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How to Visit France, Italy, and Greece: 10, 14 and 21-Day Itinerary Ideas

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Morning View at the Mont Saint-Michel monastery in Normandy, France

Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, France

How to plan your trip to France, Italy, and Greece depends greatly on how much time you have to travel and the experiences you wish to have, but our examples can help you find the best ways to divide your time during your personalized trip.

Step into the grandeur of the Sun King as you explore Versailles. Bask in the glory of an empire in the heart of Rome’s Colosseum. Witness the breadth of Western Civilization at the Parthenon in Athens. Whether looking for distinguished cuisine or celebrated wines, colorful beaches or timeless sunsets, you can find charm, beauty, opulence, and layers of history.

A customizable Zicasso tour can help you organize your trip according to your timeline and preferences for your perfect France, Italy, and Greece trip.

  1. 10 Day Vacations to France, Italy, and Greece
  2. 14 Day Vacations to France, Italy, and Greece
  3. 21 Day Vacations to France, Italy, and Greece
  4. Ready to Plan Your France, Italy, and Greece Trip?

10 Day Vacations to France, Italy, and Greece

Street Paris with the view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Paris, France

Experience the essential highlights of Paris, explore the splendors of Rome, embrace the layered history of Athens, and indulge in the natural wonders of Santorini when you enjoy a 10-day trip to France, Italy, and Greece.

You can wander through the Louvre and travel to the top of the Eiffel Tower, uncover the vast corners of the Vatican Museum and stand at the base of the Trevi Fountain, walk through an ancient neighborhood at the foot of the Acropolis and lounge on a beach that edges a bubbling caldera.

Ten days is a perfect chance to sample the highlights, as you indulge in ancient history and contemporary luxuries in the countries.

Where to Visit During Your Vacation

Days 1-3: Paris

Days 4-6: Rome

Days 7-8: Athens

Days 9-10: Santorini

14 Day Vacations to France, Italy, and Greece

Sunrise in Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

The opulence of the past can come to life on a 14-day tour of France, Italy, and Greece, as you travel to Paris, the Loire Valley, Rome, Tuscany, Athens, and Santorini.

With an incredible collection of things to see and do, you can witness masterpieces on display in the Louvre, visit grand palaces soaring over the Loire Valley, find imperial ruins that add to the fabric of modern Rome.

Wander the charm of medieval towns that crown Tuscan hilltops, view marble luxuries that once decorated Athenian temples, and enjoy marvelous panoramas that sweep across Santorini’s cliffs to create a trip of a lifetime.

Where to Visit During Your Vacation

Days 1-3: Paris

Days 4-5: Loire Valley

Days 6-8: Rome

Days 9-10: Florence/Tuscany

Days 11: Athens

Days 12-14: Santorini

21 Day Vacations to France, Italy, and Greece

Gondolas at The Grand Canal in Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

With natural wonder and cultural heritage to explore, you can find endless immersive experiences as you travel on a 21-day France, Italy, and Greece tour. Bask in a chocolate tour and the culinary majesty of Paris, and traverse the island monastery of Mont Saint-Michel.

View the Sistine Chapel in Rome, witness the “Birth of Venus” in Florence, and cruise the canals of Venice. Delight in a view of the Parthenon from a lively local cafe in Athens, bask on a pristine Mykonos beach, and visit an ancient city covered in ash on Santorini, with each new experience unraveling the depth of wonder each destination offers.

Where to Visit During Your Vacation

Days 1-3: Paris

Days 4-6: Normandy

Days 7-9: Rome

Days 10-12: Florence/Tuscany

Days 13-14: Venice

Days 15-16: Athens

Days 17-18: Mykonos

Days 19-20: Santorini

Ready to Plan Your France, Italy, and Greece Trip?

Acropolis Hill in Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece

The beauty of France, Italy, and Greece can take you to the heart of the Mediterranean or the jewels of the Alps, the center of epicurean delights or the home of Western Civilization during your personalized trip.

Discover the network of grand palaces and pilgrimage routes, divine beaches, and lively cafes as you embrace the culture and heritage that exemplifies the three countries. Our France, Italy & Greece Tours has plenty of inspiration for planning your perfect trip. Speak with a travel specialist by filling out a Trip Request or by calling our team at 1-888-265-9707.

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