visit our South Africa page for additional information on travel in South Africa, including everything you need to know about when to go, before you go, and the country’s top destinations.

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