Aegean Getaway Vacation to Greek & Turkish Islands

A 9 day trip to Greece 
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Step out of the ordinary and into unparalleled joy on this 9-day tour through Greece meant to make every day a delight. Mingle with the classics of antiquity, stroll along pristine beaches, follow the footsteps of saints, and possibly even find the Lost City of Atlantis. You spend enough time making sure others are taken care of; it’s time to let us take care of you on this tour through Athens and the islands that will prove to be nothing less than a taste of the deserved Grecian delight. 

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General Information

white greek church with blue dome faces blue sea on a bright sunny day
Detailed Itinerary

Places Visited 

Athens, Rhodes, Piraeus, Mykonos, Kusadasi, Patmos, Heraklion, Santorini

Departure Dates 

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: On the Way to Delights

The beginning of your Grecian delights starts onboard your flight. The beauty of the coming journey sits within your mind just beyond reach. The Oracle of Delphi can tell you your future, the hopes of the adventure to come. You don’t need the Oracle to know that your time in Greece will be nothing short of sensational. You let the hum of the plane sooth you as the coming essentials of Greece will soon stand before you, from the ruins to the beaches; the delights are endless.

What’s Included: breakfast, dinner

Day 2: Grecian Arrival

The plane sets down in Athens and brings you to the outskirts of the famed city. Olive trees decorate the hillsides. The bright white of the far mountains radiates in the morning light; the mountain continues to be the city’s main source of marble. Arrive in the city center where the Acropolis stands tall over the historical city, once the tallest hill in classical Athens. You can see the Parthenon lingering over the cobblestone streets of the Plaka, the oldest used street in city. The temple is constructed perfectly, giving a sense of impeccable construction from every angle. The Plaka is filled with people dining beneath the majesty of the Acropolis, enjoying the creamy flavor of melted saganaki cheese. Join them and indulge in the Grecian delights.  

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation

Day 3: Classic Athens Above and Below

The classics of Athens are yours to experience on a tour of the city’s ancient and contemporary history. Beneath the Parliament building at Syntagma Square is the metro station built during the Olympics held in Athens in 2004. Within the metro also stands a glass wall that protects the layers of ancient history. Stones from ancient roads that connected the city to port of Piraeus can be seen stretched over a corroded pipe from the aqueduct system. Ancient burial sites from the Athenians to the Byzantines can be viewed; the variation of land and the movement of rivers are all on display between the marbled walls of the metro where commuters in and out of the city walk beside everyday.

From below ground to above ground, Acropolis Hill was once the tallest hill in Athens giving the perfect view of its surroundings. Set within the shadows of the temples is the theater of Dionysus, a fifth-century theater that once held 17,000 seats, all carved from marble. At the rear of the stage is a decorative relief depicting the, now headless, life and myths of the god. Journey to the top of the Acropolis where the famous temples of Athens reside. The temples serve as a tribute to the Golden Age of the city. The Parthenon stands proud over the city, dedicated to the patron Athena. Along the metopes are detailed sculptures depicting the gods fighting against giants, along with the Athenian victory over the Trojans. The Acropolis offers the Grecian history that many over the world have come to expect, but you know that there is much more splendor to come.  

What’s Included: accommodation, breakfast, tour

Day 4: Athenian Leisure

The morning peaks over the horizon with the rich and sweet flavor of Greek coffee on its heels. Make sure to indulge in your day at leisure in a proper cultural manner; while in Athens do as the Athenians do, making sure that every second is enjoyed. Take a stroll in the neighborhood of Kolonaki, a little neighborhood with a grand feel. The chic district sings with life. The air is perfumed with rich and delectable treats, the sweet honey of baklava to the savory velvet of tzatziki. Locals sit along the café-lined streets where boutique shop windows are interspersed. The main shopping street of Patriarchou Ioakim gives you access to the a long stretch of sparkling fresh water pearls, modern copper smiths, local made to fit hats, and a chance to investigate the mixture of old neoclassical houses and art galleries.

What’s Included: accommodation, breakfast

Day 5: Stepping onto the Water

Leave the wonders of Athens behind and step aboard your Mediterranean cruise as you make your way to the famous shores of Mykonos. The day is yours to explore the diversity of the island; its crystal watered beaches are second to none along the Aegean; the meandering streets of Mykonos Town are filled with charm; hundreds of churches and chapels decorate the island in the classic white walls of the Cyclades. Let the majesty of the island consume you no matter how you desire to spend your day. Indulge along the soft shore of Paradise Beach where the water changes from sea green to turquoise without ever losing its clarity. The easy scent of the sea mixes with the powdery sand. Dip your toes into the water and let it cool your skin. A visit to Mykonos would almost be wasted without delighting along at least one of its luxurious beaches; however, no matter what you choose to do, rest assured that your time in Mykonos will be nothing less than a delight.

What’s Included: accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 6: Out of Grecian Waters

Let yourself explore the wonders of Turkey within the history of Greece by arriving in Kusadasi. The island is brimming with ancient Greek splendor set within the ruins of Ephesus. Once a prosperous port city surrounded by a fertile valley, the remains of the city add depth to the island and the mystery of a decadent past. Walk along the stretch of the typical Roman Basilica once used for la courts and commercial business. The broken columns line the pathway from the time of Roman rule when the city was at its economic peak. The Temple of Hadrian is one of the best-preserved structures on the island dedicated to Emperor Hadrian. The Roman arches continue to stand proud over the Corinthian columns. In the central arch is a support decorated with the goddess of victory, Tyche. A Medusa-like figure sits above the door holding acanthus leaves. The history wraps around you like a friend you haven’t seen for ages, ready to catch you up on all that you’ve missed. The arid hills surround the ruins giving an earthy aroma to the ruins. As the afternoon wears on you will say goodbye to Ephesus and Kusadasi, making your way back to Grecian waters and onto the port of Patmos.

Stacked above Patmos town, where the white walls of the buildings add a glow to the afternoon sky, you will see the towering monastery of St. John the Divine. The afternoon is for you to explore the island however you wish, but a trip within the walls where the Book of Revelations was written doesn’t come along every day. Set within its stone walls it looks like a charming marketplace with rounded arches and pebbled-stone paths. The view of the town below gives you the entirety of the surrounding mountains, the pristine white of the buildings, and the unforgettable blue of the sea. The courtyard is filled with myrrh and the herbaceousness of frankincense. Frescos of pious monks and concerned angles line the walls. The grace of the monastery is a sensational visit set against the opulent remains of Ephesus. 

What’s Included: accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 7: Grecian Cross-Rhodes

Step into the diverse history of Rhodes from antique Greece to medieval Venice, the Ottoman Empire to contemporary Italy. One look around the island and you can see the variety of influences within Rhodes Town. Traverse the island at your leisure, visiting the ancient city or venturing to the Acropolis of Lindos where the ancients of Greek mystery once again come alive. Within the long stretch of the old center of Rhodes is the medieval castle that overlooks the water. The strong stone walls continue to be an imposing figure against the bright blue of the water. Walking through the historic center is almost like walking through a storybook, where the soldiers line the castle walls and every doorway is fortified with an iron gate. The castle walls and towers give way to the towering grace of minarets. As night settles over the town you sit in the old square. Music echoes off of the walls. The fountain trickles with life. People walk along the stone, ducking in and out of tiny streets. There is never an end to the stunning quality of the old town; the architecture, the people, the shops, the comforting aroma of pomegranates, all are on display as if just for you. 

What’s Included: accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 8: Minoan Myth to Grecian Delight

Climb ashore in Heraklion, the capital of Crete. The Venetian castle continues to sit against the water ready to defend the port. The city streets rise over waterside road, giving the buildings a higher stature and outlook to the sea. Spend the early morning wandering through the city or visiting the legendary Knossos Minoan Palace. Just outside of the city center you will come to the Palace of Knossos, home to the infamous Minotaur. Although you may not find the labyrinth, the remains of the palace itself is quite a sight to see. Vases decorate what once were entry and hallways, the size of the vessel ranging from handheld to almost six-feet in size.

Ascend the steps to the courtyard and you can look out over the expanse of what was once the largest city in the Minoan civilization. In the queen’s domicile griffins are painted along the wall, connoting regal elegance. An island of pillars protects the mural of a charging bull through the fresh rolling hills of the countryside, the same hills that surround the palace. The scent of the old stone mixes with the arid hillside giving a rich earth to the air. With the opulence of the palace behind you, climb aboard the ship and make your way to the essential style of Santorini.

Arrive at the cliffs of Santorini where the white walls of the buildings stand against the darkness of the volcanic soil, while the blue roofs are camouflaged with the sky. After a riveting display of the ancient past on Crete, take the afternoon to explore the whitewashed villages of Santorini. Mosey through the marble paths of Oia, where the wide walkway stretches from the village edge to the cliff’s edge, winding down the steep rocky edge to the harbor below. Donkeys make the trip often from the waterside to the mountaintop where you can watch over the vastness of the sea within the small crescent shape of the island. The scent of citrus from fresh tomatoes and the cologne of velvety cheeses glide from restaurant windows. Fresh cakes and pastries coat the cool air like a sweet perfume. The sun starts to set and you are able to watch the most popular sight of them all: the deep gold of the sunset that enraptures the entire sky before fading behind the horizon.

What’s Included: accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 9: Grecian Earned

Today you will disembark on the shores of Piraeus, the port neighborhood of Athens. Your time throughout the islands brought you on the brink of antiquity, where the grandeur of each island visited and each city seen was unique to you and for you. Each moment, from the Parthenon to the sands of Mykonos, the ruins of Ephesus to the cliffs of Santorini, became more than just a destination, but a special memory that no one would ever be able to recreate. It was more than just a holiday in Greece; every moment was a delight.

What’s Included: breakfast, transfer

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