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What It's Like to Travel Now - African Safari, Greece, Spain, Costa Rica, and Peru

Updated: November 23, 2021

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Zahara de la Sierra, Spain

Zahara de la Sierra, Spain

From the winding waters of the Okavango Delta to enticing peaks of the Andes Mountains, the volcanic islands of Greece to the medieval towns of Spain, find the right experience for your adventure with a trip customized to your preferences.

Every traveler has different goals for a trip and a travel specialist can plan, guide, and support you to ensure your best experience for a future trip or a last-minute getaway.

Find tips, hints and ideas for your next vacation from these Zicasso travelers that just returned from Africa, Greece, Spain, Costa Rica and Peru.

  1. African Safari - Botswana & Zimbabwe
  2. Greece Honeymoon
  3. Peru
  4. Costa Rica
  5. Spain
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African Safari - Botswana & Zimbabwe

Wild dogs at Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe

Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe

Whether looking for the wonders of the famous Okavango Delta or eager to uncover the hidden gems of Mana Pools National Park, Botswana and Zimbabwe possess countless treasures for your African safari. From roaming wild dog packs to marching elephant herds, lazy lions to grazing giraffes, you can experience the splendor of the landscape, the thrills of the wildlife, and the luxuries of your preferred lodges accommodations to find the best of Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Read more from John, a first-time Zicasso traveler who just returned from Southern Africa.

“Everything worked smoothly. From the very beginning they suggested an itinerary that they felt would allow us to have the type of experiences we desired. They listened to what we wished to do and as a result their suggestions helped us to get the itinerary that matched our desires. We really appreciated that all the details had been worked out. All the arrangements had been planned in advance so all the things we wished [to] do were attained with ease. This was especially important as COVID-19 placed new requirements on us and because we are getting older and do not adapt to changes in plans easily. They were very patient and helped us through the changes in requirements and flight schedules. It made for an enjoyable, stress-free vacation.”

Itinerary Highlights: Zambezi Boat Cruises | Fishing | Victoria Falls Tour | Local Village Visit | Walking Safari | Game Drives

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Greece Honeymoon

Acropolis in Athens, Greece

Acropolis in Athens, Greece

Greece is renowned for its romantic ambiance that brims from volcanic islands and overflows from the images of ancient ruins and whitewashed architecture. Sail around Santorini, visit the Parthenon, or indulge in the clean Mediterranean flavors. From elegant beaches to hanging monasteries, hidden coves to crystal-clear waters, Greece provides the ultimate backdrop for the perfect honeymoon.

Read more from Deveny, another first-time Zicasso traveler, as she returned from her August honeymoon.

“If you read nothing else on my review I want you to know that this was the absolute best vacation and I was because of Zicasso! I’ve never used a travel agency before because I actually love planning trips and doing research, etc. well this time I decided to simply because it was our honeymoon and with wedding planning and life I just didn’t have the time to plan such a big trip to Greece. I knew exactly what we wanted but I was overwhelmed with everything Greece has to offer and the number of accommodations they have as well as planning transfers in between islands, what’s best, etc.

After filling out what we wanted in our trip representative got back to me in about 1-2 days with an itinerary. It was perfect from the jump and we didn’t change anything! They listened to exactly what we wanted and the trip was PERFECT. I wouldn’t have changed a thing and we didn’t have to worry about a thing! Traveling from Athens to Mykonos and to Santorini everything was booked, everything was on time and again, just absolutely perfect. The communication was always excellent as well. I cannot thank our travel agent, Nora, and the Zicasso team enough. I will definitely be using them again!”

Itinerary Highlights: Acropolis Tour | Mykonos Jeep Tour | Beach Days | Sailing Trip

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Sacsayhuaman, Peru

Sacsayhuaman, Peru

Visions of jagged Andean peaks, colorful remote villages, and powerful Incan ruins capture only a fraction of Peru’s timeless beauty. Visit Machu Picchu, find pristine marine life at the Ballestas Islands, or venture to the largest high-altitude lake in the world. With the thrills of the Inca Trail and the charm of hidden Pacific beaches, the secluded wonders of the Amazon to the mysteries of the Nazca Desert, Peru is a destination in which you could experience adventure at your pace and preference.

Read more from Robert, also a first-time Zicasso traveler, about his experience in Peru.

“Working with Zicasso and most importantly with the agency they matched me with was one of the best decisions I made for my trip to Peru. Not only was it quick and easy to work with them, but the quality and detail of every single thing from the trip was top notch. From the moment we spoke with Victoria about going to Peru to the moment we left Peru it was amazing. The tour guides she chose for me and my girlfriend were all great people that truly loved their job and country.

Never did we feel lost, confused, or need to ask for anything really, it was all prepared for us. If there was a way to make it easier, Victoria made sure it was! The hotels were all great, the service 2nd to none, it should honestly be the standard for all hotels. Our tour guides were of the best, and really took care of us in every aspect. It felt more like we were touring with friends and not strangers and that says a lot about them as people.

I truly am grateful for her guidance, and for all her hard work into making this once dream a reality of visiting Peru. Tour guides and drivers all handle themselves with extreme professionalism and prove to be very knowledgeable about the Incas, country and culture of Peru. If you are planning a trip to Peru, they will take care of you like if you were family.”

Itinerary Highlights: City Tour | Sacsayhuaman Tour | Market Visits | Cultural Explorations | Inca Salt Flats | Machu Picchu

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Costa Rica

Boat tour through Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica

Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a wonderland of natural beauty that can take you from primary rainforest to pristine tropical beaches. With adventures from ziplining to canyon or indulging in sunny coastline and the sounds of active wildlife, you can experience your surroundings as you please. Whether interested in learning how to make delicious ceviche, horseback riding on the shoreline, or searching for quetzals in the treetops, Costa Rica offers the perfect immersion into majesty.

Learn more from Lakisha, a second-time Zicasso traveler, about her recent trip to Costa Rica.

“Another amazing Zicasso-inspired trip! This is the second time that I've used Zicasso for a vacation; the first was for a 10-day trip to Australia. It was the most amazing vacation that I've ever had at that point, so when planning a first-time visit to Costa Rica, I knew where to go for help!  Zicasso provided me with a selection of three companies. I described what I was looking for and selected our agents after seeing their thoughtful and well planned draft itinerary.

From our first email exchange, Alex and his brother were consistently responsive to my needs and questions. They were also very patient as I made adjustments to the itinerary! Upon arrival, Alex's staff was there to greet us before we arrived at baggage claim, as promised - and Alex and his beautiful wife met us before departing to our hotel to give us a warm welcome, copies of our itineraries/travel documents, and delicious Costa Rican chocolates! From there, we were ushered via chartered flight and van all the way to our hotel. The hotel was amazing with top notch views of the ocean, premium amenities, and friendly and attentive staff. Transportation to/from our excursions was seamless and changes (due to weather) were communicated to us well in advance, directly by Alex and his team.

This company bills their packages as 'vacations of a lifetime' and their description is spot on!  I highly recommend Alex and his team for anyone looking for an expertly curated trip to the beautiful country of Costa Rica.  Their attention to detail, responsiveness, and superior service is hard to match!”

Itinerary Highlights: Kayak and Boating Tours | Horseback Riding | Cultural Experiences | National Park Visit

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The Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain

The Alhambra in Granada, Spain

Spain’s beauty and charms are timeless. Marketplaces brim with colorful produce, cobblestone walkways lead to lively public plazas, and museums demonstrate a history of art and culture connected to the country’s changing times. With vibrant cities that pulse through the night with activity to medieval towns that embody a lifestyle, vineyards brimming with abundant flavors to coastline that captures the spirit of captivating beaches, the simple pleasures become the focus of daily life.

Read more from Lily, a first-time Zicasso traveler, as to her recent trip to Spain.

“[Everyone was] very professional and provided the highest level of professional service going above and beyond the call of duty. The trip was well planned and taken into consideration of all the desires of our travel group. They listened and made very helpful suggestions and executed flawlessly. They also anticipated possible changes and were able to adapt and made changes as situations happen.

Overall, we had a great trip and our travel company made it happen and saved a lot of time and effort for us. I am very pleased with the recommendation by Zicasso of this company. This is a STAR team which I would recommend to anyone traveling to the area that they cover.”

Itinerary Highlights: Museum Tours | City Tours | White Villages visit | Alhambra Tour | Bike and Tapas Tour | Gaudi Tour

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Ready to Plan Your Trip?

Victoria Falls on the boarder between Zambia and Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls

From the captivating lifestyle of Spain to the fantastical wildlife on an African safari, the crystalline waters of Greece or to the adventurous Incan ruins of Peru, Zicasso travelers have taken the time to plan and experience their preferred trip now.

Find updated information on where you can travel now with our Countries Open to American Travelers page for help on navigating the logistics of making your trip happen by connecting you to the right boutique travel company to plan your trip.

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