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The islands of the Western Cyclades will enchant you during your personalized Greece tour that will immerse you in charming villages with whitewashed homes overlooking azure waters. Explore Athens, travel Milos, and uncover the subtle jewels of Sifnos to bring the islands out from the shadows of their more famous neighbors. With a combination of history, relaxation, and culture you will have the grandeur of the Cyclades. Lounge on the beach, wander eclectic churches, take in unique landscapes, and enjoy antiquity at your leisure with the perfect island-hopping experience in Greece.

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Athens, Acropolis, Milos, Sifnos, Apollonia, Kilma Rock Dwellings, Kastro

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Athens – Athens with a Remarkable Historical Introductory Tour

The grandeur of Athens dates back more than 3,000 years including the flourishing strength of the Golden Age and the beauty that emerged from the unification of modern Greece in the nineteenth century. The city now acts as much as an entryway to the epic cultural wonders of classical antiquity as a gateway to breathtaking islands of sprouting from the Aegean Sea. Your private transfer will greet you at the Athens International Airport upon your flight’s arrival to escort you into the heart of the contemporary city.

Byzantine churches glint with golden mosaics and marble ancient sites gleam in the spreading sunlight. The scent of baklava drifts out of the local cafes while restaurants fill with the aroma of roast lamb. Your guide will greet you in the lobby of your hotel ready to immerse you in the enchanting history of Athens. The Temple of the Olympian Zeus was erected in the former Roman section of the city under the patronage of Emperor Hadrian in the second century AD.

The temple’s original size extended to nearly 135 feet wide by 354 feet long flanked by a double colonnade of eight columns. Standing in the shadow of the dramatic temple represents a design fitting for the king of the gods. You continue to the top of the Acropolis at the center of ancient life. The Parthenon is the most famous piece of architecture on the holy plateau and was erected between the fifth and fourth centuries BC. The sacred shrine paid homage to Athena, the patron goddess of the city with a design that would become the epitome of classical Greek style.

What’s Included: airport transfer, accommodation, tour

Day 2: Milos – Enjoy the Scenic Flight to Milos with the Day at your Leisure

In the morning, your private transfer will greet you in your hotel lobby and escort you to the airport for your flight to Milos. The volcanic Greek island is connected to the Cyclades archipelago with settlements dating back to early Christian times. The island is often overlooked for its more famous neighbor, Santorini, but the quiet streets and spectacular views of the shimmering crystal-clear azure waters reward visitors who have ventured slightly away from the beaten path.

Relax in the tranquil capital of Milos, Plaka, with marvelous views overlooking the Gulf of Milos. The sunlight will gleam against the whitewashed walls and colorful window frames that decorate the cobbled lanes. The archeological museum possesses a replica of the Venus de Milo, the famous ancient statue discovered on the island of Milos in 1820. The mouthwatering aroma of grilled seafood blends with the briny aroma of the sea breeze. The typical hilltop town of the Paka is located at 722 feet above sea level offering the best views of the island, as well as the thirteenth-century Venetian castle once protecting the island from pirates and Ottomans. Tiled alleyways lead to the picturesque church of Ypapanti of Christ, an alluring religious site built in the eighteenth century decorated with a coat of arms of the Duke of Naxos.

What’s Included: airport transfer, accommodation, breakfast,

Day 3: Milos – Indulge in the Luxuries of the Villages, Beaches, and History

Before the sunlight bakes the rugged interior of the island, you will set out on an early trek to the eroded rocks of Sarakiniko. Located on the northeastern edge of Milos, the lunar landscape strikes a unique contrast to the pebbled beaches captured in the snow-white rocks sloping towards the small caves. Wandering around the unique gray rocks highlights a different side of the island’s scenery juxtaposing with the relaxing sounds of the lapping water that leads into caves hidden beneath exposed flat boulders.

Exploring Milos will immerse you in the quiet pace and charming lifestyle of the island ranging from gorgeous beaches to ancient history leading you to the Catacombs of Tripiti village. The entire complex is located over 492 feet above sea level and encompasses one of the oldest Christian catacombs in the world. Archeologists believe approximately 5,000 people remain buried in the catacombs among the ancient etchings and conserved mosaics.

Far below the catacombs stands the syrmata, the island’s customary fishermen’s encampments. The lower-level contains brightly painted doors where locals store their boats during rough weather while the upstairs acts as the family home. Many of the structures remain in use but have been incorporated into the rocky landscape protecting the structure, boats, and people during rough weather. You will be able to explore, and do so as the pace of your choosing.

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 4: Sifnos – Relish the Ferry to Sifnos for a Picturesque Relaxing Day

Before the ferry leaves for Sifnos, you can spend time at the famous Ancient Theater from which the Aphrodite of Milos was uncovered. The site was erected in the second century BC with the statue reflecting the symmetrical beauty and eye for detail of the ancient world. The theater could hold up 700 spectators with a recent renovation returning the spectacular acoustics to their original splendor in the Hellenistic Age. After some time spent at the theater, you will board the ferry and set sail across the cobalt waters of the Aegean Sea for a scenic journey before reaching Sifnos.

Upon approaching the small island, you will find the idyllic architecture of the Cyclades shining against the rugged mountainous terrain. As the smaller sister of Paros, the island contains a hidden allure in the shadow of the larger, more famous beaches. The charm quickly takes you in with active ceramicists, a refreshingly tranquil ambiance, and the aroma of fresh seafood crusted with fragrant herbs. With the remainder of the day at your leisure, you can step into the splendor of Kastro Village for a delightful look at the panoramic view that captures the Aegean Sea and the remains of the former castle established in the fifteenth century.

Narrow streets lead to small courtyards brimming bougainvillea and old mansions glint with bleached walls and blue window panes. Visit a local ceramics shop and studio for a unique perspective on the history of ceramics on the island and around Greece. The artist will explain how the clay-based soil and abundant year-round sunlight has helped pottery thrive in the area for around 3,000 years. Most historical ceramicists produced pots and water holders, but contemporary artists in Kastro continue the legacy by crafting plates, pots, and decorative vases.

What’s Included: airport transfer, accommodation, breakfast,

Day 5: Sifnos – The Fascinating and Charming Island of Sifnos at your Pace

In the morning, the golden sunlight shines over the excavated hilltop acropolis first settled during the Mycenaean period in the thirteenth century BC. The sixteenth-century monastery of Panagia Chrissopigi was built atop a rock and has sustained an atmosphere of mystery and mysticism through the belief it hosts miraculous powers. The day is yours to explore and discover the beauty of Sifnos at your preferred pace by navigating the local towns or relaxing on the magnificent beaches.

Platis Gialos is the most famous beach on the island and is distinguished for its sunsets. Tavernas at the edge of the pebbled coastline fill the air with the aroma of the local cuisine while the whitewater gently curls against the strand. The sunbeds and umbrellas offer a place of refreshment on a small section of the 3,280-foot long beach wedged between the tufts of trees and calm waters. The sweeping view of the water is best with a cold, crisp drink on the gorgeous hot day. After spending time on the sand, you can wander the island in search of the 76 ancient towers that dot the landscape with each structure constructed between the sixth and third centuries BC hovering over buried shards of ancient pots.

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 6: Athens – Return to Milos and Return to Athens on a Quick Scenic Flight

The town of Apollonia spreads across three neighboring hills connected by narrow streets glow with the whitewashed Cycladic houses opening to small public squares. Charming boutique shops open their doors to passersby, and the scent of Greek coffee drifts out of the local cafe terraces. The relaxing ambiance spreads through town and over the terraces climbing up the hillside. As the capital of the island, the structures take on the design of amphitheater shining against the towering summits in the background. Vineyards grow along the terraces and fields outside the town of Exabela leading to one of the 336 churches on the island.

In the late morning, your private transfer will escort you from the scenic lobby of your gorgeous accommodations to the port for your transfer back to Milos and your flight back to Athens. The city once again fills with the lively ambiance of the contemporary cafes, restaurants, and bars filling the Akropoli, which surrounds the New Acropolis Museum. The museum was designed to match the impressive stature of the neighboring Acropolis looking to the summit of the religious site crowned with the Parthenon. The upper floor contains the remarkable Parthenon Marbles which decorated the legendary structure as bas-reliefs retelling the impressive myths and legends prominent in ancient Greek life.

What’s Included: airport transfer, accommodation, breakfast,

Day 7: Athens – Depart for Home

In the late afternoon, visitors from around the world stand in Syntagma Square to view the celebrated Changing of the Guards. The ceremony takes place each hour with a grander celebration occurring on Sunday at 11 am in front of the stage of the Hellenic Parliament. The Royal Guard wears a uniform of red Evzone’s hats, black tuft, white shirt, and traditional shoes with nails attached to the sole. The colorful garments accentuate the synchronized movements of the guards both leaving their stations and the new sentinels taking their place in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. After one last morning to take it all in, your private transfer will greet you in the comforts of your hotel lobby and escort you to Athens’s international airport for your flight home.

What’s Included: airport transfer, breakfast


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