San Gimignano in Tuscany, Italy

Custom Cultural Italy Tour in 2 Weeks

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Rome, Florence, Siena, San Gimignano...

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14 Days

Italy is like a great masterpiece waiting to dazzle the viewer. On first impression, she amazes you with her beauty. Upon a closer look, her details and history enrapture you—as you’re awestruck by the ruins of Rome, the majesty of the Vatican and the surreal waterways in Venice. Finally, you leave changed forever by the magic of this incomparable place. We invite you to indulge in the enchanting experiences that await you in this itinerary as well as our carefully selected collection of...

Detailed Description

The tour begins in Rome, a fascinating city that is a foundation of Western Civilization. Imagine life in ancient times as you walk in the steps of Julius Caesar at the Roman Forum. Become awe-inspired at Saint Paul’s Cathedral, one of the most important churches in the world. With a monument, fountain or statue to admire at every turn, everyday life in Rome is a work of art in itself.

Next you’ll visit the idyllic countryside of Tuscany. In Florence, visit the renowned Uffizi Gallery, where the list of masterpieces reads like a veritable who’s who of art history. After immersing yourself in culture, enjoy an excursion to Pisa for a look at the world-famous Leaning Tower. In the rustic Chianti region, take a drive through the picturesque country roads on your way to ancient vineyards. You’ll experience the dreamy atmosphere of tiny medieval hilltop villages that seem frozen in time.

Serene and surreal, Venice awaits you next. With its mysterious mist-shrouded ambience, hidden bridges and tiny passageways, Venice will take your breath away! Wander off the beaten path and get lost in a maze of medieval streets and hidden Renaissance courtyards. Romantics will want to sip a Bellini at Harry’s Bar and then take a musical gondola ride under the moonlight.

Finally visit bustling Milan, where you’ll be marveled by the medieval castles, gothic grandeur and designer labels. In one day, you can shop at Prada, dine on ravioli at the Dolce & Gabbana Gold Restaurant, and sip champagne at the La Scala opera house before watching a performance. Conveniently scheduled for the last days of the trip, Milan is the ideal place to shop for specialty items and designer fashion pieces before you return home.