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European Travel in 2022 is Booking Up: How to Plan Your Trip Now

Updated: February 23, 2022

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Oia White City, Santorini Island, Greece

Oia White City, Santorini Island, Greece

Whether looking for the perfect couple’s trip to Greece, a family getaway to Spain or the trip of a lifetime to Italy, now is the time to consider your vacation plans for 2022.

With Zicasso travel specialists reporting many top properties and destinations are already booked at 90% and upwards for summer 2022, planning now may be the only way to ensure your first-choice options can be yours to enjoy.

From how to pick your travel dates to which country to visit, this short guide to European travel 2022 will get your plans moving in the right direction.

  1. Pick Your Travel Dates - Tips for Every Season
  2. Determine Your Travel Goals
  3. Find Inspiration and New Ideas
  4. Customize and Personalize Your Vacation

Pick Your Travel Dates - Tips for Every Season

Summer Tuscany scenery with red poppy flowers and grain fields surrounding cute Vitaleta chapel and Pienza on the hill in Italy

Tuscany, Italy

Last-Minute Travel for March, April, and May

As entry requirements have eased over the last two weeks and logistics simplify, it is the perfect time to consider a last-minute trip.

With nearly two dozen countries across Europe welcoming American travelers, you will find fantastic weather, beautiful scenery, delicious food, sumptuous wines, historical sights, and local traditions to savor.

For vaccinated travelers, many countries in Europe offer entry without testing. To date, you can arrive in France, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom without the hassle of testing.

While we do recommend testing ahead of your trip to ensure that you are healthy to travel, the pressure of taking a test outside of a precise time period certainly eases your pre-trip to-do list.

Zicasso can connect you to a travel specialist specializing in your chosen destination. At the top of the list for many of our travelers are Italy, Greece, Spain, and Portugal.

Italy Travel Tip: “A last-minute trip to Italy could be great for travelers, as long as they are vaccinated,” says Elena, an Italy travel specialist. With many popular sites requiring proof of vaccination, you can enjoy iconic sites before the summer crowds arrive.

Greece Travel Tip:  “We are still seeing availability for March, April, and the first half of May,” says Seetha, a Greece travel specialist. “It’s a fabulous time to explore the mainland of Greece, discover the wonderful nature, gastronomy, history, and culture. For islands, we’d recommend Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, or even Santorini for March or April. In May, many of the other islands would be more accessible for even more opportunities.”

Spain and Portugal Travel Tip: A last-minute trip for March is an excellent idea for those interested in Spain or Portugal. “The pandemic is easing, and in a couple of weeks, we foresee that the situation will be very good; there are no longer many restrictions, and the weather is already nice,” says Ana, a travel specialist for Spain and Portugal. With summer bookings quite full, sneaking in ahead of the crowds will offer you greater availability with desired accommodations and experiences.

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For dates in June, July or August, Book Now

As international travel continues to rebound, summer dates in 2022 are filling quickly. Our travel specialists report that preferred properties are already at 90% and above for bookings in many regions. Trips postponed in 2020 and 2021 also impact availability with rising rates as itineraries are rebooked for future dates. The longer you wait to book, the fewer the options and the higher the cost.

June may be the most challenging for preferred properties and activities for the most popular destinations. If this is the month you would like to travel, connect with a travel specialist for personalized advice, as circumstances vary across Europe.

July and August will bring crowds but also opportunities to move off the beaten path and into less-discovered regions. While coastal and beach areas fill quickly, exploring the cities and smaller towns is a fantastic option. Availability changes by the minute, as do rates and choices at top properties. For travelers looking at peak summer travel dates, last-minute travel will likely not be possible, so planning now is the best chance for your ideal vacation.

The best way to secure your top choices is by speaking with a travel specialist to book your trip now. Whether you want to explore along the winding panoramic cliffs of the Amalfi Coast in Italy, wander the medieval streets of Toledo in Spain, or indulge in a sunset cruise off the coast of Santorini in Greece, your travel specialist can make your dream come true.

Consider Travel Next Fall

After the high season of summer, the crowds relent as the weather cools across Europe. Enjoy the colors of changing foliage, wander comfortably between iconic highlights, and enjoy authentic cultural experiences with fewer crowds than in the summer.

In some corners of Europe, a beach trip is still possible to enjoy in fall, and with the pleasant weather continuing, the shops are open, creative festival season swings to life, and the chance for more advantageous rates are yours.

Determine Your Travel Goals

Eiffel tower and the skyline of Paris, France

Paris, France

What do you want to see and do most?

Define your goals, and you will know where to begin your journey. Perhaps you wish to dine at Michelin-starred restaurants, are interested in staying in a castle estate property, or wish to cycle a section of the Tour de France.

Each goal you set can help refine how you travel and where you travel to make your dream trip a reality. When you work with a Zicasso travel specialist, your dreams become tangible possibilities and can inspire the outline for your Europe trip.

From private cooking classes to hidden museum galleries, driving a racecar, to leaping into a world of magic, the possibilities are endless.

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Do you want to visit one country, or see several?

One of the most challenging questions to answer when visiting Europe is whether you wish to see a single country or discover multiple countries during a single trip. Many multi-country trips follow a theme often associated with the highlights of a region and visiting bucket-list destinations, while a single-country trip often focuses on a more immersive cultural experience.

For 2022, we recommend exploring a single country for your vacation. While restrictions are easing around the world, keeping your plans simple to focus on just one set of entry requirements can eliminate significant hassle and stress throughout your trip.

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Find Inspiration and New Ideas

Alhambra in Granada, Spain

Granada, Spain

As the landscape of travel changes, so do the possibilities to create unforgettable travel experiences. As our lives change, so do our travel dreams.

From honeymoons and anniversary trips to multi-generational family trips, action and adventure to luxury safari, Zicasso has itineraries to guide you to new ideas.

Every itinerary on our trip is a starting place, as no Zicasso trip is like any other. Every detail can be customized with the help of a travel specialist to capture the perfect Europe trip designed for you.

Start exploring with the Zicasso 2022 Travel Guide for our top itineraries for Italy, Greece, Spain, France and beyond.

Customize and Personalize Your Vacation

Big Ben and Westminster bridge in the London evening

London, England

If you are ready to visit Europe and bring your travel dreams to life, our travel specialists are destination experts and can guide your plans based on your preferences, goals, needs, and desires. Their local connections and ability to surprise you with innovative ideas will result in a customized vacation tailored to make this next trip your best one yet.

By filling out a Trip Request, we will match you with at least two travel specialists who are experts on your preferred destination or destinations. They will compete for your business by learning what the most important factors are for you and design a personalized tour based on your dream trip. You can use the sample itineraries on our site for inspiration to see what is possible.

With Europe incredibly popular with travelers all around the world, you should not delay in making your plans to ensure your preferred destinations and activities. You can speak with a travel specialist by filling out a Trip Request or by calling our team at 1-888-265-9707.

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