Five Star Romantic Road Trip Vacation in Ireland

A 10 day trip to Ireland 
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Ancient history and emerald countryside offer hidden romance during your Ireland tour perfect for newlyweds or adoring couples. Your personalized adventure balances ultimate luxury and captivating scenery, enchanting folklore and charming villages. Relish in distinct Irish flavors in a restaurant with candlelit magnetism beneath Dublin’s streets. Stroll arm-in-arm through lavish gardens protected by dramatic stone walls. Hold each other close on the azure Atlantic beneath the towering precipices of the Cliffs of Moher. Whether you find the crystal of Waterford or share a kiss on the Blarney Stone, you will have a fabulous honeymoon hideaway with an exceptional Irish affair. 

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General Information

Cliffs of Moher.
Arch of Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland.
View of Kilkenny Castle from the River Nore.
Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland on a sunny day.
A colorful street in Dublin.
The Courtyard inside Dublin Castle, Dublin.
The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.
Detailed Itinerary

Places Visited 

Dublin, Waterford, Glendalough, Kilkenny, Kenmare, Blarney Castle, Cobh, Cork, The Ring of Kerry, Dromoland Castle, Ashford Castle, Connemara, Burren, Cliffs of Moher, Galway, Kylemore Abbey, Cong 

Departure Dates 

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Dublin – Arrive in the Capital of Ireland with a Romantic Introductory City Tour

Dublin is a romantic city often unnoticed by lovers searching for a passionate getaway. On the outskirts of the city, trees and lush grass decorate the hillsides. The urban interior shimmers with Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian architecture. The sound of trickling waters emanates from the winding banks of River Liffey. The antique buildings decorate the skyline with dramatic spires imitating the bordering trees. Hidden alleys offer testament to the literary romances of Becket, Joyce, Wilde, and Yeats. The aroma of black tea swirls out of Queen of Tarts, a café off Dame Street known for the delicious cakes and perfectly brewed tea. Your private transfer greets you at Dublin International Airport and escorts you to a gorgeous hotel first opened in the early 19th century.

The historical charms add lustrous ambiance to the contemporary amenities providing a mixture of grace, luxury, and comfort. The city bustles around Grafton Street, the premier shopping district of the city. A statue of Molly Malone marks the beginning of the shops abuzz with eclectic wares, from boutique jewelers to upmarket department stores. Music emanates from a unique mix of classical quartets playing in the evening light and traditional fiddle players offering a touch of vintage culture. For your first dinner to Ireland, you can make your way to Pearl Brasserie, a two-star Michelin restaurant by Patrick Guilbaud and partner Kirsten Batt. The dining room sits below street level and fills with a blend of fresh aromas stemming from Irish and French ingredients.                                                                                                                           

What’s Included: airport transfer, accommodation, tour

Day 2: Waterford – Discover the Romantic Scenery between Dublin and Waterford

In the morning, the aroma of sizzling sausage and potato cakes emanate from popular breakfast places. The sunlight washes over the Fusilier’s Arch, the entrance to the Georgian park. The quiet walkways and rippling ponds offer Dubliners an oasis and couples a romantic escape from the bustling streets of city life. You pick up your car after breakfast, eager to begin your scenic journey between Dublin and Waterford. You pass couples riding tandem bicycles venturing to the gardens at Carmelite Church on Whitefriar Street.

Love Lane in Temple Bar features a narrow alleyway dedicated to love with adorning tiles and stenciled painted sections inspiring public displays amorousness. You reach Kilkenny, where River Nore winds beneath the dramatic circular towers of Kilkenny Castle. The stone façade stands tall above High Town, at the dominating the skyline. Anglo-Normans erected the castle in the 13th century before falling under Irish rule in the name of the Butler family. The grounds encompass nearly 50 acres, colored with blossoming carnations and tulips.

You can enjoy a romantic stroll hand-in-hand alongside the river, and listen to the water trickling below in view of the castle’s elegant stone façade. You continue to the beauty of Waterford, known worldwide for the historical handmade crystal of Waterford Glass. A manufacturing facility and visitor center opens its doors to the mall in the heart of town, where artisan craftsmen shape, cut, and finish glass amounting to 750 tons of crystal per year. The exquisite goblets culminate the end of the elegant glass-blowing process until the light reflects harmoniously off the crystal. 

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 3: Kenmare – Visit Blarney Castle and Cork en route to Kenmare in the West

In the morning, café’s fill the air around Hanover Street with the aromas of fresh pastries and fair trade tea and coffee. Locals take their remaining drinks to-go before wandering through the medieval batteries and hidden lanes of the antique city. You begin the drive heading west towards Kenmare, stopping first in the Cork City. The original city rises out of an island enclosed by the arms of River Lee.

The aisles of the English Market wind beneath the 18th-century vaulted ceilings. Artisan bread makers fill the air with the aroma of wheat and cheese. Produce vendors offer bright plums and golden pears. You can enjoy the bustling streets leading to St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral, where the French Early Gothic façade stands atop the foundations of the original 7th-century church. Intricate mosaics decorate the choir, accenting the artwork in the sanctuary. Snub pubs hold live music, and artisan coffee bars pepper the corners along the revitalized waterfront.

You continue to Blarney Castle, home to the famous Blarney Stone. For more than 200 years the legend of the stone has beckoned to travelers near and far, eager to kiss the celebrated boulder to receive the gift of conversation. The main castle and keep were erected in the 13th century and rebuilt between the 15th and 17th centuries. You can ascend the stairs to the upper battlements, lay on your back and lean over a sheer drop to kiss the stone, upon which Irish kings were crowned.    

What’s Included: accommodation, transfer, tour, breakfast

Day 4: Kenmare – Relish the Majestic Landscapes on a Private Drive on the Ring of Kerry

Wake up in the comforts of your five-star luxury hotel situated in a former grand castle. The sunlight returns the emerald hues to the lush grass and dense woodlands. The lake reflects the scenery in the stoic waters. Classic charm meets modern luxury with Victorian heritage and grace dating back to the 1890s. After breakfast, you are keen on traveling you through the villages and bustling towns surrounding the scenic Ring of Kerry. The majestic landscape shimmers with white-sand beaches and dramatic mountain passes. Sneem glows with colorful green, blue, and red houses adding to the idyllic postcard ambiance.

The gentle river passes below the crisscrossing streets dwarfed by the surrounding mountains peaks. The sands of Rossbeigh Strand glint against the rolling whitewater along the Atlantic coast. The wind brushes through the long grass as the sunlight flickers against the azure water. The mountain town of Cahersiveen is one of Europe’s westernmost towns and has roots dating back to the 7th century in the shape stone fortress. Ballycarbery Castle stands near the water’s edge and strikes an impressive pose with its ivy-covered tower house. The edifice resembles a castle from a storybook, creating a fairytale-like ambiance. 

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 5: Clare – Explore the Rich History and Stunning Scenery around Dromoland Castle

In the morning, the aroma of fresh scones with clotted cream accompanies the herbaceous scent of steeping black tea. Travel towards Clare County after breakfast to reach your magnificent five-star hotel located on grounds celebrating a 1,000-year history connected to Brian Boru, the former high king of Ireland. Antique chandeliers glint above the grand staircases. Elegant hallways lead to rooms furnished with antique grandeur. Luxurious fireplaces provide a relaxing space to enjoy the cool evenings beneath the quiet night sky shimmering through the opulent windows.

The remainder of the day is yours to enjoy the stunning scenery around Dromoland Castle. The formal rose garden blossoms with vibrant white, red, and blue petals. Horses trot around the grounds and archers practice shooting arrows near the tranquil waters of the lake. Get in touch with nature with a fascinating hike along the Blackhead Loop Trail. The circular path reaches nearly five miles in length with spectacular views of Feenagh Valley and Cappanawalla Mountain. The trail begins at ends at Fanore Beach. The Atlantic sand rises into large sand dunes. The aroma of fresh coffee from the nearby village blends with the scent of the sea. Surfers take to the break and enjoy the rolling thunder of the waves. 

What’s Included: accommodation, transfer, tour, breakfast

Day 6: Clare – Delight in a Romantic Experience around the Burren and Cliffs of Moher

In the morning, you enjoy breakfast in the elegant dining room featuring the artistic allure of lavish design graced by the natural light pouring through the windows. The scent of black tea overtakes the aroma of soda bread garnished with blackcurrant jam. After the meal, you follow your guide into the enchanting landscape of Clare County, known for the limestone features of the Burren and the breathtaking Cliffs of Moher. You reach the Burren to find the limestone boulders formed by the saltwater 350 million years ago. The rocks twist and swirl around strands of protruding grass until forming sporadic conical hills. The breeze carries the familiar aroma of the Atlantic Ocean.

You enjoy strolling over the distinctive landscape with your lover, basking in the unique ambiance shaped by the otherworldly rock formations and blossoming fragrant orchids and delicate mountain avens. The breeze rustles the blue petals of spring gentian and the purple blossoms of bloody crane’s-bill. 70 megalithic tombs resemble large hills and date back more than 5,000 years. A limestone slab topped two or three standing stones to create the profound effect of the hill-like structures. After visiting the Burren, you board a boat bound for the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean for impressive views of the Cliffs of Moher. Natural elements have shaped the limestone into precipitous cliffs reaching more than 400 feet above sea level at their peak. Puffins nest in the hidden niches high above the splashing waves. 

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 7: Clare – Relax in Comfort and Luxury in County Clare with a Day at your Leisure

At breakfast, you add milk and sugar to your herbaceous cup of Irish black tea. The creamy sweetness compliments the buttery flavor of your scone. The horses graze on the grassland outside the castle and swans cast small wakes in the lake. The day is yours to indulge in the majesty of Clare County as you desire, allowing you to bask in the comforts of your castle accommodations, reach the green during a round of golf on the endless emerald scenery, or even take a horseback riding excursion through the woodlands.

For a look at Irish aristocracy and the preserved histories of the country, you can partake in a castle expedition, visiting the variety of strongholds rising out of the hills and valleys. Bunratty Castle was erected in the 15th century and retains many of its traditional furnishings. A stone bridge arches over the still waters leading to the main gate. The Folk Park recreates the rural and urban life of 19th-century Ireland for an immersive feel of the farmhouses, watermill, church, and village streets. The restored walled garden provides an aroma of lavender. The picture-perfect ambiance of the village reflects in the gabled rooftops, whitewashed walls, and growing rows of ivy found around the village.

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 8: Cong – Travel to Connemara to Explore Kylemore Abbey and Charming Cong

The morning air around the Hazel Mountain Chocolate factory in New Quay gives a decadent aroma. The scent drifts through the doors of the cottage home hiding the movement of the steeping chocolate delicacies. You travel to Ireland’s western Lake’s District for a day of quiet beauty. Kylemore Abbey was formerly a castle erected in the mid-19th century as a romantic gift. The silver stone contrasts the surrounding jade and emerald leaves of the woodlands. Benedictine nuns moved into the castle in the 1920s creating an extra layer of majestic ambiance at the base of Druchruach Mountain.

The garden emerges from a former bog after engineers successfully drained the water and heated more than 20 greenhouses to hold exotic fruits and plants from around the world, of which only the brick bases remain. Only plants and vegetables once grown in Victorian times remain in the garden, reflecting the aristocratic lifestyle of the original owners. The scent of jasmine and orchids drifts over the walkways, guiding visitors to the elegant tea rooms known for their delicate sandwiches and herbaceous aromas.

The striking face of the abbey reflects in the still waters of the pond in the forecourt, highlighting the impressive height of the spires reaching over 140 feet tall. The grounds encompass 40,000 square feet with 33 separate bedrooms. The town of Cong sits on a thin isthmus between two lakes, embodying the romance of a traditional Irish village. Thatched roofs decorate the low-lying skyline decorating the tiny streets. Wooded trails lead to the gorgeous grounds of Ashford Castle hidden by the natural scenery. 

What’s Included: accommodation, transfer, tour, breakfast

Day 9: Cong – Visit Cong Abbey and Ashford Castle with the Remaining Day at Leisure

Brigit’s Garden spreads over 10 miles between the villages of Moycullen and Oughterard. The sunlight returns the tranquil shine to the woodland and meadowland renowned for holding Celtic myth and heritage. A thatched-roof roundhouse rises out of the tall grass. A sundial continues to tell the time of day. You indulge in the sweet treats of fresh blackcurrant jam and buttery scones at breakfast. The day is yours to enjoy the tranquil landscapes around Cong and the Connemara. Ashford Castle offers views of the mountains, bogs, and waves rolling along the western Atlantic coastline.

The radiant shops in Connemara’s main town of Clifden erupt with lively artisans, boutique clothing, and lively pubs. A loop known as the Sky Road travels eight miles outside of Clifden to reach Kingston before circling back along coastal scenery. You venture west from Clifden’s Market Square to reach the top of Monument Hill. A stone memorial commemorates the founder of Clifden, John D’Arcy, and marks the best view over the town. The two spires of the church soar above the whitewashed homes, while the Twelve Bens hills roll along the backdrop. Lupines grow red and purple against the lush grass. On the outskirts of town, you find a fabulous outlook offering a panorama of the western coastline. The sun begins to dip over the horizon, casting swirling orange and pink hues across the sky, offering a perfect moment for an Irish sunset kiss.

What’s Included: accommodation, transfer, tour, breakfast

Day 10: Galway – Depart for Home

The shores of Corrib lake glimmer in the returning sunlight against the encircling verdant trees and grass. Horses graze in the stables as the light peeks through your window spreading over the Victorian décor of your elegant suite. At breakfast, you savor the herbaceous aroma of black tea, finding notes of cinnamon and clove emanating from your cup. You step into the car and continue to the end of your romantic road trip around Ireland, quickly reaching Galway. You have time before your flight leaves, allowing you to enjoy the bustling heart of the city at Eyre Square. The 18th-century landscape features Browne’s Gateway and a striking monument to Pádraic O’Conaire, an Irish poet who wrote in Gaelic. The 14th-century façade of Lynch Castle offers the silvery glint of preserved stone decorated with flower boxes along the windows. The castle represents the power and prestige of Galway’s Lynch family, adorned with images of gargoyles and bears.

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What’s Included: airport transfer, breakfast


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