Amazing Italy Tour to Amalfi Coast, Capri, Positano and Rome

A 10 day trip to Italy 
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A picturesque canvas of seaside towns inhabited with warm indigenous hospitality and a vibrant beach culture, the Amalfi coast is Italy’s meridian of relaxation and beauty. In Positano, sip champagne and dine on seafood at one of the many gourmet restaurants along the crystal blue seashore and find yourself enjoying a gelato at “The Terrace of Infinity” in Ravello, perched upon the jagged cliffs that overlook the Mediterranean. Travel back through ancient civilization and visit the marvels that define Rome, Capri and the Amalfi Coast. Embark on this luxury tour of Italy that combines modern comforts with historic Italian delights. 

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General Information

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Detailed Itinerary

Places Visited 

Positano, Capri, Rome

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Benvenuti a Lusso!

Arrive in Naples and a private transfer will take you along the scenic coastline to Positano. On this drive of a lifetime, feel yourself become energized looking out at seaside towns like Positano, Amalfi and Ravello that stretch along this coastal highway. Pastel colored landscapes of natural scenery are etched into mountains that from afar exude an archaic enchantment.

Prepare to feel even giddier when you step into your luxury hotel and relish not only in the stunning beauty of its elegant Mediterranean design, but the fact that for the next week you’ll retreat to an art-deco suite with a balcony that looks out to an incredible view of the Amalfi Coast

After unwinding in your junior suite, indulge in some of the resort’s hospitality. Venture up to the private pool and take an afternoon swim as you view the charming town of Positano below you.  Sip your first glass of wine poolside in the calmer ambiance of spectacular views.  

Revitalized from your afternoon dip in a rooftop pool, enjoy an evening stroll to the center and to the lively boardwalk. Choose to dine from an array of waterfront restaurants filled with friendly locals who eagerly await to serve their seafood delicacies. Have a peaceful dinner as you watch the sunset and listen to the ocean waves around you. Sheer contentment is as gratifying as a plate of fresh grilled sea bass or ‘Branzino’ caught that day.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation

Day 2: A Luxuriate Positano

After a gourmet buffet breakfast at the hotel, you’ll have the day to explore Positano at your leisure. An aesthetically dramatic town, Positano is connected by winding cobble stone streets and stairways that lead up to extraordinary towering cliffs. Browse the quaint shops filled with artisan crafts and vibrant handmade garments while working your way up the lively city streets. It is a timeless experience to visit the upper levels of the city and look out at a postcard view of paradise surrounded by the endless Mediterranean.

Another perk of your resort is that it’s incredibly close to the beach. Head out and explore the beach known for its dark and gravelly sand. In the afternoon grab a book and sunbathe, finding a comfy sunbed. Enjoy a few hours catching up with a book and building a tan.

In the evening, enjoy a romantic but mellow dinner in the comfort of your hotel. The hotel restaurant has a great atmosphere and the view from their patio is as visually delicious as their dishes of homemade pasta and seafood.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 3: Full Day Excursion: Gems of the Mediterranean Sea

Get ready for a memorable excursion on a boat along the Amalfi coastline. Set sail on an internationally fabulous and fun experience. Visit an array of ancient utopian dreamlands only accessible from the sea

Cruising along crystal clear waters, pass the delightful shoreline of Praiano and have an afternoon coffee at Bar del Sole situated in the quaint city center where many of the natives and fishermen frequent. Witness the glow that sparkles from rich blue and green colors shining off the Emerald Grotto’s cavern walls in Conca dei Marini. 

After building an appetite from splashing around the Amalfi’s heavenly inlets and divine coves, an indulgent three course meal accompanied by some of the region’s finest wines will follow at a small seaside restaurant situated over its own private beach.  You’ll return to Positano in the early evening completely satisfied and ready to unwind on your terrace over the majestic sea you uncovered earlier that day. 

What’s Included: gourmet lunch with regional wine, small group guided boat tour of Amalfi, accommodation

Day 4: The Tranquility of Ravello

There’s an allure to Ravello, a rural village nestled high in the hills upon a jagged cliffside that’s both charming and mysterious. A majestic landscape of breath taking views, ancient cathedrals and villas built upon ornate and lush gardens, it seems that Ravello itself was designed to embody tranquility. For centuries, it’s wooed artistic legends like Greta Garbo and authors D.H. Lawrence, Tennessee Williams and Gore Vidal, who come to escape in its peaceful and calming ambiance. Today it continues to be a haven where Hollywood’s celebrities and elite vacation.   

After wandering the manicured gardens of Villa Rufolo and the medieval cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, end the day with an unforgettable evening of classical music with a concert that overlooks panoramic views of the sea.

What’s Included: pre-reserved classical music concert, transfer, accommodation

Day 5:  The Archeological Masterpieces of Pompeii

Today you’ll have an opportunity to transport thousands of years back in time and behold a distant period of human culture. With convenient round trip transfers to Pompeii, travel with ease an hour north to a city rebuilt after a catastrophic eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Completely destroyed and buried under ashes for nearly 1,700 years, it has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site and allows visitors to behold the life of the city. 

For an additional cost, a guided tour will be organized to navigate the archaeological maze of stones and rubble to the cities most sacred monuments that exude a sinister charm. Have a majestic adventure with a rustic hike up Mt. Vesuvius, about a 45 minute climb. Behold the profound depth of the volcano’s ancient rocky crater; it's chilling to peer down at its delicate and calm streams. Truly a majestic endeavor, the top of this steep structure has stunning landscape views that look out over the bay of Naples.

What’s Included: transfer to Pompeii, accommodation

Day 6:  The Nautical Blue Heart of Capri

Ending a luxurious stay in Positano you’ll feel content as you board the hydrofoil and jet set off to Capri, a stunning Island that will captivate you with grottos and caves of illuminating beauty tucked under the overhang of the towns staggering mountains.  

The aesthetic beauty and splendor that circulates the island is also embedded within the boutique resort where savvy travelers vacation to relish in the chic ambiance and superior services provided for its guests.  You’ll enjoy two blissful nights in a dazzling white villa that extends along the cliffs above Marina Grande. Rich in décor and architectural charm, the suites are painted in vibrant colors like nautical blue and white and decorated with antique delights like shelves filled with library books. The interior is as glamorous as the outdoor view of an endlessly blue iridescent Tyrrhenian Sea twinkling from the distance. 

Wander the streets around the lively square, known as ‘La Piazzetta’ in the heart of Capri and splurge on hand crafted sandals and a fragrance created by locals from the Carthusia perfume factory that will always remind you of paradise. After shopping, cool off with a refreshing glass of Limoncello, and savor the region’s local flavors at an outdoor café before you sail off into a remarkable sunset. 

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation at Hotel La Minerva

Day 7: The Sacred Rocks and Caves of Capri

Enjoy a day at leisure to explore Capri. When you descend the port in Capri, enjoy lunch at a local pizzeria before diving into sacred landmarks on a boat trip to the Blue Grotto and much more. Your local captains at Gianni's Boat will accompany you to the magic of an ancient cave, thought to be haunted by evil spirits centuries ago during Emperor Tiberius' ruling. A slow boat ride through the Blue Grotto makes you stare in awe at the natural beauty of this cherished cavern. Visit a surreal cove filled with an eerie and celestial light that glimmers off the surface of its signature blue waters.   

To gain a full understanding of the brilliance that embodies this piccola Mediterranean island, stroll along the coastal path and encounter three large rock foundations. The rocks protrude up and out of the richly colored sea of crystal blue and emerald-green waters near the island coast. A quiet and peaceful activity, it’s enlightening to gaze out at the symbolic formations of the Faraglioni Rocks, a trio of primitive artistic masterpiece.

What’s Included: boat tour with Gianni's Boat, accommodation at Hotel La Minerva

Day 8: The Artistic Treasures of Vatican City

It's a bittersweet morning as you depart from Capri. Enjoy a comfy first class ride to Rome and find a friendly guide waiting to assist you at your hotel. You’ll spend the next two days discovering the city’s invigorating sites from one of the most prestigious hotels. From its famous central location on Via Veneto, wander a short distance through the splendid cobble stone streets. Find the area bustling with locals and surrounded by Renaissance structures that ooze charisma. You'll find the stairway of the Spanish Steps, a Rome landmark known in Europe for its widest staircases in the region. Many locals and travelers can be seen enjoying the view and the weather on the steps. The towering church of Trinita dei Monti sits at the top. 

Frolic in sheer delight around the Vatican Museum, an artist’s playground of Renaissance, classical and contemporary treasures. Stimulate your senses for history and Italian culture within Renaissance landmarks like The Sistine Chapel and Saint Peter's Basilica as you witness the most extraordinary masterpieces of the world. 

Have dinner around Campo de' Fiori, a popular square outlined with restaurants, outdoor cafes, nightclubs and theaters. Enjoy a plate of Fiori di zucca, a starter of courgette flowers filled with mozzarella cheese and anchovies, while absorbing the heritage and cosmopolitan ambiance that fills this popular area of the city.

What’s Included: transfer, first class train tickets, breakfast, small group guided tour of the Vatican, accommodation

Day 9: A Taste of the Sweet Roman Life

With over 2,500 years of history, culture, art, and prominent architecture, Rome captures the spirit of Italy’s past glory and today’s modern society. Jumpstart your imagination and transform into an emperor walking along the “Sacred Way,” the main pathway of the Roman Forum that dazzled with boisterous processions and festivals. Arrive at the temple where the supernatural aura of Julius Caesar dwells. Learn the mythology while standing inside the Colosseum and hear the bizarre tales of gladiators, gory battles and executions that took place in this legendary amphitheater.   

Enjoy the afternoon shopping around Trastevere, a lively neighborhood with buskers, street performers and market vendors. Not only known for its radiance, the area has terra cotta structures, and charisma that are outlined with elegant palaces, millennium-old churches, basilicas, opulent statues and ornate fountains. After your imagination uncovers a wealth of history, spoil your palette with a food tour of Trastevere, including ten tastings of traditional foods and wines. While sampling some of Rome's finest foods, meet the families who have been making the region’s specialties for generations.

Before you retreat back to luxury quarters and prepare your belongings, stand amongst a somber Neptune springing outwards on a winged chariot drawn by leaping sea-horses over the Trevi Fountain. Admire the artwork that surrounds the waters, and its tradition of tossing a coin in its water to ensure your return to Rome.

What’s Included: breakfast, small group guided tour of Ancient Rome, food tour in Trastevere, accommodation

Day 10: Ciao Italia! 

Depart for home. 


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