Athens & Santorini Honeymoon Package

A 7 day trip to Greece 
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Love has always lured people away from home in search of greatness; now you can have it all by honeymooning in Greece. Dreamy ruins that set the world alight, classic architecture that brings you within the steps of a photo, sitting along the horizon at sunset, all within your awe-inspiring holiday. Be swept away by the antiquity of Athens where the Parthenon lingers over the modern city. Indulge along the ridges of the caldera of Santorini. Revel in luxury, celebrate in style, and rejoice with Eros. 

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General Information

Group of donkeys parked along a step-road from Ammoudi to Oia, Greece
An infinity pool view blending into the Aegean Sea in the background | Grace Hotel, Auberge Resorts in Santorini, Greece
Detailed Itinerary

Places Visited 

Athens, Acropolis, The New Museum, Parthenon, Temple of Zeus, Santorini, Oia, Fira 

Departure Dates 

Dates are flexible and customizable for private departures.

Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: A Meeting with Eros

You are welcomed to Athens at the airport where you will meet your private transfer into the city proper. The arid hills on the outskirts of the city bring rise to olive groves, the creamy aroma of the trees filling the car. Pass over the hill and the columns of the Acropolis tower over the city below. You have arrived with Eros, the God of Love, guiding you through the streets of the city. Enjoy a stroll down the Plaka, one of the oldest streets of Athens, where traditional mansions line the pathway, restaurateurs guide you into their family owned cafes, and the candied scent of baklava swirls through the air. The sun sets and the Acropolis shines over city like the moon.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation

Day 2: Favor of the Gods

Wake to the sunlight over the city of Athens. The Acropolis greets you with praise and favor, and a fabulous view of the temples from every direction. Venture into the history of the city and of Greece on a private tour. Your guide leads you through a variety of fascinating historical and contemporary sites of the city, from the Palace of King Otto I, now used as Parliament, to the manicured gardens where roses and carnations drift along the breeze. When you step foot along the marbled steps of the Acropolis the full realization of western history comes into view. The Propylaea stands as the entryway to the opulent temples on the citadel. The columns are detailed in their rigid design that welcomes you to the famed Parthenon. The Temple of Athena is a building of perfection looking out onto the city of the goddess’s namesake. The breeze flutters the large Greek flag that hangs over the plateau as a matter of pride, for their past, the future, and the Golden Age’s effect on history.

As part of the tour you will have the grand treat of visiting Cape Sounion as well, where the Temple of Poseidon stands just outside of Athens. The Cape is mentioned as part of Homer’s The Odyssey, looking out over the turquoise water of the Aegean Sea. The pillars of the temple’s remains are sectioned and layered, pieced together like a puzzle to allow some elasticity during earthquakes. The pristine color continues to blend into the clouds as it stands against the hypnotic blue of the sea. The antique marble gives an earthy touch to the sweetness of the water that whirls around the temple. You return to Athens ready for the romantic lights of the city’s evening.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, tour, accommodation

Day 3: An Affectionate Voyage

The glow of ages and legends fades from the sky as you venture to the airport for your flight to Santorini. The water below shimmers three shades of blue as you arrive on the stretch of the crescent shaped island. At the port you will be met by a semi-private transfer that will take you up to the sensational panorama of the island, and on to your hotel. Once in the comfort of your luxurious accommodations you can look out over the cliff where the craggy rise of the volcano is surrounded by the brush of waves within the prominent caldera. The breeze wafts over the balcony. The air is touched with ocean mist and earth. You can see the opulent white buildings topped with blue roofs reaching across the island bringing all the romantic images in your head to life. 

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, accommodation

Day 4: The Efficacy of Leisure

Sunrise washes over the houses of the island giving the walls a pink sheen in the morning light. Your day brings with it the majesty of leisure, where any possibility is at your fingertips. Explore the remarkable villages of the island, each one offering a different culture and air to your holiday; or you could visit the famous Red Beach of Santorini where the oxidized cliff burns a sensational red over the black sand shore. Lounge beneath the fiery cliff and press your toes along the hot, black sand. The colorful doors of the changing rooms pop beneath the rustic red of the earth, giving a celebratory flair to the thin strip of the beach.

Dive into the cool water where the only thing more refreshing than the feel of the sea is its clarity. You can see the ocean floor wavy beneath the surface, a magnificent crystal you can swim through. It’s almost like swimming in a saltwater pool, except it’s just you, the gravely sea floor, and incredible panorama of the bluffs reaching into the sky. The magnificent sites are never ending, from the beach or from the water, as the sands and the soil sparkle in the Greek sun. The sand and the water lapping at the shore may be beautiful but when you stand in the water and look back at the island, absorbing the panorama of the beach before you, it can only be described as breathtaking.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 5: The Compelling Vibrancy of Volcanoes

Morning brings with it the grace of the gods and a journey to explore the extent of the caldera. You will be taken to the marina where you can board the comforts of the ship and cruise into the stunning waters around the island. The breeze brushes through your hair. The sweet scent of the sea surrounds you. Sail through the islet of Nea Kameni where the volcano sits at the center of the caldera. The craggy red glow of the island is exhilarating. Climb to the top where you can see the soft steam of life waving through the cracks of the plateau. Back along the calm waters of the caldera you can float in the warmth of the hot springs where the sapphire blue surrounds you, before enjoying lunch on the small island of Thirassia.

Sit along the pebbled shores or beneath the immaculate walls of the houses. The towering cliffs of Oia stand in the close distance, decorated by homes and a meandering walkway meant for the infamous donkeys. It is a moment when you look out over the vibrancy of the fishing boats coming home from their daily take and think how much you would love to settle here, somewhere between the mountaintop and the shore. The vast sky begins to fade to an absorbing deep orange. You watch from the cliffs of Oia, pronounced “eeah,” along the protruding bricks of the Venetian castle that watches over the sea. The windmill against the cliff side towers over the descending homes. The dusk air brings a lush perfume of Santorini wine. Over the horizon you watch where the soft fade of the day brings the joyous colors you had almost forgotten about, the rich glow that wraps over the sky until evening settles in.

What’s Included: breakfast, lunch, tour, accommodation

Day 6: The Romance of Sunset

Morning is your moment to spend reveling in the unparalleled beauty of the island. Sip mimosas by the pool where it looks as though the water stretches into the horizon. Indulge on honey smothered crepes and baklava. In the early afternoon you will once again be taken to the marina and will set out on a romantic sunset cruise. Tour the various hard to reach beaches of the island, such as the White Beach, where the limestone cliff rises above the shore. The black sand blankets the earth while the water’s clear and cool blue is as inviting as the Red Beach was. Step into the water and feel the warmth of the afternoon sun shining down onto the ocean floor.

Around the rocky, ascending shores of the island and the black craggy lips of the volcano, which is actually dried magma from the most recent eruption on the 1950’s, the diversity of the island is astounding. The breeze brushes gently against your cheeks. You are torn between wanting to watch the expanse of the island and wanting to see it through your partner’s eyes. Let the ship rock you into a loving embrace; the delectable fruitiness of wine and lush cheeses are for your pleasure. The sun drifts from the sky. You’re so close to the horizon you feel like you could touch it, but you’d rather stay in that embrace, watching the light sink behind the sea, where the glow of the sky reflects off of the water, and you never want to leave.

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 7: Eros’s Blessing

Let the morning blanket over Santorini once more. This particular morning comes with the bittersweet trip to the island’s airport where you will board your flight for Athens and eventually for home. Once in the air you can feel like you can see Mount Olympus out of the corner of your eye. Soaring over the rolling hills and hypnotic ruins of Greece you can see Eros wave to you giving you his blessing of love as you make your way to the comforts of home, where the honeymoon continues.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer

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