An Intimate Romantic Vacation to Sri Lanka

A 10 day trip to Sri Lanka 
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Celebrate romantic ambiance and tropical wonder during your custom tailored tour of Sri Lanka. Elephants wander along the plains grazing on the endless grass as beaches shimmer with golden sand and the indigo waters of the Indian Ocean. Blue whales spout water into the air and dancers move to the beat of a drum set by the traditions of past kings. From a secluded fortress atop a monolith’s summit to the Dutch colonial fortress that overlooks the coast, your time in Sri Lanka will immerse you in passion and luxury, tradition and beauty for an unforgettable romance. 

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Dambulla, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Yala National Park, Bentota, Colombo, Mirissa, Madu River, Balapitiya, Peradeniya Botanical Garden, Matale 

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Sigiriya – Arrive in Sri Lanka with a Private Transfer to Dambulla

Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka, and much charm is embodied in the wide boulevards that are shaded with trees as the coastal breeze spreads across the gold-sand shores. The Indian Ocean laps against the shoreline and the markets brim with vibrant colors in the form of elegant saris and fragrant spices. Your flight will land at Bandaranaike International Airport, where your private transfer will greet you upon arrival. You will venture outside of the city and make your way along the gorgeous, lush jungle as ferns and giant coconut palms frame the road as the hills begin to rise along the landscape.

You can share the splendor of the countryside with your partner as you travel close to the city of Dambulla, the spiritual and cultural heart of a kingdom that predates the might of the Roman Empire. You will reach your majestic eco-friendly resort that overlooks the lakes, the reed beds, and the paddy fields that are situated in the shadow of the rock fortress of ancient Sigiriya. The dramatic plateau provides a grand welcome to your romantic time in Sri Lanka as you relish an evening of fine dining amidst the cool, hill breeze as the scent of coconut lingers in the air as the sun sets beyond the impressive monolith.   

What’s Included: accommodation, transfer, dinner

Day 2: Sigiriya – Discover Stunning Sigiriya and a Jungle Elephant Trek

In the morning, the sunlight will wash over the greenery and the auburn stone of Lion Rock, the dramatic summit upon which Sigiriya Fortress was erected. At breakfast, you will find the enticing aroma of steeping black tea among the tropical scents of fresh coconut and pineapple. Your private transfer will greet you after your meal eager to lead you on a private exploration of the mountaintop stronghold. Sigiriya Fortress reaches a height of more than 650 feet above the surrounding canopy with vertical walls that disappear into the jungle brush below.

The dramatic image will evoke a romantic ambiance as you recall your charming dinner and sunset the previous night in view of the stunning monolith. The palace at the top of the summit was the heart of the kingdom of Kassapa in the 5th century. The breeze brushes over the narrow stairway leading up the side of the plateau, and halfway up the spiraling staircase is a sheltered gallery etched into the rock face. The niche contains a series of paintings that depict celestial nymphs and concubines. Due to the way the gallery shelters the images from the sun, the frescoes remain in remarkable condition with their colors glowing against the bright morning.

You will descend to the forest floor after visiting the terraces, water gardens, and grand palace that once stood atop the plateau. Your guide leads you to local village where you step on a small ladder to board the waiting elephant. The seat will sway as your guide will lead the elephant around the jungle that surrounds Lion Rock. You will make your way to the stoic reservoir laden with lily pads, where the elephant may choose to soak in the water, adding to the unforgettable memory of a romantic day in preserved history.

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 3: Kandy – Explore a Matale Spice Garden and Enjoy a Private Tour of Kandy

In the morning, pilgrims venture to the caves that surround the nearby city of Dambulla, which contain the best-preserved complex in the country. The temples were etched into the towering rocks located hundreds of feet above the plain. The five caves contain 150 different paintings and statues of Buddha for a stunning display of devotional art created over two millennia ago. Your private transfer will greet you at your hotel after breakfast and escort you through the verdant jungle landscape to reach Matale, located in a fertile valley nearly 1,000 feet above sea level.

Spice plantations line the north of town and offer insight into the historical and thriving cultivation of the region. You will stop at an estate to explore the manicured grounds that produce vanilla, rubber, cinchona, cardamom, and even cocoa. Sensing your interest in cocoa, your guide will cut away a pod from the plant before slicing it open. The fruit has a leathery texture and can grow to more than an inch thick while the pulp inside has a tart and sweet flavor similar to lemonade. Your guide will pull away the beans, which lose their lavender hues when drying, turning to the brown color people associate to cocoa. As you leave the spice garden, the scent of vanilla will linger on your skin until you reach the gorgeous lakeside city of Kandy, where you can settle into the secluded comforts of your luxury accommodation.  

What’s Included: accommodation, transfer, tour, breakfast

Day 4: Nuwara Eliya – Enjoy Peradeniya Garden and the Scenery of Nuwara Eliya

As the sun rises, the sweet scent of coconut will drift in the air as the cobalt hues of the lake shimmer in the sunlight and reflect the trees and hills that rise along the shores. Your private transfer will greet you after breakfast and lead you out of the charming lakeside ambiance of Kandy to stroll among the blossoming flowers of Peradeniya Botanical Garden, which encompasses 147 acres and 4,000 different plant species.

Your romantic wandering will make you both feel like royalty as you walk down the classical Avenue of Palms. Enter the orchid house to find an array of the blossoming, exotic plants garnished with bright petals as sapphire, violet, and auburn represents the kaleidoscope of colors that fill the green house. You will step beneath the Javan fig tree at the heart of the garden as the spindly roots and thick branches reach out over the Great Lawn for a remarkable image set against the manicured greenery. Your private transfer will take you to the train station to board your first-class car that will offer a scenic view down to the tea-growing region of Nuwara Eliya.

What’s Included: accommodation, transfer, tour, breakfast

Day 5: Nuwara Eliya – Tour a Tea Plantation and Nuwara Eliya’s Colonial Charm

At breakfast, you will both enjoy the herbaceous aroma of black tea that fills the dining room with the glowing hues of cashew apple and thambili, the King Coconut. Your luxurious accommodation is located in the heights of Sri Lanka’s uppermost region at nearly 6,200 feet above sea level. The area was planned as a British getaway during the colonial era due to the splendor of the mountains and cool climate. After breakfast, your guide will greet you at your hotel and escort you to a local tea plantation for an immersive exploration.

Dive into the history of cultivation in the region and the continued harvest of the crop that is spread across 1,200 acres. While walking through the fields, you can meet with the women who pick the leaves from the plant with their colorful bandanas wrapped around their heads before strapping woven baskets to their backs. They pull the leaves in bunches before dropping the emerald-colored crops into the baskets and harvest a minimum of 33 pounds daily. The rich tea leaves flood the panorama until your entire view glows emerald beneath the sky with British colonial architecture dotting the landscape with graceful artistry.

Continue through the fields for a romantic walk and beautiful view to Lovers Leap. The legend of the falls deepens the beauty of your view, accentuated with the star-crossed love a prince and a village girl. The sound of rushing water echoes through the air as you arrive at the edge of the cliff that looks out onto the whitewater that rumbles. Sporadic mists brush against your cheeks as you relish what feels like your own private view of the nearly 100-foot tall waterfall.

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 6: Yala – Relish the Scenic Drive to Yala before a Half-Day Game Drive

At breakfast, the aroma of custard apple will accentuate the flavors of velvet tamarind. After your meal, the early hours of the day are yours to bask in the splendor of Nuwara Eliya as you desire, taking to the paved walkways around Gregory Lake or visiting the unforgettable drop off of World’s End at Horton Plains National Park. Before departing for Yala National Park, you could visit Seetha Amman Temple for an insightful look into the Hindu religion. The structure was erected over the mythological site where Sita prayed daily for Rama to rescue her from the clutches of the demon king. Circular depressions beyond the stream represent the legendary footprints of demon king’s elephant as the bejeweled temple features detailed statues that adorn the spires and represent various deities that guard the grounds.

Your private transfer will greet you both at your hotel and escort you south along the scenic roadway to the gates of Yala National Park, the second largest national park in the country. The grounds were established in the early 20th century and encompass nearly 380 square miles. Reddish rocks and soil flicker in the passing sunlight beneath the mixture of undulating plains and dry forest. Upon entering the park, you will immediately see the wild water buffalo that graze on the verdant blades of grass near the waterholes. Your luxury accommodation will offer an effortless blend of romance, style, excitement, and privacy with views that overlook the golden sands of the beach.

What’s Included: accommodation, transfer, breakfast

Day 7: Bentota – Revel in a Morning Game Drive and Travel to Beachside Bentota

You will wake in the morning to the sounds of wildlife relishing the cool temperatures before the sun washes over plains and waterholes. Thrushes twitter in the quiet lull of the sea breeze as you set out on a private game drive to view the marvelous flora and captivating fauna protected within the grounds of Yala Wildlife Sanctuary. Leopards lounge in the treetops unless hunting for boar or deer. Mangrove trees grow along the Menik River estuary as 215 different species of birds graze on the grasses and plants of the reserve, including Indian cormorant. Adventurers from around the world visit Yala in search of leopards, due to the park’s title of holding one of the highest leopard densities in the world.

You will scour the treetops and tall grasses for signs of Asia’s largest cat and instead discover a herd of elephants bathing in the reservoir. Your heart will race at the majesty of the graceful animals as they graze and bathe in the wild. Step into the water as they dip their tremendous trunks down to soak up the water. The elephants splash themselves and one another in the refreshingly cool morning air. Your adventure carries the treasures of experience, none greater than sharing in the memories with the one you love. After your splendid game drive through the park you will embark on the scenic road to the beachside charms of Bentota.

What’s Included: accommodation, transfer, tour, breakfast

Day 8: Bentota – Enjoy a Whale Watching Tour with the Remaining Day at Leisure

The sunlight will stretch over the golden stretch of sand of Bentota Beach. You will have a pristine view of the shoreline and the waves as they splash against the coast before breakfast. The fish market opens to the calls of vendors as they showcase the freshest catches from the Indian Ocean. You will make your way to the beachside town of Mirissa before breakfast to board your boat and set sail upwards of eight nautical miles from the Sri Lankan shore. They colorful decorations on the exterior follow the traditions of the fishing vessels, using vibrant colors associated with luck.

The two-story boat will allow you to enjoy a view of the fading coast and widening ocean while searching for whales and dolphins. The boat may spot a whale pod in the distance, and the anticipation will build as your boat slows to approach the whales from the side. A blue whale will surface and spout water in a single stream that can reach up to 30 feet high. The largest mammal in the world, the blue whale, can reach up to 82 feet long and you will ooh and awe with the crowd as the whale tips to the side, lifting its dorsal fin from the water to bring another gorgeous memory for you to share.

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 9: Colombo – Enjoy a River Cruise and Tour Dutch Galle en route to Colombo

At breakfast, the aroma of steeping black tea will blend with the sea breeze as the sapphire waters of the Indian Ocean crash against the golden sand. The coconut palms will rustle their leaves above the shoreline as you set out on a unique cruise up the Madu River on a luxurious boat on the way to Balapitiya. Hawksbill turtles nest near the mouth of the river, and they can grow up to 45 inches long and weigh 150 pounds. The local hatchery protects the eggs to ensure that the endangered turtles that are nesting in the region can thrive.

The boat will glide along the freshwater, passing beneath intertwining branches of the mangrove forest. The tree roots thrive in salinized water, having evolved to filter out the salt. Fishers ride through the gentle wake in traditional dugout canoes. They will wave as you pass before casting their line back into the river. The black and white plumage of a pied kingfisher will stand out from the emerald leaves along the riverbanks as a cinnamon estate fills the air with spice. Artists craft unique statues from husks of discarded coconuts at the local coconut factory.

After disembarking the boat, you will continue to the city of Galle to embrace the Dutch colonial history and preserved local lifestyles. The Dutch fortress stands proudly at the edge of a promontory surrounded on three sides by the sea. The scent of rich spices mixes with the briny wind as fishers sit on stilts that soar above the water. The indigo and sapphire hues of the ocean glisten against the crashing waves below.

What’s Included: accommodation, transfer, tour, breakfast

Day 10: Colombo – Depart for Home

At breakfast, the lilac hues of mangosteen rind accentuate the subtle hints of coconut in the roti. The seafood restaurants at Mount Lavinia Beach open their doors to the aroma of fresh grilling fish and lime as the aroma of cinnamon emanates from the Cinnamon Gardens in Viharamahadevi Park at the heart of the city. The 17th-century Dutch hospital has a pearlescent sheen against the colorful movement of the city and boutique shops and cafes decorate the interior and offer a fun place to stroll within the thick columns of the arcades. The capital city pulses to a beat of its own drum, allowing you to enjoy the city at your leisure before meeting your private transfer. When you are ready, make your way to Bandaranaike International Airport for your flight home for a pleasant ending of the enchanting display of romance and unforgettable experiences in Sri Lanka.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer


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