Romantic Kruger Safari & Mauritius Getaway for Couples

A 14 day trip to Mauritius & South Africa 
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Expressive and exclusive, an itinerary that includes both the Kruger and Mauritius offer an intimate getaway for two. You are alone but enveloped by nature. Private plunge pools overlook hippo-filled lakes while private verandahs gaze down on roaming herds, and gentle Indian Ocean waves provide dreamy company. With exceptional lodges and private guided adventures, this 14-day getaway will provide the space and seclusion for romance to flourish while also unraveling the evocative charm of wild Africa.

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Places Visited 

Greater Kruger, Sabi Sands, Kruger National Park, N’wanetsi River, Mauritius, Anahita Peninsula

Departure Dates 

Dates are flexible and customizable for private departures.

Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Sabi Sands – Romantic Welcome to the Greater Kruger

As the sun sets over the Kruger savannah, you will be enjoying sundowners on a private verandah, occasionally dipping into the private plunge pool. All of the classic parts of an intimate getaway are in place; the space, the seclusion, the opulent drinks in hand, but the Kruger offers more. Hippos are emerging from the lake below, a dozen of them heading off to their grazing pastures. An elephant bull is wandering past, swinging his trunk as if to say hello. Giraffe creates silhouettes along the horizon, a focal point to the photogenic colors. You cannot see the baboons, but you can hear them as their melodic tones drift from the trees. There is not another person or building in sight, but you’re never completely alone when in the Kruger.

Sabi Sands has its own airport, and you will land here in the middle of the afternoon after changing planes in Johannesburg. Your transfer from the airstrip to the lodge is part of the safari as you will be in an open-sided vehicle as you pass many of the famous sights and enjoy your first glimpses of the local world. Elephants, lion pride, buffalo herds, white rhinos, perhaps even a leopard will be seen as in the Sabi Sands, it is feasible to spot the Big Five on a single game drive. Adjacent to Kruger National Park, this unfenced private reserve is home to an incredible concentration of big game. Animals relocate here due to the permanent water, and you will never need to drive far to savor the sights. Compact yet diverse, Sabi Sands is the perfect place to start a couple’s safari. You will be able to see a lot without having to spend long hours bumping around, which frees up plenty of time to enjoy the romance provided by the lodge.

Chitwa Chitwa only has ten suites, each carefully positioned to offer maximum privacy. The lodge is built in contemporary style with floor-to-ceiling windows that provide stunning views and a chic design that blends both African and European influence. Your deck overlooks the most important source of water for many miles around, making it a prime spot to enjoy diverse wildlife. A fine dining menu can be served in the elegant restaurant area, while butlers bring drinks and goodies to your private deck. Chitwa Chitwa is an exclusive lodge that feels like a boutique five-star hotel, yet it is also able to blend into nature, meaning the charms of safari are never interrupted. Check in, check out the views, and enjoy your first evening lounging on the deck.

What’s Included: accommodation at Chitwa Chitwa, transfer, dinner

Days 2 – 4: Sabi Sands – Luxury Lodge Safari Brings All the Famous Sights

Through the trees, you will see a pair of eyes, shimmering blue, high in the canopy. The eyes are intently looking at you, but as of yet, you cannot tell who is there. Suddenly there is movement as a tail flickers, and you make out the rest of the leopard. Perched high, the leopard quickly descends onto the savannah floor, bounding down with stealth and ease. For a moment, you will lose it in the grass, but the raised vantage point of the vehicle helps you to track its movements. Follow the spotted hunter as she stalks a springbok herd, then turn around in shock. You will have been engrossed in the leopard, not realizing that a whole herd of elephants was just a few meters away. These moments are the beauty of the Sabi Sands as not only are you admiring Africa’s great animals, you are surrounded by them.

For these three days, you will have a private guide, so every safari activity is personally tailored. Not only does this ensure an intimacy and privacy, but it also creates a flexibility that can respond to your mood. On an adventurous day, you might take a decadent hamper out to the Sand River to settle into a bush picnic as dozens of hippos and elephants are filling the banks below. Rise early for a sunrise game drive to maximize your chances of seeing big cats on the prowl. Choose to lie in, and the morning game drive will still bring rich and evocative sights. If you have a passion for rhinos, then your guide can tailor your drive to bring special moments with the endangered greats. If your heart flutters for zebra, then your guide can lead you into the savannah on foot so that you can see the black and white strips from a new perspective.

The Sabi Sands becomes your romantic playground where even the most outlandish of ideas becomes possible.  Enjoy a candlelit dining table in the bush where you can hear the thud of hooves as you settle into three opulent courses. Take a drive to lookout points and toast with champagne, or drive into swathes of woodland and feel the intimacy rise. As an interlude during the game drives, you can take a wine bottle and explore on foot to find an elegant place to set down your picnic blanket. At other times, you will be in the realm of the predators close enough to see the blood smattered across a lion’s mane, or a carcass being ravaged by hyenas. With a privately guided safari, you can come across all the dreamy animals.

What’s Included: accommodation at Chitwa Chitwa, safari, breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 5: Kruger National Park – An Intimate Adventure Across the Kruger

For four days, you have been lost in the charming details of the Kruger. Expressions that fill a kudu’s eye, male wildebeest trying to impress the herd, lion cubs playfully splashing in the water. In contrast, your game drive transfer between lodges will provide excellent insight into the Kruger’s scale. From the Sabi Sands in the southwest to the Nwanedzi River in the east, you will enjoy a full-day adventure that passes tens of thousands of animals. This ecosystem is home to over half the world’s rhinos, a huge population of lions and leopards, plus massive numbers of different antelope including wildebeest, kudu, springbok, impala, and much more. As you cross the Kruger, every corner will bring a surprise. You will traverse different habitats, and it is impossible to remember all of the animals spotted, never mind count them. As you arrive at Singita Lebombo, the bumpiness of the journey is kneaded out with a couple’s treatment at the lodge’s spa.

Perched on a hill that overlooks the river, Singita Lebombo is a chic luxury lodge that is set in its own private concession. The wine bar and swimming pool offer excellent views, as does the spa. Your suite will feature floor-to-ceiling glass walls, so the animals of the Kruger are never too far away. Particular highlights include a large breeding herd of buffalo, plus a couple of resident leopards that fiercely defend their territory. A spotted hyena den is not far from the lodge and elephants are often cooling off in the river during the afternoon. Just like Chitwa Chitwa, this is a lodge where you have all the privacy you require, with the added treat of Africa’s wildlife.

What’s Included: accommodation at Singita Lebombo, transfer, breakfast, lunch, dinner

Days 6 – 7: Kruger National Park – Hand in Hand Through Big Game Country

Backdropped by the majestic Lebombo Mountains, this private Kruger concession has a very different atmosphere to the Sabi Sands. Animals here are more nomadic, long-term wanderers that graze across the Kruger. Swathes of riverine forest provide a hideout for hyenas, as well as providing food for giraffe and plenty of elephants. Open grasslands are swarming with wildebeest, literally hundreds of them seen in a single view. Rhinos are relatively bashful creatures, and the thicker bushes are where you might spot them on the move, or simply nursing their calfs. While it is still the Greater Kruger, you will notice a notable change in the animals and landscapes, which is why it is always recommended to try at least two different bases on a Kruger safari.

A private guide will lead your experience, and this private concession is known for its walking safaris. Wander hand in hand across big game country, crossing a wilderness that seems to come from a wildlife documentary. Zebra and wildebeest are everywhere and being ground level enables you to savor their subtleties. The animals will return your stare and are not frightened by your presence, usually willing to stand just a few meters away. Do not get too close though, because cute looking zebra have a vicious bite. Walking safaris are flexible and can suit your mood. You may want an hour or two in the afternoon, or perhaps a full-day excursion. The guides will radio in for your picnic delivery, and you can raise a glass of champagne on a savannah that is far from anywhere.

Another option for your consideration is a mountain bike safari. Like the walks, the guides are careful to avoid the scent of the predators. You can follow the trail of antelopes and ungulates, perhaps coming across giraffe and buffalo as you peddle on virgin trails. Of course, game drives are still a possibility, and you can never grow tired of spotting the big cats. Taking a full week for the safari maximizes your opportunity to see lion pride on a hunt or leopards and cheetahs with a carcass in their mouth.

What’s Included: accommodation at Singita Lebombo, safari, breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 8: Anahita Peninsula – Swapping Bush for Beach

This is the only significant day of travel on your getaway, although the remote Kruger wilderness is relatively well connected with the exoticism of Mauritius. Fly from eastern Kruger to O. R. Tambo International in Johannesburg, where you will connect with a Mauritius-bound plane. With the time difference, you will land in the early evening. Transfer directly to the Four Seasons Resort Mauritius, and even in the dark, you will be able to appreciate the remoteness of the location. The crests of waves are illuminated by the moon, and a tropical awning encases your private villa. Only the whistling breeze and the lapping waves interrupt the silence as you settle into the first of six nights in Mauritius. As on your safari, all meals are included, and you will have various options for your dining pleasure.

What’s Included: accommodation at Four Seasons Resort Mauritius, flights, transfer, breakfast, lunch, dinner

Days 9 – 13: Anahita Peninsula – Romantic Barefoot Mauritius Escape

Your feet will drop immediately into the soft white sand as you step out of your villa. Just a few steps to the beach, the coconut palms provide an awning of shade, and the turquoise waters are as inviting as they come. Lounge by the pool, slumber on the private deck and savor the peaceful nature of the sand. The Four Seasons Resort offers a classic couple’s getaway, and your villa is carefully spaced, affording all the privacy that romance requires. For these five days, there is not much to think about. Take off your shoes and take off your watch, because this is an island where time stands still. Welcome to an Indian Ocean paradise and five days of succumbing to an exotic rhythm.

Various activities are included in your stay, and you are free to decide when to take advantage of them. Spend an afternoon on a private catamaran cruise and stay out for sunset with the wine glasses in hand. Spend a morning exploring Mauritius by helicopter with a breathtaking aerial flight that delivers stunning vistas. Later in the day, enjoy a two-hour couple’s treatment at the award-winning resort spa, as these salubrious additions further enhance the serenity. Various other activities can be added at the resort, including scuba diving on the island’s famous reefs and serene catamaran cruises. Five days here ensure that you have time to savor the tropical atmosphere, as well as getting active whenever the mood suits.

What’s Included: accommodation at Four Seasons Resort Mauritius, tour, breakfast, lunch dinner

Day 14: Anahita Peninsula – Departure

This afternoon you will depart Mauritius on your homebound flight, but you will enjoy full use of all the resort’s facilities before departure. Meals are included, and you will have plenty of time for a farewell stroll along the white sand.

What’s Included: accommodation, transfer, breakfast, lunch


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