The Ultimate Greece Honeymoon Vacation Package

A 14 day trip to Greece 
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Greece is for lovers, just ask the gods on this tour tailored to bring out the honeymoon in any and every relationship, new or just feeling like new. Let the world of antiquity charm you in Athens. The glassy water and velvet sands of Mykonos will fascinate you. The luscious architecture of Rhodes will entice you. The exquisite sunset in Santorini will seduce you. The delicate mix of leisure and ruins will have you discovering and rediscovering the pleasures of Greece and the joys of company, all wrapped up in the arms of Aphrodite. 

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General Information

View of the stone ruins and rocky terrain of Kastri Island in Greece
Detailed Itinerary

Places Visited 

Athens, Sacred Island of Delos, Volcano and hot springs, Santorini, Old City of Rhodes, Crete, Heraklion, Knossos Minoan Palace

Departure Dates 

Dates are flexible and customizable for private departures.

Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Athens in Hand

Welcome to the city of Athens where the marbled wonder of the city’s past shines like a lighthouse as a constant reminder to the grandeur of history. The creamy scent of olive oil brushes along the streets of the Plaka, the ancient and still vibrant walkway that meanders beneath the pillars of the Acropolis. Stroll hand-in-hand along the shops where the jewelry sparkles, turning the bustling street of time into a pathway made for two. People gesture you into their restaurants, calling out with loving eyes to the happy couple. The divine warmth of fresh vegetables drifts from the windows. You have arrived in Athens, set beneath the splendid central hill known as the Acropolis, where the night sky brings a gentle glow to the city, rising from the lit mountaintop.

What’s Included: accommodation

Day 2: Brains and Beauty

The morning rouses you with the richness of Greek coffee, the powerful roast mixed with an easy sweetness. The day calls to you, ready to show you the splendid sites of the city. Syntagma Square, also known as Constitution Square, where Greek parliament holds themselves in high esteem within the old palace of King Otto I. Two soldiers guard the palace with stern, stoic faces knowing that their job is one held in high regard. On Sundays they wear uniforms based on the classical Cretan guard, a tradition dating back to King Otto’s decree, where the skirt-like garments made it easy to climb craggy mountains and move swiftly in a fight.

Continue your tour of Grecian and Athenian past moving backwards in time, from the contemporary history to the antiquity that has affected us all. The stairs leading up to the Acropolis shift from stone to marble as you come closer to the plateau. From the top of the steps you can see the modern city of Athens sprawling along the hills, disappearing into the distance. The Acropolis was once the tallest hill in the city of Athens, giving people a panoramic view of the entire city. The Propylaea welcomes you at the entrance of the temples. The columns are tall and large with girth. Marble and history swirl in the soft air. The Temple of Nike Athena flanks the right base of the gate, its pillars adorned with geometric twirls known to be ionic. Step through the Propylaea and enter the grandeur of history; the Parthenon stands in front of you, one of the most famous temples in the world, home to Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, and the namesake of the city of Athens. The pearl-white pillars stand proud over the city and radiate perfection from every direction, housing the wisdom of the gods within the beauty of humanity.

The tour winds down with the lingering marvels of the ages draped across your thoughts, but the day continues as you are taken to the airport and watch the phenomena of Athenian history drift away. Out the window you can see the expanse of the sea shimmer in the afternoon light. In the distance is the arid landscape of an island with olive trees dressing the hillsides. You arrive in Mykonos and allow yourself to settle into the comforts of your stunning accommodation. The waves brushing against the sand rise in the night like a romantic serenade sung just for you.

What’s Included: breakfast, tour, transfer, accommodation

Day 3: Island Passions

The grandeur of Mykonos is easy to see just from the color of the ocean. The calm clarity of the water invites you in with pleasure. Sink your toes beneath the sand, walk farther away from the shoreline, but no matter how high the water comes you can still spot your feet along the ocean floor. The breeze rushes over your shoulders bringing the mouthwatering aroma of fresh seafood grilling at the boardwalk. It is easy to linger along the sands of famous beaches from Paradise to Elia, where the stretch of cabanas offers a small, private haven along the coastline. If its privacy you prefer than you can lie along the secluded shores of Ftelia where the peaceful lull of the waves are often the only other sound you hear.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 4: A Little Getaway

Welcome the morning sun with a smile and embrace the day with a breakfast by the pool, where delicious offerings of a Greek breakfast drift through the air and mix with the easy waves in the distance. With the day at your leisure you have the entire island to explore if you desire; the stretch of opulent beaches aren’t limited to the sands outside of the hotel. With the entirety of the day at your whim you could also take a romantic stroll through the meandering streets of Mykonos Town. The cobblestone pathways give a charm to the labyrinth of the town as the classic Cyclades style of whitewashed walls sweep along the paths. Jewelry flickers in glass displays. Antique shops display prominent bronzed lamps that stand proud and rich at the doorway. Restaurants offer an array of sensuous fragrances blossoming along the open walls of the city. Whether sitting and enjoying a luxurious meal beside the water, relaxing along the colorful facades of Little Venice, or watching the sun set over the windmills and enjoying the golden-orange radiance of the sky, the romance of Mykonos is palpable and delectable.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 5: Sunset with Apollo

The vibrant ardor of the island rises from the beaches and can be tasted in the food, but just off shore brings another measure of pride and connection to Mykonos located on the island of Delos. Beside the shores, climbing into the hills, you can see ruins of the once proud and wealthy port city of Delos. The sea mist blends with the arid terrain of the island giving a sweet and earthy air. Statues of lions are displayed prominently guarding the Sacred Lake, the birthplace of Apollo. Stroll along the main street listening to the rise and fall, where remnants of pillars stand broken; stones connote the passage of time from fallen buildings. Within the museum you can see the vibrant displays of frescos and murals, the colors popping out of the marble with reflections of everyday life. A marble statue of Artemis stands gracefully, her stone clothes twisting in the stillness of the room, carved into eternity. The remains of Delos bring you toe to toe with the gods, walking along the footsteps of their adolescence before settling into Olympus where they belonged.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation, tour

Day 6: Blue is Beautiful

Awaken to the fresh Greek coffee and a luxurious breakfast, where you can listen to the waves of the perfect beaches before you depart Mykonos. You will be picked up from your hotel and transferred to the port where a hydrofoil will glide along the opulent waters to Santorini. As the boat approaches the crescent island you pass the looming peak of the island’s creator, the volcano that has shaped and molded Santorini over time. Past the peak you can see a shining luminescence reaching across the cliffs, these are the quintessential homes of Santorini, beautiful in pictures and breathtaking in life, where the whitewalls flash sunlight and the blue roofs almost look as though they reflect the water below. Your semi-private transfer will take you to your accommodation where you can do as the Santorinians do and watch the golden glow of the sun fill the entire sky as it sinks behind the horizon.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation, transfer

Day 7: Always a Lovely (Island) Day

Santorini wraps around a caldera giving lusciousness to the produce and warmth to the water; it also created the elegant crescent shape of the island. Today would be a grand opportunity to explore the stunning island with a dreamy walk from Fira to Oia, if you desire. The pathway meanders along the cliff giving way to rocky outposts and breathtaking panoramas. The sky is open mingling with the sea on the horizon. Look forward and you can see the slight twinkle of Oia offering you guidance; behind you the white buildings of Fira begin to drift along the hill. The terrain that surrounds you is rocky but unforgettable, the slight grass giving way to red rocks, blue sky above and bluer water below. The journey is half the fun as you arrive in Oia, filled with the classic essence of Santorini. Step from the mountain pathway to the marble walkway. The white walls keep the buildings cool in the heat. Reach the edge of the island at the old castle that overlooks the water’s edge. The sun starts to set and you can grab hold of the day, locking tight in your mind, and never letting it go.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 8: An Unforgettable Setting(sun)

When morning comes you can sit by the infinity pool and watch the water drip into the abyss with a delightful breakfast or have it brought to the room with your private view of the water below. Your day brings with it the majesty of a sunset cruise ushering in the quintessence of Aphrodite within the splendor to come. Climb aboard the boat and glide along the breathtaking blue of the sea, passing the towering stretch of the lighthouse, and reaching the island in the center of the caldera. The arid earth of the island blends with the cool mist. The wonderful view from the top beckons to you. Sit in the hot springs and relish the warmth of the therapeutic waters wrapping around skin. The water is heated from below but you feel like you’re flying, from the soothing warmth, from the height of the volcano, and from the majesty of the excursion. While the sun drifts along the sky you will step onto the island of Thirassia, where you can watch the unimpeded glow of the sunset and know that you will cherish the moment forever.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 9: Private Rhodes

Today you will wave goodbye to the whitewashed walls of Santorini where you can watch the blue roofs of the buildings blend into the color of the sea. Arrive on the island of Rhodes where the stunning wonder of the island’s city is a shift from the quaint towns of Santorini, set within the blended majesty of the absorbing castle, Venetian charm, and Moorish architecture. Stroll through the classic arms of the Medieval City of Rhodes where the tall bricks of the castle stand at the edges of the calm, blue water, as boats drift and sway in the wake. The skyline is a blend of towers and minarets, domes and ruins. It’s as if all the romance of history has been compiled in one space, ready for you to stroll through, every street a kissing-lane, every beach perfect for holding hands, and every second is blissful.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, accommodation

Day 10: The Grandeur of Rhodes

Venture into the old town and journey through the romance of the romantics, where the history of the world is filled with passion, magic, and art. The Old Town of Rhodes is surrounded by a magnificent stretch of 15th and 16th century walls complete with rounded bastions and a moat, which now boasts the vibrant green of a park and a lovely pathway where people can wander along the outer walls of the castle. Along the walk you can come to the Amboise Gate, the aromatics of fresh, wild orchids rise from Rhodini Park, dating back to before the Roman occupation. Peacocks strut their green and blue plumage along the rushing water of the calm river. Punt down the river or meander over the step bridge where a mixture of antique architecture and the ceaseless beauty of the natural flora fill the park, including the famed symbol of the island, the Dama-Dama Deer. With the city at your leisure and the sensations at your fingertips, don’t be afraid to stop and smell the orchids.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 11: A Rise Above

Rising above the lovely town of Rhodes is the Acropolis of Lindos. The hill gives you a view of the city and the sea, the breeze rolling along the manicured landscapes and brushing past your cheeks. The water is a deeper blue than the sky but not by much, giving a sense of beautiful confusion to the horizon. Look down on the city and the opulent white of the buildings give a marbled feel to the island, as if each home was sculpted and glossed, even if they aren’t made from marble at all. The remains of Lindos encircle the plateau where stones are strewn over the ground striving to reshape their once superior form. Step inside the Doric Temple of Athena Lindia that dates to around 300BC and was built on the site of an earlier temple. The pillars continue to rise, stones topped along the left corner as a reminder of the temples stature. An offerings table and the base of the statue of Athena continue to grace the interior. Climb the striking staircase that leads to a stoa, a collection of covered walkways or porticos meant for the public. Your time at the Acropolis of Lindos is more than just a jaunt through history, but is time together among the gods.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 12: A Day for a Sense or Two

Let your sense guide you today as you visit the old bazaar. Stand beneath the large domed entry, the white and green opening offering an impressive entrance to the marketplace, built in the Italian period but marking a conscious history of the Ottoman occupation with a domed roof and Moorish archways. The bazaar is filled with sensual perfumes, from creamy olive oils to rugged wines and the rich honeyed sweets of the Aegean. The textiles gleam along the walkways almost as colorful as the pomegranates. The Moorish lamps bring the shape of ogee arches with the geometric designs of tight diamonds on repeat. Take your time and enjoy the afternoon within the natural life of the eclectic marketplace, ready to share with you all its secrets. 

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 13: The Returning Moonlight

Return to the romance of Athens with all its history waving to you like an old friend. Within the city center you can reacquaint yourself with the vivaciousness of the Acropolis as it watches over you from above. When the city lights start to fade and the Parthenon begins to twinkle like starlight, you can wrap your arms around one another within the sumptuous mood of the evening. Revel in a delightful meal along the pedestrian street of Drakou, where the luscious flavors of Kalamaki Bar will cradle you into indulgence.

What’s Included: brealfast. transfer, accommodation

Day 14: Never Far from Aphrodite

Today you depart Athens and begin your journey back home. You can hear the brush of the waves against the pristine shores while the memory of a secluded stroll beneath the glowing Acropolis continues to repeat in your thoughts. The stories of Greece, from the myths of gods to the essence of Aphrodite, will never fade from memory. Sit back, relax, dream of Greece vacations, and know that the radiance of Greece will always be there ready for your return.

What’s Included: transfer


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