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Top 5 Things to Do on a 12-Day Vacation in Greece

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View of the city and the Rhodes fortress, Lindos, Rhodes island

Rhodes, Greece

From Athens to Crete, Greece highlights why it's one of the most coveted European countries to visit with the essential experiences you can have during your 12-day Greece vacation.

Grecian culture reflects from the distinct white-washed Cycladic architecture of Santorini, ancient history unravels itself beneath the momentous pillars of the Parthenon, and soothing seaside sceneries backdrop the illustrious Greek islands in the Aegean Sea.

Whether looking at popular cities, hidden peninsular gems, or famous islands, the essential experiences you can have during your 12-day Greece trip can reveal the wonders of the culture, history, land, and sea.


  1. 1. Indulge in Mediterranean Cuisine
  2. 2. Admire the Origins of Ancient Greece in Athens
  3. 3. Soar over the Cycladic Scenes of Santorini
  4. 4. Sail the Seas Surrounding Greece to Iconic Islands
  5. 5. Discover the Historic Treasures of Crete
  6. Experience the Essentials of Greece with Zicasso

1. Indulge in Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean Cuisine,Greece

Mediterranean Cuisine,Greece

Mediterranean cuisine originates from the timeless culinary traditions and customary cooking methods used by locals in the Mediterranean Basin. Greece’s busy cities, modest fishing villages, and rural towns offer visitors an authentic taste of Mediterranean cuisine and a selection of culinary activities designed to activate the flavors of the best Mediterranean dishes.

Whether you find yourself exploring the eateries of Athens, cooking in a Cycladic culinary school of Santorini, or savoring fresh seafood on the shores of Mykonos, you will explore Mediterranean culture through meals throughout your stay.

2. Admire the Origins of Ancient Greece in Athens

Acropolis, Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece

The Mediterranean was dominated by the Ancient Greeks for centuries and the civilization’s ruins and remains in Athens showcase the immense influence these early people had on the landscape and culture that continues to flourish in Greece.

You will wander old districts featuring peculiar Ancient Greek architecture, walk beneath the towering pillars of the Parthenon, and gaze across the Mediterranean seascape from the Acropolis, an architectural marvel on a rocky outcrop overshadowing the city.

3. Soar over the Cycladic Scenes of Santorini

Snow white city of Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a Cycladic jewel in the Aegean Sea whose typical blue-domed homes are instantly recognizable as the backdrop for postcard photography and dreamy Instagram pictures.

Its white-washed town clinging to the volcanic cliffs can be seen from the sky as you soar over the island in a helicopter for unparalleled views.

Your tour will conclude at a prestigious wine estate on the rolling Santorini hills, renowned for its production of exquisite varietals produced from grapes grown in the unique geothermal soils.

4. Sail the Seas Surrounding Greece to Iconic Islands

Forest island Corfu, Greece


From the rugged rocky outcrops of Santorini to the crystal-clear waters of Mykonos, the Ionian scenes of Corfu to the traditional charms of Paros, and the medieval character of Rhodes to the mountain villages of Naxos, the Greek Islands are incredible destinations punctuating the seas surrounding Greece.

Tours by ferry, luxury liner, or speedboat will take you to an assortment of immaculate shorelines and forested islands for surreal seaside adventures, including water sports, snorkeling, sunbathing, heritage excursions, trekking tours, and more.

5. Discover the Historic Treasures of Crete

Palace of Knossos, Crete, Greece

Crete, Greece

Crete is a treasure trove of cultural and historical discoveries waiting to be explored on history tours from Knossos to the Heraklion Archaeological Museum. Knossos is a Minoan sanctuary and source of Greek mythology that experienced invasions, natural disasters, and a series of catastrophes across centuries.

Its ruins are shrouded in mystery and reflect its rise and fall following historic events that your guide will share more about. Minoan history will continue to come to life in the Heraklion Museum as you explore exhibits of ancient relics and historic jewelry, weapons, armor, and symbols.

Experience the Essentials of Greece with Zicasso

Mylopotas Beach, Ios, Greece

Ios, Greece

Indulging in Mediterranean cuisine, sailing the sapphire seas of the Aegean, discovering Minoan heritage in Crete, and delving into the history of Ancient Greece are essential experiences that you may relish on one of our 12-Day Greece Itineraries.

There is so much to see and do across the Mediterranean country, and Zicasso is here to help you plan the perfect vacation. If you wish to find out more about Greece, check out our Greece Travel Guide. If you want to book for these essential experiences, simply complete a Trip Request or call us on 1-888-265-9707.

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