Romantic Greece Vacation: Athens & Island Hopping

A 9 day trip to Greece 
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Romance overtakes you and wonders enrapture you on this custom tailored tour that will take you through the fantastic Greek Isles. From the glassy waters of a Mykonos beach to the immaculate whitewashed walls of a Santorini village, the rising pillars of the Parthenon to the birthplace of Apollo, there is no end to the beauty that has captivated the world for thousands of years. Come see the passion. Come see the grandeur. Come see Greece. 

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General Information

archaeological ruins with blue sea and hills in the background
Detailed Itinerary

Places Visited 

Athens, Mykonos, Delos, Santorini 

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Romantic Dreams

The dreams of Greece bring you to the steps of famed temples and along the beaches of paradise. There is never an end to the luxuries and romance of what the Mediterranean offers. As the plane climbs into the sky, the promises of delight and seclusion, romance and beauty are all at your fingertips ready to be explored. Soon you will be able to look out your window and watch as the sky and clouds are replaced by ancient pillars and sandy beaches, making your romantic thoughts of Greece come true.

What’s Included: breakfast, dinner

Day 2: Grandeur of Antiquing

Arrive in the city of Athens and be met at the airport by a private transfer. Hills filled with olive groves wrap around the city like an old friend; the rich scent of earth and blossoming trees brushes along the landscape. Within the city center the Acropolis glistens a mild pink in the morning light and overlooks the ancient and modern city of Athens. Walk hand in hand along the Plaka, one of the oldest streets in Greece, where the life of the city is vibrant and full. Creamy olive oils are displayed for the tasting. Excited restaurateurs wave to you along their patios. The neighborhood is filled with contemporary cafes and historic ruins mingling in an inspiring way. There has always been a touch of passion to ancient history, and now you can watch it come alive.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation

Day 3: Ardent Athena

Wake to the morning with the fresh scent of Greek coffee blossoming through the hotel. The dark roast mixes with sweet sugarcane to give a delightful balance. Meet your local guide as they take you through the sensational modern and ancient history of Athens. Stand beneath the palace of Otto I, which now is used as the Parliament building. The pink hue of the marble reflects onto Syntagma Square below. Soldiers guard the palace with stern looks, always working and subtly looking out into the crowd. On Sundays the guards wear their traditional uniform reminiscent of Cretan mountain villagers, complete with nails cobbled into their shoes. At the hour you can watch the slow-motion choreography of the changing of the guards, each step timed, in line, and graceful.

The gem of Athens sits atop the Acropolis; a marble paved plateau that harkens back to the Golden Age of the city. Next to the entrance gate, known as the Propylaea, is the small but immaculate temple of Athena Nike, positioned along the wing of the citadel. The name is meant as tribute to Athena in victory, where the friezes are sculptures to depict classic battles of the Athenians. Once through the Propylaea you will come almost within arm’s reach of the famous Parthenon. Once a grand statue of Athena sat within its pillars gracing pilgrims from all sides. Today the temple continues to fill visitors with awe due to its perseverance and demand for reverence. Even after millennia the Parthenon is as elegant as ever.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation, tour

Day 4: Wondrous Cliffs and Calderas

The new day brings you to another Grecian dream come true with your venture to Santorini. Travel across the lush waters of the Mediterranean on a hydrofoil and watch the sea mist in the morning sun. The cliffs of Santorini rise in the distance, growing larger the closer you come. Once along the shores you will have a semi-private transfer to your accommodation that overlooks the breathtaking panorama of the island. The whitewashed buildings spotlight blue roofs that you have seen on postcards and in travel boooks for years. Now you are standing among them, the images from your memory rise before you in all their striking three-dimensional glory overlooking the sapphire water below.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation, transfer

Day 5: A Greeting to Fabulous Frescos

Revel in the morning as the rosy glow of the sun paints the whitewashed walls of Santorini homes with a cheery hue. Indulge in the luxuries of breakfast either by the pool or in the seclusion of your room; either way the food will be rich and unforgettable. You can watch the elegant glide of the cable car climb and descend the sharp wall of the cliff. Wide pathways meander along the craggy precipice where the famous Santorini donkeys carry everything from supplies to people up and down the island. The day is yours to enjoy the island as you please; a visit to the Petros Nomikos Exhibition Center in Fira brings to light the grand history and beauty of island. The capital of Fira itself is magnificent, climbing up the cliff with narrow streets that add appeal to the already charming village.

Within the exhibition center the island’s history is on display. The cool halls are filled with reproductions of the wall paintings at Akrotiri, showcasing the sensational art that decorated the ancient lost city. The ruins sit beneath ash on the south end of the island. Where once obscurity blanketed Akrotiri, the exhibition center has brought the grandeur from out of the ashes and back to the world stage. Walk beside the walls of the center and the frescos of history, where the atmosphere is almost as if you were strolling through a friend’s home rather than a museum. A mural of lively monkeys jumping from branch to branch, leaping over the wall and around the corner drapes over a stretch of the center. It feels like the splendor of the island never ends, from its art to its history, its caldera to its panorama.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation, tour

Day 6: Caldera Panorama to Beachside Perfection

Indulge in the decadence of breakfast served pool-side; the gentle trickle of the infinity pool brining further tranquility to the already serene view. After breakfast you will board a semi-private transfer to the port where a hydrofoil will take you to the stellar island of Mykonos. When you arrive on the shores of Mykonos you can almost feel the energy of the island, the quaint town mixed with a cosmopolitan feel, the celebrated beaches with unsurpassed loveliness. Once at your hotel you can settle into the island’s luxuries, its seclusion, and its allure.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation, transfer

Day 7: Private Beauty

Fill the day with whatever is your pleasure; the island is ready for you to bask in and enjoy. Stroll through the romantic streets of Mykonos Town or luxuriate along the shores of one of the island’s celebrated beaches. The secluded coastline of Kapari is calm and serene, giving you the chance to take a breath and luxuriate along the hot sand. Look out over the horizon and it feels like the beach was shaped and crafted just for you. The water is crystal clear and dances on the shore. Rocks protrude like wings at the edges of the beach enclosing the sands like a cove. The refreshing sea wraps around your toes and you can look into the shifting depths of the water and watch sands drift and the grasses flutter while you soak up paradise.  

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 8: Lingering Sweetness

The day is at your leisure to enjoy Mykonos how you see fit. The island of Delos sits just off of Mykonos’s shores and is filled with the spectacular mythology of gods and legends. Arrive on Delos where the pillars of the old city are strewn along the valley and climb up the hillside. The old theater continues to wrap around the foothill giving outstanding harmony to the stone ruins. Marble lions guard the Sacred Lake from where the legends say Apollo was born. The façade of the Temple of Isis continues to rise above the ruins offering a glance at her statue situated proud between the columns. Every step you take brings the ruins of Delos to life, where the light glints off of the walkways, and the immaculate color of the marble continues to wash over the stretch of valley. Within the house of Dionysus lies a famous mural that depicts the god riding a tiger. The colors continue to shine brightly against the marble stones and waving textiles. The magnificence of the ruins is within the art and the pillars, the cobblestones and the statues. After thousands of years the romance of Delos persists.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 9: Adoring Departure

Today you will board a hydrofoil along the port of Mykonos and watch the whitewashed walls of Mykonos Town fade into the horizon. The beaches were crisp with immaculate water. The windmills continue to ride the coastline with spirit. You will arrive in Athens and have a private transfer to the airport where you will begin your journey home. The magic of Greece is within its beaches and ruins, landscapes and waters. You have seen its beauty along cliffs and shorelines; your holiday may have ended but there will always be more of Greece waiting for you to enjoy. 

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer

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