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Top 8 Things to Do in Germany

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Cobblestone streets and colorful half-timbered buildings aroung Ploenlein Square in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Gerrmany

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

Germany has a diverse range of activities to captivate and inspire you.

With jagged mountains that crack the sky, storybook towns that edge dramatic forests, and spectacular cities steeped in culture and modernity, the country’s ambiance is enticing, no matter how you prefer to discover your surroundings.

From wine to beer and culinary delights to ski slopes, hiking, museums and castles, the following information will help you to navigate the essential things to do during your tour to Germany.

  1. 1. Uncover the Fascinating Culture of Germany
  2. 2. Embrace the Enticing Spectacle of Nature
  3. 3. Speed Through the Fascinating Landscape
  4. 4. Sample the Sensational Fruits of the Vine
  5. 5. Indulge in the Dynamic and Surprising Flavors of Germany
  6. 6. Experience the Grandeur of the Past
  7. 7. Step into a Storybook
  8. 8. Celebrate and Delight in Traditional Fermentation
  9. More Travel Information & Tips

1. Uncover the Fascinating Culture of Germany

Aerial view of Berlin with the famous TV tower and Spree river at sunset

Berlin, Germany

Germany is an exceptional destination for cultural heritage, where soul-stirring fairytale villages meet modern luxury and romantic vineyards meet spirit-lifting mountaintops. The cultural heritage in Germany can take you into cities or along scenic trails that reveal woodlands shared in generational stories. With medieval castles and culinary delights, cuckoo clocks and antique city walls, you can discover how the past is celebrated, shared, and observed.

Best places to visit for cultural heritage: Berlin |  Munich | Freiburg | Potsdam | Dresden

2. Embrace the Enticing Spectacle of Nature

Hiker taking in the scenic landscape of mountains and trees on the Rennsteig Trail in Thuringian Forest

Rennsteig Trail in Thuringian Forest

With snowcapped mountains, steep, verdant hills, dense woodlands, and expansive plains, Germany’s epic landscapes make it one of the best destinations for a hiking excursion. By stepping onto the trails around the country you immediately trade the hustle and bustle of cityscapes for the open air, which offers views of towering churches and mountain cathedrals. Whether following a route to a storybook village or venturing to a glassy lake, exploring the scenery on a hike in Germany will provide you with your own personal storybook.

Best places to visit for hiking: Heidschnuckenweg Trail | Rheinsteig Trail | Rhine Castle Trail | Goethe Way | Rennsteig Trail

3. Speed Through the Fascinating Landscape

Cyclists and pedestrians on Altmühltal Radweg through farmlands and towns

Altmühltal Radweg

The diverse landscapes of Germany make it a haven for cycling that can connect you to the dramatic scenery, local charm, and endless challenges of the distinctive terrain. The rich and scenic trails can take you on a casual ride through a city or a nomadic multi-day tour across the Alps, through forests and fields or along the edges of the Baltic Sea. Each new route is an adventure and each adventure further reveals the timeless splendor of Germany’s natural wonders and cultural charms.

Best places to visit for cycling: Lubeck | Hamburg | Munster | Altmühltal Radweg | Lake Constance | Berlin

4. Sample the Sensational Fruits of the Vine

Germany is a wine-lover’s dream destination, with exquisite vines that accentuate the breathtaking landscape. Whether visiting for the lively wine festivals in fall or simply looking to indulge in the simple pleasures of a glass of wine in the summer, you can bask in Germany’s diverse flavors, deriving from the 13 official wine-growing regions. With hidden nooks and exposed hillsides to riverbank views and cozy palaces, Germany’s wine culture can open your eyes to exceptional new flavors.

Best places to visit for wine tasting: Mosel-Saar-Ruwer | Rheingau | Mittelrhein | Baden | Sachsen

5. Indulge in the Dynamic and Surprising Flavors of Germany

Bratwurst and Sauerkraut

Bratwurst and Sauerkraut

Whether looking for traditional dishes or exceptional cakes, Germany has a surprising range of culinary flavors that can take you beyond preconceived ideas of meat, bread, and potatoes. From cosmopolitan cities to remote heritage towns, each new destination reveals distinctive historical and cultural influences. From beer to bratwurst, pasta to pretzels, when visiting Germany you will be captivated by its diverse culinary offerings.

Best places to visit for food tour: Berlin | Munich | Cologne | Hamburg | Black Forest

6. Experience the Grandeur of the Past

Hohenzollern Castle near Stuttgart, Germany

Hohenzollern Castle near Stuttgart, Germany

Germany is a wonderland of castles, with nearly 20,000 decorating the unforgettable landscape. From famous figures to little-known medieval ruins, the plentiful fortresses can loom large over small towns or embrace entire hillsides. Regal palaces, elaborate gardens, and defensive turrets that resemble something out of a storybook bring to life the spirit of the past and mythological charms by combining visual impact with historic significance.

Best places to visit for castle tours: Neuschwanstein | Hohenzollern | Schwerin | Heidelberg | Wartburg | Marburg

7. Step into a Storybook

Colorful half-timbered houses and cobblestone streets of Miltenberg, Germany

Miltenberg, Germany

Picturesque and charming define Germany’s historic towns that capture storybook worlds. With half-timbered houses, cobbled lanes, colorful facades, and medieval walls, Germany’s fairytale villages are an experience all on their own. With quiet waters, secluded woodlands, or hidden restaurants creating unforgettable tastes, you can find surprises or romance, whimsical beauty or elegant castles that complete the immersive storybook ambiance.

Best places to visit for fairytale villages: Rothenburg | Coburg | Miltenberg | Meissen | Lichtenstein | Quedlinburg

8. Celebrate and Delight in Traditional Fermentation

Beer is practically synonymous with Germany and has become a proud cultural staple that embodies quality of craftsmanship, heritage, and taste. Drinking beer in Germany is part of the traditional experience, where the taste amplifies the regional connection to a specific type of process and outcome. Beer culture brings celebrations, creates togetherness, and accentuates the welcoming ambiance of Germany’s diverse regions, from north to south, east to west.

Best places to visit for beer: Munich | Berlin | Dusseldorf | Cologne | Bremen

More Travel Information & Tips

Cozy cabin surrounded by snow in the Bavarian Alps of Germany

Bavarian Alps, Germany

Germany is a rare gem of cultural heritage, active exploration, and immersive scenery, with an unparalleled number of things to do that reflect surrounding nature and local culture. From a romantic ski getaway in the Alps for couples or a family-friendly pretzel-making class, Germany must-see destinations feel timeless and modern. You can speak to a Germany travel expert free by filling out a Trip Request or by calling our team at 1-888-265-9707.

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