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10 Most Romantic Places in Japan for Couples

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Mt Fuji reflected in Lake Kawaguchi, Japan

Mt Fuji reflected in Lake Kawaguchi, Japan

From snowy mountains to cherry blossom forests, these most romantic places in Japan for couples will provide you with the ultimate honeymoon getaway or dreamy couple’s retreat.

Mixing rich culture and history, exquisite cuisine, spectacular scenery, and memorable experiences, Japan’s romantic destinations combine the best there is to offer for a couple’s escape to the five main islands. Dine at rooftop restaurants overlooking Tokyo’s sparkling skyline, cherish panoramic views of Mount Fuji, and ski down the powdery slopes of the alps on your dream Japanese vacation.

Zicasso can take you to romance like never before in Japan, with the following destinations and activities sure to tug at your heartstrings.

  1. 1. Tokyo
  2. 2. Mount Fuji
  3. 3. Okinawa
  4. 4. Kyoto
  5. 5. Nara
  6. 6. Hakone
  7. 7. Hokkaido
  8. 8. Shirakawa-go
  9. 9. Shikoku
  10. 10. Miyajima
  11. Explore the Most Romantic Places in Japan for Couples

1. Tokyo

Tokyo Tower at dusk in Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Japan’s bustling capital city may not be the first destination that comes to mind when one thinks of romance, but Tokyo, one of the best places in Japan, is a stirring city with charms that rival Paris, Rome, and Venice.

It is a spirited cosmopolitan region, with neon-lit style that moves day and night to a buoyant rhythm. At night, the Tokyo Tower shares sweeping views of the colorful cityscape. Michelin-starred restaurants pepper rooftops looming over traditional eateries tucked away in narrow alleys. All the while boats glide across the Chidorigafuchi canal and lush parks provide a peaceful retreat from the busy streets.

Endless romance exudes from the many experiences in and around Tokyo, encouraging couples to embrace the dreamy atmosphere enveloping the cityscape.

Romantic highlights: Tokyo Tower • Michelin-starred dining • Chidorigafuchi canal • Inokashira Park • Tokyo Midtown

Recommended length of stay: 3-4 days

2. Mount Fuji

 Shiraito Waterfall with view of Mt Fuji

Shira-Ito Waterfall

Japan’s famous geological landmark, Mount Fuji, is drop-dead gorgeous and one of the most romantic places to see up close or from a distance.

You can see its soaring snowy summit grazing the clouds from miles away and capture the postcard-perfect backdrop from the right window of the Shinkansen train from Tokyo. You can also make the pilgrimage closer to Mount Fuji to admire its volcanic features up close, one of the most romantic experiences to have in Japan.

Experiences around the mountain include a tour of the ornate Shizuoka Sengen Shrine with Japanese monks, hikes through the flourishing Aokigahara Forest, and trips to the shimmering baby-blue waters of Lake Kawaguchi and the Five Lakes Region, where you can bask in breathtaking views and enjoy the majesty.

Romantic highlights: Shizuoka Sengen Shrine • Aokigahara Forest • Lake Kawaguchi • Shira-Ito Waterfall • Mt. Fuji Panoramic Ropeway

Recommended length of stay: 1 day

3. Okinawa

Aharen beach in Okinawa, Japan

Aharen beach in Okinawa, Japan

For a glamorous Japanese beach retreat, look no further than the soft, golden shores of Okinawa’s premier seasides.

The beauty of a couple’s escape to Okinawa is in the seclusion you will cherish as you spend your days lazing around on sun-washed shores and swimming in the glistening sea. Thriving coral reefs growing before your eyes below the water’s surface are yours to discover, prospering mangroves around Yaeyamas create pathways to explore Okinawa by kayak, and deep-sea experiences share close encounters with Japan’s mesmerizing marine life.

Okinawa is a tropical paradise off the Japanese mainland and a stunning destination to escape the crowds on 14-day Japan itineraries veering off the beaten path.

Romantic highlights: Beach hopping • Shuri Castle • Scuba diving • Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum • Gyokusendo Cave

Recommended length of stay: 1-2 days

4. Kyoto

Cherry blossoms along Philosopher's Path in Kyoto, Japan

Philosopher's Path in Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is one of the most romantic representations of old-world Japan that you will adore exploring during your honeymoon or couple’s vacation.

Magnificent golden temples float above gentle rivers, glorious shrines showcase meticulous spiritual architecture, and coveted museums offer a lens through which to look into the past. Kyoto’s cultural and historic romance extends from these inspiring sites to the Gion Geisha District, extravagant traditional eateries, and landscaped Zen gardens.

Be sure to spend some time on the western outskirts of Kyoto in Arashiyama, where the cherry trees bloom and the scenic beauty is unparalleled on Japan cherry blossom tours.

Romantic highlights: Fushimi Inari Taisha • Kinkaku-ji Temple • Gion Geisha District • The Philosopher’s Path • Arashiyama

Recommended length of stay: 3-4 days

5. Nara

Todai-ji Temple in Nara, Japan

Todai-ji Temple in Nara, Japan

History comes to life in Nara, the first capital city of Japan, formerly known as Heijo. Its old temples and ancient shrines reflect the city’s historic Buddhist influences.

Today, Nara preserves much of its antique architecture, spiritual beliefs, and traditional philosophies. The friendly locals welcome couples wishing to explore the prominence of the original capital through the temples, lush gardens, distinct regional cuisine, and sacred shrines.

During your stay, you will enjoy the intimacy of exploring a destination far less traveled than popular neighbors like Kyoto and Osaka during the best time to visit Japan for couples.

Romantic highlights: Nara Park • Todai-ji Temple • Kasuga Grand Shrine • Nigatsu-dō Temple • Nara National Museum

Recommended length of stay: 1-2 days

6. Hakone

Path to the Hakone shrine in a cedar forest, lit up at night with many red lanterns and a great red tori gat

Path to the Hakone Shrine

Hakone is Japan’s answer to a dreamy mountainous refuge. Here, couples can relax, unwind, and revitalize their minds, bodies, and souls. Spa resorts drape the mountainside a short distance by train from Tokyo and share a traditional ryokan, or inn, stay featuring private onsen, or hot-spring baths.

You can bask in the breathtaking views of Hakone on luxury Japan tours for couples as you settle into your private room with a hidden outdoor bath, explore the outdoors by mountain rope-way, or cruise across the silver waters of Lake Ashi to watch the sunset over Mount Fuji burn the sky red.

Romantic highlights: Lake Ashi • Hakone Shrine • Owakudani • Hakone Ropeway • Hakone Gōra Park

Recommended length of stay: 1-2 days

7. Hokkaido

Flower fields in Hokkaido, Japan

Flower fields in Hokkaido, Japan

Agricultural lands, rainbow-colored flower fields, and snowy mountains dominate Hokkaido’s northern territory. Mountainside villages, port cities, and snow-covered towns offer a chance for couples to capture the unspoiled beauty of this region during a romantic getaway in Japan.

From ski resorts near Sapporo to enormous lavender fields covering Furano, geothermal hot springs bubbling in Noboribetsu, and the natural gem that is Shiretoko National Park, Hokkaido shares something special for every type of adventure couple retreating to the northern region on endearing Japan vacation ideas.

Romantic highlights: Sapporo skiing • Furano lavender fields • Noboribetsu hot springs • Shiretoko National Park • Lake Mashu

Recommended length of stay: 2-3 days

8. Shirakawa-go

Gassho houses in Gokayama Village, Japan

Gokayama Village, Japan

Shirakawa-go is another secluded Japanese prefecture composed of several charming villages that enchant the most discerning couples.

The villages’ thatched homes showcase the simplicity of Japanese rural life, cascading emerald rice fields are the cornerstone of many of the region's famous delicacies, and temples are particularly photogenic in all their antique allure.

Expert Japan trip planners can show you to Shirakawa-go to let you embrace the little pleasures of Japan’s countryside and the winter season that blankets the region in snow.

Romantic highlights: Culinary tours • Ogimachi-jo Castle Ruins Observatory • Myozenji Museum • Gokayama • Gassho house tour

Recommended length of stay: 1 day

9. Shikoku

Ritsurin Garden in Shikoku, Japan

Ritsurin Garden in Shikoku, Japan

The romance of Shikoku derives from an island that feels like a forgotten world, where the lush hills hide antique temples, rushing rivers create enchanting soundtracks, and photogenic castles crown the plateaus.

Find hot springs secluded beneath the forest canopy or a famous rope bridge wobbling over a lush valley. Follow the pilgrimage route of the 88 Sacred Temples or wander through the preserved gardens as you experience the essential romance infused in the island’s impressive combination of nature and heritage.

Romantic highlights: Ritsurin Garden • Matsuyama Castle • Iyanokazura Bridge • Kochi Castle • Meguro River

Recommended length of stay: 1-2 days

10. Miyajima

Itsukushima-jinja shrine gate at Miyajima, Japan

Itsukushima-jinja shrine gate at Miyajima, Japan

A small island with an enchanting reputation, Miyajima opens to a postcard-perfect representation of charisma, surprise, and delights demonstrated in the floating image of the Itsukushima-jinja shrine gate.

Frolicking deer, hiking trails, and exquisite gardens bursting with color accompany the majesty that arises from the temple grounds. Buddhist iconography, primeval forest, and remarkable pavilions create a sense of soft-spoken passion as you discover the connection between the wilderness and architecture featured in the local cultural heritage.

Romantic highlights: Itsukushima Shrine • Mount Misen • Daishoin • Momijidani Park • Senjokaku Pavilion

Recommended length of stay: 2-3 days

Explore the Most Romantic Places in Japan for Couples

Boatman on the Katsura River during autumn in Kyoto, Japan

Katsura River in Kyoto, Japan

Embrace the pleasures of the most romantic places in Japan on sample itineraries from our Japan honeymoon packages and Japan tours for couples. These customizable trips will take you to a selection of stunning locations, letting you experience the best of these breathtaking Japanese destinations.

As you consider your travel plans for a romantic getaway, discover more tips and ideas to make your dream vacation possible in our Japan travel guide.

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