Ancient burial tomb in the Valley of Kings, Egypt

Classic Luxury Egypt Tour for Seniors

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10 Days

Ancient Egypt’s sights are legendary but the experience is not purely visual. From the Great Pyramids to Luxor and Abu Simbel, the icons of the past emanate an ethereal atmosphere. As you travel at a leisurely pace on this handcrafted tour, you will absorb all the details, from the smells of the tombs in the Valley of the to the soft oasis sounds in Aswan. Tailored for senior travelers, this route will include all of Ancient Egypt’s major sites along with a luxury Nile cruise and some unique extras.

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Trip Highlights

  • Embrace the stunning views of the Nile River from your private balcony and luxury suite aboard the five-star Sonesta Star Nile cruise ship
  • Leisurely wander amongst the mesmerizing icons of history and experience the atmosphere at Ancient Egypt’s world-famous sites: including the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Valley of the Kings and Karnak Temple
  • Savor the serenity of a luxury River Nile cruise by spending three days traveling upriver from Luxor to Aswan
  • Discover the remote and untouched temples that stand proudly in the desert, such as Kom Ombo and the Edfu
  • Relax into the blissful old-world mood of Aswan, an ancient oasis that is perfect for escaping into another world
  • Unique activities offer an alternative viewpoint on Ancient Egypt, including a hot air balloon flight over the Valley of the Kings and sailing the Nile in a traditional felucca
  • Explore Cairo and find a city that is very different to the preconceptions, with sixth-century churches and mazy lanes that are home to some of the world’s finest Islamic architecture
  • Private tours that allow you to explore at a pace that suits your energy levels and interests
  • Handpicked hotels maintain your immersion in the fables of Ancient Egypt, such as a five-star hotel with a terrace overlooking the pyramids
  • Uncover more with expert Egyptologists, their knowledge adding a further dimension to sites like Luxor Temple and Saqqara Pyramid

Detailed Description

On your journey through Egypt you will feel as if Ancient Egypt is still alive. The monuments have been preserved superbly, which will allow you to appreciate thousands of minute details that make the relics feel even more real. You will be baffled by the scale as many of the monuments continue to be amongst the highest buildings in Africa. Yet the journey is not purely visual, as you will experience a unique feeling when you wander beneath the pyramids or stand amid the columns of Luxor Temple. As you stand still you will start to distinguish smells. Stay silent and the echoing sounds will feel like they come from an ancient era. It will create a surreal experience when you visit one monument. It will become an unforgettable experience when you explore all the major sites of Ancient Egypt. To appreciate the ambiance you must travel slowly. Ancient Egypt is on a scale that cannot be rushed so taking your time will be essential to getting the most from the country.

This Egyptian journey has been handcrafted for senior travelers, as you will move along at a pace that allows the atmosphere of Ancient Egypt to flourish. You will experience all the famous monuments, along with a selection of hidden sites that rise evocatively in the desert. Part of the itinerary is about exploring the old world and another part will allow you to relax amid the fables of history, with luxury hotels that overlook the water and the tranquility of a three-day cruise up the River Nile. Some days will have early starts as you enjoy unique activities like a hot air balloon flight over the Valley of the Kings. Most days will allow for a lot of leisurely time during the middle of the day, so you can sit back and reflect on the icons that have been experienced.

You will begin in Giza, as the Great Pyramids are an unforgettable introduction to Ancient Egypt before you fly to Luxor. You will start by exploring the East Bank, where the temples of Luxor and Karnak cover a baffling scale. Then, enjoy a luxury cruise with short excursions to the temples and tombs of the past. Continue with a day of leisure that allows you to discover the beauty of the great desert oasis – Aswan. Fly to the temples of Abu Simbel in the far south before you fly back north to Cairo for the conclusion of your trip. Other than on the cruise, all the tours will be private and guided by leading Egyptologists. Their knowledge and gentle pace will help immerse you in the legacy of Ancient Egypt.

Starting Price

$3,115 per person (excluding international flights)

Your Zicasso trip is fully customizable, and this sample itinerary is a starting place for your travel plans. Actual costs are dynamic, and your selection of accommodations and activities, your season of travel, and other such variables will bring this budget guideline up or down. Throughout your planning experience with your Zicasso specialist, your itinerary is designed around your budget. You can book your trip when you are satisfied with every detail. Planning your trip with a Zicasso travel specialist is a free service.

What's Included

  • Accommodations
  • In-country transportation
  • Some or all activities and tours
  • Expert trip planning
  • 24x7 support during your trip

Your final trip cost will vary based on your selected accommodations, activities, meals, and other trip elements that you opt to include.

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