Private Family Tour of Spain: Madrid, Seville & Barcelona

A 10 day trip to Spain 
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Spain is the country of Flamenco and paella, Picasso and Magellan. Medieval cities are lined with cobblestoned streets. Large towers create the skyline and watch over the old stone ramparts. On this custom tailored family tour of Spain you will find enchanting culture and fairytale architecture. The big cities overflow with spirit and passion. The hillside towns boast preserved fortified walls and a distinct connection to their heritage. The family will delight in the beauty of the hills, the majesty of history, and the animated atmosphere of Spain. 

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Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, El Escorial, Cordoba, Seville, Barcelona

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: All in the Family

Madrid is the embodiment of energy, filled with vigor and class. Baroque buildings encompass the large space of Plaza Mayor, the city’s main square. The area was inaugurated in the 17th century and redesigned in its present rectangular form in the 19th century. An archway colonnade wraps around the base of the buildings. The aromas of rich coffee and sweet fresh pastries drift from the cafes. Your private transfer meets the family at the airport. The kids stare wide-eyed at the prevalent history etched into every façade that you pass. Settle into comfortable accommodations near the heart of the beating city. Wander through the city and become acquainted with the medieval mansions and royal palaces. The angles of the contemporary architecture somehow blend into the embellished edifices of the belle époque buildings. The family is instantly enchanted by Madrid and it is easy to see why.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation

Day 2: Living Up to Imagination

Every child has imagined living in a castle and sitting on an elaborate throne. After breakfast your family will experience the continuing grandeur of the Palacio Real and its exuberant décor. The palace is the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family and encompasses 1,450,000 square feet of area. The edifice in its current form was constructed in the 18th century and contains over 2,800 rooms. The kids marvel at the magnitude of the façade before they even enter the grounds.

The first set of rooms you arrive at is the Royal Pharmacy. When you enter the throne room you can almost hear the family’s mouths drop. The walls are covered with crimson velvet. The ceiling is painted in a dramatic baroque scene that fills the room with vibrant color. A lavish chandelier hangs at the room’s center and reflects light onto the golden lion statues that line the pedestal. The glimpse into royalty excites the kids and offers a glimpse into the lives of the historic kings and queens.

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 3: Medieval Visit

Toledo is a city untouched by contemporary buildings and filled with narrow, winding cobbled streets. The hillsides have provided natural protection with steep gradients. The ancient walls added to the city’s power and surrounded the streets with tall and forceful ramparts. After breakfast, the family makes its way to Toledo for the day to discover the essence of Spain and the city’s combination of cultures. Cathedral spires and the fortress create the skyline. The Tagus River runs along the city’s edges on all sides. Muslim, Jewish, and Christian peoples populated the city until the 15th century. The alleyways of the city continue captivate visitors.

The stone walls and cobbled streets are frozen in time. Flying buttresses support the seasoned buildings, capturing people’s imaginations as much now as with El Greco in the 16th century. The cathedral was constructed in its current elaborate Gothic form in the 15th century. The tallest tower rises 146 feet from base to tip. The main façade has three separate doors decorated with specific images of biblical times. The interior is decorated with a dome and vaulted ceilings illuminated by stained glass windows. The scent of myrrh drifts through the halls. The kids are fascinated by the living history.

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 4: A Roman Start

Segovia is a city built on legend. A towering Roman aqueduct continues to divide the city. The medieval walls wind around the old streets. When you arrive in Segovia you explore the history of Western Civilization. The outer walls look over the dale. The cathedral’s tower is the sole high rise in the city and draws attention to the sweeping mountains on the horizon. The walls were constructed out of limestone and granite in the 11th century. They form blind arches and towers that overlook the countryside.

The aqueduct is a symbol of the city’s origins. It stretches over 2,933 feet long with a height of over 91 feet. What was originally part of a 10-mile network of aqueducts and canals that brought water from the mountain now stands a testament to the city, its history, and the determination of its designers. The aroma of melted chocolate and marzipan lingers in the ancient streets. The amount of palpable history in this one city fascinates the family.

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 5: Magnitude of Marvel

El Escorial is a combination of monastery and royal residence. A short train ride from Madrid brings you to the baroque-style complex that encompasses 16th century regal power and 20th century hindsight. The exterior embodies a powerful stronghold encompassing an area of 734 feet by 501 feet. The interior contains courtyards, chambers, and a network of interesting passageways. King Philip wanted a building of simplicity, nobility, and majesty without ostentation and arrogance. When you enter the structure you find exactly that. The main façade has three doors. The central door leads to the Courtyard of the Kings. Red marble steps lead into the basilica. An altarpiece stands over 98 feet tall. Bronze sculptures and canvas decorate the separated compartments. In the Hall of Battles enraptures the kids. An entire wall is painted with an image of armies setting up for war. Regiments are position and the bright colors portray the vivaciousness of the countryside and the nervous energy before battle.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, tour, accommodation

Day 6: Southbound History

The green mountains around Madrid give way to golden countryside and gilded beaches of Andalusia. You venture southbound to the city of Cordoba, once the seat of the Moorish powers during their occupation of Spain. The city stands at the highest edge of the Guadalquivir River and was founded by the Romans. The city center is an introduction into the brilliance of historical architecture and its persistence through time. The Jewish quarter winds away from the shadow of the great mosque with narrow alleyways and open up to peaceful plazas.

Courtyards fill with blossoming trees and foliage. The aroma of fresh citrus blooms with the seasonal greenery. Step into the Mezquita-Catedral and find a treasured piece of Islamic architecture. The great mosque has a spacious and tranquil interior. The décor is refined in traditional Islamic style, vibrant with geometric shapes and elegant calligraphy. The current space is an amalgamation of the 16th century cathedral and 8th century mosque. The horizontal and simple space became a 155,000 square-foot image of the serene desert.

The floor was made with reddish slake lime and sand. The roof was flat and decorated with gilded motifs. The courtyards bubbled with fountains like oases. The interior was embellished with 1,293 columns, decorated with white and red striped arches that resembled date palms. The more time the family spends in the old mosque the more enchanted they are by the magnitude of elegance and grace in one historic space.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, accommodation  

Day 7: Towers and Walls

Seville is the capital of the Andalusian region and captures an endless spirit of golden hills and historic streets. It is the home of flamenco and an unruffled believer in tapas. The Guadalquivir River brushes against the old city and the Giralda Tower watches over the antique streets. The neighborhood of Santa Cruz is iconic for its narrow cobblestone streets and pocket-sized plazas. Wrought-iron balconies are filled with glowing flowers. Courtyards are lined with lively tiles. The pathway eventually leads to the edge of the cathedral and the graceful flourishes of the tower. A network of 35 inclined ramps lead to the top of the tower.

The structure beneath the adorning bells was originally a minaret built in the 12th century. Venture up the 341-foot tower for a panoramic view of the city. Gargoyles and flying buttresses loom in the foreground but when you pass the cathedral the family can absorb the beauty of the city.  Bricks line the Plaza de España and arched colonnade lines the South wing of the edifice. The river flows around the square and creates the ambiance of a miniature Venice. The Metropol Parasol looks like an aerial winding, twisting walkway. In the quiet air of the private view it feels like the city belongs to the family. 

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 8: Gothic Every Day

Arrive in Barcelona by train and find a city that sits at the edge of the Mediterranean. The atmosphere is distinct to Catalonia and even more specific to the unique architecture and spirit that pulse through the city. The Gothic Quarter contains remnants of the city’s Roman village past. The labyrinthine streets blend the antique peaceful squares with contemporary elements. The neighborhood can be found branching away from the famous boulevard of Las Ramblas. Carrer del Bisbe is the picture perfect image of the alleyways mentioned in Carlos Ruiz Zafron’s best selling novel, The Shadow of the Wind.

City Hall towers over the calm and half filled square in the afternoon light. Three flags adorn the building representing the country, the region, and the city. The ancient meandering streets lead you onto the bustling boulevard of Las Ramblas where the true essence of the city thrives. Flower stalls sell rainbow bouquets. The entrance to the Boqueria, one of the oldest markets in Europe, is decorated with a charming mosaic. The market emanates aromas of simmering garlic and fresh pomegranates. Palm trees rise as tall as the buildings. The street provides a window in the lives of Barcelona and the culture of Catalonia.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, accommodation

Day 9: Acquainted with the Park

The fabled architecture of Barcelona glimmers in the morning. The gentle lull of the Mediterranean can be heard in the early hours. After breakfast the family ventures into the streets once more to visit the iconic sites of the city that go beyond just the buildings. The Block of Discord is known for its four diverse designs made by four distinctive architects. The specific buildings now have a unique look, separated by style, décor, and contours. Casa Amatller has a pyramid top that looks pixelated before that term had a meaning. Casa Batlló resembles a gingerbread house glass framed first floor.

When you arrive at Park Guell you notice the similarity in the adjacent buildings that frame the park’s entrance to Casa Batlló. Famed architect Antoni Gaudi designed the building on the Block of Discord and the entirety of Park Guell. The park was established in 1914 and feels like a wonderland ready to delight the entire family. A mosaic lizard postures at the center of the dual stairwell. It grips the edges of the staircase and shines with ceramic tiles. Make your way to the main terrace and a single rail winds around the boundary filled with mosaic images. Pillars support the balcony. The panorama displays the city’s expansive streets stretching to the sea.  

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, accommodation

Day 10: Touching Heritage

In the morning the Boqueria fills with locals shopping for fresh produce and the catch of the day. The restaurants that fill the marketplace start to sauté onions. The combination of scents entices passersby. La Sagrada Familia cathedral has been under construction since the late 19th century and continues today. The city feels it is a construction for the people and therefore mirrors the city’s constant changes. After breakfast your private transfer meets that family at the hotel. Soon you will board your flight and return home. The kids have touched historic buildings and witnessed tremendous heritage. You have seen your children’s eyes light up with wonderment and treasured every moment.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer


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