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Travel Insurance with Arch RoamRight: Your Top Questions Answered

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As we prepare for travel again, many questions have been asked about travel insurance. We took some of these frequently asked questions and posed them to our travel insurance provider, Arch RoamRight. Zicasso hopes to help you understand what options are available and what coverage your Arch RoamRight insurance provides during a pandemic.

I purchased travel insurance and have now postponed my trip, with specific future travel dates. Do I need to take any action regarding my travel insurance?

Yes. If your original trip start date has not passed and you have not filed a claim against your policy, you must take action to have your insurance policy modified and have the entire premium applied to a new booked trip, with a specific new trip start date. Otherwise, if unmodified, your insurance policy is not valid for your future travel dates. To modify your policy, contact Arch RoamRight at 855-951-2325 or at customerservice@roamright.com.

It is important to know that the cost of the policy may change if travel details such as trip cost, trip length, or travel dates have changed. If the new premium is greater than your original premium, there will be an additional premium charged. If the new premium is less than your original premium, you will be able to use the leftover amount as a credit towards a future policy.

I purchased travel insurance and have postponed my trip but don’t have specific future travel dates yet. Do I need to take any action regarding my travel insurance?

Yes. During the COVID pandemic, Arch RoamRight is allowing insureds without new specific travel dates to convert their order to a voucher worth the full value of the original order. You’ll need to do this before your trip start date and you must not have filed any claims on your original policy. The voucher must be used for travel occurring within 2 years of your original travel dates.

Note: Once you request a voucher, your old policy is canceled and you no longer have any travel insurance coverage under that policy. Coverage would only be active once you provide Arch RoamRight with the new travel dates. In addition, the voucher is only good for travel insurance plans offered by Arch RoamRight at the time you redeem your voucher, and the coverages, terms, and conditions of the available plans would apply.

To request a voucher, you can contact Arch RoamRight at 855-951-2325 or at customerservice@roamright.com.

The U.S. State Department and CDC have advised against non-essential travel.  Am I covered due to the U.S. State Department warning?

Trip cancellation or interruption benefits are not available because the intended destination is the subject of a U.S. State Department / CDC Travel Warning. A full list of unforeseen covered reasons for trip cancellation and trip interruption, along with general exclusions, is found in your policy document.

Your policy document can be found by visiting Arch RoamRight’s webpage for Zicasso travelers and clicking on the Description of Coverage tab in the top menu bar.

I want to cancel my travel plans because I'm afraid to travel due to the Coronavirus. Am I covered?

Like most travel insurance policies available, concern or fear of travel is not a covered event under Arch RoamRight travel insurance policies.

I have upcoming travel.  Will I be able to cancel my trip and be reimbursed?

Coverage for trip cancellation can only be covered if it is one of the named covered reasons in your travel insurance policy. Please consult the “Unforeseen Covered Reasons” portion of your insurance policy to see a list of reasons for Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption that may be covered.  For example, benefits may be applicable if cancellation is due to an unforeseen reason such as sickness, accidental injury, inclement weather, or cancellation due to work reasons.  Travelers should also consult the “General Exclusions” portion of their policy to understand things excluded from coverage.

It is important to know that fear of travel or fear of contracting Coronavirus is not a covered reason for trip cancellation.

If you feel your reason for trip cancellation is covered by your travel insurance policy, we encourage you to file a claim that will be assessed in accordance with the facts of each case, your individual circumstances, and the Policy language. Please be specific about why you canceled, as coverage depends on the exact reason for cancellation.

If you are rescheduling your trip for later in the year or would like an equal value voucher good for two years, you can contact Arch RoamRight at 855-951-2325 or at customerservice@roamright.com to initiate that process.

* Cancel for Work Reasons is included if your policy is purchased within 21 days of making the initial trip deposit.

What if the airline cancels my flight due to COVID-19?

There is no coverage for the canceled flight under the travel insurance policy if the airline cancels your flight due to Coronavirus.  You may have coverage under the Trip Delay benefit for additional meals and hotel expenses are incurred if your flight is canceled on your scheduled departure date or during your trip, and you purchased your policy prior to January 21, 2020. Always check with air carriers to understand cancellation and change policies. There is no coverage under the policy if your flight to or from your destination is canceled due to Coronavirus. However, we suggest you contact the airline to seek a refund for your flight. Should you have other unused, non-refundable, pre-paid trip costs, consult the “Unforeseen Covered Reasons” portion of your insurance policy. We encourage you to file a claim that will be assessed in accordance with the facts of each case, your individual circumstances and the Policy language.

Am I covered if I contract COVID-19?

If you contract COVID-19 prior to your departure, you could be covered for Trip Cancellation if there is a confirmed diagnosis, including proof of illness from your doctor that states you are medically unable to travel at the time of departure.

Emergency Medical Treatment benefits may be available under the Policy if the Policyholder contracts the virus while traveling regardless of the date of travel. Additionally, Emergency Medical Evacuation benefits may be available if it is determined that transportation to a higher level of care is necessary as a result of contracting the virus while traveling.

What happens if I am quarantined due to COVID-19 while on a trip?

If you are quarantined as a result of COVID-19, and you purchased your policy prior to January 21, 2020, Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption benefits may be available to cover expenses.

If your policy has been postponed to specific trip dates in 2021, but was originally purchased before Jan. 21, 2020 are you still covered for quarantine?

If a traveler changes their policy to specific dates with Arch RoamRight, the original purchase date does not change. Therefore, if you purchased your policy prior to January 21, 2020, the previously mentioned coverages are applicable.

If your policy was originally purchased before Jan. 21, 2020, but you now have a voucher, when your policy is re-applied to new trip dates, will you potentially qualify for quarantine coverage under Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption benefits?

When a voucher is requested, the original policy is canceled, which therefore means the original purchase date is null. The new purchase date for the new policy would be the date in which the traveler calls Arch RoamRight to redeem the voucher. Therefore, COVID-19 would be considered a foreseen event with the new policy.

I am traveling internationally, and have been told that upon arriving at my destination I will be quarantined. Therefore, I wish to cancel my trip. Am I covered?

Coverage under Trip Cancellation due to the anticipation of being quarantined is not available since the quarantine trigger requires a traveler to be physically quarantined while traveling for benefits to apply. For these cases we recommend the traveler contact their travel provider to secure a date change or credit for future travel.

My tour operator canceled my tour because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Is this covered?

There is no coverage under the policy for this circumstance. Tour operators are typically offering a credit towards future travel or a postponed trip.  Please work with your tour operator for these arrangements.

My tour operator declared bankruptcy. Am I covered?

If the insured purchased their travel insurance policy within 21 days of their initial trip deposit, they are eligible for coverage if their tour operator declared bankruptcy.

If the traveler postpones their policy to new trip dates that are already confirmed by the travel supplier, the bankruptcy coverage would be applicable 14 days after day the date changes on the policy is made.

If a traveler opts to use the 2-year voucher option with Arch RoamRight or pushes their travel dates out a year without confirmed travel dates from their travel supplier, there is no coverage for bankruptcy of a travel supplier until the policy is reactivated with specific travel dates and 14 days have passed after the reactivation and if the original trip deposit was made within 21 days of the voucher’s redemption. However, it should be noted that vouchers are only valid for plans offered by Arch RoamRight at the time of redemption and the coverages, terms, and conditions of those plans are applicable.

It is recommended that in the cases of bankruptcy of a travel supplier that the traveler first disputes the charges with their credit card (if their trip was paid for with a credit card).

My travel companion wants to cancel his or her trip. Am I covered?

If your Traveling Companion cancels their trip, whether or not they had purchased an Arch RoamRight plan, it would have to be for a covered reason under the Arch RoamRight plan for you to be able to cancel and be eligible for coverage.

Under Arch RoamRight policies, a travel companion is anyone who is traveling with you for the covered trip. They do not have to be insured under their own Arch RoamRight plan to be considered a travel companion, but any losses incurred by them would not be covered under your Arch RoamRight policy.

For additional questions, please call 1-888-265-9707 or email travelercare@zicasso.com.

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