Morocco Tour for Solo Travelers: Discovery, Culture & Cooking Course

A 8 day trip to Morocco 
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Berber elders tell you the legends of the rolling desert landscape when sitting around a campfire underneath the stars. Lush oases sprout out of rugged, arid scenery as if you had stumbled upon a hidden palm forest. Snake charmers fill the bustling square with jovial music and dance with a winding serpent. Your custom tailored Morocco tour for solo travelers provides you with the majesty of myths, the splendor of the coastline, the wonders of the desert, and the marvels of the mountains. This vacation is designed to provide comforts to the solo traveler with the freedom of unfettered exploration.

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Places Visited 

Marrakech, Todra Gorge, Merzouga, Nkob, Aït Ben Haddou, Essaouira, Tineghir

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Safe Surroundings and Vibrant Beginnings

Marrakech is a different and absorbing world. The city embodies the exotic charms of North Africa and the enchanting culture known around the world as particularly Moroccan. Snake charmers fill Djemma El Fna Square with vivacious music. Rooftop cafes emanate the scent of freshly brewed green tea zested with zaatar. Minarets embolden the skyline, rising over the labyrinthine streets of the city and perforating the sky with history. When you arrive at the airport, one of our travel agents for Morocco will arrange for your private transfer to greet you at the airport. You will then be escorted to your accommodation. Friendly and welcoming faces await you at your hotel.

The 11th-century ambiance of Marrakech thrives in the Medina, the Old City. Narrow lanes lead to hidden alleyways marked by brick arches. The marketplace displays a kaleidoscope of spices. Shoes dangle like beaded curtains around the doorways of various shops, each shoe decorated with lively colors. The city is alive with splendor, from the historic 16th-century Madrassa Ben Youssef to the eclectic collection of the city’s past and present inside the 20th-century Marrakech Museum.

You immediately feel accepted in the safe and charming environment of the city, eager to explore the far reaches of history, culture, and landscape spread across Morocco. 

What’s Included: transfer, dinner, accommodation

Day 2: Reaching Ancient Berbers

In the morning, you find the scent of orange zest flavoring your tea. Anise seeds and orange flower water add a herbaceous and sweet flavor to the freshly baked rolls. The sounds of the city come to life with the Call to Prayer emanating across the city from the 12th-century minaret of Koutoubia Mosque. After breakfast, your guide meets you in the hotel lobby and whisks you out of the city of Marrakech venturing east.

The staggering peaks of the Saghrou Mountains flank the town of Nkob. Palm trees rise over the arid grounds with waving leaves in the gentle breeze. The two encircling oases stand out from the vast, barren landscape. The rugged mountains look down on the emerald treetops and golden brick town. Nkob once had 45 kasbahs due to its importance along the trade route with the famous city of Timbuktu. The aroma of dates and almonds drift from the trees. Camels pass by the rolling foothills nearby.

From atop one of the many kasbahs of Nkob, you have an unparalleled view of the landscape, the streets, and the architecture. The sun feels good in the cool mountain air. Boutique shops line the main street filled with traditional Berber clothing, cosmetics, and locally produced treats organically grown in the oasis. The Berber culture is thriving in the uniqueness of Nkob. The locals are eager to meet you and show you to their henna fields and water wells. The fun and exciting environment situated alongside the panoramic views from the rooftops only enhances your time in town.

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, transfer, accommodation

Day 3: Desert Stories

The morning light overtakes the shadows from the foothills and shines across the mountainside. At breakfast, you find your tea delightfully sweetened with honey. After your meal, you set out from Nkob venturing into the Sahara and arriving in the town of Merzouga. Your stop is brief before you hop on a camel and venture out into the depths of the Sahara Desert. The Sahara is the largest in the world, encompassing more than five million square miles. The camel sways from side to side, which makes the ride seem more like you are at sea than crossing the desert sands.

The landscape turns from rugged flat land to rolling hills in the distance. Your guide explains that you have arrived at the edges of Erg Chebbi, a shape-shifting landscape of sand dunes stretching more than 17 miles. The dunes rise dramatically above what had been a flat landscape. The camel sets down, dropping to its front knees, then its back knees, before you can dismount.

When the sun begins to set, you find an ethereal glow to the dunes, cast in shades of pink, purple, and orange. The stars shimmer in the night sky. You settle into your Berber camp with locals, happy to share the legend of the sand dunes.

What’s Included: breakfast, dinner, transfer, tour, accommodation

Day 4: Touching Land Like a Local

In the morning, the sunrise turns the rolling, sandy landscape from dark blue to gold. You travel back to Merzouga by camelback and begin your venture into Todra Gorge. The village of Tineghir almost blends into the mountains in the background. An oasis decorates the foreground. The stories told by the Berber hosts from the previous night permeate more than in your thoughts, but also the scenery, turning every tree, mountain, and home into another legend. The palm grove shades crumbling historic houses compiled from mud. The breeze carries the scent of dates emanating from the trees.

The Glaoui Kasbah watches over the town. Doors line the passageways turning the old Kasbah into a maze. The quiet halls and pathways around the complex make it feel like you have stumbled upon a secret. The upper floors offer a view of the Imarene River. The reception hall offers a glimpse into the former luxuries of the complex, decorated in Andalusian style, glowing with remnants of zellij.

Once in Todra Gorge, rock walls rising up to 525 feet line the tiny stream, remains of the staggering river that helped carve the massive walls. Niches and caves litter the cliffs. Hiking trails lead you to Berber villages and hidden palm trees dripping with ripe dates.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, tour, accommodation

Day 5: Truth About Tagine

In the morning, you sip the simple pleasure of your green tea flavored with vibrant mint leaves. The rustic red hues of the gorge brighten underneath the sunlight. After your meal, your guide leads you along the Road of 1,000 Kasbahs, winding through ruins and remains of Morocco’s caravan trail history, taking you to the town of Ouarzazate.

The Kasbah of Aït Ben Haddou is located on the foothills of the High Atlas Mountain’s southern slopes. It was erected in the 17th-century and contains a grouping of dwellings inside defensive walls, each section reinforced by an angle tower. The entire complex resembles an urban castle decorated with clay brick motifs. The Kasbah shines red or gold depending on the angle of the sun and ascends the hillside.

The city was recently used as a location in parts of the hit series Game of Thrones. The Granary sits on the hilltop overlooking the city. When you stroll along the old earthen walls, you have a panorama of the pebbled mountain slopes and an introduction into the architectural designs of pre-Saharan techniques. A number of families reside in the old citadel.

Exploring the streets, you can find a young woman weaving clothing outside of her doorstep on the city stairs. She nods and smiles at you. The colors of her woven garment stand out against the cream-colored stone of the city. Later in the day, you meet you private chef and guide who will lead you through the steps to perfect the delectable cultural cuisine of tagine.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, tour, accommodation

Day 6: Foothills and Waves

The outline of the earthen city of Ouarzazate fades behind the mountains. You venture down the foothills and into the olive groves, past the vineyards outside of Marrakech, and onto the Atlantic Coastline at Essaouira. Fishing boats bob in the soft light of the afternoon. The white walls of the former Portuguese city shine brightly against the ocean. The aroma of freshly grilled seafood drifts down the meandering alleyways of the walled town, with hints of garlic and lemon.

A nearby vineyard started in the mid-1990s was born out of the fertile soil lush with olive trees. Now the 30-acre vineyard has combined grapes from the French Rhone Valley with the rugged soil of Southern Morocco to create something refreshingly new. Your guide leads you through the vineyard and points out the verdant vines and fragrant land plowed by camels. The winery’s distance to the coastline makes it that much more luscious, incorporating subtle tastes of the sea brought by the terrain and breeze. The white wine offers a refreshing hint of fruit and limestone. The wine is perfect on a hot day, with a view of the waves brushing up against the shore.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, tour, accommodation

Day 7: The Friendliness of Cities by the Sea

The slow simmer of a sausage and egg tagine provides a succulent flavor and comforting aroma to the morning. The accompanying beghrir, a semolina pancake, tastes best when spread with honey and butter. After breakfast, the day is yours to delight in the beauty of the old city of Essaouira. The Portuguese constructed the walled city in the 18th-century to protect their trade interest, linking Morocco with Sub-Saharan Africa. Etchings of crescent moons decorate the arched gate leading to one of the oldest parts of the city.

Blue stalls line the walkways highlighting the fresh catches of the day, from giant crab to mussels, and even sardines. Small fishing boats wade in the harbor after returning from the morning catch. You can hear the water crash against the shore, even over the jovial calls of fish vendors. Windsurfers use the ocean breeze to catch air, sometimes enough to flip over a wave and land safely on top of the water.

In the afternoon, you can take in the best view of the city at a rooftop café, with a panorama of the city walls, streets, and ocean. Your view is accompanied by rhythmic music capturing the spirit of the city.

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 8: Individual Departure

Local homes open their windows to the morning breeze to let in the cool air. The aroma of msemen, a fresh pan-fried pancake, is one of the most popular breakfast dishes in Morocco, casts a spell of nostalgia on the majority of locals. The soothing sounds of the tide ebbing over the sand stretch along the coastline. Seagulls encircle the outer walls of the fish market. Colorful shops decorate the narrow, winding streets of the Medina, and bring vibrancy to the whitewashed houses with antique wooden doors. The city encapsulates the images of Morocco.

Soon, your private transfer will lead you back to Marrakech for your flight home. You have enjoyed the freedom of this tour for solo travels, and can always extend your stay in Morocco, or even cross the Strait of Gibraltar to Spain.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer


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