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Best Time to Visit Southern Italy

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Sassi di Matera District in Italy

Matera, Italy

The best time to visit southern Italy is typically March through May, spring, and September through November, fall. The promise of breathtaking scenery that unveils glistening waters, charming coastal coves, and historic towns nestled into rugged hills can capture your imagination during the best time to visit southern Italy, ensuring you enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Visitors flock to the country’s Meridione region to relax in the warm weather and wander through the diverse, quaint settings that provide adventures down medieval lanes or visions of ancient temples. Discovery, adventure, culture, and heritage abound.

Dive into a world of color and historical treasures as you find yourself lost in the beauty and culture that is southern Italy.

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  2. Best Time for Adventure
  3. Best Time for Beaches
  4. Best Time to Experience Historical Treasures
  5. Best Time for Seniors
  6. Best Time for Couples or Honeymooners
  7. Best Time for Families with Children
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Best Time for Sightseeing

Ruins of antique Roman temple in Pompeii, Naples, Italy

Naples, Italy

Best Months: March • April • May • June • October • November

Discover the beauty and tranquility of glorious southern Italy during the spring and fall when traveling from elegant museums to quaint village squares.

Take a stroll through the towns of Positano and Sorrento, or discover the fascinating sights of Matera’s Sassi District. From March to May the streets are less crowded and the weather warm and pleasant.

Discover the preserved streets of Pompeii, a town set back in time thanks to the devastation unleashed by Mt Vesuvius or delve into the wonderful flavors of olive oil in Lecce in the fall, when the weather remains warm and the summer crowds have returned home.

Best Time for Adventure

Senior lady hiking at Aeolian Island in Italy

Aeolian Island, Italy

Best Months: March • April • May • September • October

southern Italy is filled with adventure and visiting between March and May or September and October can give you incredible outdoor experiences.

Beyond the beautiful beaches, breathtaking scenery, and charming hillside towns, you can hike in Vesuvio National Park or enjoy a slow kayak off the Bari coast, enjoy scuba diving in Capo Vaticano or sailing around the Aeolian Islands in mild weather with fewer crowds in spring and fall.

Whether you are eager to enjoy water sports, trekking, or new ways to explore the land and sea across southern Italy, March to May and September to October can give you the best opportunities for good weather, without the crowds and heat of summer.

Best Time for Beaches

Polignano a Mare in Puglia, Italy

Polignano a Mare, Italy

Best Months: May • June • September

The coastline across southern Italy offers gorgeous escapes and often overlooked coves, best experienced from May to June and in September.

When visiting at the edges of summer, everything feels brighter, with fewer crowds and warm days that invite you to rest a while on beautiful beaches or dip your toes into the sea, from the shoreline of the Amalfi Coast to the celebrated pebbled cove of Polignano a Mare.

Relax beneath an umbrella, enjoy the soothing breeze, and embrace the golden colors that spread from the landscape to the lifestyle as you enjoy the coastal ambiance during these months.

Best Time to Experience Historical Treasures

Matera, the city of stones in Italy

Matera, Italy

Best Months: March • April • May • September • October

Capture the unique mix of trade and treasure that emerges in the often-overlooked regions of southern Italy during the quieter months of April and May or September and October as you explore the marvelous history.

With several UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in southern Italy, there are many reasons to set aside time to discover sites such as Pompeii and Matera, Otranto and Agrigento.

Capture the fascinating facts and wonders of landmarks and legends in the quieter seasons of spring and fall, before or after the crowds arrive in the summer months.

Best Time for Seniors

Senior couple in Pompeii ruins in Naples, Italy

Naples, Italy

Best Months: April • May • September • October

Strolling down the charming streets of coastal towns or venturing beneath looming ancient architecture is best for seniors during the cooler, less busy times of April to May and September to October.

Ensuring you have the space and time to make your way through must-see sites without the hustle and bustle of crowds will make the experience that much better.

Avoid the busy summer season and consider embarking on your southern Italy senior adventure in the spring months of April and May or quieter fall months of September and October, when you can enjoy the scenery, heritage, and authentic treasures of southern Italy in peace.

Best Time for Couples or Honeymooners

Couple holding wine glasses with Positano view on the Amalfi Coast

Positano on the Amalfi Coast in Italy

Best Months: March • April • May • September • October

One of the most romantic scenes a couple can envision is that of the picturesque areas of southern Italy, such as the Amalfi Coast, when visiting between March and June or September and October.

Walk the cobblestone streets of picturesque Ravello, said to be one of the most romantic places in southern Italy, noting that the cooler and quieter months in spring and fall will have you feeling like you have each town all to yourself.

Whether on a honeymoon or a couple’s getaway, you can explore the colorful ambiance that can take you from fairytale homes to cliff-side panoramas to enjoy breathtaking scenery and culture.

Best Time for Families with Children

Family in swimming pool with a trulli house in the background in Arberobello, Puglia, Italy

Puglia, Italy

Best Months: May • June • September

While the best time to plan your family trip to southern Italy is most likely during school breaks, May to June and September offer the best opportunities to embark on the many adventures and activities children of all ages can enjoy.

Consider traveling in early summer or the beginning of fall, taking to the beaches, cobbled streets, and outdoor activities that unveil the timeless beauty of the region, in addition to the captivating architecture that expresses millennia of history.

Enjoy evening entertainment and long, lazy days with your family as you explore the wonders of this incredibly beautiful and charming part of Italy at your pace, without the swirling crowds or peak-summer heat.

Best Time for Spring & Summer Activities

Boats on turquoise water in Otranto, Puglia, Italy

Otranto, Puglia, Italy

Best Months: March • April • May • June

With so much to enjoy and explore, visiting southern Italy in the spring and summer will ensure you have the weather on your side and long days to take it all in.

Visiting in spring will ensure you have more sites and sights to yourself, with great weather a bonus as you experience the Amalfi coast, cities such as Naples, or the beaches of Puglia.

Spend time soaking up the sun on golden sands and capture the perfect sunset while sipping Limoncello as you embrace the idyllic ambiance of the spring and early summer months.

Activities: Cultural Visits • Hiking and Trail Walks • Outdoor Dining • Water Activities • Beaches • Cooking class

Best Time for Fall & Winter Activities

cooking class in Southern Italy

Cooking class, Italy

Best Months: September • October • November • December

The fall and winter months in southern Italy provide the ideal time to explore the region’s historical and cultural highlights, especially from September to December

Visit famous landmarks such as Pompeii or discover the hidden secrets in quaint towns and villages from October to December.

The weather cools down considerably in late fall and winter, but this only enhances local culture focused on tasty coffee, delicious sweets, and charming holiday festivities, no matter where in the region you find yourself.

Activities: City Walks • Indoor dining • Museum Visits • Skiing • Food tours • Cooking class

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Santa Cesarea Terme town in Puglia, Italy

Puglia, Italy

From city sites that date back to a forgotten time to breathtaking hillside-village scenes and beautiful beaches, southern Italy is an escape like no other. Take the winding roads along the coast, dive into an adventure-filled region and let the charm of the Mezzogiorno mesmerize you.

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