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Top 3 Reasons to Visit France This Winter

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Paris in winter with the Eiffel Tower

Paris, France

When you visit France in winter, you can indulge in the wonders and beauty of the country with far fewer people for a more authentic travel experience.

From the joys of Paris to the marvels of Mont St. Michel, the grandeur of the Loire Valley to the charms of quiet villages, France in winter exudes serene landscapes and festive ambiance that can take you from lively holiday markets to the captivating hush of renowned museums.

By visiting France this winter, you have the opportunity to discover more of the country in your travel preferences as you explore why now is the time to book your next trip.

1. Enjoy the Beauty of France in Comfort

Mont St. Michel in Normandy, France

Mont St. Michel in Normandy, France

With almost two years of uncertainty around tourism in France, there is a general feeling of relief and joy among the population across the country as touristic sites reopen for vaccinated travelers. The most iconic destinations are welcoming fully vaccinated visitors from the US who can use their own vaccination certificate or convert it to a European Health pass. Workers in the travel industry were among the first to receive vaccinations resulting in more and more hotels, restaurants, and other facilities allowing guests to enjoy the ambiance maskless once inside after showing a vaccination card.

2. Experience Quintessential France with Fewer People

Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles, France

Palace of Versailles, France

Travelers have returned to France but in far fewer numbers than previous years to provide you with a true opportunity to avoid typical crowds at sites that normally swell with visitors. Whether eager to wander through the Louvre to witness masterworks of civilization or wander down the main street of Mont St. Michel that leads to the Abbey, you can bask in the open atmosphere for a more intimate experience at monumental destinations around the entire country. Explore the Palace of Versailles, travel the fashionable coastline of the Cote d’Azur, or embrace the spectacle of Mont Blanc as you bask in the open space usually crowded with thousands of people.

3. Discover Authentic France between November and February

Christmas market in Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg, France

Winter in France is the low season for travelers as the weather changes to bring colder and often rainier days. Beyond the weather, the cities return to the locals as the doors to museums, exhibitions, cathedrals, churches, basilicas, restaurants, and more become wonderful havens from the cold days and perfect demonstrations of authentic French culture. As winter wears on, the cold sinks in but clear blue skies lead to a Christmas atmosphere that spreads all over France.

Famous Christmas markets in Alsace villages emerge, as well as in Paris. The castles in Loire Valley organize Christmas performances and decorations. The French Alps or the Pyrénees become great escapes for skiing and snow sports while destinations like Annecy provide a stunning backdrop of the French Alps and snowcapped mountains. Winter in France underpins the essential scenery and classic cityscapes as you discover the cold weather and warm hearts of genuine French life.

Interested In Planning Your Winter France Trip?

The Château de Sully-sur-Loire in the Loire Valley of France

The Château de Sully-sur-Loire in the Loire Valley of France

France is an iconic destination with legendary cuisine, sensational scenery, and cities that boast images of medieval lanes and glamorous museums. From the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the chateaux of the Loire Valley, the snowcapped Alpine peaks to Normandy’s coastal cliffs, France is a destination meant guaranteed to surprise and delight. Zicasso’s France Tours & Vacations has plenty of sample itineraries to inspire your personalized tour while our France Travel Guide can immerse you in the diverse flavors of your trip. Fill out a Trip Request or call our team at 1-888-265-9707 to speak with a France travel specialist.

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