Romantic Greece Tour: Athens, Mykonos & Santorini

A 12 day trip to Greece 
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Greece is for loving on this custom tailored tour that will bring the fantasy of the Aegean to life. Set within the magic of the Acropolis, hidden along pillars of the Parthenon, you will find the romance of history. From the marvelous sapphire water of Mykonos to the elegant towns of Paros, within the golden orange sunsets of Santorini and the classical charm of Antiparos, you will experience the passion of Greece, where desire is tasted in the food, felt in the history, and inspired by the epic tales of love brought forth from mythology.  

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small fishing boats tied up in the small harbor surrounded by white buildings
Detailed Itinerary

Places Visited 

Athens, Mykonos, Paros, Santorini 

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: A Loving Start

Welcome to wonderful Athens, where the city’s history brushes against its modernity, shining over the streets and within spectacular luxury. Hills roll around the city giving a golden shimmer to the morning sun. You can see the stretch of olive trees rushing along the ride giving a fragrant air to the countryside. Your private transfer will take you from the airport to the city center; the delicate past seems forceful as it sits atop the Acropolis, pillared colonnades overlooking the city waiting for your arrival. Settle into the beauty of the Athenian Callirhoe Boutique Hotel. The rooftop restaurant allows you sit in plush and private comfort almost at eye-level to the Acropolis in the short distance. Enjoy a welcoming beverage; cool, sweet, and fresh. The city, the hotel, and Greece are nothing less than inviting.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation

Day 2: The Surrounding Feeling

You can watch the morning sunlight spread across the Parthenon giving a pink glow to the marble ruins and the city below for a brief moment. There are few things more romantic than antiquity, where epic loves were born and classic architecture persists. Venture into the city on a private tour that will guide you through the fabulous history blossoming in and over the streets. Walking along Acropolis Hill brings you from a stone pathway to a marbled walkway, leading you up to the entrance gate, the Propylaea. The columns are wide and strong, once holding a sensational pediment stretching the length of the open space, giving notice to the grandeur that visitors would be stepping into. Venture through the imposing columns into the temples that promote passion, devotion, and persistence. On the left you can see the Erechtheion, built sometime between 421 and 406 BC, where Caryatids, ornate statues in the form of graceful women, help support the northern edges of the structure. Five out of the six original Caryatids are located in the New Acropolis Museum. Witness their delicate shape and intricate form; each woman’s dress flows in eternal rock fabric, their hair shaped and chiseled. Let the awe of history wash over you like a comfortable blanket.

On the right side you cannot miss the Parthenon, one of the most relished temples in the world and throughout history. Built between 447 BC and 438 BC, the temple was, and is, a testament to the city’s wealth, once meant to signify financial stature but now holding more cultural significance. It is almost like being transported back to a time when classical art wasn’t considered classic but standard, decorating the skyline, the streets, homes, and known world. The pillars are fixed at an angle that gives the perception of perfection from every side, allowing you to walk around the structure without ever compromising your view.

The earthy scent surrounds the hilltop. The western metope is adorned with images of Athena and Poseidon as they competed to be the city’s patron. Stroll around the hilltop; enjoy the view, the history, and one another, where the past and present create fantasy. In the afternoon you will have a private transfer to port where you will board a hydrofoil and make your way to the stunning island of Mykonos. Enjoy the evening at the Myconian Ambassador Resort Hotel, where the rooms are secluded, you can see the calm, sapphire sea lapping at the shore, and the elegant spa offers coupled relaxation.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, accommodation

Day 3: Sands and Waters

It is hard not to love Mykonos; from its range of pristine beaches to the charm of Mykonos Town, there is always more to see and more to do, unless you prefer to simply relax by the comfortable pool and let the warm sun fall on your shoulders. The day should be spent letting the island fulfill your desires. Platis Gialos is a long stretch of sand and sun-beds that make it easy to pick a cabana and relax beneath the umbrella’s shade. The water gently rushes against the soft sand. You can see the colors mixing from turquoise to sapphire, colors that you want to step into. The water is so clear you can see your feet beneath the surface. Restaurants line the boardwalk offering cold drinks beneath the hot sun, where you can sip your minty cocktail, watch the water, enjoy the perfume of fresh seafood, and hold your lover’s hand.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 4: Charm and Luxury

The morning rises over the stunning beach giving a golden hue to the sand and a sparkle to the water. Breakfast is a decadent buffet that offers all the best of Greek cuisine for you pleasure, from pastries like baklava to luscious fruits like melons. Let the island be your guide today as you venture through its remarkable sites that bring you one step closer to wanting to call Greece your home. Mykonos Town is a maze of cobblestone streets, private niches, and luxurious shops. The traditional Cyclades architecture shows pristine whitewashed walls lining the walkways. Little Venice stands above the waterline, one of the most romantic spots on the island, where elegant old homes are painted vibrant colors reflected in the sea. Little Venice creates an ethereal atmosphere, as if you’ve stepped into a painting, filled with effervescent life, the seducing scents of flaky dough and melting feta cheese, and giving you a souvenir of the moment.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 5: The Quiet Aegean

There is a fabulous feeling in the morning light when you can hear the easy tide brushing against the sand. After breakfast you will have a semi private transfer to the harbor where you will board the hydrofoil and venture to the stunning island of Paros. The opulent waters glint in the sunlight beneath the pristine white buildings. Fishing boats wade in the calm waters, their lively paint bursting with vibrancy. Your private transfer will take you to Archipelagos Resort, a stupendous five-star hotel with wonderful facilities and elegant service. Your balcony gives you a view of the sapphire water open to the horizon. The breeze blows sweetly through your hair. The water glows against the vast sky. The quiet island gives you a sensual seclusion against the backdrop of sensational landscapes.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, accommodation

Day 6: Leisurely Villages

Relish the beauty of Paros at your leisure, from silky beaches to villages fit with precise character. Stroll through Naoussa to experience the delicate swirl of the town’s authentic whitewashed churches and chapels around the narrow stone paved streets. The cheerful sounds spill from quaint taverns and ouzeries, where the herbaceous scent drifts through the doors and the friendly atmosphere is warm and inviting. Walking along the waterfront makes it look like there is no marina, just a quintessential fishing boats swathed in color and tied up to the walkway like bicycles to a bicycle rack. The water is reflective of the homes. As night starts to drape over the village tables begin to fill the square. Simple but rich aromas of capers and mushrooms mix with creamy olive oil calling you to dinner and highlighting the relaxing day’s end. 

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 7: Ancient Charm

Today you can venture out into the unique and the secluded with a visit to Antiparos. Although the island is less than one mile away from Paros, the quiet charm of Antiparos Town seems to have been a leftover from its original construction in the 15th century. A swift ferry ride has you standing on the shores of the island, past limestone grottos and beneath towering rock formations. Along the stone walkways of town is one of the most romantic places to stroll; walking along effervescent purple bougainvillea filled streets lined with friendly cafes, the essence of the island reaches out and grabs you, letting you know it’s perfectly fine to take it slow, have a seat, and watch the day go by with a cup of rich coffee and some great company.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 8: Sapphire Caldera

The delightful island of Paros fades away as you board the hydrofoil and are ferried to Santorini. The island is famous for its beautiful scenery, from the classic whitewall homes that climb the cliff, to the spectacular views that open up to the watery horizon. You will be met at the harbor and taken by semi-private transfer to your luxurious accommodation in Oia, The Canaves Oia Hotel. Get comfortable in a suite-like room where even the bathroom is filled with luxuries, from a whirlpool tub with a view of the panorama to the plush bedding that you can sink into. Whether enjoying the vista from your room or beside the gentle trickle of the infinity pool, the sea’s turquoise water will delight you as it almost mirrors the cobalt roofs of the island’s architecture. Set next to the charismatic village of Oia, you have the beauty of the island before you and the splendor of town beside you.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, accommodation

Day 9: Stunning Colorful Cliffs

Morning light washes over the island with a gentle blush set against the whitewashed buildings. Enjoy a delicious cup of Greek coffee or fresh squeezed strawberry juice with breakfast on your private balcony overlooking the exotic caldera. The day is at your whim and desire to see the island as you please. Stroll hand in hand through elegant Oia or journey to the capital, Fira. For a fabulous and unique day you could venture by boat to the dazzling White Beach. The beach is accessible only by boat or through the Red Beach next door; however, it is an easy boat ride that can take you right to the hot sandy shore. The precipice overlooking the beach is limestone, giving the bleached color to the stone and the hue that gives the beach its name. The sand is shimmering black due to the volcanic soil of which the island is made. Dip your toes in the water and let the cool, clear sea wrap around your skin. You are buoyant and comfortable walking out into the calm water. You can look back at the shoreline and see the gleaming rocks in the sunlight. Lounge on the beach or swim through the open, clear, and unfettered water where it feels like you have landed on a remote resort meant just for you.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 10: The Whitewalls of Oia

Another day in paradise brings with it another perfect breakfast, either relished on your private balcony or enjoyed beside the trickling water of the infinity pool where the exquisite view is a faultless way to start your day. Spend the day luxuriating by the cliff, whether sailing around it on a splendid cruise or meandering through the villages; the elegance of the walkways will melt your heart and make you want to stay for eternity. Less than 100 feet from Canaves is the beginning of Oia, one of the most gorgeous towns on the island. The colorful architecture wraps around the northern cape climbing up and down the cliff. The marbled walkway begins at the cobalt-domed church and stretches past the restaurants and hotels, shops and bakeries. The scent of fresh-baked baklava fills the path. Wooden verandas reach out from small cafes for a grand view complimented by a tasty drink. At the northern edge you can see the remaining castle tower lingering over the water. The view is extraordinary, whether looking out over the Aegean Sea or looking back over the gentle curve of the island. It is easy to sink into coupling comfort on Santorini while letting the wonder embrace you.

What’s Included: breakfast, accommodation

Day 11: Athenian Returns

Today you will leave the island life behind as you make your way from Santorini to Athens, returning to the capital city for one more night. You are greeted at the airport by your private transfer and taken to the lovely Athenian Callirhoe Boutique Hotel where you become reacquainted with the fantastic view of the Acropolis. The day is yours to relax along the ancient streets of the city. Whether strolling beneath the rising hillside of the Acropolis or venturing to the remarkable ruins of the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion, enjoy the day and the company. As the sun begins to set over the city you can watch the Parthenon wash over with light, twinkling like a star over the cobblestones. For a delightful meal you can venture to Kalamaki, located on the pleasant walking street at the corner of Drakou and Dikmitrakopoulou. Sip on some herbaceous ouzo. Bite into a succulent kebab. Sink your teeth into luscious feta. No matter what you do, you will relish your last day in Athens and your sweet time together.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer, accommodation

Day 12: Lovingly Home

After breakfast you will be transferred to the airport to begin your venture home. Your time in Greece took you from city antiquity to beachside wonder, filled with landscaped beauty and sensational luxury. You found quiet islands and secluded beaches, pristine villages and precious pillars. You have tasted the wine, indulged in the food, and savored one another. The water was glistening and the villages were enchanting. Your vacation may be coming to an end but you have created a cherished romantic experience, and you can always return to make another.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer


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