In-Depth Gastronomy Tour of Madrid: Spain’s Finest Food

Food market in Madrid, Spain
A 7 day trip to Spain 
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Venture on the journey of a lifetime to sunny Spain, where you will experience most of the best that Madrid's culinary scene has to offer. Spirited flamenco music rings out along romantic cobbled streets while children play in verdant plazas, and wafts of sweet saffron careen down busy avenues as locals and tourists gather for midday tapas. Beyond the bustling metropolis, frenzied city life gives way to the serenity of immaculate vineyards and renowned historical sites, including Toledo's famed UNESCO World Heritage Site: the Alcazar. Immerse yourself in culture and history during this luxurious, 7-day tour as local bites awake your sense.

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Day 1: Madrid - International Arrival and City Highlights Tour

Acoustic buskers line central avenues and serenade infatuated couples as taxis whiz around buzzing roundabouts. Leafy green trees often shimmer beneath the sun's powerful rays while locals flock to large plazas to bask in the summer heat.

In the morning hours, your plane will coast along the tarmac at Madrid's Barajas International Airport. Soon, you will pass through customs and meet your private driver. You will be whisked past beautiful churches and stoic fortresses as you are led through Madrid's impressive downtown. You will learn about the week's exciting gastronomic adventures and enjoy a few hours of relaxation as you settle into your five-star accommodation.

Then, you can take the city by storm as you embark on a tour of the capital's major highlights. You will amble down Madrid's enchanting streets alongside your expert guide as locals greet you with friendly faces. You will soon grow to love the city center and will even step inside the famed Prado Museum to see internationally acclaimed works of art by artists, such as Francisco de Goya and Diego Velazquez. In the evening, you will delight in an illustrious dinner at the Plaza Mayor, which is where the city reaches its peak enthusiasm. Bands will play, and charismatic vendors will sell souvenirs to passersby. The main plaza will glow as restaurant-goers chatter over a glass of red wine. Here, you will be able to choose from a plethora of tapas delights and enjoy the scenery from a luxurious patio.

What’s Included: airport transfer, accommodation, tour, dinner

Day 2: Madrid - Hands-on Cooking Class and Visit to Local Food Market

The following morning, you will sink your teeth into Madrid's most delectable delights as you embark on a culinary tour that is led by a culinary expert. As soon as you wake-up, you can experience the prestige of Spanish gastronomy as you sip on a creamy cafe con leche and snack on a sugary churro with a flaky layer of dough on the outside.

After, you can keep up with the hustle and bustle of city life while weaving through beautiful neighborhoods that juxtapose with the flashing lights of the metropolitan downtown. You will begin your tour at a local food market that is located just minutes from Plaza del Sol and Plaza Mayor. As you enter the ornately gated market, you will be sure to hear the incessant chatter of locals as they discuss daily events, local politics, and other light-hearted banter. Your eyes will fixate on beautiful fruits and vegetables of every color that are piled high at every food stand. Together with your expert guide, you will pick out ingredients to use during your private cooking class.

In the afternoon, you will meet with your world-renowned chef to learn the best-kept secrets of Spanish gastronomy. You will roll up your sleeves as you practice your Spanish and breathe in the sweet aromas of the local, intoxicating spices. As a group, you will have an opportunity to participate in this fun, hands-on activity, where you will sample Spanish staples like crunch seafood tapas and saffron-induced paella. You can also pair your creation with a delectable glass of wine and gaze out on the vibrant sunrise as you indulge in this exquisite experience.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation, tour, breakfast, dinner

Day 3: Ayllon Mountains - Exquisite Winery Day Trip

Today, you will break away from the hectic nature of city life to luxuriate in the beauty of the Spanish countryside. Today, you will sample some of the region's best wine alongside your expert guide, and after a short transfer via private ground transportation, you will arrive among the luscious vegetation and stunning scenery of the Ayllon Mountain range.

After winding around these beautiful peaks, you will soon arrive at a prestigious winery, where you will have the opportunity to sample some of the most prized wines in the region and the world. You will enjoy your time with a seasoned sommelier as you sample each of these wines, and surely, you will be overwhelmed by the aromas and sweet tang of these impressive samplings. Not only will you learn more about the history of each wine, but you will also learn about the fermentation process. You will also enjoy a customized tour of the vineyard and picturesque landscape.

Later this afternoon, you will venture to one of the nearby villages to explore the charming atmosphere and to test additional culinary delights. Meanwhile, you will overlook breathtaking scenery while admiring grand churches and cobblestone streets. The day will culminate with a chocolate and wine tasting that will surely energize your taste buds. Afterward, you will have some free time to explore the village and uncover hidden gems around every corner before returning to Madrid to rest up for a new day of thrilling adventures.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation, tour, breakfast, dinner

Day 4: Madrid - Local Flavor in Madrid's Trendy Neighborhoods

Upon your return to Madrid today, you will have the chance to venture beyond the beaten path and explore neighborhoods beyond the city's bustling downtown. Today, you will follow your guide to the best tucked-away jewels that the city has to offer. You will see Madrid through the eyes of local madrilenos as you venture out with your group for a drink and a variety of tapas options.

You will first arrive in the neighborhood of Malasana, which is located just north of Gran Via and the city center. Here, university students call the area home as do families and young couples. You will be sure to find a plethora of hip bars and restaurants with fascinating decor and friendly local faces. As you sip on a glass of red wine, you can peruse countertops that are filled with tapas of every sort: fried octopus, cured hams, cheeses, olives, chicken, and tomato. Your guide will lead you through a short taste-testing of each bite before regaling you with other local recipes that have become traditions for all Spanish families.

Then, as the sun goes down, the lively nightlife of the city will ensue in the eclectic neighborhood of Lavapies. Live music will ring out around every corner as couples dance in the streets to acoustic melodies. Here, you will sample several additional tapas varieties in addition to exquisite cocktails that are mixed to perfection. Finally, you can amble down the cobbled streets before partaking in a passionate flamenco class or salsa dancing lesson. You can show off your moves to your group before taking your knowledge back home with you to share with your family and friends.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 5: Toledo - Tour of City of Three Cultures and UNESCO's Alcazar site

History will abound when you travel to the riveting city of Toledo, which is south of Madrid. You will soon learn about the city's claim to fame as being the "City of Three Cultures." For centuries, Christians, Arabs, and Jews have called Toledo home. In the local architecture, food, and tradition, it will soon become apparent how each of these vibrant cultures has left their mark.

Around mid-morning, you will join your expert guide in front of your hotel after a brief breakfast on your outdoor patio. As you wind along the Tagus River and approach the city of Toledo, you will marvel at the prized UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Alcazar. After deboarding, you will indulge in a brief, guided tour of the downtown that will be filled with culinary delights around every corner, including the region's internationally adored saffron spice. Then, you will step inside the stoic Alcazar palace. Today, it is a museum that represents the city's proud military might, which spans hundreds of years.

Around midday, you can enjoy Toledo's famed partridge dish, which is lauded in Cervantes' Don Quixote. This delicious stew is a medley of intoxicating flavors: carrots, onions, pepper, bay leaves, and a dash of delicious saffron. After lunch, you can enjoy several hours of self-exploration that will allow you to pop into corner shops and maybe even treat yourself to a crisp gelato.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation, tour, breakfast, lunch

Day 6: Madrid - Immersive Delicatessen Shopping and Lively Flamenco Show

Today will be all about fun in the sun as you visit some of the city's most diverse shopping districts. In this major metropolis, it can be all about fashion, trends, and unexpected flavorful delights. You will be sure to find some unique artwork and poke your head into some of the most elegant stores in town. You will also sample delicious bites at food stands and revered delicatessens.

You will begin your day along the bustling Gran Via, which is home to some of the most famous brands around the world. You will feel as if you are in Times Square as lights flash and taxis fervently honk their horns. You can window shop or make a few exciting purchases before venturing beyond the downtown. Today, you will have an opportunity to return to the neighborhoods of Lavapies and Malasana or extend your scope to areas like Salamanca and Latina. Then, you can sample culinary staples like churros, tapas, and cervezas as you make your way around the downtown area.

Afterward, you can enjoy a brief respite in the Parque El Retiro, which is where couples often maneuver paddleboats on the lagoon's surface, and families relax on horse-drawn carriages that lead them around the park's massive perimeter. You will be invited to do the same before attending an authentic flamenco show in the countryside. During the show, dancers will tap their feet incessantly against the concrete floors as their dance partners cheer for them. Their passionate expressions will tell the tale of romance and pain that are all bundled into one. All the while, you can enjoy dinner that will be catered by talented Spanish chefs who will leave a lasting impression of Spain's finest culinary delights.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation, tour, breakfast, dinner

Day 7: Madrid - City Farewell and International Departures

Finally, it will be time to say farewell to Spain. You can enjoy a leisurely morning of exploring the city on your own and sipping on your last cup of cafe con leche beside an ornate cathedral. As local acoustic bands serenade you with their soothing melodies, you can stroll along the cobbled paths and capture photos of the vibrant street art bursting from every corner one final time. In the afternoon, you will meet back at your hotel and board private ground transportation to Madrid's Barajas International Airport. You can wave goodbye to your private guide as you pass through customs and board your flight home.

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