Game of Thrones Tour of Spain & Morocco

A 10 day trip to Morocco & Spain 
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From the languid pleasures of the Kingdom of Dorne to the strength of Yunkai, the hit television series Game of Thrones has taken viewers to lands beyond their wildest dreams. This 10-day tour of Morocco and Spain will show you the best settings and sceneries from seasons three and five as well as some of the most awe-inspiring locales in the entire world, while visiting five registered UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From the smell of Moroccan spices to the sounds of the Mediterranean Sea, this is a trip that traces the steps of Daenerys and the Martells from the Slaver’s Bay to the Water Gardens of Sunspear.


Did you know that Dorne, as described in the novels, was largely influenced by medieval Spain? Filming moved to Spain for the first time in season five, with additional filming in Spain expected for the upcoming season six. Consider perusing our other Spain tours and Morocco tours that explore breathtaking landscapes and delve into unique experiences that have inspired countless masters of their crafts. 

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Seville, Osuna, Cadiz, Tangier, Marrakesh, Essaouira, Ouarzazate

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Day 1-2: Starting in Seville

This morning, you land in Seville, the capital of Andalusia and one of the most dramatic, distinctive cities in all of Europe, where the soaring towers of the Gothic Seville Cathedral, the third largest cathedral in the world and one of the five UNESCO World Heritage Sites that you will visit on this trip, stand in contrast to the elegant and delicate Moorish architecture. Boasting the third largest Old Town in Europe, Seville is also known the world over for its tapas scene, the quality of its museums, its delightful charm driven by its eclectic identity.

You will also have your first opportunity to visit a filming location in Seville at the breathtaking Alcazar of Seville, a Muslim fort-cum-palace and second UNESCO World Heritage Site, which now serves as the oldest royal palace still in use throughout the entire continent. Tours will take you to every inch of these magnificent grounds, from the intricate grandeur of the astounding Courtyard of the Maidens to the palace’s vibrant gardens, which have provided the backdrops for major motion pictures such as Kingdom of Heaven and Lawrence of Arabia. This time, however, the Alcanzar will become the Water Gardens of Sunspear, the seaside palace of the Princess of Dorne. Here is where will Doran Martell will fight to remain aloof from the violence plaguing Westeros, here the Sand Snakes plot their revenge, and here the sun shines brightly over a landscape so spectacular you’ll think you’ve entered a fantasy.

What’s Included: private transfer, private tour, entrance fee, accommodation

Day 3: Onward to Osuna

Today you will journey east to the scenic town of Osuna, thousands of years old, and with natural wonders to match its impressive architectural accomplishments. Walk St. Pedro Street and marvel at the Baroque palaces that stand as constant reminders of the city’s aristocracy during Spain’s golden years, then set out for the University of Osuna, whose simple style and sharp lines typify the Spanish Renaissance Style. Highlighted by an immaculate central courtyard, the university also boasts the brilliant Sala de Girona, featuring murals of the Four Evangelists, church fathers, and rural hunting scenes.

You’ll also want to visit a landmark of nature’s making, the marvelous quarry of El Coto, the source of Osuna’s building materials since the time of the Romans’ occupancy, before heading to the city’s bull fighting ring. The ring was the setting for one of the principal scenes for the latest Game of Thrones season, shot in October 2014. The bullring was used to recreate Daznak’s Pit, the largest of the fighting pits in Meereen, where a great battle takes place, and which plays an important role in the storyline of Daenerys Targaryen, the exiled queen of Westeros. The site and scenery will surely remind you of past seasons of the series, and will tempt you with the promise of excitement for future seasons.

What’s Included: breakfast, private transfer, entrance fee, private tour, accommodation

Day 4: A Day in One of Spain’s Hidden Treasures

Make your way to the sliver of land that sports the town of Cadiz, the oldest city in Spain and one of the oldest in all of Western Europe. Evidence of civilizations as far back as the Phoenicians can be found in this awe-inspiring locale, and its history as a major port of the Spanish navy since the 18th century gives it a unique and unforgettable atmosphere. Dotted with verdant parks that boast exotic wildflowers and trees that were allegedly brought to Spain when Columbus returned, Cadiz will have you surprised at every turn. So don’t be stunned to see the attractive vistas and the famous wall city of Cadiz appear in the episodes of season five.

The day features a private guided tour of this sensational city, visiting relics of Spain’s years as a world power, like the Torre Tavira and the stoic Admiral’s House. You’ll view great staggering vistas over Cadiz, as well as informative and fascinating ventures to the city’s historic fortifications, expansive plazas and striking church buildings. And, of course, you’ll get the chance to enjoy Cadiz’s famous food scene, where the seafood is always fresh, the empanadas piping hot and the ambience is always lively and engaging.

What’s Included: breakfast, private transfer, private tour, entrance fees, accommodation

Day 5: Fording the Strait of Gibraltar

Cross one of the most famous stretches of water in modern Europe, flanked by the twin Pillars of Hercules, as you make your way from southern Europe to northern Africa and the seductive city of Tangier. Brimming with history and teeming with the memories of a glorious past, Tangier has been the home to artists and intellectuals for generations, including French masters such as Delacroix and Matisse and Beat poets and writers like William Burroughs, who wrote the Beat classic Naked Lunch while living in Tangier.

A private guided tour will help you understand the city’s powerful pull, from the city’s imposing Kasbah to the familiar feel of the American Legation, and the soaring grace of the Cabo Espartel Lighthouse. You’ll enjoy the views from the beach and the hills beyond, the undeniable intrigue of the gigantic market at Casa Barata, and the marvels of geology at the Cave of Hercules. After the tour, take a break to sip delicious Moroccan mint tea while reveling in the view of the sea at Café El-Hafa, or enjoy some of the city’s delicious local fare at Restaurant Populaire in the heart of this bustling city.

What’s Included: breakfast, private transfer, private tour, entrance fees, accommodation

Day 6 -7: Taking in Magical Marrakesh

Today sees you in arguably the most important of the imperial cities of Morocco as you visit Marrakesh, nestled in the shadow of the soaring Atlas Mountains. A major trading port for centuries, Marrakesh has benefited from this trading environment and became one of the most tolerant and open-minded cities in the country. Your tour will introduce you to not only the marvelous sites, but to the delightful residents as well.

Begin your tour at the city’s medina, the ancient and extensive walled section that was once the heartbeat of this venerable trading city. Check out the scene at Djermaa El-Fna, the main square of the complex where there will always be something unforgettable to witness, and marvel at the Bab Aganou entrance to the imposing Kasbah of Marrakesh, the former home of the rulers of the city. The nearly uncountable collection of souks is sure to offer something that catches your eye, from fine Moroccan textiles to delicious spices. The tower of the Koutoubia Mosque rises over the city with iconic elegance. Throw in a gorgeous visit to the Majorelle Gardens, and you’re sure to fall under the hypnotic spell of Marrakesh.

What’s Included: breakfast, private transfer, tour, entrance fees, accommodation

Day 8: Visiting Daenerys

You leave the streets of Marrakesh to feast your eyes upon a UNESCO World Heritage Site at the walled city of Essaouira, used as the set for the slave city of Astapor. You’ll be sure to remember the thrilling and dramatic scenes that unfolded in this august area in seasons past and you’ll gain an appreciation for this eye-catching town that has a deep history, stretching back to the Phoenicians and the Romans. From the vengeance of Daenerys to the burgeoning romance between the Khaleesi and Daario Naharis, true Game of Thrones fans will revel in this up-close glimpse into the world of Westeros.

Finish your day with a walk to the beach on the shores of the magnificent Mediterranean before visiting the city’s incomparable restaurants, which offer fare from Moroccan staples to high-end European cuisine. Chez Yassine is a fantastic lunch spot located on a quiet and charming street, while La Licorne offers upscale entrées and fine wines, perfect for a romantic end to the day or a stirring highlight meal shared between friends.

What’s Included: breakfast, private transfer, private tour, entrance fees, accommodation

Day 9: Bidding Goodbye to the World of Ice and Fire

Your last day of exploration sees you in Ouarzazate, one of the most widely filmed areas in all of North Africa, and your final UNESCO World Heritage Site tour. Classic films like Lawerence of Arabia and Gladiator were filmed here, and the monuments of this gorgeous place will embed in your mind as clearly as they do on film. You’ll explore the main sites of this one-of-a-kind locale, from the fortified Old Town rising from the sand to the stunning Kasbahs that stand in testament to the rulers of old.

Your ultimate destination is the walled city of Ait Benhaddou, a vital trading post in earlier days and the stern inspiration for Yunkai, the slaving city captured by Daenerys in her quest to rid her domain of slavery. This UNESCO World Heritage Site will enthrall you and enrapture you, especially when the setting sun lights the cities rust-red walls aglow with the beauty of the desert. The undeniable weight of history will pass over you as your reminisce on your fantastic vacation to the very heart of the Game of Thrones universe.

What’s Included: breakfast, entrance fees, private tour, accommodation

Day 10: Returning Home

This morning you will be escorted from your hotel to the airport where you will begin to make your way back home after your magnificent getaway. Your head will be filled with the memories of an incomparable journey; your heart will burst with the memories of the past week, and your soul will long to return to this world of splendor, elegance and magic.

What’s Included: breakfast, private transfer


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