Zicasso team members

Careers: In Pursuit of Excellence

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds, yet we converge on a common pursuit for excellence. We're innovators. And perfectionists. We care passionately about delivering the best experience for our travelers. In every area of work at Zicasso, you'll work with smart people, learn from each other, and develop a career that's both rewarding and meaningful.

Ultimately, our work is not only rewarded by financial compensation, but also by the meaning we've brought to others. Whether it's a client sharing their trip of a lifetime in Africa that included watching a group of lions roaring under a full moon, a family memorial trip to Peru, or a 92 year-old professor who took a trip down memory lane to Spain, extraordinary travel stories keep coming in from our clients. Join us in a career that gives  a lifetime of memories to others.

Zicasso Culture

Constant Pursuit of Excellence
Data-Driven Decisions & Innovation
Integrity: Always Doing the Right Thing
Traveler & Partner Success
Teamwork & Open Communication
Global & Remote-First

About You

You inspire others with your drive for excellence
You learn quickly and eagerly
You make time to help colleagues succeed
You are flexible and thrive in a constantly evolving environment
You act with good intent and high integrity
You use data to inform your intuition and choices

A Remote-First Culture With International Retreats

While Zicasso's headquarters is in Mountain View, California, the heart of Silicon Valley,  we are a globally-distributed remote-first workplace. Team members work from home, in five continents  (and growing). We hire wherever the best talent is.

Yet, we also care deeply about our team developing strong working relationships and aligning with a  common culture. Our teamwork and culture are best developed when team members work with each other  in person. Thus, we bring everyone together in company-wide retreats, typically for a week at a new  location each year. For example, our most recent retreat was held at an Amazon rainforest eco-lodge  in Ecuador.

When you join Zicasso, you'll get the benefit of working from home while being part of a strong  team culture where colleagues help each other succeed. And you'll get to participate in an annual  company retreat that further builds on teamwork and opens your world to new travel experiences.

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