An Opulent Tour of Dubrovnik (Croatia), Mostar (Bosnia&Herzegovina) and Kotor (Montenegro)

A 7 day trip to Croatia 
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The Balkans are filled with luxury, from the phenomenal food to the spectacular scenery. It is a region filled with a rich medieval past and a hearty culinary tradition, an up-and-coming destination that is as charming as it is gorgeous. These are the places that have inspired countless visitors: and they are sure to inspire you as well.

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General Information

Tourists on Stradun street in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Dubrovnik is a city in southern Croatia fronting the Adriatic Sea.
The fortress in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
The harbor in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Bled island in Slovenia.
Boats tied up in the small port of Perast in Montenegro.
Arial view of Dubrovnik, Croatia.
The ancient walls of the fortress in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Overlooking the rooftops of Dubrovnik's old town on the Adriatic coast, Croatia.
The Elaphiti Islands is a small archipelago consisting of several islands stretching northwest of Dubrovnik, in the Adriatic sea.
Kotor bay in Montenegro.
The old port of Kotor in Montenegro.
Perast's port in Montenegro.
The ancient walls of the fortress, known as Fort Lovrijenac, in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Perast in Kotor bay, Montenegro.
Beautiful souvenirs from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Tourists walk along the old walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Stari Most in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Detailed Itinerary

Places Visited 

Dubrovnik, Perast, Kotor, Lustica, Konavle, Cilipi, Mostar, Ston, Elaphiti Islands

Departure Dates 

Dates are flexible and customizable for private departures.

Detailed Itinerary 


Depending on your arrival flight, meet you English speaking driver at the Dubrovnik airport for a private transfer to your Villa.

Upon arrival, welcome dinner at the Villa.


  • Private transfer with mini-bus
  • Overnight exclusive Villa as per your choice Welcome dinner


This morning after leisure breakfast, meet your private guide at the villa for a half-day tour of Dubrovnik Old Town.

First, you will enjoy the ride of Dubrovnik’s Gondola. The best views of Dubrovnik and the surrounding area are, without doubt, experienced from the top of the Srd Hill. The Dubrovnik Cable Car was built back in 1969 and was always enthusiastically used by more than 2.5 million visitors who wanted to enjoy the most beautiful panoramic views. On a clear day, you can see up to 60 km (37 miles). For this reason the neighboring Imperial Fortress was strategically built on this privileged spot, back in the early 19th century.

Later on, you will continue at the Ploce Gate (East Gate) which is one of the two extremities of the walled city. As you descend down the stone steps of the fortification you will see the old Harbor Front of the city overlooking the Adriatic and the islands off the coast. As you continue, you will come to Dubrovnik’s Main Square of the Loggia Loza. It is situated at the eastern extremity of the Stradun, which runs through the walled city from East to West. The square is located in the heart of Dubrovnik, and is surrounded by its most important buildings.

You may visit the Church of St. Blaise with its distinctive baroque façade. Next door, you may step into the Rector’s Palace. The Rector was the highest authority in the city and his palace now houses the Museum of Dubrovnik. Over 15,000 works are on display documenting the economic and cultural history of the city.

Today your guide will also take you into the Dubrovnik Cathedral and its treasury famous for its ancient relics including a fragment of the cross on which it is believed that Jesus was crucified.

As you walk down the Stradun, your guide will deviate up a long flight of stairs to take you to the Dominican museum. Housed in the Dominican monastery, this is an absolute must for those interested in the Dubrovnik and Venetian schools of art. There are several paintings dating back to the 16th century including works by Titian.

Not to be missed, visit of the Dubrovnik City Walls. Dubrovnik city walls today have the girth established in the 13th century and were systematically and continuously perfected over several hundred years, until 1660, when the last of the towers, the St. Stephen’s Bastion, located at the southern part of the walls, was finished. The walls stretch over 1940 m (6365 ft.) and consist of the main wall, sixteen towers, three forts, six bastions (bulwarks), two corner forts (cantonatas), three pre-walls with several turrets, three moats, two barbicans, two drawbridges and one breakwater.

Remainder of the afternoon spend free at leisure.


  • Licensed English speaking guide for the day up to 6 hours
  • Entrances to Dubrovnik sights & cable car drive
  • Overnight exclusive Villa as per your choice


This morning after leisure breakfast, meet your driver and licensed English speaking guide at the hotel lobby for a full day tour of Montenegro.

Crossing the Montenegrin border, you will meet your local Montenegrin licensed speaking guide.

Your first sightseeing stop will be a small artificial islet “Lady of the Rock” in Perast that you will reach by a private boat transfer.

Arriving to Kotor, you may start your visit to the Catholic Cathedral of St. Triphun from 12th century with reliquaries of St. Triphun from 9th century. Continue to the Orthodox Church of St Luca from 12th century, as well as the Franciscan Church of St. Clare from 16th century with baroque marble altar of Francescio Casabianca.

Today we will head toward Luštica village (45 minutes driving distance from Kotor) for meeting Morić family, locally famous for olive oil production. Located in the heart of Luštica, Morić olive grove is a family owned and operated estate in an area renowned for the quality and complexity of its extraordinary artisan olive oils produced with extraordinary purity, flavor and character. The estate reflect family’s dedication to crafting the finest specialty food items while working to preserve the natural integrity of this esteemed property. We invite you to savor the goodness of our estate-grown artisan oils. All of the olives are organically and sustainable farmed and hand-harvested. In the following 2 hours we shall have the chance to get to know family Morić, witness how they produce their domestic olive oil and enjoy a homemade meal of Montenegrin.


  • Licensed Dubrovnik English speaking guide for the day as per itinerary
  • Licensed local Montenegrin English speaking guide for the day up to 6 hours Coach mini-bus for the day as per itinerary
  • Entrances Kotor
  • Entrances Perast & Kotor including boat drive
  • Private presentation of the olive grove and home-hosted lunch
  • Overnight exclusive Villa as per your choice


This morning after leisure breakfast, meet your private guide and driver at your hotel for a full day tour of Konavle.

Konavle – a place in the very south of Croatia, is the most southern part of today's Dubrovnik Riviera, with whose purchase the Dubrovnik Republic rounded off its territory in the 15th century.

It is a region with particular natural beauties and contrasts: mountain and valley, green hills and naked stone, the blue and the green or, as called by the inhabitants of Konavle, "Gornja" and "Donja Banda".

It is Čilipi where your Konavle biking discovery tour starts. Having listened to couple of important information provided by your biking instructor you will start your tour having Franciscan Monastery Pridvorje as your first stop.

The Franciscan monastery together with the church of St. Blaise was built in the period from 1423 - 1429 in the Dubrovnik early renaissance style. The monastery was a pilgrimage place, so it collected a rich treasury of sacral art.

Further stops along the way will include:

  • Niko Karaman is local enologist who is quickly making a name for his tiny operation based on the sumptuous dry wines and exquisite sweet Prošek he makes from the rare and indigenous Malvazija Dubrovacka. While listening to Niko’s presentation of Prošek production you will have the opportunity to enjoy the marvelous taste of his Prošek, dessert wine that was announced to be the world’s best desert wine in 2009.
  • Đivanović mill – while sipping home-made aperitif, your host Ivo Divanovic will present you the traditional way of flour production in his still intact flour mill dating from 1937
  • Antonia Ruskovic academic artist – private presentation on silk production in her atelier

After the silk production presentation, you will jump into your mini-bus again and head toward Cavtat, where you may choose to have lunch first in a famous local fish restaurant Leut (cost of the lunch not included).

Later on you may have a stroll with your guide along the charming promenade of the little medieval town.

Arrival Dubrovnik later afternoon.
Rest of the evening spend free at leisure.


  • Licensed Dubrovnik English speaking guide for the day as per itinerary
  • Coach Mini-Bus for the day as per itinerary
  • Bike rental including instructor
  • Divanovic flour mill presentation
  • Wine tasting at Karaman’s property
  • Private presentation on silk production
  • Overnight exclusive Villa as per your choice


Mostar whole day tour among all treasures given to Mostar by its nature, the most important one however is its energetic and unbreakable spirit that was transfused into poems, stories, paintings, carvings, berths...

Most attractive sights of the day that you will get the chance to visit with your guide:

Neretva River – a river with two faces, one being quiet and peaceful within reach to the Adriatic sea and other being strong and wild in Bosnia& Herzegovina. ·

Počitelj – a “stone city” as Ivo Andric Nobel awarded poet and writer called it, was developed according to the idea of a city-fortress.

Buna river spring in Blagaj – clear and cold spring of biggest capacity in Europe located in Blagaj former central city of Herzegovina rulers. Entrance to “Tekija”, university of spiritual development or better institution in which classical work and work of modern minds were researched. ·

Mostar – although traces from the last war are still visible in some parts of Mostar, this city is proudly getting its glory back. Have a walking tour of Mostar including visits of world famous bridge and Turkish house.

Kravice waterfalls – fantastic natural phenomenon reminding on Niagara waterfalls, is the biggest waterfall of Herzegovina. ·


  • Licensed Dubrovnik English speaking guide for the day as per itinerary
  • Licensed local English speaking guide in Pocitelj, Blagaj and Mostar up to 6 hours
  • Coach mini-bus for the day as per itinerary
  • Entrances in Mostar
  • Overnight exclusive Villa as per your choice


Peninsula with the mainland, and extraordinary natural resources, fertile fields with an abundance of water and salt, the Ston area was settled as early as the prehistoric times. The tame and picturesque Mediterranean landscape makes this small town and its environment even more beautiful. Visitors are especially attracted by gastronomic specialties of the region, primarily oysters, mussels and other seafood that makes the Malostonski Bay famous.

Our first stop will be Ston. Its economy is based on agriculture, vineyards, olive groves, fishing and shell-farming, and tourism. Ston was and is best- known for its salt works and oysters.

In Roman times it was known as Stagnum. The foundations of a Roman castrum have been preserved on a hill called Starigrad. In the 10th century, it was the seat of the diocese probably alongside the Church of Our Lady of Lužina. Present-day Ston was founded in 1333, as soon as Dubrovnik obtained Pelješac. A five- kilometer long wall, the longest in Europe, connects Large and Small Ston. The walls are open to visitors.

Our next stop is Vukas property. When you need the breath of sea and stone, the taste of top-class wine, softness of olives poured into golden olive oil... When you long for moments in which all the senses enjoy, you are at the right place. The Illyrian tribe of Plarei settled this area and while longing for perfection they have worked hard on the poor soil, rich only with stone and sunshine... Vukas’s forefathers continued realizing this longing; they started growing the wine sort PLAVAC MALI on the inaccessible grounds of the Crnjova hill steep slopes.

Keeping long tradition and improving new technologies, Mr. Vukas has created top-class products which you will have the opportunity to taste. Optional is a visit of his vineyard.

Having had a good drop of wine, it is time for lunch.

Just 50km from Dubrovnik, on Peljesac peninsula lies a small village named Kobas. Imagine no access roads, no mobile networks, no traffic, just peace and quiet of picturesque bay with transparent blue sea. Here families live out of fishing and wine and olive production in traditional way in their 500 years Old stone houses.

This typical fisherman village is inhabited by five families throughout whole year. All together ten to twelve people live exclusive out of fishing and wine or olive production. Kobas’s nature is wild and not polluted by any kind. With many springs, sea is crystal clear, during hot summer days sea temperature is perfect.

It is at the Luka’s Tavern where we will get to taste some of the local fish specialties according to chef’s choice and catch of the day. (Cost of the lunch not included)

On our way back to Dubrovnik we shall use the opportunity of having a cruise on a MY, have a swim on one of the hidden bays and stop on one of the Elaphiti islands (Sudurad, Lopud or Kolocep). Your MY will be equipped with snorkeling gear.

Arrival back to Dubrovnik in later afternoon hours.


  • Licensed Dubrovnik English speaking guide for the day as per itinerary
  • Coach mini-bus for the day as per itinerary
  • Vukas private wine tasting
  • MY charter half-day including skipper, fuel, snorkeling gear and refreshment drinks
  • Overnight exclusive Villa as per your choice


Depending on your flight, meet your driver for a private transfer to Dubrovnik airport. 



Please inquire for a custom quote. The price is customized based on final hotel choices, travel dates, and other custom preferences.