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Felucca boat in Aswan, Egypt

Felucca boat in Aswan, Egypt

Whether visiting the metropolis of Cairo, winding along the delta branches around Aswan, or setting a course to Abu Simbel, traveling in Egypt has a particular ambiance of its own, connecting you to ancient monuments or seaside getaways.

You can discover the history and culture with plenty of transportation options that fit your preferred style and timeframe. A Zicasso Egypt travel specialist ensures that you can explore in an immersive and comfortable way that makes the logistics of transportation easy to navigate.

The following guide offers more information on transportation options in Egypt.


  1. Best for Long Distances: Trains & Flights
  2. Best for Short Travel: Private Chauffeur, Cars, and Buses
  3. Best for Urban Travel: Taxis, Buses, and Ridesharing Apps
  4. Best Alternative Travel:
  5. More Travel Information & Tips

Best for Long Distances: Trains & Flights

Airplanes at Hurghada International Airport in Egypt

Airplanes at Hurghada International Airport in Egypt


Taking the train in Egypt can have a sense of nostalgic romance with long-distance journeys that have sleeping cars and air-conditioning. The railway networks do not have any high-speed trains and shorter distances can actually take longer because of the number of stops they make between cities. Egypt has the oldest rail system in Africa and the Middle East showing how reliable and easy it can be, especially with routes from Cairo to Aswan but it is not necessarily quick.


Flying is the easiest and fastest way to travel long distances in Egypt. With 36 airports, five of which are international, it’s easy to reach the far corners of Egypt quickly, which is great if you have a condensed timeline for your trip. Domestic services are generally conducted by Egypt Air and use Cairo as the center for transfers with plenty of flights per day connecting popular destinations like Luxor and Aswan, or even Sinai.

Best for Short Travel: Private Chauffeur, Cars, and Buses

Exploring caves in The Gilf Kebi, southwestern Egypt

Exploring caves in The Gilf Kebi, southwestern Egypt

Travel by Private Chauffeur:

Traveling with a private driver is one of the easiest and best ways to experience Egypt. A private driver is often a local or someone with plenty of experience navigating a certain area giving them knowledge of the local roads, driving culture, and possible ways to avoid traffic. It’s also a great way for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the surrounding scenery rather than worrying about departure times, reading the road signs, or missing the appropriate turn. A private driver easily gives you peace of mind and door-to-door service whether traveling to the airport, a hotel, or famous monuments.

Car Rental:

You can easily rent a car when in Egypt but it is not the best way to experience or see the country. A car rental gives you the freedom of movement on your time and schedule but also comes with a host of complications that can take away from your experience. Challenges can include the lack of traffic lights or marked roads, official signs or the typical aggressive congestion of Cairo. Driving in Egypt can be part of your adventure but is not necessary within larger cities or if just visiting popular destinations.


Buses are a popular and an easy mode of transportation in Egypt widely used to connect nearby places like Cairo and Giza or distant cities like Cairo to Alexandria. The bus system is far more varied than the railway network giving you a better reach to places beyond the Nile valley. A bus does not give you the same freedom as a private driver or car, and they do not travel as fast as a train but a bus also gives you a different way to reach farther into the country.

Best for Urban Travel: Taxis, Buses, and Ridesharing Apps

The Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt

The Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt

Taxis & Local Buses:

Taxis are one of the most preferable ways to travel inside of Egypt. The private taxi gives you a sense of freedom to move at your pace and on your timeline while also giving you a more relaxed environment than a bus or metro. It is usually better to ask for the meter rather than try to bargain for a price, especially because the driver will generally know the area better than you. The metro is available in Cairo and buses offer plenty of local routes inside of larger cities but can be a bit tricky to navigate when visiting.

Ridesharing Apps:

Ridesharing apps are readily available in big cities like Cairo and Alexandria but not very accessible outside of major metropolitan areas. Using ridesharing apps can help navigate the typical traffic or provide alternative means to the radical transportation encounters quintessential of cities like Cairo. Even with the availability of ridesharing apps in certain locations, private transfers and pre-booked drivers cannot only enhance your experience but make it even easier to discover Egypt away from the pressure of negotiating the finer details of exploring a major city.

Best Alternative Travel:

Boats on the Nile river in Aswan, Egypt

Boats on the Nile river in Aswan, Egypt


Boats are a great alternative method for exploring Egypt. The Nile is not only a water resource but also an ancient highway on which boats of all kinds can travel deeper into the country or up to the Mediterranean Sea. Cruises are the most typical method for traveling by boat and can offer a sense of adventure or romance, as well as access to popular cultural or historic destinations across the country.

More Travel Information & Tips

Camels on the Giza Plateau with a view of the pyramids in Egypt

Camels on the Giza Plateau with a view of the pyramids in Egypt

Egypt has a variety of transportation options that can easily fit your travel style and timeline. The best time to visit Egypt really depends on the experiences you want, whether a family-friendly adventure to the Valley of the Kings or a romantic Nile Cruise, scuba diving for ancient cities or learning about historic Nubian villages. Zicasso’s Egypt Travel Guide has more helpful information on ways to plan your perfect vacation. You can also speak to an Egypt travel specialist by filling out a Trip Request or by calling our team at 1-888-265-9707.

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