Camel caravan in Giza at sunset, Egypt

Sands of Egypt: Mysteries of the Desert to Relaxing Beaches

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Cairo, Saqqara, Medieval Cairo, Bab al-Futuh...

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11 Days

Mesmerizing treasures and contrasting atmospheres distinguish the sands of Egypt. Pyramids rise from the desert; camels cross epic dunes, turquoise waters lap against empty beaches while medieval masterpieces are scorched by red dust. Connecting poignant destinations, this handcrafted 11-day tour celebrates the marvels of Egypt’s sands, from the delights of Giza and Cairo to the serene ambiance of the Red Sea and the surreal Sahara Desert.

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Trip Highlights

  • Settle into the delightful rhythm of the coast at El Quseir as you stay at a five-star resort on the pristine sands of the Red Sea
  • Explore the colors of the Red Sea with great opportunities for snorkeling, diving, and boat adventures
  • Uncover the secrets of the ancient wonder of the world with a day at the Great Pyramid of Giza, the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
  • Discover the other pyramids that rise in the desert around Cairo, like the first ever pyramid at Saqqara
  • Ride a camel through the epic sand dunes of Quseir and soak up the atmosphere of the Sahara Desert
  • Travel by quad bike and camel through the dunes and delights of the Quseir Desert, a great day trip that complements the ambiance of the coast
  • Unravel some of the finest treasures from the Islamic world with a day in Medieval Cairo, where markets and mosques delight in their ornate details
  • Discover what’s been found in the desert by exploring the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities with an Egyptologist guide

Detailed Description

The sands of Egypt have always been home to greatness. Pyramids rise majestically, guarded by incomparable sentinels like the Sphinx of Giza. Camel trains continue to cross Saharan dunes, undertaking the same journeys generation after generation. Seductive treasures are uncovered in the Red Sea, beside waves that lap gently against a coastline of untouched sand and palms. All these sands have their unique atmosphere. Some destinations are to marvel at, the wonders of antiquity stretching high into the desert sky. Other sands are for adventure, camels, and ATVs taking you into a realm of solitude. And six nights along the Red Sea’s sands are for getting away into the tranquility of the coast.

This handcrafted itinerary connects the sands of Egypt. Start with four nights in Cairo, where your hotel rooftop overlooks the Great Pyramids of Giza. An Egyptologist guide leads you through the treasures of the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities along with ancient desert cities like Memphis and Saqqara. Spend a day exploring the vibrant atmosphere of Medieval Cairo, home to some of the world’s finest Islamic architectural treasures. Cairo is the modern city in the desert and the four days will enable you to explore both its Pharaonic gems and contemporary style.

Next, you fly south for six nights at a five-star resort in El Quseir. Spend days relaxing on the quiet beach, beneath the shade of desert palms. Exquisite snorkeling and dive sites can be found just a couple of miles offshore, beneath the turquoise facade of the Red Sea. Travel inland and you’re immersed in the ambiance of the Sahara Desert. You’ll spend a day in the surreal dunes of Wadi El Gemal National Park, where the solitude and natural splendor will stay with you for decades. There’s also a day discovering Quseir Desert by camel and ATV, an inspiring journey that showcases how the sands of the desert meet the sands of the sea.

These 11 days provide a mesmeric journey through history, culture, and escapism. As the sands fuse together, you savor the tranquility that can be found everywhere from the desert to the beaches. Along the way, there are plenty of hidden delights, from rooftop gardens to oases and the nomadic wanderers that crisscross through the desert. All tours are private, and you connect the city with the coast on a domestic flight.

Starting Price

$3,427 per person (excluding international flights)

Your Zicasso trip is fully customizable, and this sample itinerary is a starting place for your travel plans. Actual costs are dynamic, and your selection of accommodations and activities, your season of travel, and other such variables will bring this budget guideline up or down. Throughout your planning experience with your Zicasso specialist, your itinerary is designed around your budget. You can book your trip when you are satisfied with every detail. Planning your trip with a Zicasso travel specialist is a free service.

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  • In-country transportation
  • Some or all activities and tours
  • Expert trip planning
  • 24x7 support during your trip

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