Luxury Tour of Rome, Tuscany & The Amalfi Coast

A 10 day trip to Italy 
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Italy is at its best as the aroma of citrus groves overtakes the Mediterranean Sea, as the marbled fountains in Rome dance with balletic waters and the majolica tiles imitate sparkling vineyards and fishing boats along the coast. Your 10-day tour will immerse you in the pleasures of Rome, Tuscany, and the Amalfi Coast, to take you along the ruins and trails, fishing boats and private kitchens to bask in the welcoming style of the Italian culture. Whether in the heart of summer or the cooling breeze of autumn, you can savor the brilliance of fresh cuisine, fine wine, unforgettable frescoes, and an exquisite hands-on experience in Italy. 

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Rome, Vatican City, Orvieto, Florence, Pisa, Assisi, Naples, Sorrento, Capri, Pompeii, Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, Vietri  

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Rome – Arrive in the Eternal City for an Immersive Historical Tour

Rome is a city that has survived for thousands of years as it evolved with the times, from ancient empire to the capital of a contemporary European nation. The beauty of the past remains a vibrant part of the city’s present. Your private transfer will meet you at Rome Fiumicino Airport upon your arrival and escort you into the historical city center of Rome. Enjoy the time to settle in with the luxuries of your accommodation, complete with a terrace looking out to the grandeur of the city’s skyline with the many domes and church spires. Your view will open to the Spanish Steps, an elegant 17th-century stairway that connects Piazza di Spagna to the Pizza Trinita dei Monti.

Your guide will meet you in the lobby eager to show you the pleasures of Rome in great detail, from the Trevi Fountain to the beauty of Piazza Navona, a Renaissance square bordered by opulent palaces. Painters congregate around the edges of the cobbled piazza to capture the light and shadows as they drift across the palatial facades. You can join a painter for a lesson in Italian artistry, using watercolors to imitate the beauty of the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, a 17th-century fountain constructed under the patronage of Pope Innocent X, and designed by master craftsmen Bernini. The fountain represents the four main rivers of the world with godlike characters, featuring the Nile, Ganges, Danube, and Rio de la Plata as an obelisk towers above the fountain, rising out of its center.

What’s Included: accommodation, transfer, tour, dinner

Day 2: Rome – Embark on a Full Day Tour of Vatican City and Ancient Rome

Piazza di San Pietro is one of the most recognizable piazzas in the world. Columns border the oval-shaped public space with an ancient obelisk placed at the center. After breakfast, your guide will meet you at your hotel and lead you along the central road to Vatican City. You will notice the obelisk as it reaches a height of 85 feet tall with the dramatic dome of St. Peter’s Basilica rising behind it. Michelangelo designed the dome after being inspired by the unsupported concrete figure of the Pantheon. St. Peter’s dome stretches to a height of 435 feet, creating a captivating effect across Rome and within Vatican City.

You will then enter the marbled halls of the Vatican Museums as the natural light enters through the windows and glints off of the polished floors. The museum galleries exhibit history beyond the beginnings of the church which highlights the power of the Vatican and the long reach of Catholicism across the globe, with artifacts brought back by missionaries and papal carriages. Follow your guide through the galleries for a curated view of the artifacts both attached to the museum and separated from the walls in the form of statues, busts, mosaics, and tapestries. In the Borgia Apartment, you will find the residence of Pope Alexander VI. The pope had erected a private residence for his family inside the Vatican palace, commissioning the artist Pinturicchio to decorate the interior in the 1490s. The bright paintings depict Christian characters with Renaissance and ancient themes, shaping unique allegories that will capture your attention.

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 3: Montecatini – Visit the Hilltop Town of Orvieto en route to Tuscany

In the morning, the locals venture to the Piazza Vittorio Market, one of the oldest in the city. The aroma of sage, saffron, and basil converge underneath the overhang. In the autumn, pumpkins and squash showcase the bountiful harvest and in the summer, radiant strawberries and raspberries shine brightly against the cream-colored homes around the square. After breakfast, your private transfer will meet you at your hotel and lead you away from the bustling Italian capital. In the summer, the hills of Umbria glow emerald while in the winter, the grass shimmers with flecks of gold. You will arrive at the hilltop town of Orvieto to discover the fascinating traditions hidden inside the remarkably preserved streets.

Volcanic rock supports the city above a field of streaking vines, blossoming olive trees, and pockets of cypress trees. Cobblestone paves the streets that lead to medieval piazzas. The churches offer a cinematic beauty that represents an Italy of the past, eclipsing the fast-paced present to offer insight into a different lifestyle. The Cathedral was erected in the late 13th century and embodies the splendor of Gothic architecture as blossoming flowers and braiding vines embellish the rainbow-hued frescoes and mosaics draped in glinting colors.

The work of Signorelli overtakes the interior with a fresco begun in 1499. The work covers San Brizio Chapel with swirling, passionate depictions of the Last Judgment. After exploring Orvieto, your private transfer will lead you into Tuscany, a region famed for its verdant hills, soaring cypress trees, and the mixture of olive groves and vineyards. The picturesque drive takes you to Vinci—a town famous as the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci—to indulge in the welcoming culture and traditions of a boutique vineyard producing celebrated Chianti wines.

What’s Included: accommodation, transfer, tour, breakfast

Day 4: Montecatini – Relish the Lavish Renaissance Art and Architecture in Florence

Montecatini is often referred to as the largest spa town in Italy, encompassing more than six and a half square miles. Elegant spas were erected around the natural thermal waters and feature relaxing, rejuvenating, and comforting treatments, from mud baths to saunas, inside open-air Art Nouveau structures. Ancient walls surround the city as medieval architecture from the 11th and 12th centuries decorates the village along the hilltop’s upper ride. You will take a brief ride through the Tuscan countryside to the renowned city of Florence, the capital of Tuscany, and often considered the epicenter of the Renaissance.

The aroma of fresh espresso emanates from the cafes inside the historical center. The medieval walls wrap around the antique city until you reach the banks of the Arno River. Palaces hide behind inconspicuous structures, and modest churches include elaborate frescoes painted by master artists of the 15th and 16th centuries. Florence can overwhelm visitors with exciting artwork and architecture, from the Uffizi Gallery to the Galleria dell’Accademia but your guide will lead you on a remarkable tour of the city’s enchanting works, taking in Michelangelo’s David and Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus.

The scent of creamy gelato accentuates another layer of Florence’s beauty. In the warm days of summer, locals will indulge in the refreshing fruity flavors. In the cooler days of autumn and winter, people choose richer flavors, often crafted specifically for the season. Visit the oldest gelateria in Florence to watch the masters create the stunning flavors coveted by the city. After tasting the variety of gelatos offered, you will step behind the counter and learn the true art of the Italian dessert.

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 5: Assisi – Enjoy a Unique Exploration of Pisa before Visiting Assisi in Umbria

In the morning, you will traverse the Tuscan countryside to reach the city of Pisa, renowned as a former maritime power in the 10th century and home to the Leaning Tower. The streets fill with the aroma of fresh brioche and frothy cappuccinos as students lounge in the green spaces before their classes begin. Pisa ha one of the most prestigious universities in Italy, which was established in the 14th-century and the youthful atmosphere contrasts with the historical monuments, including the remarkable structures inside Piazza del Miracoli.

The tower stands more than 180 feet tall and leans nearly four degrees due to the heavy marble sinking into the soft soil. The Republic of Pisa continuously added layers to the tower after each naval victory, much like Romans erected arches with reliefs depicting the battle scenes. Thin pillars wrap around each layer, crafting a wedding cake-like appearance. Step beyond the Piazza dei Miracoli to view the majesty of Pisa, taking you to the restored 14th-century Palazzo Blue, overlooking the river. The blue façade offers a striking image presaging the beauty of the interior while the galleries feature 19th-century décor that emphasizes the beauty of the Pisan artwork from the 14th to the 20th centuries.

Your private transfer will then collect you and escort you through the cypress trees and vineyards of Tuscany until you return to the Umbrian valley framed by undulating knolls. You will then reach the town of Assisi, birthplace of St. Francis, the saint whose name the current pope has taken. The streets wind along the face of Mont Subasio adorned with a dramatic 14th-century castle known as Rocca Maggiore.

What’s Included: accommodation, transfer, tour, breakfast

Day 6: Amalfi – Travel South to visit Naples and the Preserved Streets of Pompeii

In the morning, you will wake to find Franciscan monks wandering along the cobbled walkways near the Basilica ready for mass. The nave fills with the beautiful echoes of chanting, accompanied by an organ. A series of 28 frescoes depicts the life of St. Francis, after whom the Basilica is named. The vivacious colors add to the revelatory sounds of mass as you take it all in. After breakfast, you will travel south with your private transfer to the city of Naples, once the capital of Kingdom of Naples, an area often contested by French and Spanish dynasties.

The streets have a unique charm embodied in the historical center and along the antique waterfront. Piers and natural breakwaters divide the harbor into different docks, bustling with activity from around the Mediterranean, demonstrating a millennium of trade with the region. You can look out over the glistening Mediterranean Water to find the looming peak of Mount Vesuvius lingering above the Bay of Naples. In the late morning, the scent of fresh dough drifts along the streets wafting from the pizzerias around the city.

After touring Naples, you will arrive at Pompeii, a city preserved in time beneath the ashes and pumice-stone that blanketed the area in 89 AD after Mount Vesuvius erupted. You can follow the footpath into the ancient city that leads to the Roman Forum, the heart of civic and religious life. The peak of the volcano continues to rise above the cityscape as colonnades continue to wrap around the square that leads to the Temple of Jupiter on the north end. The structure was raised atop a 10-foot tall platform beside a corner hall utilized for food vendors. 

What’s Included: accommodation, transfer, tour, breakfast

Day 7: Amalfi – Delight in a Seaside Charms and Extravagances of Capri Island

Make your way next to Amalfi’s marina to board the ferry that will whisk you away to the island of Capri. The scent of semi-sweet and salty Mediterranean air sweeps over the boat, and you will have a pristine view of the meandering shoreline of the Amalfi Coast, a 43-mile stretch of land along the indigo Mediterranean Sea, punctuated with lush mountains, rugged boulders, and colorful towns. The sea breeze carries mist and the refreshing scent of the water. Looking west, you can see the powerful peaks of Capri as they rise out of the Mediterranean, some reaching a height of 200 feet above sea level. The beauty of the island has captivated visitors throughout the millennia, including two Roman emperors and the meandering Greek sailors.

The ferry docks at Marina Grande, framed by pastel colored fishermen’s homes and boats swaying in the water’s wake. The Church of San Costanzo dates back to the 5th century when travelers from Constantinople were blown off course en route to Rome. The whitewashed walls remain from the original construction, but the Byzantine flourishes were part of a 10th century remodel. You take the funicular up to the main square of Capri Town as cafes fill the piazza and offer views over the cliffs, down to the water.

You will then have a chance to visit the gorgeous grounds of Villa Jovis, the main residence of Emperor Tiberius during his tenure on the island. The lavish estate accentuates the natural beauty of the landscape, garnished with erupting fountains and baths that are a part of the nearly 32,300 square feet of the gardens. After exploring the island, you will meet a private chef ready to instruct you in the way of Mediterranean cuisine. The kitchen will offer a view of the marvelous seaside, accompanied by the sounds of passersby. The salty breeze adds to the layers of fragrance filling the kitchen as you follow your instructor’s lead to dice garlic, cube tomatoes, and slice lemons until you have created impepata di cozze, peppered mussels.  

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast, dinner

Day 8: Amalfi –Discover the Natural Beauty of the Amalfi Coast at your Leisure

The sunlight will wash over the Mediterranean Sea and glints along the indigo water. Fishing boats return from their morning beyond the horizon, ready to open their nets to the market and sell fresh octopus, prawns, and sea bream. The stairs of the 13th-century Cathedral lead from the edge of the main square to the bronze doors cast in the shade of an arching portico. The base of the structure was erected in the 6th century with the bright stripes in the Arab-Sicilian style crafted in the 1800s.

The bronze doors underline the wealth of the town in the 11th century as a trading center along the Mediterranean as alliances were forged with the Byzantine Empire at Constantinople. After breakfast, you will visit a variety of towns along the Amalfi Coast, a region of Italy famous for its natural beauty. Olive orchards and vineyards grow along the mountain ridges beside palm trees and chalky boulders. You will then reach Vietri, set among the citrus groves and emerald forests. In the 17th century, the town became a center for ceramics, specializing in the tiles that decorate the homes along the cobbled streets.

The Church of St. John the Baptist was erected in the 18th century and contains a riot of green and blue hues along the dome, as majolica tiles blanket the dome as if paint to a canvas. The neighborhood known as Conca dei Marini is like an open-air museum, showcasing workshops and boutiques that display plates, glasses, and unique tiles. The medieval tower overlooking the water was built for citizens to scour the water for pirates and offer a stunning panorama of the landscape and seaside. You will meet an artisan craftsman for an in-depth experience of Vietri as you learn the art of producing the ceramic tiles for which the town is known.

What’s Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 9: Rome – Revel in Captivating Quiet in Sorrento before Returning to Rome

In the morning, you can look from your hotel terrace to find the Mediterranean radiating three shades of blue, from indigo to cobalt. Couples set out on the water in rowboats, searching for a hidden cove to enjoy a moment alone. In the town of Erchie, beachgoers enjoy the pebbled shores of two small beaches set beneath the frame of an ancient Norma tower. Local legend states that Hercules was the founder of the town after he left Greece. The charms of the historical character of the coastline derive from Cetara, a town founded in the 9th century by Saracen pirates.

Before you return to Rome, you will visit the town of Sorrento, located at the edge of the Bay of Naples and with a beautiful view of Mount Vesuvius in the distance. The ragged cliffs reach a height of 180 feet above sea level and are decorated with antique buildings. The city walls around the marina were first built by the Greeks more than 2,000 years ago, which strengthened by Romans, and rebuilt in the 16th century after a series of Turkish raids.

The relaxed ambiance of the seaside streets offers a perfect destination to stroll through the city, embracing the citrus aroma of lemon trees blending with the refreshing sea breeze. You will reach the Monastery of San Francesco, which was erected in the 8th century and contains a stunning preserved cloister from the 13th century. Rounded tufa arches connect octagonal columns with elements of an antique pagan temple that peek through the architecture. Your private transfer will escort you around the Bay of Naples and onward to Rome, where you will settle back into the luxuries of a city embellished with familiar ancient monuments.

What’s Included: accommodation, transfer, tour, breakfast

Day 10: Rome – Depart for Home

The church of Santa Sabina was erected in the 5th century AD and offers insight into the traditions of early Christian art and architecture. The wall above the main entrance features one of the oldest mosaics in Rome as it includes two female figures that date back to 432 AD. The delicate reliefs showcase scenes of the Old and New Testament, with 18 of the original 28 panels that have survived the tests of time. The wonders of Rome and the grandeur of Italy are endless, so you could always extend your time and return to the Amalfi Coast for unfettered views and a relaxed lifestyle. You could also consider a venture north to the region of Veneto to enjoy the opulence of Venice. When you are ready, your private transfer will meet you at your hotel and escort you to Rome’s Fiumicino Airport for your flight home.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer



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