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Best Time to Visit Turkey

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Hot air balloons flying over spectacular Cappadocia in Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey

The best time to visit Turkey is from mid-April to late June and again from mid-September to early November.

The shoulder season opens possibilities across the country, with fewer crowds and incredible insight into the vibrant culture, timeless history, and unique landscapes that can take you from glistening beaches to shimmering ancient ruins, underground cities to fascinating skylines.

Turkey has become a year-round destination, whether you are eager to embrace treasured pastries, stroll through a historic marketplace, or uncover a quiet seaside resort. However, traveling in the shoulder season can give you the best opportunities to enjoy the country, weather, and your preferred experiences.

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  2. Best Time for Beaches
  3. Best Time for Food
  4. Best Time for Families with Children
  5. Best Time for Couples
  6. Best Time for Spring and Summer Activities
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Best Time for Sightseeing

Rainbow over Celsus Library in Ephesus, Turkey

Ephesus, Turkey

Best Months: April | May | June | September | October | November

The best time to visit Turkey for sightseeing is from April to June and again from September to November. These months provide the best weather across the country and result in fewer crowds.

Whether interested in exploring a remarkable beach away from popular corners, yearning to wander the avenues of ancient Ephesus, or eager to witness the grandeur of Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia, the spring and fall months give you the chance to indulge in any and every possibility.

Best Time for Beaches

White Pebble Beach in Oludeniz, Turkey

Oludeniz, Turkey

Best Months: May | June | September | October

May to June and September to October can give you the best weather, while also allowing you to embrace fewer crowds for perfect beach opportunities across Turkey. Many of the travelers who visit Turkey for the coastline and islands are Europeans who travel between July and August during the peak summer months and seasonal heat.

By traveling during spring and fall, on the edges of summer, you can bask in the beauty of Patara’s wild golden sands or indulge in the prime resort ambiance of the Bodrum Peninsula, while avoiding intense heat and swelling crowds.

Best Time for Food

Turkey lahmacun food in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

Best Months: April | May | June | September | October | November

The majority of the cuisine in Turkey is organic and focuses on the delights of farm-to-table, which results in the spring and fall seasons from April to June or September to November being the best time to visit the country for food.

Spring blossoms with delicious flavors across Turkey and fall is referred to locally as “second spring”, giving insight into the way the weather affects local ingredients and culinary traditions across the different regions.

When visiting between April and June or September and November, you can embrace authentic dishes and delight in the fantastic flavors of the seasons.

Best Time for Families with Children

Family parasailing at a beach in Alanya, Turkey

Alanya, Turkey

Best Months: May | June | September | October

May to June and September to October are the best months to visit Turkey as a family, no matter the age of your children.

Whether on a multi-generation trip or traveling with toddlers, when visiting the country in the shoulder season you have more options for the types of activities you appreciate, fewer crowds to impact how you prefer to travel, and better weather for the entire family to enjoy.

From beaches to culinary tours, shopping to visiting ancient wonders, May to June and September to October allow you to travel in comfort as you create unforgettable family memories.

Best Time for Couples

Couple looking at hot air balloons in Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey

Best Months: April | May | June | September | October | November | December

The best months to visit Turkey as a couple are April to June and September to December. As you explore the beauty of the country in spring and fall, or as winter approaches, you can access fantastic luxuries, remote beaches, or find opportunities for secluded romance as the crowds disappear for winter.

The different seasons will demonstrate the marvels of Turkey in its entirety as you relax in thermal baths, trek rugged landscapes, or find the perfect Mediterranean island getaway.

Best Time for Spring and Summer Activities

Bodrum beach in Turkey

Bodrum, Turkey

Best Months: April | May | June

The spring and summer months are the perfect time to visit Turkey, especially between April and June.

During these months you can experience the wonders of culture, scenery, cuisine, and activities as you explore stunning coastlines, shimmering waters, and distinctive terrain. By avoiding the more crowded months you can still bask in the magnificent diversity of Turkey as you uncover remote corners or visit more popular places.

Hiking | Cycling | Sailing | Sightseeing | Tulip blossoms | Ancient ruins | Beaches | Seasonal cuisine

Best Time for Fall and Winter Activities

Ani Ruins during winter in Turkey

Ani, Turkey

Best Months: October | November | December

The fall and winter months of October to December offer the best times to visit Turkey as the seasons change.

From delicious cuisine to surprising havens for snow sports, fewer crowds and customary thermal baths, you can embrace a more authentic experience, while still capturing the unparalleled charisma of underground cities and elements of preserved empires in more comfortable weather as winter approaches.

Thermal baths | Sightseeing | Hiking | Cooking classes with seasonal ingredients | Ancient ruins | Rock climbing | Dervish | Festivals | Skiing | Snowboarding

Book for the Best Time in Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

From ancient monuments that demonstrate layers of former empires to impressive scenery that showcases the dazzling bridge between Europe and Asia, you can embrace the marvels of Turkey’s culture, cuisine, and landscapes throughout the year, depending on your travel preferences and style.

For inspiration on where to travel, find our sample Turkey Vacations & Tours. Our Travel Care Team can help connect you with a Turkey travel specialist to start planning your custom trip, so call our team at 1-888-265-9707.

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