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6 Reasons You Should Choose Tanzania for Your Safari

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Zebras in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Zebras in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Ideally located along Africa’s East Coast, Tanzania offers a world of exploration and is a destination to consider for your safari.

Safaris and game adventures are the key focus for any visitor, with various options in location and opportunities to appeal to all safari inclinations. Famous game parks give way to lesser-known reserves, with Swahili tradition found throughout every property.

With fantastic safari options complemented by the white sandy beaches of Zanzibar, you can create a safari vacation that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.


  1. 1. Explore Captivating Game Reserves
  2. 2. Find An Abundance of Wildlife
  3. 3. Witness The Great Migration
  4. 4. Be in Awe of Mount Kilimanjaro
  5. 5. Take a Beach and Bush Vacation
  6. 6. Enjoy Amazing Culture and Cuisine
  7. How to Get your Safari Plans Started

1. Explore Captivating Game Reserves

Wildlife in Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Wildlife in Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

The National Parks of Tanzania offer varying playgrounds, each one creating the ideal habitat for its most popular inhabitants. The expanse of the Serengeti, the permanent Tarangire River running through the park with the same name or the magic of the Ngorongoro Crater created in a caldera. Lake Manyara brings splashes of pink across the lake as the flamingos gather and off the beaten track reserves in the south, such as Selous or Ruaha. The sights and sounds of the Tanzania safari circuits impress, and the quality of the safari experience is high.

The northern circuit includes the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Lake Manyara and forms the ideal Tanzania safari. Starting out in Arusha, travelers embark on a true journey of a lifetime. Spending at least two nights in each park allows safari-goers to experience not just the incredible wildlife, but also a variety of settings, sights, and sounds.

2. Find An Abundance of Wildlife

Herd of giraffes on the savanna in Tanzania

Herd of giraffes on the savanna in Tanzania

Tanzania is known for its quantities of animals. Parks and reserves teem with numbers of wildebeest, zebra, and antelope, to name a few. They are home to the Big Five and so much more. The Great Migration brings the parks to life, and a variety of wildlife and birds firmly establish Tanzania as the perfect safari destination. Some of the largest herds of plains game can be found in Tanzanian parks, and witnessing them in their natural habitat is breathtaking.

Qualified guides know the territory and assure that safari wishlists are fulfilled as much as possible. Safari itineraries can include early morning game drives or perhaps a walking safari or a hot air balloon at sunrise. Many enjoy just glancing out over the vast savanna from their private deck, where you might spot an elephant coming to drink at a nearby waterhole. Each day welcomes new activity and excitement in the bush, and how you experience them all is up to you.

3. Witness The Great Migration

Great migration in Northern Serengeti, Tanzania

Great migration in Northern Serengeti, Tanzania

The chance to see the Great Migration is a highlight for any safari. Animals migrate year-round, with the great river crossings presenting the “greatest show on earth” at peak times during the year. Watch thousands of wildebeest, zebra, and antelope cross the Mara River in June and July and return to the beloved Serengeti in late spring. The migration is a spectacle like no other, captured through the eyes of the soul and camera, witnessing this great event is one of the greatest moments in life.

For those who wish to make this occurrence a highlight of their African safari, plan your trip accordingly. A year-round destination, the Serengeti puts on this spectacle a couple of times a year. Ensuring you are in the right place at the right time requires some careful planning to bring your chances of witnessing the migration in the best spot possible.

4. Be in Awe of Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

Known as the world’s highest single free-standing mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro is a well-known icon of Tanzania and piques the interest of many who visit. To catch a glimpse or embark on a climb to the summit is an excellent addition to a safari itinerary. The mountain is the tallest in Africa and includes five distinct climate zones, and hikes range from easy to challenging. For those who reach the top, it is a pure celebration when one reaches the peak at Uhuru - Swahili for “freedom.”

There are several routes to climb, varying in length and difficulty. Some prefer more of a challenge, while other adventurers have their eye on the peak and want to ensure they make it as comfortably as possible. An individual endeavor or a group mission, being in the hands of qualified guides and encouraged along by friendly porters, the journey is a prize itself. For those just wanting to stand in awe, it is a beautiful moment to get to the base to take in the magnificence of the mountain.

5. Take a Beach and Bush Vacation

Beautiful beach and resort in Zanzibar

Beautiful beach and resort in Zanzibar

What better place to sit and reflect on your recent safari than the Idyllic island of Zanzibar. A game experience is invigorating and thrilling, and after time spent on safari, some downtime in paradise may be quite appealing. A short flight from either the Serengeti, Arusha or Kilimanjaro airports makes this combination quite possible.

Luxury resorts and boutique hideaways await a short distance from Tanzania’s safari circuit. Unwind in paradise and discover more of what Tanzania offers through culture, cuisine, and a beach escape. Spend your first night in historical Stonetown to explore the spice route and the rich local art before moving out to the coast for your well-deserved time out.

6. Enjoy Amazing Culture and Cuisine

Two Maasai warriors in Tanzania

Two Maasai warriors in Tanzania

Noted as one of the most ethnically diverse countries in Africa, Tanzania stands unified and proud. Over 100 languages are spoken, with Swahili and English as the two most popular. Arab and Asian influences are prominent as well as the Maasai of the Great Rift Valley, and Indian influences stand out with spices of all kinds incorporated with local favorites always on offer throughout the country.

Both on the safari circuit and in cities and towns such as Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar, the rich blend of culture is unmistakable. Your Maasai guides on safari will share their history with you through stories, and local non-safari guides show you local delights such as the spice route, prison island, and dolphin tours. From lodge to resort, meals are prepared with heart, flavored with local ingredients and flare. From the capital of Dar es Salaam to the luxury lodges and the historic town of Stonetown, the cuisine of Tanzania is vibrant and delicious.

How to Get your Safari Plans Started

Lions in Tanzania

Lions in Tanzania

With a focus on game and safaris, Tanzania presents a menu of quality parks and reserves to choose from. Outstanding safaris combined with a captivating cultural and culinary experience enhanced by the option to relax on the coast of the Indian ocean, make this destination a top one to consider for your next safari experience. Learn more at our Africa Safari Guide, and explore sample safari itineraries for more inspiration. Whatever your safari dreams, your Zicasso safari specialist is a destination expert and ready to answer your questions to help you find the right destination for you. Ready to start planning? Fill out a Trip Request, or call our Traveler Care team at 1-888-265-9707.

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