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A 15 day trip to Croatia & Slovenia 
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Historical cities, outstanding hotels, pristine waters, radiant forests, and stunning beaches await during your exclusive 15-day Croatia tour. The villages and coastline of the country reflect a hidden gem on the Adriatic Sea containing a rich heritage from Romans to Venetians, Hungarians to the Soviet Union. Fresh oysters offer a sample of the tasty cuisine and celebrated vineyards represent attention to sophisticated detail. Glassy lakes replicate the magnetic greenery of the surrounding woodlands and luxurious hotels provide stunning views of the tranquil shoreline. Your personalized Croatia tour lets you delight in limitless beauty and discover indelible majesty.

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General Information

Split is a town on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast.
Medieval walls of the town of Dubrovnik located on the Adriatic Croatian coast.
The city walls of Dubrovnik in Croatia.
Hvar Island which is located off the Croatian mainland.
The church bell tower in Hvar, Croatia.
Stradun main street in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
An empty street in Old Town, near Stradun Street.
The Elaphiti Islands located Northwest of Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Fishing boats moored in a bay in Croatia.
Building facade in Zagreb, Croatia.
The cathedral in Zagreb, Croatia.
The Silver Gate in Split, Croatia.
Looking out from the Fortress of Klis onto Split, Croatia.
View of a bay in Split, Croatia.
Colorful houses in Ljubljana, Croatia.
Bled is a Slovenian resort town in the foothills of the Julian Alps.
The funicular in Zagreb, Croatia.
Stradun street in Dubrovnik.
Detailed Itinerary

Places Visited 

Croatia – Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Split, Ston, Hvar, Brač, Trogir, Rovinj, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Motovun, Pula, Trakošćan Castle, Varaždīn

Slovenia – Postojna Cave, Ljubljana, Bled, Montenegro

Departure Dates 

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Zagreb – Arrive in Zagreb and Enjoy the Remainder of the Day at Leisure

The capital city of Croatia has a long history as a political and cultural center with thriving restaurants, elegant shopping, and sophisticated museums. Cafes remain an important part of the urban landscape serving fresh coffee, delicious pastries, and an eclectic assortment of music. The city hosts a mixture of sophisticated Austro-Hungarian architecture glistening against the rougher edges of structures erected during the reign of the socialism. Your flight lands at Franjo Tuđman Airport, where your private transfer greets you upon arrival.

The colorful Dolac Market glows with fresh produce on an elevated section of the square. The indoor stalls host butchers and dairy farmers, as well as vivacious flowers. The scent of honey emanates from the samples vendors offer to passersby. You settle into the comforts of the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel, celebrated for its luxurious accommodations since 1925. The style and glamour of the architecture reflect a distinguished history accentuating the impeccable, personalized service inside a design blending modern comforts with the opulence of Art Nouveau. The hotel has offered fabulous service to notable personalities like Sophia Loren, Orson Welles, Francis Ford Coppola, and Queen Elizabeth II.

What’s Included: airport transfer, accommodation

Day 2: Zagreb – Discover the Splendors of Zagreb and the Historical Walls of Gradec

Zagreb shows its growth from a post-socialist city to a cultural center attracting international travelers with cafes roasting coffee beans sourced from countries like Honduras, eastern Congo, and Ethiopia. The morning aroma of roasted almonds and dark chocolate drifts out of the numerous cafes and onto the cobblestones between the passageway connecting Ilica Street and the National Theater. After a full breakfast, your guide greets you in the hotel lobby eager to introduce you to the remarkable Croatian capital. The adventure begins in the central plaza of Trg Bana Jelačića.

You reach the striking architecture of St. Mark’s Church, recognizable by the bright red tiles on the roof. Gorgeous coats of arms from around Croatia, Dalmatia, Slavonia, and Zagreb City decorate the rooftop. The structure was erected in the 13th century but radically renovated in the 14th century with fabulous Romanesque windows and a dramatic Gothic doorway. A series of statues adorn the portal with 15 effigies positioned within the elevated niches. The different figures represent the 12 Apostles as well as an infant Jesus. The northwest wall of the church also boasts the oldest coat of arms in the city, engraved at the end of the 15th century.

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 3: Zagreb – Find Charming Landscape and Design in the Zagreb Hinterland

The life of the city returns after sunrise with the hum of the funicular. The more than 200 feet of track connecting Ilica Street with Strossmayer promenade was erected in 1890. Your private driver meets you at the hotel and leads you into the Zabreg hinterland after breakfast to discover the cradle of history emanating from the gorgeous landscapes and charming villages. The grasslands and forest shimmer with emerald hues. The quiet white walls and orange rooftops of sporadic towns burst from rolling hills. You stop to enjoy the remarkable design Trakošćan Castle. The structure was erected in the 14th century but restored with a neo-Gothic aesthetic in the 1800s accentuating the 215 acres of gardens manicured to resemble the romance of the English countryside.

An artificial lake reflects the quiet rustle of the exotic trees. The aroma of the fir trees emanates from the forest and couples paddleboat along the stoic water. You continue to Varaždīn, a town celebrated for its restored baroque architecture and manicured gardens but often overlooked by visitors. It’s former claim as the capital of Croatia in the 18th century made it a refined and prosperous city hosting a pristine historic center with cobblestone lanes, towering spires, and some of Europe’s best—but undiscovered—cafes. The town retains its casual ambiance amid the historic churches, palaces, and residences garnished the scent of fresh-baked klipici, a type of savory bread. The Traditional Crafts Square welcomes you with demonstrations of hat-making and weaving sweeping you back into history.

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 4: Ljubljana – Transfer to Gorgeous Ljubljana, Capital City of Slovenia

The café in the hotel celebrates its history and purpose, as it catered the elite traveler who explored Europe on the Orient Express. You take the time to admire the glitz and glamor of the Art Nouveau design as you sip your bijela kava, a white coffee similar to a latte. After a delicious breakfast in the comforts of the hotel, your private transfer escorts you out of Zagreb to reach to reach Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. As Europe’s greenest capital city, the streets within the historical center remain mostly car-free. Trees dangle their branches over the emerald banks of the Ljubljanica River where pedestrians walk and cyclists roam. Cafes pop up in summer and spring on terraces overlooking the water turning into outdoor bars in the evening.

 The city resembles an actual jewel speckled with the light of historical riches supported by fabulous museums, stunning restaurants, and sophisticated culture. The National and University Library was erected in the early 1940s. Horsehead doorknobs adorn the central doorway and lead into an entryway paved with black marble. The light quickly shines through the array of windows inside the colonnade after you ascend the stairs. You arrive at Hotel Cubo and notice the stunning Art Deco façade dating back to the 1930s. The boutique hotel opened in 2011 with the intention of opening the artistic interior to the public. The hotel has since combined the luxuries of contemporary service with irresistible style spanning 26 rooms. The excellent location provides easy access to the heart of the gorgeous city while the staff excels at offering a service-first approach.

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 5: Ljubljana – Relish a Fabulous Tour of Ljubljana and the Beauty of Lake Bled

The aroma of apricots and honey emanate from the breakfast table around the fresh pancakes. Your guide leads you away from the hotel in the morning and onto the beautiful cobblestone streets of the city. The popular cafes have already filled with locals sipping coffee under the lazy trees and sampling the decadent chocolate cakes. You stroll around the charms of the capital at your preferred pace, relishing the serene sounds of the trickling river and bustling hum of the central market. The daily farmers’ market is located across the Triple Bridge, with the neighboring plaza hosting vendors selling forest berries and honey, homemade cheeses and delicious wild mushrooms. The figure of Ljubljana Castle towers over the city continuing to guard the streets against the more than 1,200-foot hill east of the historic center.

You continue your introduction to Slovenia outside of Ljubljana at Bled. The idyllic town reflects the breathtaking scenery of the countryside as well as the medieval architecture reminiscent of a postcard. The lake shimmers jade from reflecting the surrounding forestry. The Julian Alps act as a rugged backdrop to the destination popular with hikers and honeymooners alike. You take a boat to reach Bled Island, the tear-shaped landmass at the heart of the lake hosting the 17th century Church of the Assumption. The quiet ride provides a panoramic view of the surrounding wonders of Lake Bled and the calming spearmint aroma of the forest.

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 6: Rovinj – Uncover the Impressive Karsts of Postojna Cave en route to Rovinj

The returning sounds of Ljubljana’s central market break the morning silence accompanied by the aromas of apricot, apples, and berries. Your private transfer whisks you out of the movement of the capital’s streets to the secluded allure of Postojna Cave. The network of caverns winds for nearly 80,000 feet with staggering stalactites and stalagmites more than 375 feet underground. The Pivk River carved the caves over millennia with evidence of discovery found in the form of graffiti dating back to 1213. The damp atmosphere and sporadic pools provide a home for the endemic olm, a type of aquatic salamander. The dripping water shaped the stalagmites to resemble curtains folding over themselves. The ripples of the meandering river echo against the limestone walls. You rub your fingers along the protruding nodule gliding your skin over the cold, smooth texture of the natural wonder. You enter the Concert Hall, the largest cavern able to accommodate 10,000 people during seasonal musical performances. You also view the Winter Hall, in which the remarkable stalagmite known as Brilliant has become a symbol of the caves due to its fantastic height of 16 feet and dazzling snow-white color.

You continue to Rovinj for a comfortable and luxurious stay on the Istrian coastline, the Adriatic’s largest peninsula, at Hotel Lone. The boutique designer hotel offers intimate attention and exclusive beauty ten minutes from Rovinj’s historic city center. Indulge in the view over the coastline and the islands speckling the shimmering aquamarine water surrounded by the emerald greenery of the lush trees. Hotel Lone was Croatia’s first member of Design Hotels and celebrates minimalist architecture with the comforts of contemporary interior design. The fantastic views of the country and seaside create a serene ambiance perfect for relaxing by the outdoor pools, basking in the spa, or laying on a sunbed at one of the nearby beaches.

What’s Included: accommodation, transfer, tour, breakfast

Day 7: Rovinj – Experience a Truffle Hunt, tour Motovun, and Visit Roman Pula                                                                              

The quaint town of Motovun perches atop summit over 900 feet above sea level offering panoramic views over the Mirna River Valley. The preserved walls date back to the 14th century when the occupying Venetians chose to fortify the streets. Art galleries and small shops populate the heart of the antique city within the old gates, while wine shops and restaurants cluster inside the Romanesque and Gothic architecture. Newer homes ride down the slopes leading to the historic town. Your guide greets you in the valley before the tree-line and introduces you to the fascinating history of the truffle in the region.

Istria was home to the second largest white truffle ever discovered, which weighed nearly three pounds. You follow the dogs into the woods where a spiced aroma emanates from the trees. The morning mist has burned away and left dew on the plush grass of the forest. The dogs sniff around the base of the trees and rummage through the soil searching for black and white truffles. The wet grass becomes slick on the slopes but doesn’t hinder the thrill of the hunt. After the search, your guide treats you to a sumptuous lunch dedicated the seductive flavors of truffle and the ingenuity of locals producing such delicacies as truffle honey, pate, truffle cookies, and alluring types of cheeses. 

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 8: Split – Explore the Marvels of Plitvice Lakes National Park en route to Split

The returning sunlight washes over the 17th-century baroque architecture of St. Euphemia’s Church in the town center. A Roman sarcophagus hides from the light inside the main gallery among 15th and 16th-century statuary. Your leave the tranquil charms of the city behind for marvelous boardwalks of the Plitvice Lakes National Park. The forested landscape contains 16 lakes glistening like crystals and overflowing into a series of beautiful waterfalls. The waters are rich with minerals taken from the natural geological formations of the area while also carving the tufa stone into new exciting shapes. You wander the more than 10 miles of wooden walkways at your leisure, finding colorful butterflies fluttering over the charming footbridges and snaking pathways.

The rumbling water from the cascades fills the air across the more than 73,000 acres. European brown bears, wolves, and lynxes make rare appearances in the forest wilderness. The breathtaking landscape symbolizes the spirit of the Croatian heartland and the natural splendor of the country before you arrive in Split and the majesty of Hotel Judita Palace. The hotel has become iconic for lovers of culture within an extensive four-story structure reflecting the different stages of architectural design in Europe, from Romanesque to medieval, Gothic to the Renaissance. The palace conjures the ambiance of classic Split with preserved stone steps and an aristocratic loggia highlighting the relaxing sounds of the Adriatic Sea lapping at the coastline. The boutique hotel focuses on opulent lifestyle at the vibrant heart of the ancient city but tucked away into the quiet charms of exposed Roman walls.

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 9: Split – Stroll the Splendors of Split and Trogir before a Delicious Wine Tour

The past has been carved into the walls of Split and preserved over the millennia reflecting the variety of influences in the forms of Roman temples and Byzantine churches, Venetian architecture, and touches of Austrian embellishments. The contemporary life of the city hums along with history around the ancient walls and nestled between the lapping Adriatic Sea and fascinating coastal mountains. The aroma of the briny breeze fades beneath scent of freshly brewed coffee emanating from the many cafés scattered throughout the city. You make your way to the famous Diocletian’s Palace, a complex commissioned by the Roman emperor for whom it is named in the 4th century AD.

The gallery originally stretched for a length of more than 700 feet and a width of nearly 600 feet. The former palace ground continues to act as the beating hears of Split where the labyrinthine lanes fill with people strolling into the shops and restaurants of the former military fortress and imperial residence. The narrow streets wind around 220 buildings leading to hidden passages and quiet courtyards brimming with the aroma of flowers. After exploring Split, you reach the gorgeous town of Trogir situated behind conserved medieval walls. The cafes and bars along the seaside promenade attract locals and visitors on eager to indulge in the cool evening breeze or stroll through the fashionable maze of marble streets.

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 10: Split – Venture to Brač Island for an Active Exploration of the Landscape

The morning light glints across the white-pebbled beach known as Zlatni Rat on Brač Island. The iconic image of Croatia blends the glistening bleached hues of pebbles with the turquoise color of the water wrapping around central Dalmatia’s largest island. The geological formations on the island also sourced the radiant stone used to construct Diocletian’s Palace. Cliffs rise and fall along the shoreline dipping into the inky waters and supporting the emerald wash of pine forests dispersing sleepy villages. Vineyards, olive groves, and orchards stuffed with fig, almond, and sour cherry trees decorate the rolling hillsides.

The southern edge of the island hosts Blaca Hermitage, a fascinating UNESCO World Heritage site established in the mid-16th century by two Glagolitic monks. A light path leads to the isolated monastery dominating a gigantic mound surrounded by trees. The priests who lived in the hermitage developed a respected astronomy center over centuries hidden by the beauty of untouched nature. After strolling around the island, you can relax in the shade of the pine trees and rocky cliffs at Zlatni Rat, indulging in the sounds of the serene water and gentle breeze.

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 11: Hvar – Travel to Hvar for a Fascinating Tour and Visit the Fortress

The orange rooftops of Split shine brightly in the returning sunlight contrasting the turquoise hues of the Adriatic Sea. The city fades into the distance as the ferry escorts you over the water to the fascinating island of Hvar. The grandeur of Park Hotel welcomes you to the island with a façade of the original 16th-century palace decorating the street. The two-story boutique hotel has a gorgeous courtyard and a marvelous baroque design reflecting the period in which the structure was built. The interior retains its quintessential character with comforts accentuated by modern amenities and views looking to the water or the quaint narrow lanes of town.

The sea breeze brushes over the cobblestone avenues and the island’s interior hosts fabulous vineyards and celebrated lavender fields. St. Stephen’s Square touches the harbor and the cathedral with a cobblestone rectangle reaching nearly 48,500 square feet. The 13th-century walls cover the slopes to the north, and a well hides beneath the umbrellas dangling over the restaurants edging the cathedral. The fortress dangles high above the city with evidence of Illyrian settlements dating back to 500 BC. The citadel was erected in the 6th century under Byzantine rule and grew into a fortress by the 13th century. The interior contains ancient ephemera.

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 12: Hvar – Indulge in the Flavors of Hvar with a Half-Day Wine Tour

The 16th and 17th-century baroque features of the cathedral tower over the main square reflecting the architectural ingenuity of the community after the Turks destroyed the Renaissance structure. The nave hosts some of the older elements of the preserved structure in the form of 15th-century choir stalls. After breakfast, your guide meets you at the hotel and leads you into the vineyards at the heart of the island to experience the delightful flavors of the historic wines produced on the island.

You arrive at one of Croatia’s leading boutique wineries utilizing the warm, sunny climate and distinctive limestone pebbles, white sands, and red soil for producing unique flavors. Wander through the vineyard with your guide to learn more about how the soil affects the different flavors of the grapes and how the vines soak up the nutrients from the island. The winery harvests plavac mali, a cross between Crljenak Kaštelanski and Dobričić grapes between late September through October. In the tasting room, your guide pours a sample of the wine where you notice the aromas of mint, cheery, and clove. The wine lingers in your mouth and coats your palate leaving the taste of blackberries and plum.

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 13: Dubrovnik – Visit an Oyster Farm and Find Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik

You return to mainland Croatia in the morning, enjoying the way the light ripples across the water Adriatic Sea. Your private transfer greets you at the harbor leading you to a celebrated oyster farm en route to Dubrovnik, close to the city of Ston. Board a boat and enjoy the gentle breeze carrying the slightly sweet aroma of the water. Your guide introduces you to how the farm grows oysters and mussels in Malostonski Bay. You can see the medieval walls of Ston rising above the city on the shore. Locals on the bay have cultivated oysters and mussels in the water for over two millennia.

The farmers gather the wild oysters and sometimes dangle them from ropes in the water. The oysters are fully grown and at their most delicious in March. Purists squeeze a touch of lemon juice onto the open oyster to enjoy the succulent and naturally briny flavor. After learning about the history and process of cultivating the oysters, you can sample the delicious fare accompanied by a delicate glass of white wine before continuing to Dubrovnik. Stunning Villa Dubrovnik is nestled between the crystal turquoise water of the Adriatic and the vibrant orange, and lemon trees rising up the coastline. The blissful view complements the luxurious combination of tradition, architecture, welcoming heritage, the refined elegance of personalized service. Whether soaking in the sunset views or basking in the comfortable spa treatments, sampling the celebrate seafood cuisine in the restaurant or taking a quiet soak in the elegant indoor pool, Villa Dubrovnik allows you to unwind from a long day of exploration or offers encouraging spirit to begin your time wandering the city.

The surrounding city of Dubrovnik is often called the “Pearl of the Adriatic.” The wealth of history derives from the antique center first established in the 7th century. Different cultures have reigned over the city known for its orange-tiled rooftops, fantastic walls, and stunning harbor including the Venetians and Hungarians. Your guide leads you through a mixture of true and fantastical history with a Game of Thrones tour, combining the architecture of the Dubrovnik with the images seen in the celebrated HBO series. Step into the grace of Kings Landing when your guide points out the dramatic walls where the Baratheons attacked but have protected the seaside city since the 10th century.

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 14: Dubrovnik – Spend the Day Traversing History and Culture in Montenegro

The cafes along the main boulevard of the Stradun open along the white limestone paving emanating the aromas of fresh coffee and anise. After breakfast at the hotel, your guide greets you in the lobby and leads you into a slice of paradise along the Adriatic Sea at Montenegro. The drive around the Bay of Kotor takes you past the spectacular mountains overlooking the shimmering turquoise and azure waters of the sea. The charming sovereign state is less than 200 miles from top to bottom but easily captivates visitors with majestic fjords, welcoming locals, and marvelous architecture.

The city of Kotor continues to bustle between the dramatic mountains and glistening reflective waters at a corner of the bay. Stunning walls continue to protect the city around the ascending slopes looking down on the medieval labyrinth of streets connecting small plazas with museums, churches, and cafes in the shadows of former Venetian palaces. River Gate frames the tranquil moat formed by the rushing mountain water of Škurda River and the fascinating fortifications retain elements from the original 9th-century construction. The entire loop was completed between the 14th and 19th centuries reaching over 850 feet above sea level.

The treasure trove of history in Montenegro continues in the town of Cetinje decorated by an eclectic blend of single-story cottages and the aristocratic mansions. The city was established in the 15th century and celebrates the culture of Montenegro with a selection of renowned museums. The National Museum of Montenegro was founded at the end of the 19th century and hosts a division of departments including the Historical Museum of Montenegro, Ethnographic Museum, and Artistic Museum of Montenegro. King Nikola’s Palace was the seat of the Royal family for over 50 years before becoming a museum in the 1920s. The Art Nouveau interior compliment the 19th-century neoclassical architectural design. The entrance hall displays the elaborate Montenegrin crown jewels.

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 15: Dubrovnik – Cycle Scenic Villages before Departing for Home

After a full breakfast at the hotel, your guide greets you in the lobby and takes you to the village of Gruda, located less than 20 miles outside of Dubrovnik. You board your bike and follow your guide along the trails leading away from the coastline. The rugged shores around Dubrovnik shift to lush fields and rocky mountain peaks. The herbaceous scent of grass and wildflowers sweeps through the countryside. Water rushes and splashes against the banks of the Ljuta River. Vineyards sprawl across the plush hills leading to intermittent olive groves. The trail loops around the landscape for over 15 miles of pristine scenery hidden like a gem between the Bosnian and Montenegrin borders.

The village of Cilipi is famous around Croatia for carrying on the traditions of the rural culture by wearing elegant national costumes. The customary garments are known for their vibrant embroidery. Locals wear the clothing each Sunday and perform traditional dances within the aroma of dry figs and herb brandy swirling through the cobblestone streets. You return to your hotel after the tour with time to freshen up. You some time to relax and enjoy the remainder of the day in Dubrovnik before your private transfer escorts you from your hotel to Airport Dubrovnik for your flight home.

What’s Included: airport transfer, tour, breakfast


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