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How to Plan a Trip to the Azores Islands: Frequently Asked Questions

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Flores Island, Azores

Flores Island, Azores

The following FAQ covers everything that you will need to know before you begin planning your dream Azores Islands vacation.

When you are journeying to the Azores Islands for your vacation, it is important to know all of the necessary information that will help make your stay more enjoyable and safe. This information shares some helpful insight regarding what to consider before your departure, leaving you with the freedom to spend your vacation enjoying yourself rather than worrying about things like transportation and travel insurance.

Zicasso travel specialists are also always available to assist you with your travels and make on-the-go changes to your itinerary depending on your preferences and expectations.

What is the weather like on the Azores Islands?

Coastal Hydrangea Trail on São Miguel Island, Azores

Coastal Hydrangea Trail on São Miguel Island, Azores

The Azores Islands welcome Portugal’s Mediterranean climate with mild temperatures throughout the year. The summer months of July and August are popular times to visit as the weather on the island is generally very warm and there is the least chance of rain. The spring and autumn months remain the best time to visit as they provide clear skies and milder temperatures than the sweltering summers. November to February brings more rainfall and a slight dip in average temperatures, making it less friendly to those looking for an outdoor adventure like hiking.

What is the best way to get around the Azores Islands?

Car driving on tree lined street in Sao Miguel, Azores

When you are visiting the Azores, transportation is a huge consideration to take into account. As this destination is an archipelago, its availability of public transportation options is much more limited than on mainland Portugal. Besides the main cities, such as Ponta Delgada on São Miguel, buses are few and far between, running with erratic schedules at best. When anyone (including those with mobility limitations) is traveling, Zicasso eliminates every worry and hassle by handling every transportation need for you, ensuring that you have comfortable private transfers between all hotels and airports.

What should we pack for our trip?

Wonderful view of the Farol da Ponta da Ferraria lighthouse on the island of San Miguel.

Farol da Ponta da Ferraria lighthouse, San Miguel.

As you travel to the Azores, packing light will make it easier to manage your luggage so that you can navigate your new surroundings with ease. Efficient choices, such as packing your daily necessities in a backpack, can make daily outings much more comfortable and easy. As the weather can be unpredictable in the Azores, it is always wise to be prepared with proper attire and equipment. Even though the temperature is relatively steady throughout the year in regard to seasons, layers and a variety of warmer and cooler clothes are advised, as well as raincoats and umbrellas for inclement weather.

Wall outlets in the Azores are Type C and Type F. They operate at 220 volts frequency, and travelers should pre-pack universal travel adapters to cater for any differences and safely use electronic devices.

Although at least one or two pharmacies may be found in the main towns on most of the islands, it is always wise to pack all necessities to be safe, including any specific medications that you have obtained from your doctor. Items that you should bring include all prescription medications, needed over-the-counter medications, etc.

Is it okay that we don’t speak Portuguese?

Lagoa das Sete Cidades, San Miguel Island

Lagoa das Sete Cidades, San Miguel Island

Portuguese is the official language of the Azores archipelago, although many of the major towns in islands like São Miguel cater to international visitors. It is not completely necessary to know Portuguese and be able to speak it, however, being aware of a few common phrases will help you navigate smaller villages easier. It would also be helpful to have a translator app on hand downloaded to your mobile device to make communication with locals easier.

Are the Azores Islands safe destinations to visit?

A mesmerizing view of the city of Angra do Heroísmo, Terceira Island.

Angra do Heroísmo, Terceira Island.

All travelers can feel confident when traveling to the Azores. Portugal is known as being one of the safest European countries, including this lovely island archipelago. Regardless, with any travel destination, it is important for visitors to exercise precaution. The main issue for those traveling is small thefts like pickpockets, but such occurrences are uncommon.

Should I get travel insurance?

As with any international vacation, travel insurance is a priority. Medical emergencies and unexpected cancellations are among the rare factors that may impact a trip, and having travel insurance protects you from these unfortunate instances. Click here to find the best travel insurance at the best price.

Can Zicasso help with my flights?

Zicasso Flights is an international air ticketing service that eliminates the stress of finding and booking the right flights for your upcoming vacation. By employing the same personalized service you can expect from planning a trip with Zicasso, our competitive flight pricing, 24x7 service and support, and complimentary consultation of routing versus pricing with an expert flight specialist make finding the perfect flight for your trip effortless.

Ready to Plan Your Trip to the Azores Islands?

Mount Pico, Pico island

Mount Pico, Pico island

We have answered the most common questions regarding Azores Islands vacations to help you feel more confident in your decision to visit the beautiful destination. If you wish to witness the whales leaping out of the waters of São Miguel or wander the magnificent geothermal landscapes that shape the islands, check out our Azores Islands Vacation Packages or contact a Zicasso Azores travel specialist by completing a Trip Request or calling us on 1-888-265-9707.

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