Adventurous Fiji Vacation: Rafting, Zip-lining and More in Sigatoka & Savusavu

A 11 day trip to Fiji 
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Wake up with your loved one in an unforgettable tropical paradise. On your adventure vacation in Fiji, you can spend the morning whitewater rafting down a jungle river and then spend the evening dining with your partner under the starlight on a private beach. Revel in the steam of a couple’s spa treatment after soaring through the rainforest canopy on an adventurous zipline tour. Fiji was made for romance and luxury, a place where you can savor the natural beauty of the landscape and the enchanting music of the culture. Combine the heat of intimacy and the exhilaration of adventure on this custom tailored honeymoon themed getaway.

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Nadi, Sigatoka, Coral Coast, Savusavu, Vanua Levu, Viti Levu

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Adventurous Paradise

Fiji shimmers with indigo South Pacific waters and jade tropical rainforest. The scent of hibiscus and sugar cane drifts across the main island of Viti Levu. You arrive at Nadi Airport where your private transfer awaits. Viti Levu stretches 4,011 square miles, with rolling jungle mountain peaks decorating the island’s center. Rivers meander through the trees, rushing underneath sensational waterfalls, and touching the charming beaches.

Our Fiji travel agents will arrange a private transfer from the airport. You will be escorted along the treasured Coral Coast to your resort near the town of Sigatoka. When you arrive at your luxurious accommodation, you notice the traditionally styled thatched roofing over the lobby. You can see the graceful sweep of the ocean from your room. Lush trees shade the walkways and thin, towering palms provide a luscious scent of coconut throughout the ground. You and your partner can settle into your intimate island paradise, listening to the water lap against the beach, and basking in the comforts of the island.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation

Day 2: Discovering Water

The morning comes to the island, returning the soft light to the jade leaves of the jungle. At breakfast, you have an open view of the tranquil pool with the beach in the background. The colors of the fresh fruit shine like a coral reef with fruits you know, such as bananas, to new fruits like rambutans. The latter has a soft, bristle exterior that opens to a sweet and slightly sour interior, perfect for your first bite in the gentle sea breeze.

After breakfast, your guide meets you and your partner at the resort, eager to take you into the fertile jungle around the island highlands. After winding through the underbrush, you come to the banks of the Upper Navua River. Step aboard a raft and make your way to the river. The jungle has a rich aroma of fertile soil. The Fiji Woodswallow twitters in the trees. The current moves you down the waterway around rising hills turning into craggy cliffs. The water is cold and refreshing in the tropical heat.

The Navua River runs 40 miles from the top of Mount Gordon into the south coast, shaping the dramatic scenery around its edges. Water trickles down the cliffs causing the river to ripple. The mist splashes against your cheeks. You can hear the whitewater in the distance. The surrounding forest brims with fresh color and vibrant birdlife. You can see the whitewater in front of you, trundling down a small incline around smooth rocks. You and your partner ready your paddles and feel the exhilaration pumping through your body.

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, tour, accommodation

Day 3: Exciting Tropical Canopy

You and your partner begin your day with a stroll along the beach. The sand is cool in the soft morning light before the aroma of breakfast filters through the resort. The trees rustle in the ocean breeze carrying the smell of the water. At breakfast, an open, green coconut emanates the succulent scent of the fruit. After your meal, your guide meets you at the hotel to escort you and your partner into the jungle trees once more, only this time you venture higher into the canopy for a tremendous zipline excursion.

Once in the treetops, you can feel a deeper connection with the island and its natural treasures. Beads of dew drip off of the large leaves of Indian Beech trees. The trees can grow up to 80 feet in height with listing trunks. Collared lorries sing in the trees. They can grow to almost eight inches long and stand out against the greenery with the bright red breast and black crown. You stand on the platform overlooking the jungle. Your guide ensures you are locked in before you leap, zooming across the treetops with the Wainadoi River rushing below.

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, tour, accommodation

Day 4: A Day Around the Valley

In the morning, you find the honeyed scent of sugar cane emanating upstream around the Sigatoka Valley.  The produce market erupts with life in the heart of own. Locals come in search of taro, sweet potatoes, cassava, and gigantic breadfruit.

The day is yours to enjoy Sigatoka and Viti Levu at your leisure. Stroll along the private beach resort or lounge in the comfortable shade of the secluded pool with a cold cocktail in your hand. The nearby Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park edges the mouth of the Sigatoka River. Archeologists have found remnants of pottery dating back 3,000 years. The dunes themselves are a remarkable sight rolling across the horizon. Some dunes are up to 200 feet tall, providing a sandy golden glow to the afternoon.

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation

Day 5: Ineffable Bay

Today you leave behind the riverside beauty and local charm of Sigatoka. Your private transfer escorts you to the airport for your brief flight to the second largest island of the Fijian archipelago, Venua Levu. Upon your arrival, you are transferred to the enchanting town of Savusavu. The town is located on a sweeping bay of sloping emerald hills bursting with ruby and white flowers. You smell hibiscus around you. The ocean glows indigo, highlighting the contrast of color between the trees and the water.

Antique plantations dot the countryside in the shade of towering palm trees. On the outskirts of town, you see steam rising up from the ground in pockets. Local women stand with large bags filled with seafood caught fresh that morning. The women dip the bags into the hot springs and let the natural heat cook the shellfish for a perfect evening meal.

In the evening, you settle easily into the secluded luxuries of your resort. Enjoy the sunset while you sit with your partner in a hammock and take in the beauty.

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, transfer, accommodation

Day 6: Soaking in the Moment

The water brushes quietly against the sand underneath the layers of sunrise. You wake up in the plushness of your intimate accommodation. People have set out to the ocean early, enjoying the temperate, soothing water of the bay on stand up paddleboards. They cruise along the light ripples of the water’s surface with ease, dipping their paddle into the water to guide them.

After breakfast, the day is yours. You and your partner delight in the wonders of Savusavu and the island of Vanau Levu as you please. The reefs around your resort are stunning, offering you insight into the elegance and wonderment of marine life around Fiji.

You may want to explore the lava rocks surrounding Namale beach. Your guide leads you along the shoreline at low tide when the lack of water creates a perfect walking path between tidal pools. Your guide points into the pools and you can see the indelible majesty of the ocean. Seastars cling to the sides of the tide pools. Your guide points out nudibranch, radiant with fuzzy color like an underwater caterpillar. Schools of fish circle the water. Your first glimpse into the stunning natural submarine life of the island takes your breath away.

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, tour, accommodation

Day 7: Exceptional Water

Delight in breakfast in the comforts of your exquisite accommodation. Relax while enjoying the view out to the water with the giant palm trees listing over the beach, framing your panorama. Revel in the fresh pineapple and its juicy flavor. The remainder of the day is for you and your partner to fall deeper in love with the island.

Cruise along the Natewa Bay in search of dolphins. Natewa Bay is one of the largest bays in the Pacific, and home to a friendly pod of spinner dolphins. Step aboard a modern boat with plenty of amenities to make your tour as comfortable as possible. Mist splashes into the air en route to finding the dolphin pod and the sea breeze turns into the tranquil wind. Your captain spots the pod in the distance. Spinner dolphins are naturally curious and incredibly friendly. They can grow to almost eight feet long with a triangular dorsal fin skimming the water’s surface. They love to show off with acrobatic maneuvers; the more delighted you are the more they jump out of the water. The dolphins leap into the air and twist their bodies before splashing down. The natural splendor of their movement is inspiring.  

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation

Day 8: Dining by the Falls

The day is once again yours. Indulge in the wonders of the island at your whim and pleasure. The ever-present fragrance of hibiscus is intoxicating when it blends with the gentle aroma of the sea.

Today, you could embark on a scuba adventure into the lavish depths of secluded coral reefs. Or, linger with your partner under the soothing effects of a couple’s spa treatment. At lunch, make your way to a nearby private waterfall where you can enjoy an intimate meal together. You hear the falls before you see them, nestled into the verdant forest around you. Leaves line the wooded walkway alongside the rope railing.  Water tumbles approximately 10 feet into a clear rippling pool. Your table sits on a wooden deck overlooking the pool. A small stream leads to the lower falls near the footpath.

Sit with your partner and bask in the gourmet cuisine prepared by the resort chefs. Each bite brings another luxurious taste of the island jungle. Your intimate lunch lets you enjoy the vibrant scenery and the luxuries of your resort in perfect seclusion.

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation

Day 9: Romantic Beachside

Savusavu is at your desire to experience the beauty of the island with your loved one. Locals and visitors surf the break at Natewa Bay. Collared lorry sing in the morning light, piercing through the lush canopy. After breakfast, you can explore the edges of the island’s coral reef or relax on the golden beach bordered by the rainforest.

For an unforgettable touch of romance, you and your partner can go horseback riding along the shore of the island. Your horses trot alongside one another, while you take in the view of the island. The trees rustle in the breeze, waving as you pass. The current takes the water up the beach making the horses splash when they walk. It is not everyday you have the opportunity for a cinematic moment, taking in the paradisiacal scenery with your partner, making hoof prints in the sand with one another.   

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation

Day 10: Dining with Intimacy

With the entire day at your leisure, there is always something to do on the island of Vanua Levu. You can hear the sounds of the Meke, a traditional narrative dance extolling the island nation’s history, echoing through the trees. The drumbeat varies from hard and fast to melodic and slow. Many times guitars add an extra layer of rhythm to storytelling. The dancers wear grass skirts and necklaces weaved together with vivacious flowers. They hold spears and call out with emphatic voices enchanting all that listen.

In the soothing evening light, you can make your way to a private cave near the water for an intimate candlelit dinner. Lanterns border the walkway and lead you into the romantic limestone gallery. Your table is decorated before you arrive. You can sit with your loved one and gaze at the gently illuminated cavern, savoring in the company, and indulging in your distinctive four-course meal. You listen to the water crash against the shore. The leaves brush the air back and forth. The smell of butter poached prawns drifts through the cave before the food even arrives. 

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation

Day 11: Endless Romantic Adventures

The village market is most active in the morning, filled with the glistening treasures of locally made pearl necklaces and wood carved sculptures. Sarongs shine with brightness and light fabric. Delicate etchings decorate walking sticks. Each piece embodies the intricacies of the culture.

On your final morning in Fiji, you might choose to take breakfast in your room once again, luxuriating in the private seaside view. After your meal, your private transfer meets you in the lobby to take you to the island airport. Soon you return to Nadi Airport in Viti Levu for your connecting flight home. You won’t forget to look out the window, grab your partner’s hand, and remember the exceptional time you both had in your private tropical paradise.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer


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