Germany for Couples Tour: A Luxurious Journey Through a Romantic Route

A 14 day trip to Germany 
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Romance for two can come in several forms; Germany's backcountry envelops you in the enchantment from centuries past with its cobblestone medieval streets, horse-drawn carriages and fairytale castles. The country's cities then provide a vibrant treasure chest of exquisite attractions, all while celebrating the opulence of culture and heritage. This couple's itinerary blends the two realms, offering two weeks that captures the heart of Germany.

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Frankfurt, Rhine River Valley, River Rhine, St. Goarshausen, Rüdesheim, Black Forest, Bergstrasse, Heidelberg, Neues Schloss Meersburg, Lake Constance, Bad Wörishofen, Neuschwanstein, Neuschwanstein Castle, Munich, Nymphenburg Palace, Maximilianstrasse, Rothenburg, Rothenburg Cathedral, Dresden, Royal Palace, New Green Vault, Volkswagen Transparent Factory, Berlin, Mitte District, Gendarmenmarkt Square, Deutscher Dom, Französischer Dom, Unter den Linden Boulevard, Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie, DDR Museum

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Frankfurt – Renaissance Introductions to Germany

Initial impressions of Frankfurt do not do justice to the city's history. The country's financial capital is full of skyscrapers that imbue a futuristic innovation, one of sharp, clean lines and glass-fronted excess.  Frankfurt has been around since before the Romans arrived; the streets still hide so many treasures. One of them is your hotel, a beautiful five-star Renaissance villa, an ode to a period of history that always embraced romance. You'll be greeted at the airport and transferred to the hotel, where the afternoon and evening is at your leisure. A welcome romantic dinner at the hotel's restaurant is included, a chance to absorb the beauty of the building and your surroundings.

What's Included: accommodation, transfer, dinner

Day 2:  Frankfurt – Romantic Cruising Along the River Rhine

The Rhine Valley is wrapped in mystique. Castle ruins cling to the hillside, rising above green forests and a patchwork of vineyards and flowering fields. Enter half-timbered houses to find five-century-old wine taverns.  Travel along cobblestone lanes and legendary stories seem to be etched into all the corners. Cute cafes, rolling fields of vines, hillsides that curve with the softest undulations creates Germany's most scenic corner, a beautiful stretch of river and rural life. Spend today on a private river cruise, traveling elegantly down the Rhine and stopping off to explore its tales. Disembark in Rüdesheim for a quiet lunch and wine tasting in the city of winegrowers, then explore the narrative of the Lorelei, one that includes cryptic tales of mermaids on Mondays and dwarfs living in caves. It all has an air of idealistic romance about it, reflecting the atmosphere of the day.

What's Included: accommodation, river cruise, breakfast, lunch

Day 3: Heidelberg to Black Forest – Medieval Enchantment and Black Forest Spa

As you travel through Germany you don't take the autobahn; you travel on the Yellow Roads, backcountry roads that connect traditional villages and medieval towns. Today, it's into the Black Forest with its rolling alpine landscapes engulfed in forest green. Surreal swirls of mist often float through, hanging low then disappearing like a phantom. Travel in a luxury saloon with a driver guide and make a stop in Heidelberg. Medieval streets lead you to a Gothic castle, and it's easy to see why so many poets and painters were inspired by the town. Lunch comes with an expansive view; red roofs, green-clad hills, and spires that rise above the River Neckar. Continue to a rural village that's surrounded by the beauty of the forest. Stay in the Black Forest's most celebrated spa resort, an idyllic setting surrounded by dozens of quiet walking trails. Dinner at the resort is included.

What's Included: accommodation, transfers, breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 4: Black Forest – Culinary Charms to Enhance the Romance

The Black Forest is one of the world's most unexpected culinary centers. Discounting the stereotype that Germany is all bratwurst and schnitzel, the region is home to more than a dozen Michelin stars. Explore the culinary realm, starting with a relaxed, interactive cooking lesson at the resort and produce a menu of regional delicacies that chefs are bringing to international acclaim.  You will focus on having fun in the kitchen, experimenting and unearthing the secrets of the Black Forest region. The afternoon is free, offering plenty of time for the salubrious spa, then you wander out to a pudelstein hut, a traditional wooden structure amidst the charms of rural Black Forest. It's a little like the traditional impressions of a Swiss mountain hut; the pudelstein is an idyllic place for a private dinner for two, one that comes with candles and all the gastronomic brilliance of the region.

What's Included: accommodation, cooking lesson for two, private pudelstein hut dinner, breakfast

Day 5: Meersburg to Bad Wörishofen – Through the Foothills of the Alps

Head along the backroads, through the foothills of the Alps with alpine scenery the effervescent backdrop to the journey. Stop in Meersburg, where an 18th-century bishop's castle overlooks Lake Constance and provides a sublime place to dine. Enjoy closed-door access to the castle and journey beyond the locked doors to uncover its secrets. After a leisurely lunch, continue through the forested hills to Bad Wörishofen, a Bavarian spa resort town that's coated in a wonderful tranquility. Escapist and exclusive, it's a languid place that invites you to slumber and spa together with an ala carte dinner at the hotel.

What's Included: accommodation, transfers, breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 6: Neuschwanstein to Munich – Living Out a Fairytale

A day from a storybook is yours as Neuschwanstein Castle stands on the highest hill, the grand home of King Ludwig and the model for Disney's Sleeping Beauty. A fanciful journey takes you towards its bulbous turrets as a horse-drawn carriage is the only way to approach the fortress of Germanic legends. Immediately imagine the operas of Richard Wagner and the fairytales from the 19th century that became the animated scenes of the 20th. Follow the trail to the castle entrance and explore at leisure, completing the storybook narrative. From Neuschwanstein, travel to Oberammergau, a tiny alpine village that offers a sublime contrast to today's final destination. Continue to Munich, the Bavarian capital, where your five-star hotel is housed within one of the city's legendary heritage buildings.

What's Included: accommodation, transfers, horse-drawn carriage tour, breakfast, lunch

Day 7: Munich – Palaces and Gardens of Bavaria's Capital

Munich dances with the opulence of yesteryear, the pedestrianized streets leading past fabulous palaces and whitewashed townhouses. So much wealth is found here, hoarded by the monarchs of Bavaria's past. Today's sightseeing tour explores the most important sights, taking you down Maximilianstrasse to the 17th-century Residenz and the old town hall, a building with beauty that refuses to fade. Nymphenburg Palace stands on the edge of the city, a mammoth Baroque structure surrounded by some of Germany's finest gardens. Be guided through the palace and the carriage museum, then have some free time to get lost in the gardens, where canals and lakes are found when you journey without a map. The afternoon and evening are at your leisure.

What's Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 8: Rothenburg – Down the Fabled Cobblestones of the Romantic Road

Germany's Romantic Road might be self-proclaimed, but it does much to respond to its reputation. For centuries, this was a trade route that brought supplies to the castles and medieval villages. It curves slowly, connecting villages of timbered houses and towns where your feet wander along cobbled stone. You will follow it slowly, traveling to Rothenburg, where a Gothic cathedral stands proudly above a village gabled houses. Much like the optional village stops on today's route, Rothenburg quickly supplies an old-world atmosphere. Little has changed here, from the architectural design to the tiny taverns that always entice. Upon arrival, the afternoon and evening are at your leisure; wander without a plan, because there's always something to enchant along the Romantic Road.

What's Included: accommodation, transfers, breakfast

Day 9: Dresden – 18th Century Splendor and Aagland Cars

Germany's motor industry will surprise you. Aagland cars move slowly, glamorous carriages capturing the emotion of the journey and the luxury of a tranquil pace of life. These relatively new vehicles arebased on historic design with a mechanically driven carriage along with the romance of an opulent horse-drawn carriage. Ride one together into the rural landscapes of the Romantic Road and open up the trunk to find a picnic lunch with sparkling wine. Return whenever you're ready and a driver takes you on to Dresden, a captivating city that's been rebuilt in all its Baroque beauty. You’ll be staying in an 18th-century palace, converted into a grand luxury hotel surrounded by the city's architectural treasures.

What's Included: accommodation, transfers, excursion with picnic lunch, breakfast

Day 10: Dresden – Baroque Treasures and Artistic Gems

Dresden has recovered its treasures. Once the finest city of Central Europe, it is filled with the glamour and style unique to Baroque architecture. Dresden was where the elite migrated to, creating a jewel box of artistic treasures, theater, and royal connections. Nearly decimated during World War II, but a painstaking recovery process has seen the city rebuilt to its former glory and the stolen art pieces returned. Today's private tour takes you to the Royal Palace, repainted with the glimmer of its 1720s birth. Then into the New Green Vault, where Renaissance jewelry glistens, and gems of all colors shine in the glass boxes, and then a theater, surrounded by sculptures and curved terraces. After a royal lunch, the afternoon is free, and it's easy to spend it sat on the benches in the heart of the Baroque city.

What's Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast, lunch

Day 11: Berlin – Admiring Volkswagen's Glass Factory and Onwards to Berlin

A relaxed morning offers you more time in the heart of Dresden's history, a chance for a leisurely stroll past murals, palaces, and galleries. Today you're heading to Berlin with a stop for lunch at the Volkswagen Transparent Factory. Through the glass walls, watch the assembly lines and admire a scene that appears like an Andreas Gursky photograph. The factory's cafe is famed for its culinary creations, and you'll have a relaxed lunch before the short journey to Berlin. As always, your five-star accommodation is centrally located in the historic Mitte district, overlooking Gendarmenmarkt Square and surrounded by Berlin's past and present. An a la carte dinner at a celebrated local restaurant is included.

What's Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 12: Berlin – Relaxed Exploration of Germany's Capital

Germany's capital city has so many different sides; the East meets West relics, the memorials that cross the centuries, a vibrant youth subculture, and the grandeur of the city's 18th-century wealth. A local guide aims to connect all these paradigms, taking you through the complexities of a city that could fill a thousand history books. Wander under the Brandenburg Gate, admire the Reichstag and its controversial tale, find artistic wealth at the World Heritage Museum Island, cross the divide at Checkpoint Charlie, discover the views from Deutscher Dom and Französischer Dom, and wonder just how much it's possible to fit into a single city. Perhaps Berlin's greatest treasure of how it easy it is to get around; while the suburbs traverse the centuries, you can connect them in just a few minutes. The tour includes lunch and finishes mid-afternoon, leaving time for your own wanderings.

What's Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast, lunch

Day 13: Berlin – Where East Once Met West

A section of the Berlin Wall still stands crumbled, yet stark and provocative in its menace, not the only relic of dark times. At the DDR Museum, interactive exhibits and replicas showcase life at the front of the Cold War. Meet a former resident of East Berlin and share stories over tea and coffee. Travel through the Eastern District to Staatsratsgebäude and the sites of Palast der Republik and Palashotel. The line of the wall can still be seen sweeping across the city, now just a mark on the ground so that history can be overcome but not forgotten. Completing this romantic Germany tour is a spectacular dinner at the rooftop restaurant.

What's Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast, dinner

Day 14: Berlin – Departure

Depart Germany after two weeks of enchanting cities and romantic rural routes. You'll be transferred to Berlin-Tegel Airport for your international departure.

What's Included: transfer, breakfast


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