Sip and Savor: Croatia’s Culinary Delights Tour

A 7 day trip to Croatia 
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When it comes to luxurious vacations, the sky is the limit, but when it comes to the most elite and extraordinary, gourmet getaways, Croatia is one of Europes most delicious destinations to visit. From exciting culinary adventures to scrumptious excursions to sip and savor, this unique adventure through Croatia caters only to the most discerning upper echelon of good taste. Prepare your palate for a cornucopia of culinary delights as you embark on this carefully curated, weeklong luxury tour of many of Croatias most idyllic and awe-inspiring locales. From the sparkling shores of Dubrovnik to the capital city of Zagreb, you will see and taste just why Croatia is fast becoming one of Europes most desired travel destinations.

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Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Konavle Valley, Lokrum Island, Peljesac Peninsula

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Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Dubrovnik - Arrive in Dubrovnik and Embark on a Sunset Sail

Dubrovnik will be your first destination, and upon departing from your airplane, you will be met by your private driver who will whisk you away to your luxurious accommodation. After settling in, you will literally launch into one of the countries most dreamy and delicious sea scenes. After being driven by your private driver to the Dubrovnik docks, you will meet your personal chef, private captain, and cabin crew who will be responsible for wining and dining you for the rest of the evening. As if it could not get any more luxurious, you will set sail on an authentic, 16th-century karaka replica. As the salty sea breeze blows gently through your hair and your eyes take in all of the aesthetic delights of the surrounding Adriatic, you will indulge in a feast that will completely solidify Croatia in your heart as being the right choice for this gastronomic getaway.

As you satisfy your appetite with savory Dalmatian dishes and sip on multiple varieties of wine and champagne, you will marvel at the unmatched beauty of the Adriatic. While the sun sets and you watch the sky ignite in a kaleidoscope of colors, you will already be dreaming of what other wonders are in store for the next seven days. Upon your return to the docks, your private driver will be waiting to take you directly back to your luxurious accommodations, where you will enjoy an amazing nights rest in order to be ready for the tomorrows delicious adventure.

Whats Included: airport transfer, accommodation, tour, dinner

Day 2: Dubrovnik - Pamper Your Palate on a Peljesac Peninsula Wine Tour

Fast on the heels of your sumptuous sunset sail, today, you will have your palate pleased by another delicious destination. Todays adventure finds you discovering the mouthwatering delights of Croatias Peljesac Peninsula on a luxuriously private wine tour. As the countrys second-largest peninsula, it is not surprising that the Peljesac Peninsula boasts numerous varieties of locally produced wines.

This unique excursion will be a gourmet tour that offers you a rare glimpse inside the inner workings of all things viticulture. You will marvel as you visit several family-run wineries that will allow you to sample their most prized and award-winning wines that have been produced right on site. You may very well be romanced by the stunning scenery as you stroll the heavenly estate grounds. As you make your way between the wineries, you will be provided with the opportunity to make a stop to the magical, seaside village of Ston, which is where you will sample the locals pride and joy delicacy: the freshest oysters around. These oysters will be guaranteed to have been caught just hours before you eat.

Then, after exploring the old salt factory, where you will learn fascinating facts about how the pure salt from the area is harvested and made ready for consumption, you will return to your temporary Dubrovnik abode after a full day of delicious adventuring.

Whats Included: transfer, accommodation, tour, breakfast

Day 3: Dubrovnik Explore the Old City and Island Hop to Lokrum Island

No stay in Dubrovnik is complete without a proper tour of the famed Old City, and since this is an epicurean adventure, we have brought together the best of both worlds with a private walking tour that is complete with samplings of this ancient enclaves most mouthwatering delights. As you stroll among the cobblestone streets and make your way through the labyrinth-like lanes that lead you past ancient fortresses and towering landmarks, you will truly feel like you have stepped back in time.

Between marveling at the various landmarks, you will stop by several top restaurants in the Old City, where a magical sprinkling of modern and traditional gourmet fare will entice you to linger before exploring further down the next charming alleyway. After tasting your way through the Old City, you will need to save room for dessert because the proverbial icing on todays cake will be an island adventure to nearby Lokrum Island, which will provide a perfect escape from the mainlands buzz. Here, you will delight in a nightcap of dining on a delicious gourmet dessert among the islands breathtaking scenery and friendly residents, including iridescent-feathered peacocks and adorable wild bunnies. After you are ready, you will sail back to Dubrovnik and return to your luxurious accommodation for the remainder of the evening.

Whats Included: transfer, accommodation, tour, breakfast, dinner

Day 4: Dubrovnik Be Regaled with Fascinating Food Tales in Konavle Valley

Today promises to thoroughly captivate you with a thrilling excursion to Croatians Konavle Valley. Today, not only will your palate be delighted by this tours offerings, but your brain will also be stimulated by the fascinating culinary facts that are also brought to the table. This unique and curated adventure will whisk you away to Croatias Konavle region, which is steeped in history and also marked by a stunning, aesthetic beauty.

Your private guide will lead you on an epic journey while detailing the history of this gorgeous area from ancient times to today. At each destination, not only will you feast upon the tastiest, local delicacies that are rich with flavor, but you will also have your mind filled with fascinating myths, legends, and treasured Croatian tales. From actual historical facts that enlighten you on the areas turbulent past to epic accounts of mythical creatures, ghosts, and local heroes, each stop on this delicious tour has a wealth of mesmerizing secret spots and sacred places to explore. Whether you are listening to a fascinating account of the search for the Greek deities who are supposedly hidden far below the rubble of the ancient Popovici village or being regaled by chilling accounts of the chained ghost named Lorko, you will be sure to not have one dull moment on your luxurious, gastronomic tour.

After one last stop by the lovely Sokol Castle, which is where you will hear of its ties to the actual origin of Konavle itself, you will return to your luxurious accommodation with a mind full of fantasy, adventurous tales, and fascinating history.  

Whats Included: transfer, accommodation, tour, breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 5: Zagreb Witness Zagrebs Secret Spots and Indulge in a Private Cooking Class

Today, you will say goodbye to Dubrovnik as you are whisked away to the bustling capital city of Croatia: Zagreb. After your private driver leads you to your luxurious accommodation and you have a bit of downtime to settle in and rest, you will waste no time in diving right into all of the delightful and delicious offerings that this exciting city literally brings to the table. Your first afternoon in Zagreb will take you on an epic adventure to the iconic Upper Town, where after a morning spent traveling in the car, you will be more than happy to stretch your legs on a private walking tour. As you stroll among the Upper Towns charming alleyways and make your way past picturesque scenery, you will understand why Zagreb is becoming a more and more a popular vacation destination among the elite. It has a perfect mix of old-world charm and modern luxury that simply begs to be explored.

After snapping a memory cards worth of pictures and marveling at the magical sights like local favorite Ban Jelacic Square, you will take the funicular to witness the Zagreb Lovelocks, which is a small but charming collection of locks that have placed by starry-eyed couples who are keen to create a lifetime memory by leaving a memorable memento behind. You just might want to leave one too. The gastronomical highlight of this portion of the tour is undoubtedly a stop by Dolac Market, where you can lose yourself in stall after stall. After perusing the nearly endless stalls of local produce and scratch-made treats, you will have primed your appetite for the evenings festivities.

As the sun sets, you will don your apron for a private cooking lesson that is led by a local master chef. You will love learning how to whip up an amazing, authentic Croatian specialty under the tutelage of a culinary guru who will lead you step by step in concocting a mouthwatering meal. While the hands-on tutorial will be fun and exciting, the best part will come when you actually are permitted to sit down and enjoy the fruits, veggies, and sweets of your labor. You will even be sent off with a recipe for the evening's scrumptious dish, so you can reminisce and repeat this nights celebration back home anytime. With a new recipe in hand, your appetite satisfied, and your heart filled, your private driver will return you to your hotel.

Whats Included: transfer, accommodation, tour

Day 6: Zagreb - Delve into the World of Wine and Cheese and Join a Truffle Hunt

Your final full day takes you to the stunning Croatian countryside, where you will delve into the delicious and fascinating world of wine and cheese. Your first stop will be a luxurious, family-owned estate, where you will learn everything you ever wanted to know and more about how to make artisan cheese. Following you cheese demonstration, you will be whisked away to a nearby winery, where after roaming among the luscious vineyards and sampling several varieties of local wine, you will be treated to a feast of homemade bread, wine, and cheese all from the stops that you have made en route to this mouthwatering meal.

After enjoying a full day in the idyllic surrounds of the capital city that is complete with a perfect pairing of wine and cheese, not much can follow such a fun-filled activity; however, your evening excursion of a truffle hunt can definitely hold its own in the fun, excitement, and even feasting department. Upon returning to Zagreb, you will be provided with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join a private tour that introduces you to a cherished Croatian pastime of truffle hunting. You will have the time of your life searching for these local delicacies under the cover of night because that is when the scent of these pungent treasures is most potent. At the end of the evening, you will be able to partake in a gourmet sampling of some of the best truffle treats courtesy of the finest local chefs and artisan shops.

After eating your fill of delicious fare, you will understand exactly why Croatians go through all of the trouble to find that perfect truffle. As you venture back to your hotel, you will have an amazing memory and dinner table story to share when you return home, recalling the night when you became a fearless truffle hunter in the Croatian wilderness.

Whats Included: transfers, accommodation, tour

Day 7: Zagreb Enjoy an Authentic Croatian Brunch Before Heading Home

Today, you will say goodbye to this beautiful country with an authentic Croatian brunch, and while you enjoy your mouthwatering meal, you will also be savoring the memories that you have made during this idyllic week. As you make your way to the airport to catch your flight home, you will be presented with a goodbye gift to remind you of your time in Croatia.

Whats Included: airport transfer, breakfast


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