Costa Rica Highlights Tour with Teenagers

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Total Trip:

8 Days

Countries Visited:

Costa Rica

Places Visited:

Arenal, Monteverde, Tortuguero, San Jose

Departure Dates:

Dates are flexible and customizable for private departures.
Tear the kids away from the television and take them out of the worlds provided by their videogames for an 8-day immersive Costa Rica vacation. Instead of posting selfies from the mall they can photograph selfies with white-headed capuchin monkeys. Forget about instagraming their dinner and instead snapchat photos gliding upside down on a zip line over the rainforest canopy. Trade in the Tumblr for a travel journal and Facebook with the wildlife on a Costa Rica Highlights vacation connecting teenagers


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Day 1

Monteverde – Introduction to the Clouds

The bustling life of San Jose often surprises newcomers to Costa Rica with its blend of contemporary shopping and tropical colors washing over the homes, restaurants, and businesses coursing through the outskirts of the city center. The prestigious history of the 19th and early 20th century plantation owners continues to decorate the neighborhoods of Amon and Aranjuez with art deco and Victorian mansions. The wealth of pre-Colombian Costa Rica shimmers beneath the soft light of the Gold Museum located at the heart of the fast-paced city.

Your private transfer greets you at Juan Santamaria International Airport and escorts you away from the life inside the outdoor market at Museo Nacional or the blend of boutique and brand name shops inside the modern complex of Plaza Real Cariari. Markets with open walls present dangling bananas and plantains alongside vibrant watermelon cut in half to showcase the stunning red interior. You reach the comforts of your gorgeous lodge nestled into the dense trees of Monteverde’s Cloud Forest. The eco-resort has an unwavering commitment to the environment while providing unparalleled luxuries overlooking the forest canopy.

Your guide greets you in the hotel lobby after you’ve had a chance to relax. You step onto the trails crisscrossing the 74 acres of protected land in the fading light of the afternoon for your first introduction to Monteverde. It is also a unique welcome to your Costa Rica vacation. The nocturnal life of the forest fills the trees with sounds. You keep your flashlight close as the rich treetops darken the underbrush. Insects chirp as toucans sleep in the branches. You shine your flashlight on a radiant green snake winding its body across the surrounding leaves, captivating your teenagers immediately.

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Day 2

Monteverde – Stepping After the Clouds

Day 3

Arenal – Across the Lake and On the Water

Day 4

Arenal – Wind the Face and Chocolate on the Tongue

Day 5

Arenal – A Ride in the Rainforest

Day 6

Tortuguero – To Secluded Shores

Day 7

Tortuguero – Early to Rise

Day 8

Tortuguero – Teenage Highlights
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