The Glamorous James Bond Tour of England

A 8 day trip to England 
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Brush off the tuxedo, travel at high speeds, and journey into the 007 world of London. James Bond travels in style, and this James Bond tour of England celebrates his glamorous adventures: drive an Aston Martin, sip martinis in iconic hotels, tick off the movie filming locations, and reenact the epic duels of England's greatest movie series. From the Goldfinger ballroom to the casino in Dr. No, this is not merely a sightseeing experience: it's a chance to live it up in London, James Bond style. 

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London, River Thames, Sky Garden, Tower of London, Claridge’s, Duke's Hotel, Stoke Park, Windsor Castle, Blenheim Palace, Oxford, Les Ambassadeurs, Old War Office Building, Reform Club, Somerset House, The Barbican, Brompton Cemetery, Vauxhall Cross

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Day 1: London – A Private Speedboat Down the River Thames

Where do you start with a secret agent who has saved the world in 24 movies? This handcrafted Bond itinerary first takes you onto the River Thames, the famous London River that you should recognize from the opening scene of Spectre. Strap yourself in for a private speedboat tour and an exhilarating introduction to London. The famous sights whizz past, like London Bridge, the homes of MI6 (from the movies), Westminster, and various world-renowned sights. It's fast, furious, and a stunning introduction to both London's sights and Bond's thrills.

The speedboat ride follows a private airport transfer and a relaxed check-in at your five-star accommodation. Keen Bond followers will recognize this 19th-century hotel although the location isn't quite what you'd expect. Constructed in 1865, The Langham appears in Goldeneye as St. Petersburg's Grand Hotel Europe. It reflects the glamour and glitz of 007 and is amongst England's oldest five-star establishments. Plus the central location is ideal for easy exploration of the heart of the city because it stands at the top of Regent Street in the West End. So for the evening, get dressed up for one of the hotel's restaurants or spend an evening at a show at any of the nearby theaters. Consider learning more about your travel agents for England tours, who work meticulously to provide you the essential information to ensure your England mission is an outstanding success. 

What's Included: accommodation, airport transfer

Day 2: London – Motorbike Tour of London's 007 Filming Locations

Bond always travels in style so you won't be London sightseeing using the Underground. A motorbike tour takes you down the alleyways of the city, creating a thrilling atmosphere as you zoom to the premier 007 filming locations. They're dotted around the city, including cemeteries, stylish casinos, car parks from car chases, and even the IBM building. An expert guide helps reconnect your movie knowledge, revealing exactly when and what was used. While Bond's filming locations are the focus, a half-day motorbike tour gives you a real feel for London's design and style. Journey down historical lanes of tiny wooden pubs, pass by opulent suburbs and see a London that doesn't appear on the tourist maps.

Bond always combined exhilarating scenes with his iconic elegance. So spend the afternoon at Claridge’s, enjoying afternoon high tea at one of the world's most recognizable five-star hotels. It's the quintessential English tradition, a selection of warm scones and finger sandwiches served with a steaming pot of tea. The magnificent art deco foyer provides the inspiring location, and the fine china is complemented with a glass or two of chilled champagne. It's hard to think of how Bond would eat his scone, but he'd probably consume Marco Polo jelly and Cornish clotted cream without spilling on the tuxedo. The rest of the day is free and there are hundreds of directions it can take you. You're in one of the world's most resplendent cities and five days ensures you can explore its art, architecture, and ancient splendor.

What's Included: accommodation, transfer, tour, breakfast

Day 3: London – Shaken not Stirred in Iconic Duke's Hotel

To understand the Bond martini, you have to taste it from the perspective of the author. Ian Fleming's favorite haunt was Duke's, a five-star boutique hotel in the heart of Mayfair. It was here that he made his order of “shaken not stirred,” and the hotel continues to deliver the finest martini in London. You visit the hotel in the evening and enjoy a sumptuous tasting menu in the restaurant, accompanied by Bond's famous order. The waiters have heard it before, but it's hard to resist uttering the famous line, perhaps in a Sean Connery or Roger Moore accent. Enjoy multiple courses in the stunning restaurant and imagine Fleming scribbling away at the same tables. It was in this room that the villains were imagined, and the storylines came to life.

The morning and afternoon are at your leisure, allowing you to see your desired side of London. The city can pull you in so many different directions, from galleries to palaces and museums. See the crown jewels, wander the State Rooms of Buckingham Palace, or spend the day absorbed in the famous shopping streets. With your central location, so much of famous London is accessible without long transfers across the city.

What's Included: accommodation, transfer, breakfast

Day 4: London – Bond in Motion and Fabulous Evening Dining

The excellent Bond in Motion exhibition at the London Film Museum fills your morning with iconic cars and artwork. It's not only the Aston Martin DB5, as there's the stunning Rolls-Royce Phantom III from Goldfinger and the distinctive crocodile submarine from Octopussy. These are not replicas, but the original vehicles used in filming, complete with Q's strange adaptations. After admiring the cars, there's a corridor of art work and storyboards that reveal how Fleming's novels came to become the longest running franchise in movie history. The afternoon is then free to enjoy London before another fine evening of dining. Set 155 meters above London, your fine dining establishment provides another opportunity to get dressed up and dine in style. The glass-fronted restaurant offers the finest views of the capital, as well as serving up a French-inspired menu of modern cuisine. After the speed of the boat and the motorbike, tonight's views are a calmer way to take in the grandeur of London.

What's Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast, dinner, transfers

Day 5: London – Top Secret Filming Locations in the Capital

Spending five days in London ensures you can really explore the charms of the city. On this relaxed morning, there's time to explore the luxury of Harrods, grab a classic pub lunch in the city, and travel to the top of Europe's tallest building. Today's Bond tour starts around mid-afternoon and it's one with a slightly different tone. Rather than see the filming locations, you'll be pretending to be James Bond and truly experiencing them. A luxury Rolls Royce provides the chauffeured transport to a series of top secret filming locations. Bookshelves hang over the green tables of the Reform Club, a gentlemen's club from Die Another Day. Stop for a drink then journey into the Old War Office building, the MI6 headquarters in three different Bond films.

Next, it's Bond's home, a gorgeous Kensington townhouse that only appears in three movies. Les Ambassadeurs lavish casino was the scene that started it all, and the place where Bond first appeared in London on the big screen. Over 50 years have passed since Dr. No, and Les Ambassadeurs still makes you feel like there's a villain in hiding. Stop for a drink and then continue the journey to the sumptuous establishment where M, Q, and Moneypenny meet during Spectre. Even better, you have the table that they used for filming.

What's Included: accommodation, tour, dinner, transfer, breakfast

Day 6: Blenheim Palace to Oxford – Through the English Countryside in an Aston Martin

Slick, glamorous, exclusive: little screams 007 more than an Aston Martin. Your Vanquish private transfer doesn't have all of Q's ingenious adaptations; so you won't be finding missiles under the bonnet. But it does have all the velvety luxury of the secret agent's favorite ride. Drive out into the green English countryside for a private tour of Blenheim Palace. Reveling in its history and grandeur, this is one of the UK's finest stately homes and an easy immersion in the pomp of yesteryear. It also featured in Spectre at the start of an Aston Martin car chase. Following the private tour of Blenheim, you have the afternoon to explore the wonderful country lanes of the Cotswolds before checking into your five-star accommodation, a world-leading hotel on the edge of historic Oxford. The restaurant here is legendary, and the chic countryside setting couldn't be more glamorous.

What's Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 7: Stoke Park – The Glamor of Goldfinger and Tomorrow Never Dies

Your Aston Martin elegantly roams through the sprawling countryside, winding along the country lanes as you drive towards Stoke Park and the final day of James Bond reverie. Stop off at Windsor Castle, the Queen's official residence and the oldest occupied castle in the world. A guide meets you to conduct a private tour, taking you along the corridors lined with Michaelangelos and Rembrants. Zoom away from the castle and just outside of London, you find your luxurious hotel that was used throughout Goldfinger and Tomorrow Never Dies. Afternoon tea provides the opulent welcome while a quick buggy ride onto the fairway enables you to reenact the golf duel between Bond and Goldfinger. Complete the movie reenactment by enjoying a private dinner in the Ballroom, where the high ceilings and ornate cornices recognizable from half a dozen Bond scenes.

What's Included: accommodation, tour, breakfast, dinner

Day 8: London – Departure

When the credits roll and Bond has saved the world (again), he always likes to avoid the phone calls from his bosses at MI6. You might not have the luxury of doing the same as the vacation comes to an end, but you've been through the same series of adventures. From casinos to speedboats, luxury cars to world-famous hotels, it's been eight days of James Bond and eight days of celebrating the glamour of England. You drive to the airport, where you return the Aston Martin and connect with your international flight.

What's Included: airport transfer, breakfast



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