8-Day Greece Winter Vacation

A 8 day trip to Greece 
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Greece is a year-round destination with an unmatched array of ancient history, tangible artifacts, and gorgeous scenery to be uncovered during your best-of Greece 8-day winter tour. The marvels of gorgeous islands emanate from the colorful water and fascinating assortment of conquering civilizations. The marble columns and intricate statues adorning the temples on the Acropolis display the devotion of ancient architects to their deities and craft, while the image of Lion Gate in Mycenae blends the idea of history and mythology. Village charm, cultural sophistication, captivating legend, and fascinating panoramas welcome you to Greece’s splendid winter allure.


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Places Visited 

Athens, Acropolis, Nafplio, Mycenae, Corinth, Epidaurus, Corfu, Kassiopi, Pelekas, Benitses

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Athens – Greece’s Capital with Relaxed Welcome to the Active City

Your private driver will greet you at Athens Airport upon your arrival and escort you into the center of a city layered with remarkable remnants of mythology, drama, and legendary philosophy. Your introduction to Athens begins at your preferred pace allowing you to stroll the streets of the charming Thissio neighborhood or venture deep into the past at the National Archeology Museum. Athens maintains its reputation as the Western World’s ancient capital of culture blending the radiant past with the fast pace of the modern world. The Acropolis now towers above the contemporary streets that overlook the meandering lanes and hidden walkways abounding with 19th-century architectural splendor, ancient Greek homes, and brand-new construction housing tech start-ups and luxury accommodations.

As you arrive, the first afternoon and evening are yours to settle into your accommodations, and your guide can point in the right direction for your first of many amazing Greek meals.

What’s Included: airport transfer, accommodation

Day 2: Athens – Explore the Depths of Greek History on a Full Day Tour

After breakfast, you will meet your guide and venture out into the city of Athens for insight into the remarkable depths of history on display all around, from the streets to the many galleries and museums. You will begin in the metro station beneath Syntagma Square, where a small museum was established after the completion of the train stop. During the building process, the construction team worked with archeologists to keep track of any artifacts uncovered resulting in an estimate of 50,000 discovered artifacts including burial sites connoting the former edge of the city walls dating back to the eleventh century BC. The tombs shed light on the burial practices of the ancient world as well as the type of decoration used for wealthy versus commoners as seen in the fine detail etched into a preserved tombstone.

You will then continue to the Acropolis, considered the most ancient site of ancient Athens. The famous Parthenon crowns the hilltop with a majestic design celebrating the deity Athena, for whom the city was named. The temple was erected between the fifth and fourth centuries BC with the 136 fluted Doric columns tapered at the top for the structure to look symmetrical from every angle. Each pillar reaches a height of over 34 feet tall and contributes to the structure’s harmonious symmetry. will be unable to take your eyes off of the incredible piece of ancient history, and the afternoon is yours to take it in before settling in for the evening.

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 3: Nafplio – Travel to Mycenae and Epidaurus en route to Nafplio

In the morning, wake up and take a stroll around the bustling Aeolou and Agios Markos streets alongside the locals and wander the aisles in search fabric, yarn, shoes, and clothing. Take your time to sip the sweet and rich mixture of Greek coffee as you stroll, and then make your way outside of Athens as you travel to Nafplio in the Peloponnese. The drive will take you through the gorgeous countryside with views that spread across the Aegean Sea to the inland’s rocky promontories and orchards of olive trees. The scent of citrus and spices emanates from the groves before you arrive in Mycenae, the former powerhouse of the Peloponnese and home to legends like Agamemnon and Achilles.

The ancient site sits at the base of Mount Agios Ilias and Mount Zara with magnificent stones weighing upwards of 20 tons and adding to the strength of the fortifications surrounding what is left of the 41-foot tall citadel. The iconic detail of the Lion Gate remains the star of the Bronze Age city, and standing on the citadel, you will have a stunning view of the landscape from which the king of Mycenae could observe the kingdom, as well as incoming visitors or troops.

Upon reaching Epidaurus, your guide will lead you to the fascinating ancient theater. The marble used in crafting the stadium seating resulted in the pitch-perfect acoustics that allows performers to stand at the center of the stage and speak with the top of the original 34 rows able to hear without any amplification. The Romans then added an extra 21 rows so that up to 14,000 spectators can enjoy a single performance. The fantastic feat of engineering utilized the natural contours of the mountainous slope to build the seating in the fourth century BC, which remains in use during the Athens-Epidaurus Festival each summer.

What’s Included: accommodation, transfer, tour, breakfast

Day 4: Nafplio – Enjoy the Beauty and Prestige of Nafplio at your Leisure

The city of Nafplio glows with the prestige of its Venetian heritage and brilliant history as the former capital of Greece. The charming streets at the heart of town shine with marble as pedestrians fill the cafes and quiet ceramic shops. The turquoise water of the Aegean laps against the promenade as sailboats set out onto the water and travel around the small island adorned with Bourtzi Fortress, a historical defender of the port. The stone walls and turrets seemingly rise out of the sea and provide clear, pristine views of Old Town set beneath the soaring defenses of Palamidi Fortress crowning the rocky outcrop at over 708 feet above sea level.

The day is yours to enjoy the beauty of Nafplio at your own pace from strolling along the welcoming pedestrianized streets to venturing to the top of the citadel to explore Palamidi Fortress. Openings and walkways offer fantastic views over the Argolic Gulf amidst the series of independent bastions. The views will be memorable, and the relaxing pace refreshing in the midst of your vacation.

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 5: Corfu – Return to Athens via Corinth for your flight to Corfu

You return to Athens for your flight to Corfu stopping en route to visit the city of Corinth. The ancient stronghold was once one of the wealthiest city-states along the Peloponnese as one of the major ports connected to both the Corinthian and Saronic Gulfs. The famous Corinth Canal was erected in the nineteenth century but was first conceived of in the sixth century BC as a way to connect the Peloponnese to greater Greece. The bridge connecting the banks provides the greatest view of the canal as you cross over the water’s 262-foot depth.

Your flight to Corfu takes approximately an hour with your private transfer escorting you the comforts of your luxurious accommodation along the scenic coastline. The idyllic island is best known as the mythological landscape where a shipwrecked Odysseus receives the help of princess Nausikaa and her friends. The water along the Ionian Sea contains layers of cobalt, turquoise, and azure hues, and the sandstone formations of Sidari capture your imagination with striking beauty carved by the wind and sea over time.

What’s Included: accommodation, transfer, tour, breakfast

Day 6: Corfu – Discover Charming Villages and Corfu’s Regional Cuisine

The charm of Corfu rises from the lapping water and the sandy beaches alongside the rich history that fills the scenic seaside and the hills. After breakfast, the day is yours to enjoy exploring towns beginning with Chora. The sophisticated principal port of the island has fed into the growth of the main town built on the promontory with architecture influenced by Venetian, French, Sicilian, and English occupations. The ambiance feels more like a glamorous Italian city with the historical center wrapping around Esplanade Square. Winding lanes lead to hidden restaurants that offer beautiful fine-dining experiences alongside boutique shops that juxtapose the washing lines that stretch between the balconies overhead.

After enjoying everything the town has to offer, you will settle into the flavors of Corfiot cuisine at a local vineyard and garden for a private cooking class. Uncover the special tastes of the island after strolling the vineyards and enjoying the aromas of citrus fruits and resting vines. Your private chef will provide a short introduction to the wild herbs that grow in the garden alongside the small-scale vegetables amid the thriving olive orchard. Local ingredients of Corfu include eggplant, cucumber, rosemary, and lemon, the latter of which fills the kitchen with a zesty aroma. You fry garlic and pepper before boiling greens olive oil and lemon for a burst of flavor perfect to start any meal.

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 7: Corfu – The Gorgeous Scenery and Captivating Culture at Leisure

After breakfast, you will have the day to explore the island at your leisure, perhaps venturing to the small villages. The village of Benitses remains one of the most picturesque on the island nestled into the coastline outside of Corfu Town. The cosmopolitan ambiance only enhances the beauty of the town without losing the authentic charm of the picturesque streets. Narrow walkways reveal the traditional details of the fishing village along the edges of the Ionian Sea while the marina houses both colorful customary fishing boats and modern yachts.

After discovering the beauty of the villages around Corfu, visit the Achillion Palace located on a hill less than eight miles outside of Chora. The 19th-century architecture reflects the aesthetic of the Austrian Empress Elizabeth, niece of King Otto of Greece. The intricate central staircase displays a geometrical décor that reaches into the various stories, and the art tells the mythological tales of which the island took part including the Achilles Triumphant, an excellent painting depicting the legendary warrior dragging the body of Hector around the gates of Troy.

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 8: Corfu – Depart for Home

The sunlight washes over the Palaio Frourio in the morning, the 14th-century Venetian fortress topping the rocky headland. The massive stone walls wrap around the former Byzantine city with a solitary bridge crossing over the moat filled with seawater. With one last leisurely morning, you may want to take advantage of the early morning and explore it all after breakfast, returning to your hotel for your private transfer to escort you to the airport for your flight home.

What’s Included: airport transfer, breakfast



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