Treasures of Italy Tour: Venice, Florence, Rome & Positano

A 13 day trip to Italy 
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Treasures abound on this 13-day Italy tour through Venice, Florence, Rome and Positano that will fill your trove with riches. There is endless art and history along the storied Venetian lagoon, within the walls of Florence, around the ruins of Rome, and along the shores of the Amalfi Coast. Each day will bring you another spectacular gemstone to gather until you are brimming with memories and experiences that build tremendous wealth. You will see art and architecture, hear legends that have shaped history, and witness the grounds of which so much of Western Civilization has been based. From pastel buildings to luxurious train rides, towering domes and luscious apartments, you will fill your treasure chest with riches that you will always carry.

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Venice, Florence, Rome, Amalfi Coast

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1 – Treasures Imaginings

There is no shortage of excitement as you set off in search of Italian treasures. Set along the hills, lagoons, coastline and turquoise water, are the diverse cultures and spectacular art all wrapped up in the remarkable history that you have only heard about. From colossal ruins to literary tributes, fabulous churches to whispering hills, each city sparkles like a diamond, all collected into the treasure chest of Italy ready for you to open. The plane brings you closer to Venice, closer to Italy, and closer to the riches that you will remember forever.    

Day 2 – Lagoons and Arrivals

There are iconic images that come to mind when you think of certain cities, like Venice, and you will begin to collect those images like gems, placed inside the treasured memories of your vacation. These images begin with the spectacular view of St. Mark’s Square beside the lagoon. From the airport, you will meet your private transfer who will guide along a water taxi, a quintessential journey for anyone visiting the inlet. The pastel buildings are nestled against one another lingering just above the water, ringing with bright colors and fabulous windows, arched and elegant against the reflective canal.

Find yourself at the private dock of the Palazzo Sant’Angelo Hotel. It is easy to settle into the charm and refinement of the Palazzo, where its décor brings you to a time of lavish comforts and luxurious vistas. Your view overlooks the canal giving you an optimal view of the life that rushes or floats by. The inherent charm of Venice is inescapable.

It is an easy stroll to St. Mark’s Square from the hotel. You can spend the afternoon wandering through the maze-like walkways of the city or just linger in the revered piazza. The rich stone and monumental clock tower call to you. Venice is a phantasmagorical city and you know it is only the beginning.

What’s Included: private ground and water taxi transfer to hotel, accommodation

Day 3 – Within Exquisite Halls

The scent of freshly made espresso helps awaken you to the Venetian morning. Enjoy a delicious breakfast; you can even begin your day with a brioche and strong espresso to give you that effervescent daily bounce. After your meal you will meet your guide and continue hunting for Italian treasured memories on a small group tour of the city (private guided tour available as an upgrade). Today you will revisit Piazza San Marco, however you will venture deeper into its opulence and history by venturing inside Saint Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace.

Filippo Calendario, who created the ornate atmosphere throughout the grand piazza, designed the outer arcade. The Doge’s Palace has the façade of an opulent castle, with archways and columns that support the heavier geometric designs of the upper-level. Delicate looking statues decorate the courtyard, ordaining the entryway around the stairs and the pediment, showing a taste of the gilded palace to come. The Doge’s rooms are located near what is called the “Golden Staircase.” The apartments are almost a dozen rooms on the second floor, where ceiling and fireplaces are gilded and decorated lavishly, including with fabulous paintings by Venetian masters, such as Giovanni Bellini. With so much splendor inside the palace, you will eventually make your way through more of the city making every step another treasured moment.

What’s Included: breakfast, small group guided walking tour, accommodation

Optional Activities:

  • Private Guided Walking Tour
  • Private Guided Tour of Venice by Classic 1950’s Riva Speed Boat

Day 4 – Within Medieval Walls

The lavish décor and the canals will soon fade behind the horizon as you are met once again by a private transfer and taken to the train station. Climb into the easy to use and comfortable Eurostar train that will have you in Florence shortly. Venture across the lush countryside from lagoons to mountains and eventually through the rolling hills of Tuscany, bringing you to the remarkable gates of Florence. Your private transfer will meet you at the train station and help you settle into the comforts of the Palazzo Ruspoli Bed and Breakfast, located in the heart of the city. Step out the front door and see the immaculate dome of the Duomo, constructed by Brunelleschi.

Like many cities in Italy, Florence is an outdoor museum, but a true diamond amongst gemstones, where art continues to flourish, literature graces the historic walls, and the scent of creamy gelato and unforgettable cuisine is never far away. For a dinner that will tickle your taste buds, a memory to recall whenever you want to remember a savored flavor, you can venture into Ristorante La Giostra, where the chef also happens to be a Hapsburg prince who delights in explaining every succulent method that goes into his lovely, rich, and unforgettable cuisine.  

What’s Included: breakfast, private water taxi transfer, transfer to hotel, accommodation

Hotel Upgrade Option:

  • 4-star Hotel Brunelleschi

Day 5 – Say Hello to the Masterworks

Rise with the morning sun, as the cobblestones of the city seem to shine in the light. After breakfast you will meet your guide and venture into the gems of the city with a small group, bringing you face-to-face with treasures that date back to Roman times and Renaissance treasures. If you prefer a private guide, upgrades are available. You will find yourself in the bustling Piazza Signoria, where Palazzo Vecchio, the Old Palace, stands. The square is open and large, decorated with fountains, and bordered by rising stone buildings and a portico filled with statues.

You can even see a grand circular plaque before Neptune’s Fountain. In scripted, Old Italian, the plaque marks the spot where Girolamo Savonarola, a famous and infamous friar responsible for the Bonfire of the Vanities, was executed. Around the corner you can see the stunning façade of the Uffizi Gallery, which turns the square into an open colonnade. Once inside the gallery you will find some of the most remarkable artwork within the marbled and magnificent halls and quarters. From Botticelli’s La Primavera to Da Vinci’s Adoration of the Magi, the gallery is generous and easily designed, so when you get lost within the historical artwork it won’t be because of the arrangement. 

What’s Included: breakfast, small group walking tour, accommodation

Optional Activities:

  • Private Guided Walking Tour of Florence, VIP Uffizi Entrance and Visit
  • Podere La Capella Private Lunch with Wine Tasting and Vineyard Visit (or this can be structured as a private guided cycle tour with van support)
  • Private Transfer to Il Colombaio (Michelin 1 star) for Private Cooking Course, with Hands on Instruction from one of Italy’s Top Chefs

Day 6 – Onto an Empire

You have found the fabled treasures of Florence, not only hung in the galleries but commemorated on the grounds, in outdoor porticos, and even written on the walls. Tributes to Dante’s Divine Comedy are strung across apartments and buildings that were once mentioned within his famous Epic poems.

Today you will take your treasures and meet your private transfer who will take you to the train station. You will once again enter the Eurostar, traverse the distant hills of Tuscany, and find yourself in Rome, the capital of an empire and the current Italian Republic. You will be taken to your luxurious boutique accommodation at Hotel Caravita, located a stone throw’s away from the relished Trevi Fountain. The room is overrun with comforts and the small courtyard has a remnant of Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn, where you can relax within the luxuries and romance of an atmospheric utopia. 

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer to train station and hotel, accommodation

Hotel Upgrade Options:

  • 4-star Hotel Campo Dei Fiori
  • 4-star Hotel Residenza di Ripetta

Day 7 – A Different Type of Collection

Rome is bursting with history that dates back to antiquity. You can step down the street and see the Colosseum rising over the street that was widened around World War II by Mussolini. After breakfast you will join your small group tour, or upgraded private tour, and arrive at the Vatican Museum where the exceptional, independent principality shines like a city made of marble. Your guide takes you through the displays of art and architecture, sculptures and paintings, mosaics and frescoes, acquired or commissioned by the Vatican over time. The most anticipated gem on the tour is when you step into the Sistine Chapel.

The chapel is smaller than most people expect, however that never deters from the incredible masterpiece that blankets every wall and inch of the ceiling. It took Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512 to complete the ceiling portion of the chapel. There is an aroma of candles and myrrh that drift through the room. The chapel is paneled, giving some sort of diagram to the artwork and the church. The colors are vivacious while a quiet crowd cranes their neck to view each and every brush stroke they can find. At the center of the ceiling you will witness one of the most famous images of all, the Birth of Man, as God reaches out to touch Adam’s finger creating life.

What’s Included: breakfast, group Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel tour, accommodation

Optional Activities:

  • Group Cooking Class with Fabio Bongianni
  • Private Cooking Class with Daniela Del Balzo
  • Private Ancient Rome Private Guided Tour with Transportation

Hotel Upgrade Option:

  • 4-star Hotel Brunelleschi

Day 8 – Immaculate Coastline

The antiquity of Rome will soon be behind you as you are transferred to the train station where you will take the Eurostar to Naples. From Naples you will have a private transfer to the quaint town of Positano along the beginnings of the Amalfi Coast. The water glows a sapphire along the rising mountainous coastline known for its narrow roads and stunning beauty. Settle into your enchanting accommodation at Villa la Tartana. Enjoy the magnificent view from your private balcony, where the air is perfumed with the sweet sea and lemon zest. 

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer to train station and hotel, accommodation

Optional Activity:

  • Private Guided Tour of Pompeii & Real Pizza Lunch on Your Way to Positano

Hotel Upgrade Options:

  • Hotel La Minervetta, Wonderful 4-star Hotel in Sorrento
  • Hotel Villa Franca, 4-star Hotel in Positano

Day 9 – Mediterranean Panorama

The day is at your leisure to relax along the coastline of Amalfi. Enjoy breakfast on your private balcony where you can watch the sea glitter in the early morning. The breeze brings in the delightful scent of the sweet water while the ever-present aroma of lemons lingers in the air. From marvelous panoramas to quiet beaches, you can dedicate the day to searching out the treasures of which you have been hopeful.

It is an easy, and captivating venture to Ravello, where you can see the town perched more than a half-mile above the Mediterranean Sea. The road hugs the cliff in a narrow throughway that makes driving both exhilarating and daunting, even when you aren’t the driver. The town is an unmistakably wonderful, sitting on a citadel that overlooks the gemstone water, where limestone foothills fall into the sea. Villa Cimbrone is a tremendous work of architecture that dates back to the 11th century. The gardens are bewitching, where vivacious flowers blossom, adding to the colors of the seaside. The classical-styled architecture enticed the likes of Greta Garbo and Virginia Woolf in the past, once a secrete hideaway and now a treasure.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 10 – City of Ash

With another day at your leisure, you could spend the day exploring the charming seaside villages that twist and wind with the landscape. Or, make your way father outward to the ruins of Pompeii or Paestum. Only an hours drive away, you could easily find yourself among some of the most famous ruins in history, covered in volcanic ash and preserved through time. You can see Mount Vesuvius en route and follow the pathway to the open summit if you feel daring enough. The eruption that covered Pompeii was said to be so large that the remaining girth of Vesuvius is only three-quarters of its original size. Whether touring through the magnificent remains of the Roman city on your own or with a guide, you will come across a different and unique world, fit for treasured memories.

Pompeii is a wonder, not just because of the buildings and people that were preserved, but also the enormity of the city itself; you could spend days traveling the streets and still not see the city’s entirety. Outside of the main area, away from the forum and renowned brothel, is the Villa of the Mysteries. The pillars and open courtyard are well maintained and the frescoes have been so well preserved that the colors continue to radiate against the millennia styled brick-and-mortar. From the Forum Baths to the House of the Small Fountain, you can wander through the intense history that has given contemporary historians a deeper understanding of the past, from the architecture to the art, turning everyday life into brilliance.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Optional Activity:

  • Private Driving Sightseeing Tour of Amalfi Coast (Includes Towns of Amalfi, Ravello and Positano) with Stop in Ravello for Lunch

Day 11 – Out of the Blue

Off the shore of Amalfi is the well-known and illustrious island of Capri. Today you will ferry to the island and witness the fabulous colors of the water along with the charm of the town. The ferry ride is in and of itself a joyous beginning, traversing through the calm and effervescent sea. The wind brushes through your hair bringing you to the large karsts in the distance.

The town sits along the coastline in pastel colors and is nestled between rising limestone mountains. Wandering along the idyllic streets shows you the open piazza filled with rich, fresh sauces and decadent fare, while the marina shows you grand karsts rising in the distance. Whether exploring the island or opting to visit the memorable Blue Grotto, you can be sure to be mesmerized by the natural beauty of the island. If you do choose to visit the Blue Grotto you will venture into the cave system, beneath the dangling limestone, where the air is damp and cool. The water glows azure blue light as the lapping sea echoes against the walls. 

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Optional Activity:

  • Tour the Blue Grotto on a Traditional Capri Gozzo Fishing Boat with a Local Captain

Day 12 – Exploring the Namesake

Your final day along the Amalfi Coast is another day of relaxation and respite. You can sit along the small stone jetty at the bottom of the climbing foothill and dip your feet into the magical Gulf of Salerno. Or pay a visit to Amalfi Town, one of the biggest little towns you will ever see. The Duomo towers over the streets with an imposing staircase that often has locals and visitors alike posing for wedding photos. The stone façade and arched windows give lavishness to the otherwise stoic building. Stroll through the cathedral or visit the 13th century paper mill that has kept the city and the area in religious production ,with water-powered machinery. There is no doubt to the twinkling luster of the Amalfi Town and its famous coastline.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Optional Activity:

  • Private Transportation to Dinner at Don Alfonso 1890 Including a Wine and Cheese Cellar Tour

Day 13 – Off the Coast but Over the Sea

You have come to expect and relish in that early morning lemon zest that surprised on your first morning in Positano. There is an endless awe to the vista that calls to you as you wake up. Enjoy your caffé, and brioche before your private transfer takes you to the Naples airport for your return flight home. You have collected pearls and gems, diamonds and gold, all shimmering unforgettable memories absorbed and enrapturing, through Venice, Florence, Rome, and the Amalfi Coast. Your flight may be taking you home but you will always find more treasure in Italy.

What’s Included: breakfast, private airport transfer

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