Old Inca fortress in the Sacred Valley in the Andes mountains of Cusco, Peru.

Nazca Lines Tour Including Visits to Machu Picchu, Lima & Cusco

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Lima, Nazca, Cusco, Machu Picchu...

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Suggested Duration

7 Days

Your 7-day Peru adventure tour has you bask in the sensational history of the country tailored to take you deep into the magnificent past. From the mysterious illustrations carved into the Nazca desert to the decadent ruins of Machu Picchu, you will find the history of the nation steeped within the diversity of its natural beauty. You can make the journey and indulge in the captivating marvels of Peru.

Customizable Itinerary

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Trip Highlights

  • Witness the mythological fame of the Nazca Lines
  • Wander in and around the Lost City of Machu Picchu and understand its magnificence
  • Cruise along the Pacific Ocean and around the stunning Paracas Nature Reserve to mingle with Peru’s wildlife inhabitants
  • See the extensive collection of pre-Columbian art at the Museo de la Nacíon
  • Discover Cusco, where the past and present collide
  • Experience the grandeur of Sacsayhuaman
  • Explore the Inca capital and the remaining connections to its historic past
  • Glide through the jungle by way of glass domed train
  • Trek to Huayna Picchu, the Sun Gate and the Temple of the Moon

Detailed Description

Peru vacations are full of history, and this 7-day excursion is meant for desert dwellers, mountain men, beach bodies, nature lovers, cultural enthusiasts, and myth seekers. Venture to the unexplained and impressive Nazca Lines that illustrate the Wonders of the World and onto desert plains. Watch playful sea lions bask in the sun. See remnants of cultures that predate the Inca and glisten beneath museum light. Walk along the famous steps of Machu Picchu and be swept away by the majesty of the hilltop city. This is Peru, where the modern world mixes with the collective decadent past and gives you the opportunity to submerse yourself in history.

Begin your indulgent historical wandering with your arrival in Lima. The capital city spreads along the expanse of flatlands until reaching foothills and the sea. The Museo de la Nacíon contains relics of Peruvian civilizations throughout history, including the Chavín stone carvings that glow beneath the museum lights. Travel into the desert and ascend into the sky. Spread across the arid earth lays a number of perfectly symmetrical drawings that range in size, carved deep enough into the ground to be visible from the air, and large enough to not be seen at eyelevel. Cruise into the Paracas Nature Reserve, out into the sapphire water of the Pacific to the Ballestas Islands. Blue footed boobies and pelicans glide through the air while Humboldt penguins soar through the water.

Arrive in Cusco where the Inca capital is filled with beautiful contradictions, from the opulent architecture and fabulous modernity, to the colorful connection to history, within its people and foundation. Journey into the Sacred Valley and board a stunning train that will take you to Machu Picchu, bringing you along the valley floor, through dense jungle, and onto the foothills of the Lost City. Scale the stone stairs of the hillside and watch as the walls open up and Machu Picchu stands grandly before you, climbing up and atop the mountain. Return to Cusco with the history of the country still shining in your eyes before you depart for home. The country’s history is riddled with beauty and pain, connection and loss, but you will witness the majesty and the wonders wrapped decadently in the proud culture of Peru.

Starting Price

$1,997 per person (excluding international flights)

Your Zicasso trip is fully customizable, and this sample itinerary is a starting place for your travel plans. Actual costs are dynamic, and your selection of accommodations and activities, your season of travel, and other such variables will bring this budget guideline up or down. Throughout your planning experience with your Zicasso specialist, your itinerary is designed around your budget. You can book your trip when you are satisfied with every detail. Planning your trip with a Zicasso travel specialist is a free service.

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  • In-country transportation
  • Some or all activities and tours
  • Expert trip planning
  • 24x7 support during your trip

Your final trip cost will vary based on your selected accommodations, activities, meals, and other trip elements that you opt to include.

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