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Best Time to Visit Rome

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Woman enjoying the view of the Vatican in Rome, Italy

Vatican, Rome, Italy

Rome is a city brimming with iconic antiquity and unforgettable connections to the Christian faith, making it an exceptional destination to visit any month of the year. The Roman Forum makes the daily life of ancient Rome nearly tangible, while the Vatican Museum displays breathtaking masterpieces from over a millennium. Whether visiting the Colosseum or enjoying an antique market, the following list provides the best time to visit for every traveler.

  1. Best Time for Sightseeing
  2. Best Time for a Good Weather
  3. Best Time for Food Tour
  4. Best Time for Festivals and Events
  5. Best Time with Family Travel
  6. Best Time for Couples
  7. Spring and Summer Activities
  8. Fall and Winter Activities
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Best Time for Sightseeing

Trevi fountain in Rome

Trevi fountain in Rome

Best Months:  April | May | September | October | November

The best time for sightseeing in Rome is between April to May or September to November. The autumn and spring seasons offer warm days and cool nights with fewer crowds at popular destinations like the Trevi Fountain or the Pantheon. Rome is a timeless destination that both inspires visitors and brings the dreams of others into reality. From the Colosseum to Vatican City, Villa Farnesina to the Barberini Museum, spring and fall can give you excellent access to Rome’s eternal charisma.

Best Time for a Good Weather

Roman colosseum agains a clear blue sky

Roman Colosseum

Best Months: April | May | September | October

April to May or September to October provide the mildest weather to visit Rome with sporadic rainfall and more pleasant warmth in the spring and coolness in the autumn. The high temperatures can begin in May and last until October, touching the shoulder seasons. Rome has a Mediterranean climate that keeps temperatures mild throughout the year and can give you plenty of time to explore the fascinating museums, wander the ruins, or indulge in the fascinating culture around the cafes.

Best Time for Food Tour

Restaurant in the Trastevere

Restaurant in the Trastevere neighborhood in Rome

Best Months: April | May | September | October

The changing seasons bring different flavors to the kitchens of Rome, with April to May and September to October providing the cusp of the changing weather for uncovering the range of traditional recipes across the city. With each reason of Italy specializing in its cuisine, you can find recipes specific to Rome and ingredients found mainly around the city on a food tour in early spring and early fall while also avoiding the large crowds of peak travel season.

Best Time for Festivals and Events

Easter mass at the Vatican in Rome

Easter at the Vatican in Rome

Best Months: March | April

The best time to visit Rome for the festivals and events is in Spring between March and April. While Rome hosts festivities year-round, spring offers a number of unique festivals and events that you can experience for an authentic, distinctive, and unforgettable experience. With 1,100 of the privately-owned historic buildings opening up during Giornate FAI, the Festa della Donne celebrating women around the country, or celebrations erupting across Rome on Easter, the Eternal City possesses an infectious ambiance of rebirth in the spring.

Best Time with Family Travel

Two sisters having fun at a small water fountain in Rome

Sisters having fun in Rome

Best Months: April | May | June | September | October

The best time to visit Rome for families is between late April and early June or late September and October. The mild weather during spring and autumn makes visiting Rome with a family less stressful, with smaller crowds and cooler weather. It can also make it much easier to circumvent existing crowds at the most popular accessed monuments, especially at sites like the Colosseum, Vatican Museum, and Borghese Gallery, for an experience the whole family will enjoy.

Best Time for Couples

Senior couple in Rome

Senior couple in Rome

Best Months: April | May | June | December | January

The best time for couples to visit Rome is between April to May and again from December to January when the crowds of the city have diminished. In spring, the city feels like it is blossoming after a long winter, but during the holiday season, the streets vibrant with a charming ambiance as historic shops and captivating museums feel as though they have been decorated for a romantic experience. The lights sparkle along the streets mix with the enticing aromas of classic dishes that create a cozy ambiance in which you can indulge, whether in spring or winter.

Spring and Summer Activities

Roman Forum it Rome, Italy

Roman Forum

Best Months: April | May | June

Spring and summer are exceptional times of year to explore and experience the Eternal City of Rome when you can become a gladiator or a cultural chef, venture deep into the hidden catacombs or enjoy a seasonal display of artistic flair. From April to June, Rome erupts with wonderful displays of the season with a variety of activities that celebrate spring and summer. You can enjoy essential seasonal experiences that represent the beauty, timelessness, and distinctive charms of Rome.

Forum Augusto show | Gladiator school | Cooking Class | Food markets | Catacombs

Fall and Winter Activities

Chirstmas market at Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy

Chirstmas market at Piazza Navona

Best Months: October | November | December

Fall and winter create an immersive ambiance in Rome. The night fills with the lights of the skyline, and Christmas Markets overtake famous piazzas. From October to December, Rome embraces the changing seasons with exciting activities that reflect the shifting weather, longer evenings, and timeless culture. From boutique shops rotating their seasonal window displays to artisans crafters carrying on artistic traditions or restaurant chefs celebrating new ingredients, fall and winter offer a unique perspective of Rome.

Christmas markets | Shopping | Artisan Crafts | Arts district

More Travel Information & Tips

Vatican Garden in Rome

Vatican Garden in Rome

Rome is the embodiment of ancient civilization with modern life winding between the cobbled lanes and dramatic ruins. With access to Vatican City and a skyline punctuated by iconic landmarks, every step through Rome captures another one of Italy’s must-see destinations. The unique experiences you can experience may depend on  the best time of your visit. Zicasso’s Italy Travel Guide has more information on how to have your best Italy trip. You can also speak with an Italy travel specialist by filling out a Trip Request or by calling our team at 1-888-265-9707.

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