Sailing the Adriatic Sea Tour: Elaphiti, Mljet, Hvar, Split, Korcala & Markaska Riviera

A 8 day trip to Croatia 
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Drift away on the gentle swells of the Adriatic Sea as history, culture and unparalleled natural beauty swirl around you. Marbled walkways, faded mansions, fields of lavender, and Roman ruins weave together as you effortlessly sail across the aquamarine seas connecting the islands of the Dalmatian coast on this week long journey. From Dubrovnik to Hvar and from Split to the Maksara, this truly unique sail will give you a taste of the mystique that enshrouds the coastline of Croatia. Indulge, enjoy, and disappear into the effortless aristocratic elegance that will inevitably capture your heart and your imagination. 

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General Information

Sailing boats moored in a marine.
Aerial view of island Mljet, Dubrovnik.
Mljet National Park from the air, Croatia.
Planjak is an island in Korčula, Croatia
Looking over the red rooftops of Dubrovnik's houses, on the Adriatic coast, Croatia.
Sail boats at sunset.
A cobbled street in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Korcula island along the Dalmatian coast, Croatia.
Jelsa town is a small settlement on the island of Hvar, Croatia.
Along the Adriatic coastline in Croatia.
Elaphiti islands in the Adriatic Sea, off the coast of Croatia.
A boat on the beach near Split Croatia.
Korcula green islands.
Looking down onto Korčula island in Croatia.
The church of St Blaise in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Restaurant tables on an old street in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Spectacular view of Dubrovnik at sunset.
Detailed Itinerary

Places Visited 

Dubrovnik, Elaphiti Islands, Mljet Island, Hvar Island, Brac Island, Split, Makarska Riviera, Korcula

Departure Dates 

Dates are flexible and customizable for private departures.

Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Set Sail on the Adriatic Sea, Boarding your Sail in Dubrovnik

As your plane descends over the Mediterranean Sea, you will catch your first glimpse of the effervescent waters that will be your base for the coming week. As you approach the rock plateaus and orange roofs that epitomize Croatia, you will know adventure is but moments away. After clearing customs and collecting your baggage, you will meet a private driver who will transfer you to Gruz Harbour in time for your early afternoon departure.

After you settle into your deeply luxurious cabin, return to the deck to catch a last look at Dubrovnik. From the Adriatic Sea, the walled Old Town bears a striking resembles to a lively medieval city. It will be no surprise that this has served as the filming sight for the Game of Thrones’ famous royal city of King’s Landing! As the city drifts away into the horizon, glittering shades of blue will surround you. Interrupted only by occasional islands and sea birds, you will finally be at sea. Tonight you will enjoy the first of many evenings on board, where the resident chef will delight your palate with flavors of the Mediterranean.

Day 2: Sail to the Elaphiti Islands, Spending an Afternoon Swimming and Exploring before Ultimately Arriving at Mljet Island

Excitement may encourage you to rise early this morning in anticipation of your first sunrise. As the morning colors illuminate your ocean landscape, enjoy a cup of fresh coffee as a fresh breeze blows by. Today, you will sail first to the Elaphiti islands, a pristine archipelago adored by the local aristocracy for centuries. With only 800 residents and absolutely no vehicles, this fig-filled island sanctuary will delight your senses with Croatian culture. After disembarking, you will have time to explore the sun-soaked mansions, soft beaches and lush vegetation.  A stroll through the harbor and along the dusty trails will carry your spirit back centuries, to a time when simple elegance encompassed local life. Refresh yourself with a swim in the crystal waters, before returning on board in time for lunch.

This afternoon, you will continue your journey to Pomena, on the west end of Mljet Island. This deeply forested island emerges from the Adriatic Sea at the southernmost point of the Dalmatian Coast. Tiny villages nest into the lush vegetation, with vineyards and olive trees never too far away. Disembark on the gentle sandy shores of Pomena, where but a few hundred individuals reside. Heralded as Croatia’s most beautiful island, take what remains of the day to explore it for yourself. Peek into the scattering of unassuming restaurants as you search for local flavors for this evening’s meal, before you settle into a glass of a local red wine. 

Day 3: Sail from Mljet to Hvar, a Lavender-Scented and Historically-Steeped Seaside Town

This morning, you will sail from Mljet to the island of Hvar. Enjoy a fresh Croatian breakfast in the early morning light, before slipping into the Adriatic Sea as the boat pauses midday. Approaching Hvar, you will notice a distinctly different spirit radiating from this island lined with limestone cliffs. Here, Gothic era palaces line the marble streets of this historically important point of trade. You will disembark in Hvar Town, which will be yours to explore for the remainder of the afternoon.

As you wander the impossibly-posh streets of this elegant city, be sure to step beyond the city center. Surrounding Hvar Town are fields of lavender, rosemary and heather. The soft scent of these delicate herbs in the air only further captures the imagination of those who wander through. The quiet landscapes balance the opulence of the island’s towns and the seaside coves make for the perfect romantic escape. Returning to town, save a moment to purchase some of the island’s skin care products, derived from local herbs, before settling into one of the numerous sophisticated restaurants.  

Day 4: Sail from Hvar to Split, Pausing to Dive into the Mediterranean

Departing Hvar, today the ship returns to the mainland as you sail towards Split. Again you will stop in the late morning for a swim; this time, off the island of Brac. Here, shades of blue radiate off of the sparkling white-sand beaches in a way reminiscent of the Caribbean. Slip into the gently moving sea and laze on the beach before returning on board for lunch.

In Split, you will experience yet another dimension of Croatia. This seaside town is most often remembered for her buzzing seaside promenade: the Riva. Spotted with cafes, restaurants, bars and boutiques, the Riva feels alive at all hours of the day. Stroll this infamous walkway as you move towards the ruins of Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This commanding Roman ruin is less of a palace than it is the core of the city. After passing through one of the magnificent gates, you will find vendors leaning up against pillars and walls that date back to the Middle Ages. Over 200 buildings await your exploration, each of which offers a different glimpse into the city’s opulent and ever-unique past. Set out in search of the two black granite sphinxes before returning to the Riva for a cocktail at sunset and your next Croatian feast.

Day 5: Voyage into the Makarska Riviera, Slipping into the Warm Calm Waters Throughout the Day

Today you will sail into the heart of the Makarska Riviera. This sun-drenched narrow river snakes along beneath the mountain of Biokovo and remains, relative to other Croatian destinations, a little more secluded. The region bursts with wine and olive oil, which will flavor this extremely leisurely day. Upon entering the Riviera, the ship will boat gently around the bends, pausing on quiet pebble beaches perfect for swimming. Settle into the tranquility of a day at sea, perhaps enjoying a favorite book or reviewing a sensational collection of photos taken thus far.

Arriving in Makarska, you will again have the option to disembark. For those craving reprieve from the ocean, this may be the perfect place to wander into the fragrant pine forests that line the surrounding mountain slopes. Others may wish to set out by paddle boat, moving slowly through a quiet corner of the Riviera.   

Day 6: Sail through the Riviera to Korcula, the Birthplace of Marco Polo

Emerging out of the Markarska Riviera, this morning you will sail to your final island: Korcula. Believed to be the birthplace of Marco Polo, the island is home to numerous historical festivals and traditions that bring the Baroque period to life. The island itself is equally as unassuming as those you have visited previously. Again, tranquil forests spill out over white-sand beaches which disappear into a mirage of aquamarine and cobalt waters. Marble streets and old world architecture complement the enormous natural beauty, creating a quiet refuge off the Dalmatian coast. Korcula also happens to be one of the few places on the planet that produces grk, a distinct dry white wine. It pairs beautifully with a dish of the local and impossibly fresh fish stew.  Enjoy the local flavors in the early evening before returning on board for an evening under the stars.

Day 7: Return to Dubrovnik, Wandering Back into the Old City for a Candlelit Dinner and Evening Stroll  

This morning you will sail away from Korcula and towards Dubrovnik, as you imagine retracing the path of Marco Polo. Continuing on with the pattern of morning swims, the gulet will stop for one final dip in the sea before beginning your final journey back to Dubrovnik. As a burst of orange reemerges on the horizon, you will know this sun-soaked trip is drawing to a close.

In the afternoon, you will have the option to disembark in Dubrovnik to wander the cobblestone alleyways of the country’s most popular destination. As you enter through the archways of the wall that protects the Old City, a world of centuries past will unfold before you.  Rich with history, culture, and Baroque architecture, the elegance is interrupted only by a scattering of signs of Croatia’s trying past. Wander through a museum to learn about Croatia’s resilience, before unwinding with a cocktail as the city begins to glow with the sunset. Following a candlelit dinner in a quiet alleyway, join visitors strolling the lantern-lit streets with an ice cream in hand before returning to the ship for a final night.

Day 8: Travel Home on an International Flight Departing from Dubrovnik’s International Airport

Today marks the official end of your Mediterranean sail. Having sailed between a captivating collection of distinct islands, you will return once again to the mainland in Dubrovnik. Depending on the time of your international departure, you may have a few final moments left in which you can further explore the Old Town of the city. Otherwise, a private chauffeur will drive you to the airport. However, some may desire a few additional days on land to explore Croatia and the surrounding countries more fully. We will happily design a bespoke addition that complements the journey perfectly.   


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